meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

ok i dont think i finished...

so i've come back to post a few more fun things instead of being brief and blaze about my existence... not that anyone is particularly reading so i don't guess it matters...

i've had more visitors in the last few weeks...

guillaume and molly stopped for a few days on their trek around the country working at festivals and cooking big meals for people. it was lovely to see them. i know both of them from adelaide, gilly did radio with me and molly i just know from around... probably the leah knows sharon whose married to leahs brother - n molly lived with leah thing. i treated them to some surtaj-y goodness (our local splendid indian store) and let them mooch in my house watching vids whilst i went to work, then we cooked a big lasagne the next day - vego of course, filled with eggplant, mushrooms, nut meat, zuchini, cherry tomatoes, lots of spices and lots of cheesy sauce. it really was quite remarkable for a throw together. yummo!
they told me they felt comfortable in my space, which is kind of how i feel about it... except for the lack of storage spaces for my media obsession of old videos, dvds and cds and records! which i kind of hope to rectify in the coming weeks... and the evil flying cockroaches that keep finding their way into my place in the evenings... grr! the collages on the walls are slowly growing, i believe one day at least one part of my lounge wall will be entirely covered.

went to a totally sweet little film festival at the globe in the valley the following saturday... it was called the far out film festival run by my friends friends housemates partner... get that! ordinarily i can be quite disappointed by those things, like you'll get a couple good things and the rest is crap, but this was quite the opposite. we drank a lot of beer and i met a bunch of nice people including a dude who might need me for radio stuff... which could be exciting.

the week before last i practically spent every day coming home, not eating, and feeling absoltuely drained, half the time not even putting tv or tunes on but pottering back and forth going 'huh?'... but this week wasn't so bad... sam and jarren came to visit last weekend from adelaide as well. they spent a few days down in byron bay staying at the arts village, and i saw their room down there, and when i find me a boy... i'm taking him there! wow! half outdoors and half indoors.... so yes, i drove down to pick them up because i'd never been to byron, and it was quite beautiful. we had some brunch, a coffee, and then had a bit of a splash on a beach and drove back on up to brisneyland... past the q1 tower which i've been dying to see... which is quite bizarre from a distance as it towers at least twice the height over ANY other building on the coast! woah!

dropped in on the vulture issue 2 launch and had dinner in paddington before my brain stopped functioning from heat exhaustion and i had to drive us home again. sunday we had lunch at the plough inn for jarrens birthday and then i walked home and let the kids go play shopping and gallery-ing for the rest of the day.

dropped them in west end so they could have a lovely romantic (blergh) dinner and went to visit nic and joely who were screen printing... well joely was screen printing, nic was passed out on a matress. i was going to wake him up by blowing a raspberry on his stomach, but then i thought if he wakes up with a start i could possibly end up headbutted and without any teeth... so just tickled him instead!

other stuff has happened this week that i aint going to mention... boring work related and emotion related.

oh, except i did have this dream about my old friend damien (aka Woody) from adelaide... so maybe that means I'll finally catch up with him over xmas.

and if i dont see my 'therapist' (aka love of my life) i'm going to burst!


who wears short shorts?

evidently, i do. and i would wear them in public except for my paranoia about exaclty how my legs look in them.

i mean, damn, my legs are long and they're supposed to be buff by now... stupid falling down stairs, long recovery, osteo work etc etc etc. though i can't diss the osteo work, i like my osteo and it certainly helps.

the other reason for not walking home at nights and making my legs work for me, is the storms... woah the storms... i mean wooooah nelly! what a great place to live... if somewhat dangerous having to watch out for falling debris sometimes... but mmmeeeooowwww!! i literally squealed the other week at pols when we were watching this storm roll in and the lighting/thunder hit really close. weeeee!!!

yes so i am alive, if a bit worn out and tired from having a real job... well i've always had real jobs, but i think this one is the busiest i've ever had... except maybe publishing one at TAFE... and having a few staff down is not helping, but me and frey-si (aka Freya) are powering through and just doing what we can to be useful - computer problems and all!

i love this kanye west song, i liked an old single of his as well... can't remember what it was called, but it fuckn ruled. 'go 'head get down'...

so yes i am coming down to adelaide for xmas and looking forward to catching up with a whole bunch of nice folk and running some type of muck... and i'll be in for new years as well... wooo! purple room of mirth, here i come.


Sunday, November 20, 2005

an internal crisis...

is at hand... and i'm somewhat convinced i am a bad friend, but then again... perhaps not. unfortunately it cannot be blazed all over this here blog currently, but for the fortunate few who understand my ramblings and are in the know... i shall certainly keep you updated by ye olde telephone.

i bought myself a few gifts this week, one being the new Gorillaz album 'demon days' and Aimee Mann's 'bachelor number 2' from 1999. Aimee Mann keeps me very sane, now that I rarely hear from my 'therapist' and beautiful bartender, the allusive nico.

ah, he's a bad communicator, and always apologises, can't dislike him for it!

currently, a storm is rolling in on the city of brisneyland... i have been watching it roll in for hours, and made sure i cleared up some more of the garden before it got close enough to ruin my attempt to beat the spiders by making it cleaner around here. Starting to be noticable, but still a load of work to go. Now that my neighbours aren't moving for another year, i'm going to suggest a weekend clean up in a few weeks... a spring clean at the start of summer or something.

I now have itty bitty pumpkins growing in pots on my front porch, grown from drying out pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin my mum bought when they were up here. I'm glad they're growing already, maybe they can grow along our fence.

had some friends over for dinner on friday and cooked a great vego meal of spanish potatoes, a big fuck-off salad and samosas from scratch (via sharons hare krishna recipe). tasteriffic.
we then headed up to the pineapple hotel to watch blues, as has happened many times before, sufficiently smashed and ready to bounce about.

spent most of yesterday wallowing in my own pity on the floor for the hangover and the internalising of this stupid crisis that i'm sure is all in my head!

my friend Sam is having an exhibition this coming week, and the theme is 'wonderland' with about 10 artists total. it's been a while since she's exhibited anything and i hope it's a great success for her, because she's lovely and deserves it.

apart from that, new job is going well.... trying to get my head around being paid monthly is interesting... but should be fine i think.

hmm, back to internalising me thinks.

see some of you at xmas! yes i'm returning to my home-town for some well deserved r&r... that could be rest and relaxation, or rocking and rolling.... i'll let you guys decide!


Monday, November 14, 2005

so much has been happening...

but at least i finally feel like i'm on a decent path to some success...

last week i officially got offered my job. I've been there for three months as a temp (sort of as a probationary period) and they must be very happy with me for the wage they've offered me... safe to say it's a decent amount more than what i have ever earnt before. So now where the 'julies not sure what shes doing' was is a 'ill be there til next xmas'...

last sunday pol, michelle, sallie and i ended up at the regatta with michelles friend dean who happens to be a trainer or a coach or something for the aussie cricket team. so most of them were there, and my daddio's quite pissed at me for not getting any autographs (i only actually recognised three of them, but could have been speaking to more than that... who knows?! *shrug* i'm no sport fiend).

at some point, after being convinced to stay longer, someone dropped a glass, which shattered and a piece of glass landed in my foot! the battle scar doesnt look that bad (though its not really healing) but there was blood EVERYWHERE... including on my sketchers high heels from New York... so I had a bit of a carrie moment and was like 'ahhh, my shoes!' and 'ahhh, my fucking foot!'...

didnt do stuff all this weekend apart from take pol her bday present on friday night, spent all day saturday sneezing my head off (yay for lawn mowing) and yesterday went to the west end festival... music and stalls and performance and such. it was fun. velvet ended up with a python at one point (yes a live one) and i bumped into handsome-john and some of the other SOOB crew, offering whatever services i can for next years SOOB (being held in august this time).

the bath is running, cos my skins misbehaving, so best be off!!


Sunday, November 06, 2005


i'm drowning in marathons of sex and the city... since buying the box set a little over a week ago... i've just finished series 3! fuck me!

had dinner friday with jenn and her family and a few friends before her and kate hopped a plane to hong kong; the first stop on their world journey. they'll probably be gone for the full four years they can i'd wager.

a bit sad, cos i haven't known jenn all that long (perhaps may this year) but i think she's tops and she'll be missed around here.

(oh i should update on last weekend in here somewhere too)... yeh that'd be good. last friday i marathoned S&TC on my own, however saturday sallie made me go out and have FUN! we went to ric's for some tasty pumpkin, pine nut and sundried tomato pizza (seriously, this thing kicks!) and some Charles Foster Kane. I had solely consumed nearly an entire bottle of white before leaving the house (and before eating) so found myself sufficiently toasted and on a roll. Probably half because of the booze (confidence booster) and half because of the fact for the first time since i stacked it gracefully down my staircase, i was out, standing up and not hurting, and in a room of handsome boys. (Apparently I kept annoying sallie by bringing them over to meet her when she was trying to listen to music... hey, this is matt, this is matt, this is dave... hehe).

so anyways, somehow i managed to stay upright in my black boots, charm a few handsome men, break my bracelet (which a pleasant man kindly tied back together for me), and meet someone who just studied film in amsterdam with HAL HARTLEY (Bastard!).

We got home at 2... which i only knew when i got home and went 'fuck!'. but that's great, it mean i wasn't bored, and wasn't clock watching.

oh... last night i got attacked by an attack-duck outside courtneys place!
more later.
that was funny as!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

it occured to me last night...

not only am i not writing anything particularly interesting in this blog these days.... but that it was nearly 'time up' for my tax return!

i always leave these things to the last minute... well, i'd started it several weeks back, but the questions about private health insurance always stump me for some reason. so at 9:05 this morning i rang daddio and asked if it was too early for a tax related question!

so dont forget, if you havent done yours... you have til monday!

the most recent exciting love of my life is my new Sex & The City Box Set!! I wish it were a man, but it really isn't. At least I can indulge and giggle my evenings away when I feel like I can't be arsed doing anything else.

I've watched all of series one and part of series two now as well. I think so far there's only one episode that I wasn't sure I'd seen yet. The one thing I really laughed out loud about though was an episode where Carrie is in bed with Mr Big in the morning, and she farts... freaks out, gets dressed and leaves... then obsesses over the fact that perhaps their less frequent sexual escapades are all about the fart! i thought it was hilarious!

ahh, i'm feeble minded!

Anyways... so i thought i might go see a movie today but i think i've missed Charlie which i wanted to go and see cos it seems i'm the only person who has never seen it!! Other than that Sallie and I are going into Ric's later (unless her illness has worsened, everyone seems sick around here atm) to see Charles Foster Kane... who are apparently well regarded up here in Brisneyland, and I'm yet to see them, so why not. It's free and it's music. What more could you want?!

All I can think about at the moment is how to make loads of cash so I can really travel, do some volunteering, and run a total muck. Do some more good in the world or something?!! Get more motivated!

I'm feeling better physically since stacking it down my staircase *rubs butt just thinking about it* after seeing the Osteopath several times and getting given more strengthening exercises to do. I only managed to walk home once this week but next week I'll walk home more. Sometimes it was because of the weather, other times it was because i had a muhassive box of avon in my possession.... but anyways, if I get a boogie in tonight it will make up for some of the non-walking from storms and arms full of shit this week.

bye for now.
ps. Sarah Jessica Parkers fragrance 'LOVELY' really is... well... lovely!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

a storm is rolling in...


had a very quiet weekend, spent some time up at the pineapple hotel on friday night watching some blues.

then veg'd through saturday and went to jenn's for a bit of a farewell shindig for her and kate who are going overseas very soon.

here's a picture of something random...

Oh THATS not random!! it's me and the stunningly stunning Amanda in Denver at the duelling piano bar SING SING!! WOO!!


Monday, October 17, 2005

strayyun idol...

ok so i watched the show last night and witnessed this horrendous version of Eye of the Tiger done by 'the guy that everyone loves' (apparently) Lee and thought it was absolute bullshit. With one glimmer of hope I waited for some nicely put negative criticism from marcia... but instead she said "there are people in the audience going 'why?' and to them i'd like to say... welcome to the 21st century...!!"

to which my hope was squashed!!!

i mean seriously, what i keep thinking is... what the feck is he doing on australian idol if he wants to sing in a punk band... i mean i think they think it's going to kick start their career... why not do it the hard way you apparent musician?

Marcia!! you disappointed me for the first time... having done ten years in community radio and being exposed in a muhassive amount of all types of music... i was just open-mouthed at that performance, and not in a good way. if i had the vote, i would have booted him out.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Little Fish

Saw this flick with Ms Fiona last night... it was quite good.

Australian film makers seem to be quite good at not sugar-coating issues like drug abuse and what it can do to families. Although it makes these types of films quite distressing, it's good to see.

Cate Blanchett, Huge Weaving, Sam Neill were all good as is expected... but actually Noni Hazlehurst appearing as the mother was pretty stunning too. I was quite suprised. Perhaps because I was used to seeing her on play-school as a kid or something!!

Today my folks and I were going to go to movie world, however it's coming down in fuckets bull outside, so that's no good for rollercoasters!!

Instead we're watching THE UNFORGIVEN and old Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn film... except I don't quite understand what's going on because I'm not watching properly am i? ;)

Theres lots of dust, horses, the lugged a piano across the plains to bring it home... erm... something!!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

i'm officially...

an avon lady! odd huh? i feel good about it, some of the products i've tried of theirs lately have done positive things such as made me not wear foundation! i was pretty happy with that!

I went to the osteo Tuesday afternoon and she confirmed what my aunt and GP in Adelaide both said... except she thinks i'm not overly hypermobile... but that's ok. So really, what she said in the first place was correct... build up muscle to protect your bones but don't go too overboard. This is very good news.

Polly's housemate the lovely Belinda is coming over shortly to receive her birthday present and have a look at avon...


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

pics from heidi & warwicks wedding

ok so they're off my fone so they aren't so good but heres some silly late night shots...

Jet X & Matty Matt

Jet X, Matty Matt & Spoz


Saturday, October 08, 2005

more last weekend pictures...

Aiva & I at the Multicultural Festival - Roma Street Parklands.
Me looking very much like I'd had a day of sneezing! Cos that's exactly what happened!! *ACHOO*

Aiva, Sallie and me in my air stewardess dress at the Clarence Corner Hotel

It was my birthday on Thursday (6 Oct) so we went to the Melbourne for some drinks, then Three Monkeys in West End for a light meal which was lovely. Then last night some nice folk came over to be the guinea pigs for my first trial run of lentil burgers. They were tasteriffic!

I got some jewellery and a calendar to make and some wine for pressies. Thanks guys!

Except my three year plan isn't complete... or anywhere near being complete, so I'm already two days behind on it! bah humbug to me!!


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

a weekend in brisneyland...

My Cousin Angela and her bf Nick who have just moved to Brisneyland: at the Clarence Corner Hotel

The Go-Betweens at the Multicultural Festival in Roma Street Parklands... Sunday 2nd October.


Monday, October 03, 2005

last week in adelaide...

so i guess i need to write about what i actually did instead of being cryptic and saying nothing...

frivolous friday was taking mummy and daddy to the dulwich bakery for some super-tasty goodness... then going to see little bec & coco for the afternoon.

then off the super-fun wedding of heidi and warwick - possibly the two nicest people on the planet.

then off to the city... now... going into the city quickly made me understand why i'm not living there anymore. it was friday night, around midnight, and the city was certainly not buzzing.

it's not that i dont like the people, musos and comedians i know there. i love them, i love them all. i even love their guts... but it's just too quiet for me. that said, i'm not as much into gigging and stuff of late... but plan to pay a bit of money back soon and get right back into it.

(i'm particularly happy to hear WOLF & CUB are coming up here soon!)

saturday morning at the t-bar which is totally my regular place of saturdaymorningbreakfastinadelaide type scenario... with some nice sorts, and lovely tea.

then off to the barossa to see my aunty and get my body-verdict....

more soon.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

what? i mean WHAT....

is the world coming to?

Just read the latest bali blasts report. It's a bit beyond a joke. Why do people do things like that? It doesnt achieve much, except make their local community and livelyhood look like a dangerous place to be.


Aiva is here from syd-e-ney and my cousin Angela and her partner arrived yesterday from Adelaide to their new home BRISNEYLAND!

So we're all off to Ric's for brekkie very soon.

The lovliest lovlies Ken & Scottie brought the futon bed over yesterday as well, so hooray, i finally have furniture! well, some furniture!
tee hee.


Friday, September 30, 2005

so what's REALLY wrong with me??

they call it hypermobility... it's not recognised by everyone as being a condition, but it's certainly of note.

it basically means your bones are more supple / flexible than a regular person and therefore if you fall down staircases like i did, you're more prone to having a serious injury.

you can read about it here: http://www.hypermobility.org and here: www.arc.org.uk/about_arth/booklets/6019/6019.htm

so i'll probably get some form of arthritis but there are preventative ways or... erm, something... to help control it. The most important being an excuse for me to get buff and build up as much muscle tissue around mainly affected areas (neck / arms) so as to protect my little bones in there.

which, if you ask me, is a much better option than 6 months of getting cracked by a chiropractor. i'll still be able to see my osteopath because it's a combination of deep tissue massage and some manipulation. but basically too much crunching and cracking could actually be much worse for bones like mine.

so yeh, that's all from me.
and it's all from him.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

weekend del adelaide...

heidi and warwicks wedding was lovely. of course i had a cry, they are two of the most amazingly amazing nice people i know.

It was good to catch up with everyone there and get a bit loopy...

went into the city afterwards which was really dead... disappointing, but it kind of told me i dont belong there anymore.

i got more of a diagnosis on my stupid body... my aunt says it's "hyper-mobility"...
more on that later...


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

precious precious water...

Brisbane City Council water restrictions

It amazes me this hasnt happened before up here (i mean, maybe it has, i've not done enough research)...

i remember as a kid when we used to bucket the bath water out onto the garden so we wouldnt use too much water... etc etc etc...

i dont know if you educate people when they're young it sticks.

my friend whose been doing teaching prac did a whole 10 weeks with the kids about saving water and stuff, i thought that was great.

hmm, anyways. off to Adelaide tomorrow night for the weekend. hope to see some of y'all.

Monday, September 19, 2005

i'm watching grease...

it reminds me of being a kid, and that feels nice.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

i feel pretty...

oh so pretty...
with this quoff on top of my head...
for i've just woken up...
and jumped on the puter...
to see how life has progressed...

how ridiculous!
anyways, last night made pizza with scottie and watched edward scissorhands, the newest part of my dvd collection.

last weekend judy and her son isaac came to visit me in sunny brisneyland, they also spent some time up near tin can bay with some family friends.
what a funny little time we had running amok with a two year old (well, ALMOST two).

i've mucked around on that hot or not website for years... killing time at radio with carlo and julia rating people and having a laff at some of the naff fotos people put up to try and make themselves look stunning. har har har.

all these wacky people hit me up saying they want to meet me, very rarely do i answer.

have organised to see my GP in adelaide, as well as my aunty who is a physio, and hopefully they will both have some suggestions as to what i should do about stupid neck problem. it could be responsible for a whole bunch of things i think, and so i look forward to any form of treatment that even vaguely works, so that my quality of life will improve.


Saturday, September 17, 2005

damn it, lost a post!

my computer at home really is a pile of poo. I'd decided i hadnt written anything interesting or literate since the fall, and wrote this enormous post but it got eaten by cyberspace when my computer crashed again!

i entertained a german-tourist last night that i'd never met. a friend of pols friend in adelaide who returned to aus to see if a heart-string was still there. it was torn, so he rented a car and drove up here for ten days of exploring. we had a nice walk and drank some beer on my deck whilst it poured down with rain!

the wind is raging outside today, even though it's sunny. and therefore it's freezing. i need a warm shower!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

things i want to see...

meat katie
the bangles
'witness the fitness'... ROOTS MANUVA!!!

hmm... AND trying to afford treatment on my stupid neck...

i'll have to become an avon lady!


Saturday, September 10, 2005

the bangles...

are touring australia and NOT coming to brisbane?!!

What the FUCK!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005


decided to get way more than one opinion on my spine... in fact i'm getting 4-5 opinions before i get anything done.

i'm seeing my aunty in adelaide who is a physio as well as my doctor there. And my osteo in brisneyland as well as a recommended physio up here if required.

still feeling rather random, but now it's my head that hurts. stupid falling down stairs, stupid stupid stupid!!


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the verdict...

good things...
i dont have cancer and my bone density is fine.

mediocre things...
i have scoliosis of the spine (curvy spine, but not too bad).

horrid things...
my neck is rooted. it sits approximately 1 1/2 inches in front of where it should. it also requires about 6 months of chiropractic work.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

i keep wondering...

why this city keeps trying to beat me...

this recent turn of events (ie. me falling down my staircase) has really thrown me.

I keep wondering if it's trying to tell me something, that being, that i should return home to adelaide.

but i do know that if i do go home i'm going backwards and not forwards.

even my cd player is vexing me today... skipping cds. though it could be the neighbour mowing the lawn making it shake. but that's unlikely.

I know that if I leave, I wont have the same opportunities I see for me here. Though Adelaide is great, it's too small. I feel I need to be somewhere larger and more vibrant to achieve what I want. Though I'm not 100% certain of what that is...

a few ideas have crossed my mind in the last few days, namely what i would do if i'm told that i do have some sort of bone related disease that requires me to keep active and protect my bones (ie. build muscles around them so they are protected better).

my initial idea is to keep working until the adelaide fringe next year, return for it, run a muck, then come back to brisbane and study perhaps to become a yoga trainer, personal trainer or something similar. It appeals to me because not only will i be looking after my own body, it's something that can make other people feel better about themselves as well.

That said, I've never been so good at science related subjects, most likely required to understand the inner workings of the body, what's good for you, what's not... then again, i'd really like to be fit, and if i was doing it full time and getting paid for it, that's not such a bad thing.

I'm feeling much better physically than I was Thursday and Friday, however it's hit me really for a six... it's hit me that possibly my whole life will change, depending what these results say. it's hit me that the people I need closest to me at the moment are nowhere to be seen, and a $300 plane ride home.

I am going back to Adelaide in about 3 weeks for wedding number four, so i guess i'll see how i go. I didn't want brisbane to beat me so easily, because I really like it, but I feel like I'm crumbling under the current pressure. It would not be so bad if i had some savings and didn't need to keep working, like a few years ago when I took 3 months off and worked part time to re-assess.

And because lately i've been able to walk home from work every day, I was feeling really good, even lost some weight, but with the fall i couldnt walk home weds, thurs or friday, and feel wretched for it.

I don't know what to do, and am feeling worse by the second.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

feeling less fuzzy today...

must have been the pain killers that allowed me to sleep through the night. Still a little bit sore-like but not so bad compared to two days ago.

The Entrance to the Denver Zoo. Splendid afternoon looking at aMiNals and going 'ooh look at the monkeys' every few minutes!!

i only went to the GP yesterday (sharon) and he said the best thing for this was just to rest. I feel much better today, but wont get results on x-rays til monday... i opened them though and my spine looks crooked to me. (at least i think that it's not supposed to bend like it does) and the other noticable wacky thing i saw was at the top of my spine. oh yay.
but can't worry til i actually know if there's something wrong in there.

stupid body!

Friday, September 02, 2005

so it's really time for fotos now...

i have been told by the doctor to go home and REST.

So i am just going to post my fotos and then plonk myself in my loungeroom on the worlds most comfy chair and watch a home video or two (believe me, i've found some doozies of late!)

a bugs life ride in california adventure - cute is the only way to describe it!!


Thursday, September 01, 2005

terrified of the unknown...

well somewhat...

my mother rang me this morning to tell me something she'd forgotten about when I was born.

Apparently they told her to push too quickly, causing them to ask my parents to massage my neck for a while after i was born (obviously) to prevent any damage / anything getting worse.

So I says (to mabel i sez)... "oh so what you're saying is that there's 27 years of damage there?!"

And start to think 'great, this just gets better'.

Today I am really sore, the bruise along the top of my leg has gotten way worse. The finger my right hand next to my little finger feels retarded. My shoulders and arms are tense...

And I can't see the spinal doctor til Monday night now. Which means I get to sit here and wait for the results, feel like shit and generally worry that maybe i did get concussion and should i really go to the doctor before that rib that's punctured some internal organ kills me.

AND on top of that (i know it's bad enGrish to start sentences with AND but fuck it) if I do have previously stated osteo arthritis, it is most likely going to mean that i need to stop doing any type of work that involves me sitting on my arse in front of a computer and do something more physical... and what that should be I'm not entirely sure, although a few things have come to mind.

This said, I am desperately trying not to panic in the mean time and worry about what will be, when it will be.


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

we're the kids in america...

Ok so this isn't from America... this is me back at my favourite haunt, the Three Monkeys, in West End, Brisneyland... where the lovely Erin took me for lunch the other weekend...


fekkin' shit scared...

this morning, within a few minutes of locking my front door. I went tumbling down my front staircase.

And ooh oww... if I had a digital camera i would take a picture of my horrifically PURPLE AND BLACK ass and post it in all it's glory.

I mean fuck, what a great start to the day.

So I decided it was about time, with my jarred body to head down to the spinal care place and get myself checked out. My RSI seems to have travelled since my last job and is affecting me off and on... more on lately, considering this is the second time I've stacked it in as many weeks. My balance is off.

And after seeing the look on Mr Spinal Care's face... I'm considerably worried. I was immediately sent for more x-rays but wont know what they mean until i go back to see him and have it explained. (i have refrained from ripping open the envelope in fear).

My grandmother who passed away earlier this year had some osteo problems I'm pretty sure, and I'm really really hoping I haven't got something similar. However, that look on the doc's face didnt bring me any comfort.

I know something is wrong...

On a lighter note... here's some pics from America....


Saturday, August 20, 2005

random blogginess...

Point 1: cooking is no fun unless you make a mess...

I'm actually quite content with life at the moment... quite amazing compared to this time last year.

Apart from a few minor obstacles; namely:

1) the fact that I've taken up smoking again (easily beaten once i make the decision to can it again)
and 2) wanting to lose ten kilos (happily on its way)
oh and 3) not having a man around who's handsome and likes me, but that's really by the by. My time will come.

I love this city. I'm always meeting fresh faces and finding new places to play. And I'll conquer it yet and get my b-grade celebrity status back up to b-grade somehow.

And once I've done that i'll become complacent and bored again and probably want to move to somewhere even bigger.... I vote New York, because I heart it. Every day in that city is an adventure.

Point 2: weird things about America...

I noticed at pedestrian crossings there is really nothing to notify the vision impaired that they can cross the street. In Australia for example, the red man blips slowly until you can cross, then speeds up when the green man appears, letting you know it's okay to cross.

American's drive very fast (yes Mikey, this means you)

What's with the 1c pieces and $1 bills? And no different coloured money??! At least when I open my purse in Australia I can see what I've got without too much effort instead of rummaging through notes and ending up with a gazillion one dollar bills!!

Generally stuff costs the same, except cosmetics are so cheap. I'm talking Shisheido here. I priced some in Brisbane the other day and what was $20USD was at least $40AUD!!

Totally Gay!
Liberace Gay!!


Friday, August 05, 2005

the most un-fun city in america...

i think is Downtown Los Angeles.

After being in New York with the hustle and bustle, and sometimes the quietness of Soho or Grenwich Village... I kind of got used to being in a busy city.

LA Downtown is boring.

The Museum of Contemporary Art was closed yesterday (when i had money) and advertised as being free on Thursdays, so what happens when I get there... oh yeh it's free between 5 + 8pm. Bah! AND there's a basquiat exhibit on, but I need my money to pay the shuttle dude to get back to LAX.

Sauntered up to Hollywood Blvd to check out the sites, and visted the Entertainment museum. Universal Studios or anything else was way out of my price range.

I don't know, apart from being smoggy, it's hot and there's not many places to sit or much shade around here. I don't mind the heat, but i like to be able to find a park bench without too much effort.

So all in all, LA Central is a boring piece of shit.

My flight leaves in 5 hours from LAX back through Auckland and then onto Brisneyland.

I've had a really great time... yes you sleep when you're dead... and here's where I insert the thankyous.

Mikey mike for letting me sleep on his couch, use his computer, and making him shop in Soho.
The delectible Amanda in Denver, for wanting me to stay, saying she'll miss me, and being a girlfriend i could bitch with, or look at boys with.
Jason... for being delightful, blaming me for him getting drunk on his birthday, and showing me a good time...
Diane from New York, for the company, and the other Jason as well.
Mikey's parents for feeding me and taking me to the baseball, and generally being nice.

And the fine people of the US who have been pleasant, answered all my questions, told me I was brave for travelling alone and laughed at me saying 'heaps' or 'reckon' way too much.

Anyhoo, that's all from me, and that's all from him (the invisible delightful imaginary boyfriend i have - wha'?).

See some of y'all very soon, and see others of you when I'm looking at you!


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ok, just HAD to add this in...

in the recent flux of 'The Hoff' memorabilia... here's the link Aiva in Sydney sent me...

hours of entertainment!!




Trav Nash demands...

more information on the mystery boy...

Well you ain't getting it, so you can just kiss my curvy ass!!

I did, however, add in some shopping links and site links for some of the things I did in New York... so that'll have to do in the tantalising of tastebuds for now!!!


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

mmmm THAT guy...

i really want to write about 'that guy' but unfortunately i cannot...

but in case you decide to read, oh mysterious man, thankyou... and i'll see you in Thailand for new years ;)


back in Denver...

after about 6 hours in transit...

i heart new york, i heart new york a whole bunch.

i feel like I did a lot, and yet didn't in the 4 days we were there.

I met a nice chick Diane at this bar on west 46th st who happens to have a friend on the gold coast, and will be coming down in February. so that's going to be pretty cool. She has my e-mail so hopefully will be able to come visit me when she's here.

Saw a very small portion of Central Park today. Beautiful, but way too huge to walk all the way through in the little time I had left. Went back to Berghovf and bought some cosmetics.

Freaked out when I couldn't find my CD player when I got to the airport... thought the bellboys at the hotel had stolen it, and even made a call... but lo and behold i have now found it.

The Sex + The City tour was way fun. Got some good shopping in and saw a lot of the city by going on it as well.

Went back to Pat Fields (the costume designer for the show) shop the following day hoping to pick up something memorable from there too, in the end talked myself out of it. Tried a wacky pink top on that looked better on the hanger than on me.

I went into Dolce + Gabana down in Soho thinking maybe I could afford even one piece of memorabilia. think again julie, think again.

Went into the really muhassive Toys R Us on time square... there is a ferris wheel in the middle of it. What else, oh i think i found my new favourite store in Sephora... but unfortunately there aren't any in Aus. As far as I know anyway. I guess there could be one down in Sydney.

Weekends in New York, and in particular Times Square are NUTS. Enjoyed much more the 'tranquility' of the area surrounding Christopher Street.

The site of the WTC disaster... I have to say, i had a cry when I was there, and shot up a prayer, which i dont do very often these days, that the souls lost there are in a better place than here. That's not to say the world in which we live in isn't an amazing place, but I sometimes wish everyone could be safe and warm all the time.

Also, I'm going to have to go into massive exercise and eating right overload after this trip... I think I got fatter!!

bah humbug!!


Monday, August 01, 2005

New York, New York

it's a hell of a town...

what have i done since i have been here...

found some amazing shopping...
been to the site where the twin towers were...
sat on carrie bradshaws front doorstep...
had 'breakfast at tiffanys' (without the breakfast part)...
been up the empire state building at night...
and generally freaked out about how frikken huge this place is...

but i heart new york, and it seems a bunch of other people do too...


Friday, July 29, 2005

Oh... the DAYTIME...

Went to lunch with Amanda on 16th + Lawrence to a place called the Cheesecake Factory... which not only had cheesecake (which we didn't eat) but enormous, and i mean ENOOOOOOOOOOOOOORMOUS (or in polly's language MUHASSIVE) lunches.

Then I strutted the mall and bought the cutest pair of shoes (Fiona you are going to be sOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous) and a Denver T-Shirt.

We then went to TWIST + SHOUT records and I bought:

MIA - Arular
RJD2 - The Horror
Verve - Unmixed 3 compilation (nothing to do with the British 'Verve')

some bandaids with pirate flags, monkey faces and some lip gloss that says 'making out is yucky' which i thought was funny....

that's about it.

Oh and I now own a Colorado Rockies visor and Pol's going to give me grief because I tease her about the fact she'll get a sunburnt head by wearing a visor... but it was just so cute I couldn't resist.

meow meow.

Colorado Rockies

Just went to my first American sporting event, the Colorado Rockies vs the Philadelphia Phillies (what an original name!)

Well I must say I kinda liked it. Saw a couple of home runs.

We saw the game at Corrs Stadium which is in Downtown Denver.

Ok and 'downtown' in this country, pretty much means CBD.

Off to New York tomorrow. Wooooooo! Sex + The City Bus Tour, here I come!!! YEH BABY! Yeh, heh!!

Stuff, things.

Breckenridge, CO + Sing Sing

Yesterday Mike and I trekked up to Breckenridge, about 11000 ft up into the Rocky Mountains. The original purpose of this trek was to make me take this toboggan thing down the hillside, but when i saw how bit it was, and that I would be controlling the brakes, i kind of poosed on it!!
So we took the 'super chair' up the mountain side to look at the view, and for me to take some happy snaps. We were practically on the Continental Divide, if that means anything to anyone...

Last night we met Amanda at SING SING and had a great time heckling and being heckled. With $2 beers, handsome bartenders and some hilarious renditions of different tunes, we had a ball. The basic idea is that these two guys sit opposite each other on stage, both with pianos and take requests from the audience... which they'll rock out or ham up depending how they feel about the song of course.

The piano players names were John and Ron, and I liked them. They didn't know my Smokey Robinson song though. bum to them! But they were very sweet so I gave them a squeeze when we left.

Oh, found a better link.... SING SING

Bye for now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Black Hawk, Colorado

Due to the fact that we canned the Vegas idea, we went and spent the afternoon in (white-bred, hick... i'm kidding) mountain town BLACK HAWK to hit the casino's.

Because you can only gamble in certain states, or in certain areas we went up there.

Drove through Boulder to have a looksey as well, and it was pretty nice. Really green.

Pissed down with rain today so we avoided toboganning down the hills but will try for that tomorrow, as well as visiting the Stanley Hotel where they filmed the movie THE SHINING.

And off to a DUELLING PIANO bar called Sing Sing tomorrow night also.

Goodnight Australia!
Love your guts!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Parker, Colorado

Went up to Parker last night to Mike's folks place who had cooked an insane amount of steak for us (i think my stomach is still suffering).

Seems quite beautiful. Directly opposite their house was this enormous lake. There was a dear up in the back yard.

Then I made Mikey watch 'i heart huckabees' which I originally watched only a few weeks back with the lovely Jenn... but didn't write about it I don't think.

Anyway, I think it's one of my new favourite movies.

Trust the blanket!

We're off to Denver zoo shortly to see sum aMiNals. Then Amanda and jason are coming for dinner. Should be a nice day.

We canned the Vegas idea because it's just too far. :(
Leave for New York friday morning, my friend Annie is there at the moment too, so I called her last night, she freaked out, and we're going to mess things up, adelaide-style!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

first american drinking binge...

and possibly more to come.

hey it was jasons birthday, and he felt old. so we got him insanely drunk and made random girls in the bar give him kisses becos it was his birthday.

i met a nice chick called amanda. i think i'm cooking her dinner in a few days.

vodka is not my friend.
but white sambuca is.
cute little bar we went to but neither mike or i remember what it's called. it's probable we have brain damage or memory loss though.

even though i made a spectacular breakfast at 1:00 (pm that is)!

So we're mooching til we go to Mikes folks for dinner.
we might go see some baseball tomorrow or something.

meow meow.
ps. apparently when you say "Schapelle" (or rather Chapelle) in america, it means something totally different... it means "I'm Rick James, Bitch!"

Sunday, July 24, 2005

note to self: fill in the blanks later

thoughts and observations...

first impression of LA... "check out this smog! i would really like to be able to SEE the mountains properly!"

Disneyland... "this place would cost a tonne if you brought your whole family..." - but ok let me actually write something about disneyland now that I finally have access to a computer...
I was unsure as to whether or not i was going to go because of how i feel about certain issues to do with the company, but it was right there... so I went. And I spent 12 hours there. Count them, twelve! They have a subsidiary park called Disneys California Adventure which is right across the walkway, and 'Downtown Disney' - free to anyone with cafe's, shops blah blah blah.

My favourite things:
California Adventure - Soarin' Over... (or something like that) - Anyway, this virtual plane flight where your lifted up in your seat and taken on this beautiful plane flight. If you fly over sea, you smell the ocean, if you fly over the Californian Orange Groves, you smell oranges. Amazing, and well worth the wait. Also, California Screamin' which was this sick rollercoaster. I (and the dude next to me) whooped our way through it, I wanted to go back again but kind of wanted to make sure I did as much as I could... the dude, however, jumped over the fence and rejoined the line!! hehe.
Oh and The Bugs Live 3D Movie and the Muppets one too.

Disneyland - Haunted Mansion was wicked... Indiana Jones was great too. It's a small world just weirded me out... and I am thinking 'wheres australia?' til we turn this corner and theres a large pink kangaroo with green flowers on it, two koala bears, one blue and one pink, and a little aboriginal boy with a sash around his waist (since when?) holding what SEEMED to resemble a kangaroo!! I mean most of the other countries had people playing traditional music or something. THey could have had a band with a dude with a box-bass thingy (you know, box at the bottom, broom stick coming out the middle, string attached) and someone else playing the bottle top broomstick thingo. Now I know these have technical names, but buggered if I can remember them right now.
Splash Mountain I think was the most overrated, all day there were HUGE lines to it, so I wandered past last thing... and though it was good, I'd rather the half-underground train rollercoaster that I went on!! Or the Buzz Lightyear interactive shoot em up ride, or the Star Wars based, Star Tours! I mean shit, OVER-RATED BABY!

random strange things:
dude on the highway in LA, in a maroon BUICK with the numberplate "Mr Disco" - go you good thing! HA HA HA (Still makes me laugh)

US customs wasnt quite as stressful as i'd expected to be honest... was weirder flying domestic yesterday when they put you in this weird cubicle thing like a phone booth and puff you with air, then electronically screen a sample of the 'dust' (i guess) inside your carry-ons to check for bombing. The guy was very friendly though.

Having a pilot smart enough to wait for an electrical storm to pass, whilst other planes took off right in that direction. Flying over clouds at night is beautiful by the way.

I'm in Denver now, mooching around at Mikey's waiting for him to return from San Francisco. Should be in a few hours time, it's so hot and we'll both be pretty tired, i might suggest a trip to the supermarket and a large bout of mooching, til we decided whether or not to drive to Vegas baby, ye-heh.

And no, Shazzy, Fiona, and everyone else expecting miracles... we're not marrying each other whilst we're there!!

Though I do like Mikey's folks.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

land of the free, home of the brave?

in less than 72 hours I'll be on a muhassive (thanks pol) plane from Brisneyland to LA, via Auckland.

LA kind of freaks me out considering i'll be there on my own for a few days, but really, i'm not likely to walk down any dark alleys alone at night, and i'm not silly.

I've wanted to do this trip to the states for a while, and now it's finally here i'm not as butterflies in my stomach like as i thought i'd be (wait til tuesday night, i wont sleep when i need to and i'll feel like death for the flight).

I'll be travelling to LA, Vegas, Denver and New York. I've booked most of my internal flights and hotels n stuff, and the sex and the city bus tour in new york, but apart from that i'm kind of going to wing it. I mean I'd rather ask a random local on the street what the favourite thing about their city is... and go and have a look.
There are some things i've noted like a couple of Radio + TV museums (for those who know i was a veteran of community radio station three d in adelaide, clocking up 10 years on air in 2004).

Hmm, stuff. anyhoo i intend to blog my way thru the US, so watch this space.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

a strange thing happened to me last night...

i don't quite know what time it was... shortly after 9:30 i suppose, when there was a knock at the door.

i checked out the window to see who it was and a young aboriginal lady was standing on my front stoop. So i opened the door and said hello.

she said she had been to the local aboriginal health place to find a place to sleep, and they said they were only providing services for intoxicated people *weird*
I said I couldnt help her, because i was going out. Which wasn't entirely true, but I wasnt yet sure what she was asking me.

She said that she had found a place to sleep and maybe could she borrow a blanket, and she would return it in the morning, as she was going home to cairns. i asked her what made her come to brisbane, she said there'd been some trouble and that she thought she'd just get away for a bit, but it was a mistake and so she was going back home.
I dont really have much in the way of blankets and stuff, but i said hang on and gave her the big purple rug off of my loungeroom floor. she mentioned several times that she would put it on the door step this morning.
i was going to give her this other blanket that wasn't quite as sentimental, but it wouldnt have kept her warm at all.
thing is, this purple blanket with it's tattered corner and that's constantly sitting on my lounge floor, is a blanket my parents bought when they had their first apartment. It cost a lot of money back then, and it's kind of sentimental just cos we've had it forever.

But I gave up my purple blanket with the thought that it would keep someone else warm.

The girl asked if she could pinch a couple of cigarette butts out of my ashtray, i said dont be silly and went to get a few for her. So i sat on the step and had a chat with someone i'd never met for about 10 minutes or so.... til she said, thanks for this, my names deliah and again that she'd return the blanket, and went off into the darkness.

I felt... well I dont really know what i felt, but i felt í'd found out enough in those brief moments to trust there'd be a purple blanket on my front porch when i woke up... by 7:50 this morning when i left for work, she still hadn't returned.

I mean I kind of hope it's there when I get home, but even if it's not, I hope it kept her warm.


Thursday, June 30, 2005

stuck because of a storm...

stuck at work half an hour past my normal working hour because ex-neighbourino's are stuck in traffic with my broom broom...

was interested to find this today on the news site about SAVING WATER...

Go you South Aussies, go!

It kind of doesn't surprise me though, considering we've been stuck at the bottom of the Murray for so long, with strange drought-like weather, and the cotton farmers in New South Wales using so much water.

I remember as kids bucketing the water from the bath onto the garden. My dad then bought a bigger water tank and linked up a couple pipes to the house... one to the laundry sink, and one to the bath, so we'd use less water.

I often talk about the issue with Daddio and his main point is 'well if they made all NEW houses have certain environmentally sound items in them, we wouldn't have so much of a problem'. At least in this way, people would learn to conserve water from day-dot. And in schools it needs to be taught in a way that kids will remember and want to learn the values of conserving water, energy and other elements of the environment.

There have been floods up in Queensland over the past 48 hours, and it occurs to me that people probably forget to do stuff like keep gutters clean and streets free of debris because it hasn't rained for so long...

Am off to America in exactly 20 days. Exciting, scary, and exciting again! I'll be in LA, Vegas, Colorado and New York. Mike-licious will be accompanying me on most of the journey and letting me stay in his new bachelor pad *meow*. I look forward to spending time with him, seeing the Yankees hopefully kick some butt, and going on the Sex + The City Bus Tour!!

Happy sailing!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

i wish to declare my love...

for a certain australian comedian...

adam hills i love you.

he is lovely, his comedy picks you up, he has a lot of interesting information in that brain of his, he will heckle people who talk on their mobile mid-show ("you ignorant slapper") and always looks spunky.
and in case you didnt notice, spicks and specks is a triumph.

i also saw the Tripod kids last weekend, twice in fact. they were excited to get a copy of silly radio antics from last years fringe. Scod played a solo show at Ric's on Saturday arvo so we went to watch.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

come on people...

now, shine on ya brother
everybody get together
try to love one another right now...

i'd advise to always read your employment contracts thoroughly... today i discovered i was required to give four weeks notice instead of two, which almost screwed my chances at a new job.

This said, all is fine and dandy in new job town and I shall be commencing there sometime in july.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

random randomness

firstly, schapelle corby - bullshit. i feel terrible for her.

secondly, rove - still not funny. i tried, honestly i tried last night to enjoy it. and apart from the odd scoff, nada.

gearing up for a visit from the ex-neighbourino and his missus in a few weeks, which will hopefully be filled with frivolous carnage.

had a housewarming in there somewhere, did i mention that? it was 50's and fun.

had a part-ay at new brisneyland addition Pol's place on Sunday and met some nice folk. there was tonnes of food and a smoke machine! who woulda thunk it.

thinking i might see Mr + Mrs Smith. I don't know how much it interests me, but there's something about beautiful people tearing shit up...

merry birthday to Bec, KBP and Hans for Friday...


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

build a bridge... get over it...

so... had my 50's housewarming on the weekend, filled with babes and handsome men, all dressed to the nines in their fave 50's wear!! thank you to all who could make it. hope you had enough food (yes i'm the kitchen nazi as well as the music nazi)...

currently, i really dislike my job. Lack of organisation is the thing i think that drives me nuts the most. having to do and redo things because people cant make up their minds really gives me the shits. safe to say i'll be looking for a new job post my trip to america...

can't think of much more to write, my mind is very blurry currently, too much going on in it.

health-wise i'm a bit worried because my RSI and stuff continues, and i keep waking up in strange positions like i've been throwing myself around the bedroom...
so a trip to a health professional will soon ensue.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

ok ok, so i suck...

rather a lot.
because i'm not updating like i should... but here's a few observations...

1) rove doesn't deserve a gold logie. Apart from being apparently popular with the mums, he generally will only make me laugh out loud about 1-2 times in his tv program... which i now watch very infrequently, unless there's a musical or comedy guest i actually want to see. Therefore I deserve a logie more than he does. But I'm not sure i want an award that sounds like someones about to spit on you...

2) people who break into other peoples property - well, i just wonder if they have a conscience really. Recently my friends car was pinched, about three days later my window was smashed (luckily all they got their mits on was a crappy $2 pair of sunnies i stash for if i forget mine and it's sunny and i want to drive), and another friends place was broken into. I just wonder if they think that someone elses belongings are fair game, or what even makes them want to do it in the first place. I mean they MUST know it's wrong / random. And you can give me all sorts of excuses like drug habits or alcohol habits or being poor or whatever... but still, does it mean it's right? I think not.

Hmm, that's about all for now.


Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hitchhikers Guide...

rocks ten thousand.

Go and see it, and go and see it now.


Monday, April 25, 2005

68 e-mails in my e-mail box...

and still no love...

no this is not entirely true, got a HUGE e-mail from much loved 'therapist' and friend from Tokyo airport in transit this week. That was a nice surprise.

For Brudd's sake... I'm UPDATING my blog...

For Erin's sake... a list of things that DONT annoy me...

1) the Tivoli in the Valley... what a beautiful venue... and making new friends out the front...
2) being able to walk to Southbank in 15 minutes!
3) Spicks and Specks... with the most handsomest host on the face of this planet of ours *swoon* - i feel i must listen to my three d interview with Adam from last year AGAIN for the umpteenth time
4) having the most comfortable 'occasional' chair in the known universe
5) funnily enough, CSI... I watched it yesterday for the first time, and it didn't shit me. Funny that, i always thought it was... oh hang on, that's courtroom dramas that shit me! oh yeh!

The Cat Empire were awesome as always, chucking in a rendition of Paul Kelly's DUMB THINGS and dragging Kate Cebrano up on stage for a cover of Respect, as well as inviting the space cowboy up from the Happy Sideshow for some sword swallowing! Fine holiday fun. And the fact that the Tiv is a non-smoking venue is fantastic. And BUM to the mole who was out the front bitching about it... gee, it took you like a whole minute to walk outside to light up didn't it? stupid dumb and double-dumb.

Also saw local brissy band PREFERENCE on Friday night at The Basement with some mates and must say, it's been an awful long time since I've seen metal, but they were damn good!! They have a CD out in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. Fine holiday fun x 2.

Have love.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

all moved in...

and still no refrigerator or couch.... oh well, at least i've got some glass book/cd shelves!

this week things that have annoyed me are:
a) work - who needs it?!
b) Schapelle Corby's trial having to be a WEEK later AGAIN. I have always believed 100% that this girl is innocent and really feel for her and her family. The media should fucking back off out of her face for one thing, and don't tell me they're trying to do their jobs, it's a mad house. I feel really helpless with this, because apart from signing petitions asking the dept of foreign affairs to frikken do something, I feel I can't do anything to help. That really sucks... I wish her all the very best.
c) Tampon Ads: that's a given
d) having no money
e) still smoking, after I said I would stop after I moved... I have been a non-smoker for over two years until the last couple weeks. My old house living situation was 'interesting' and stressful at times, as was work, still adjusting to being in a new city, dealing with possible depression, yada yada.... feeling a little helpless as I did last year before I moved here... but smoking?!! I can't believe it myself.

all in all, reasonably ok today though, apart from my jaw which seems to think it's going to be out of place for ever and ever HaRmen!

Off to see The Cat Empire tonight at the Tivoli. Should be a good show!!


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

fuck fuckitty fuck fuck...


this morning whilst sitting on my stoop, smoking one of my last cigarettes... i started SINGING that fucking Delta Goodrem and her loverboys single. I don't know what it's called, nor do I care, nor do I remember how it goes right now...



Monday, April 11, 2005

i'm ba-ack...

well! what a crazy couple of weeks...

first of all, the house i was originally going to move into... well i couldnt move in there anymore, but they had another one for rent... and simply because i thought i didn't have much choice, i took it. and I like it heaps anyway, now that the floors not so dusty.

It's half a 'queenslander' in a suburb with a funny name, one bedroom, a gas stove, and a deep bath... fresh paint and my own space. All important things...

I went to see The Lucksmiths on Saturday night, however didn't end up seeing them AGAIN, because I kept nodding off in the club, so strictly sent myself home to bed. So I (kind of) saw the support acts 'Fred Astereo' and 'Ladybug Transistor'. They were both fun and cute.

One of these days I'll see the Lucksmiths... *sigh*


Friday, April 01, 2005

12 Angry Men

I just watched a movie version of this popular play, which I saw performed last year by some exceedingly talented English Actors, many of whom were comedians.

One of them was a friend I had made at the previous Fringe Festival in 2002... unfortunately, this bit of success (he'd also been in Boy George's play since the last time I saw him) had left him bigger, back on the drugs, and with his head up his ass. A great disappointment for me actually, because I was looking forward to seeing this so-called 'friend'. (now just a passing memory)

Anyway, this play I pretty much knew nothing about when I first saw it, but it really is amazing what they managed to do with only dialogue... no music practically, and some interesting issues raised on racism and the like.

If you've never seen it, I'm sure you'll be able to find at least one version at your local video store, and I highly recommend it...


fank gawd it's fryday...


my jaw's a little out of place, and i've been smoking a bit...

what kind of alternate universe is this?!


Monday, March 28, 2005

i have some wacky friends...

DJ Tr!p now has a pimp moustache...
Spoz thinks that the band name RUBIX PUBE would go perfectly with Tr!p's recommendation of FORESKIN DAQUIRI (don't ask)...
Sammi wanted to steal my new felt hat... and has successfully done so without me realising!!
Shuzzbut + The Monkey let us bombard their house with cowboy cocksuckers, UDL pre-mixed drinks (blergh) CC + Soda, much craziness and a small child...
Judes is going to move to Brisneyland so I can be the father to her child... (haha. go figure. I dont even have a penis)...
Trav's still too tall to hug...
Leah's dreads look superb, and Molly is going on a round Australia road-trip to do some soul searching...
Pippa's hair is still red, and she still looks good in everything... mole!
Benjamin's taste in knitted vests is still good... and check out that talent *ahem*...
Nico refused to come BACK into the city to give me a squeeze and for some wacky reason thinks he's going to see me in a months time anyway... i think he's delusional...
Luke's as super-nice as ever...
Nigel recorded me talking about a band of which i saw the last two minutes of their set... I think i was profound and witty... at least i hope i was...
Andrew and Aliese joined us for brekkie also at the TBar... Recommended Chai Smoothies and so i had one... and god DAMN they're good!!
Jules + Philo harrassed me and are trying to put peer pressure on me to come back so i can be back in 'radioland'.... i said NO, NOT YET.
Mum bought me easter chocolate and I had already told her not too.... so did my sister... i bring back to Brisneyland with me my heirlooms from my Grandmother that passed away not long ago... a gorgeous tea set and some Joni Mitchell records...
Bec + Scott's new baby Coco Velvet is simply beautiful... except after carrying Isaac around on my hip earlier that day (he's a little over a year old) I felt like I'd break her very easily!!

hmm... feel better... ish... but tired...
now i'll have fuck all money for the next fortnight, but I'm good at finding non-expensive things to do...

hopefully moving house soon in brisneyland where i'll be close to a large hole, and some pleasant neighbours (not evil ones like the old bag downstairs!)

I'll set up a photo bloggy part soon, i hope anyway... there is much to tell in my photos...

Friday, March 25, 2005


off home today for some serious carnage...

barossa valley... lizard lounge... enigma bar for trans am... radio (it's a sal-salvation).... picnic's at botanic gardens... t-bar... boys... girls.... small animals (mainly ducks and chickens and kitties)....

though i will miss the sunshine...

i found out some peeps i know that do DRIVEL DRIVE on my old station THREE D have a site... the addy be: www. junkcentral.com - pay it a visit if you dare...

i re-watched Reality Bites last night... it's like a 90's coming of age film really isn't it... like some brat pack 80's movie or something... god Ethan Hawke is cute! Stating the obvious but *shrug* meh!


Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Wrights

this cover of "EVIE" proves to me, once and for all, that JET are unoriginal...


Monday, March 21, 2005

when in doubt...

return home with your tail between your legs... wimpering softly....

now to new found brisney-siders i'd like to assure you that i'm not leaving, not quite yet... but i am returning home on an impromptu visit to Adelaide to hopefully put a smile back on my face...

I don't know what it is about me that makes me a gloomy so and so, however, a good dose of brain-cell killing and some live music would do me the world of good.... and it just so happens a few friends are involved in this BIG show on Saturday, so what better time to go!!

I went up to Bundaberg this last weekend for Lozlicious' 21st gathering, a themed party of 'backstage at livid' where a bunch of strange people rocked up... like The Ramones.... i thought some of them were dead, but they were there...


We went to the Bundaberg Rum factory... the tour-guide was hyperactive as anything, but it was still interesting to hear about the history and stuff, and smell the molasses... i did want to ask in part of the tour though when they finished their opening video presentation.... "do you think that sexist advertising is a good social message?" cos let's face it, some of their advertising leaves NOTHING to the imagination...

Anyway, as i said, still interesting so if you want info... (and free drinks) go here: BUNDABERG RUM

and we got back so late i missed the blogger meetup which i was a little poopy about.... but let me ASSURE you, i got sunburnt, so I was punished.

Last Bollywood class tomorrow. *POUT*

Friday, March 18, 2005

nothing like a facelift...

to brighten your day...

so the blog facelift isn't exactly finished but i like pink... so there...

tomorrow we're off to Bundaberg for Lozlicous' birthday...

I've been feeling a bit off colour this week... like this sickness is trying to take me but it can't quite get me.... weird.

I got to re-watch CAROUSEL though... probably my all time favourite musical... it's so beautiful and everyone is in love and it teaches a nice story... I loved watching it again and had a good cry through the last moments... *sob*

I also managed to catch SPICKS AND SPECKS finally in it's entirety on Wednesday night on the ABC... firstly, Adam Hills, please marry me.... secondly, what a hilarous group of contenders... thirdly, that Jeff Green guy was the guy who tried to get me and Annie back to the Hilton during last years Adelaide Fringe Festival... shame on him!!!


Monday, March 14, 2005

i really need to re-polish my nails....


I think I might join a gym... because I've always wanted to look buff like BRITNEY SPEARS...

I find it really hard to find an exercise I really like... apart from bike riding... and then, i'm not really that competitive with that... i'd always just use it for getting from place to place...


oh my god, i have an obsession with the OC and Britney Spears... though I can't really say that I have an OC obsession when I've not managed to see ONE episode this series... well I've been BOLLYWOOD DANCING, I have no time for Marissa storylines!!

Currently trying to convince the Travlicious one to fuck Adelaide off for a short period of time and come to visit our humble abode.


if J-Lo can have a hit song...

i reckon i can too...

all i need is a toned body...

she can't sing for shit.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

let me tell you something...

i sure miss some things...

i miss visiting Nico on a Friday night and talking about our weeks just past... getting a kiss and being sent on my way...
i miss picking Locut's off of Pippa's grandmothers tree...
i miss breakfast at the T-Bar...
i miss playing tunes to my friend Judy's son Isaac and watching as he grooves to the music...
i miss going up to KERMIT in the barossa and falling asleep with kitties on my back whilst visiting the Binnsesses...
i miss dancing all retardo with Annie and Astrid at a New Pollutants show...
i miss the new polluants...
i miss chocolate Sundays at three d... i miss talking about the OC with Jules + Philo...
i miss having my hands in lots of pies...
i miss Bec + Scott, chicken curries and beer... movies that Bec always falls asleep in, and the fake fireplace...
i miss the Adelaide Botanic Gardens...
i miss Andrew + Bec being my neighbours and helping me do puzzles... and annoying stupid retarded real estate agents...
i miss getting stoned with Woody and talking shit...
and Mr Ory for that matter...
i miss Heidi + Eva... very much...
i miss door bitching for Home for the Def...

and i hate the fact that I'm crying right now and thinking very seriously about what the fuck I'm doing... I don't quite want to leave but i'm not quite sure i can stay.... at least not right here.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

ok ok so shoot me...

so.... i know y'all wait with baited breath for my report on the Brisbane Sexpo... thing is... we never made it quite that far... my partner in crime for Sexpo spent the preceeding night at a Dillinger Escape Plan gig... and was sporting a weary body, including bruises, therefore spent a very slack night in, eating pizza, drinking wine and vodka and watching PIECES OF APRIL again (and a really horrid film that "THE ROCK" was in that one of my housemates INSISTED we watch).

Since then a whole bunch of stuff has been bounding around in my brain, and I've spent some time with some fabbo people who have calmed my 'rage'. Sam and I drank as much Stella as we could during happy hour at RUSH last Friday. Then off to visit 'Handsome John' and take him some energy food at work (fruit and V8 juice), a stumble past Happy J's and off to the tai rank, not too long before the witching hour (yeh, give me a break, we started at 5:30!)

Saturday I went for a walk in the heat to clear my head, went down to Stones Corner and found a bakery... made a few calls and mooched. After returning home watched remaining episodes of the Awful Truth DVD from Series 2 and Nadja... a David Lynch film.... with Martin Donovan *swoon* and Elina Lohwensen (spelling?) in it. A queer vampire story that I soon discovered I should have blacked out the windows to watch for I really liked how it was show and am sure I would have appreciated it even more if it was dark.

Saturday night came and Fiona and I ventured down to QPIX for a short film launch.... "STUMPED" directed by Stuart Minnion *waves* and written by Brendan Watson - and what a lovely night it was, met some nice people... had a few drinks, hopefully made a new friend or two... and had a giggle at the film. It really was great, catch it if you can.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

ooka wakka hikki...

oh lordy, interesting week or so.

i considered returning to adelaide... considered i wasnt changing things up here...

considered a whole bunch of stuff and thought my head was imploding...

but i've shaken myself out of it... and i may very well have met someone with potential whom i hope to see soon....

a real post shall ensue.


Saturday, February 26, 2005

pay day...

was an old board game my parents still have in their games cupboard at home in Adelaide.

Pay Day in reality really is quite depressing, but with my recent 'fuck this, i'm going on an overseas holiday' mindset, I know exactly where my hard earned *scoff* cash is going before I even get it... hence, I now have a grand total of $101.01 in my bank account (and let me assure you, the pay cheque was about 10 times that much.

Goddamnnit. I hate money.

And I've discovered having a new credit card is detrimental to my health. *owch*
But I've committed to paying bits of it back in the next few pay cheques, so that's all good.

My first Brisneyland Weblogger meetup was last night at Ric's in the Valley, and I must say was filled with fun characters and nice pizza. (I recommend the Pumpkin, Fetta and Sundried Tomato at Fat Boys)

So if you didn't come this time... why not? May a thousand little camels invade your bathroom and next time, put yer shoes on and get out the house!

It's too freakin' hot to be sitting in front of the puter... perhaps i'll wander off to Sexpo now, and report back to y'all later.

Coo coo cachoob.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

feeling kind of 'short'...

i used to make time to do everything for everyone else... attend friends music related projects, or exhibitions or plays or whatever... do radio whenever i could... be a door bitch for friends... take many photographs.... go see my 'therapist' every friday... volunteer for charity events, and music related events.... do everything for everyone else... or so i felt.

find little time for myself etc etc... and now that i actually have time for myself, i find i dont really know WHAT exactly to do with myself. I keep forgetting to pick up a roll of fishing wire so i can do more beading... i keep forgetting to ring Brisney-Sam... I pulled away from a dinner gathering on Tuesday opting to go home instead of stay out.

What really is happening to me? And I said to my roomie recently when questioned along the lines of "hey, you said you'd hardly be home..." to which I replied.... "this is the first time in ten years that I've actually stayed home! Do you understand?"....

It's so weird for me, social butterfly, staying at home... I'm trying to make sure I go exploring... I'll be going down the Gold Coast tomorrow to eventually pick up said housemate from the airport.... so I'll explore harbour town and maybe even ripleys believe it or not museum (yes, it does exist)... maybe go to the beach or to wet n wild adventure park....

hmm, i hope i'm not becoming a hermit.
If you feel the Australian Govt is a bit lazy on Kyoto... please sign here: http://www.greenpeace.org.au/kyotopetition/petition.php

So... last night the splendiferous Tammi and I went on a play-date and saw The Aviator and really I must say 'bravo'. Scorcese really never ceases to amaze.

I can't say I went in to the film knowing anything about Hughes, not even realising he was responsible for Scarface... and I love a film that can educate me about someone so interesting and obviously important in aviation history. The planes simply were beautiful.

Tam said "I wish they had have explained what was really wrong with him" and I have been thinking about it... I think that the simple answer is what stems from his mother keeping him inside, and being so terrified of disease etc, he had problems with large amounts of people and high pressure situations... a germophobe (spelling?) if you will.

I'm really keen to read up more on Howard Hughes now. I'd like to know more of his story.

The 'trial' scenes between Alda and Dicaprio are impressive. And, you know call me, erm... something, but why does Gwen Stefani get such big credits when she's in the film for all of two minutes?! Weird.

Oh, the website takes a bit to load, but it's nice.

Also, Leo Dicaprios web site has a large Environmental section.... so check it; www.leonardodicaprio.com

hmm. yes, i'm impressed.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

lapdance anyone?....

so sometime in the not so distant past I decided that 2005 was going to be a year to try new things...

so far, i think i can count three significant events...
the first being kind of personal, so i'll just leave it out.

secondly, last week i tried Kangaroo for the first time. I must say, not bad at all. I found it particularly like normal steak really, not terribly different. It's certainly a nice texture.

thirdly, and most recently (ie. i left about an hour and a half ago), i've finally been to a strip club. Yeh poles and all. We went to check it out for a friends friend who has recently started dancing, and wanted to see what other clubs were like. I must say, it wasn't terribly exciting. They looked at us strangely when we rocked up at the door and said we wanted entry. (I guess they would, three girls, but what if we'd been lesbians? it's a bit shameful that they'd look at girls that way) The decor was pretty nice I guess, and I'm sure there was much more behind closed doors (we were told at least two lap dance rooms by the girls we met that worked there). I'm now convinced I'd make a great bar-chick at one of those joints, because I certainly don't have the figure to dance the pole (though I intend to rectify this with some dedicated behaving!)... yeh, so perhaps after my overseas trip, when I'm bored of my job (which, in all honestly, i already am) I will become a barTENDER at a strip club. Just because I can.

Actually, I just thought of something... I can add Bollywood Dancing in as well as something I've never done... so far 2005 ain't looking so bad after all.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

someone give me some hormone pills...

currently in my house there are... erm, i think four... boys doing weights.

am i supposed to grow a penis and join them? or just join them without a penis perhaps?

I'm confused.

I guess I could just join in and pretend there are actual muscles in my arms.... i'm like homer simpson saying 'hello? hello taste." to those rice crackers in the weight loss episode (well one of many) except mine would be "hello? hello muscles."...

all in all, i just ignore them til queer eye is on. then they're out of the loungeroom!


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

now that was an album title or a book, I can't particularly remember...

however, yesterday I got a call from my oldest friend stating they'd just gotten engaged also. Now along with other old school friend who got engaged a few weeks back, that leaves.... erm, so few close friends now without someone to hold on to...

Which is awfully weird to me, I mean I'm sure that having a partner around would periodically give me something to do... but at the moment I've got two housemates to talk to, friends to visit, and a whole bunch of movies, music, mags and internet to keep me amused, so what's the big deal?

It amazes me that I'm still somewhat jaded by 'love' or the concept of it, and that I still find it hard to feel things... pain, sorrow, happiness etc etc. And when emotions hit me, it's always strange....

My grandmother died a few weeks back and I kept hitting a brick wall. I didn't really know how I felt about it because unfortunately for her, and many others, she didn't really enjoy her time here on Earth... and I would be okay for the entire day, try to joke about it, be sarcastic (that's unfortunately the way i get through most things) and then some time in the evening I'd just start crying. It's over now, I think it finished the day they buried her. I remember having a little bit of a weep on the plane on the way down to Adelaide that day, and desperately needed someone to cuddle up to, but the person next to me was someone I didn't want to crowd...

So anyway, more congratulations are in order... but I just wonder if I'm never going to get to a point where marriage and family are in my equation. I mean, the marriage part I can live without, but a 'partner' (i guess what they call defacto) and family eventually would be lovely.

And for thinking of myself at a time I should be joyus for other people.... well I once again feel selfish, but far out, I can't help it.

I do miss someone at the moment... damnnit, I never wanted to feel like this.

Monday, February 14, 2005

reject a suit?

now, call me... I don't know... logical...

surely a dude in a suit (mind you, not an over the top suit, but a nice cream one) adds class to your establishment.... but i'd like to say this to HONKY TONKS in Melbourne....


and you're fucked.
and I'll never go there again.
and and.... yeh, so there.

who ever heard of a no suit policy?!


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


so i came across this new mag in it's infancy (issue 3 of hopefully many) called frankie...

you can find more info on it here... at magshop

i think it's great... the layout is great, they interviewed some cool people, and talked about ALL THINGS AUSTRALIA.... and a big whoop-whoop goes up from me.

I can't tell you how often lately I've looked at a magazine cover that didn't interest me... not even music mags can wet my tastebuds.

so *meow* frankie.


Monday, February 07, 2005

what to say, what to say...

ok, ok so I lied. I've been a slack little blog chick for some time now. And though I feel tired and have not a lot to say, I will try my darndest to fill in the rather large hole in my story...

this weekend I headed down to Adelaide for wedding number two of 7... honestly, how I am going to afford them all, and two overseas trips this year is beyond me, but I'll work it out.

Friday we flew in to Adelaide roujnd 6pm, followed by a lavish dinner at Sprouts (honestly, i love that place, it kicks) surrounded by 10 friends, then on to drinkies at the Ex... of course being the day of the BDO the city was somewhat quieter than normal, but still managed to run into some worthy types that I hadn't seen in a while...

Saturday morning brekkie at TBar... becoming a regular "julies visiting adelaide lets go to breakfast" occurance... because i haven't come across a similar place up here, and really, it's the best. i love you TBar. I love your tea, I love your tea pots. i love your brekkie baps, and your chai lattes. Move to Brisbane will you? I'll work for you!

Later that day good friends Eva + Ernie tied the knot in style, and I wish them all the absolute best in their life together. Seriously, you guys rock and I love you.

Sunday I was lucky enough to do radio, after a lovely brekkie in the botanic gardens with my folks, aunty and uncle, shuzzbutt, monkey, and mikey... it was nice. We got my mum playing hacky... a rare feat!

Then it took me 3 1/2 hours to get home from the Gold Coast Airport last night, because public transport on a Sunday is pretty much pants... be warned.

Though, I did make a new friend, who wants to take me out... so not all bad. Bit old for me I reckon but.


Monday, January 31, 2005

i must admit...

when you have someone to talk to when you get home everyday... or watch videos or paint with or have water fights with, or cook with... you really don't get a whole lot of blogging done.

I intend to rectify this, I really do.

There is much to tell, but I also feel rather stupid lately. Like things I really feel I should have a good knowledge on I don't...

Maybe I should just get over it and realise I can't know everything...


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

too much love will kill you...

"i swear i keow you... i keow you a miwyun times"

quite tired from long days in front of the computer number crunching, concentrating on beading and being a good little stepford wife...

yesterday i passed my two year anniversary of not smoking.

and i'm just going to say here that i think i ROCK!! At least for that, if nothing else.

BOLLYWOOD DANCE CLASSES sure are fun. We giggled all the way through.

Somewhat anxious about coming home, and various other things... I think by next week I'll feel a load better.

There is nobody home to play with *hmph* and this new monitor sure is making my head go all wibbly, so I bid you goodnight and adieu.


Sunday, January 16, 2005

feelin' hot hot hot

olay ohhhhlay olay ohhhhlay...

damn, it's somewhat on the warm side up here today, thank god for spray bottles in the fridge.

we may well go see a movie to sit in airconditioned comfort for a few hours. i think it shall be well worth it. I'm thinking Phantom of the Opera.

I really have been particularly slack hanging around the house just cooking and watching DVDs and doing beads and stuff. I mean it's nice because, unlike last year, I'm not working multiple jobs and I have time to do that kind of stuff. So I guess that's something.

I had every intention to go see some music yesterday, but nothing in the gig guide took my fancy... or at least, I thought given my access to music over the past ten years I would have recognised some of the band names.... but nothing. Bah humbug. I have no music news to report. What a slack tart.

I can't wait to start BOLLYWOOD DANCE CLASSES!! YAY! It also happens to be my two year anniversary of not smoking on Tuesday night. Hooray! If you dont count a cigar or two and a few sheisha pipes that is. (which i dont cos you dont suck it in)
If I was smart I would have been putting aside $8 for every day I didn't smoke (to compensate my bank account for the time when I smoked a pack a day) but no, and now I'm not really sure how likely it is I will be getting to Japan or America this year. Mainly because of the zillion billion weddings that seem to have appeared, none of which are in Brisbane.

Ok, I'd best go do something more constructive than this.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

spelling bee...

gawd! these late nights are killing me!

Our household is on a permanent late-night binge, which makes going to work particularly sucky.

We have a visitor staying with us for about the next week en route to Malaysia and back home to Canada... and there is too much testosterone flying around! I might have to grow a penis.

We saw THE INCREDIBLES last weekend and damn, was it funny!! Am yet to see Phantom or Finding Neverland which are both on the agenda for shortly... I love the $6.80 movies at Southbank... that's why Brisbane rocks... amongst other things.

We start BOLLYWOOD DANCE CLASSES next Tuesday which I think will be an absolute laff-riot!! Hooray!!

Am returning home in a week or so for my cousins wedding... it will be interesting going home and seeing everyone. I think the weather will get to me! I hope I don't get sick. I'm pretty used to wearing singlets and flip-flops everywhere... I don't like cold anymore.

gots to dash, but you, yes you, i love you... no really, i can't deny it...
*wraps a big sloppy one round your gils*

Sunday, January 09, 2005

"why do i keep my mind...

on you all the time...
and i don't even know you?...."

Go Bill Withers... hang on that's not fucking bill withers, what's wrong with me...?

have been particularly slack not seeing any music lately... missed SummerFieldDayze mainly because I can't afford it. Have wedding invitations coming out of my butt, and they're all weddings that I really want to go to... and they're all back home, so I am a poor mf for all the flights i'll be buying. Also my car cost me $500 in the last fortnight. bah humbug to that!

unicycling is an alternative way to castration.... according to my housemate. Helps to lose all forms of sensitivity in the nether-region...?

don't shoot the messenger.


Monday, January 03, 2005

New Years Resolutions: stress less

2004 really was a rollercoaster ride until I got to Brisbane.

The emotion with leaving the place you grew up in is of course heightened when you're doing it for the first time, but people here have been so welcoming and I can't thank them enough.

Tanya visited me yesterday with Chris (both Adelaidians) and I just rave about Brisbane. I honestly don't think I'll be heading down South again for anything more than a holiday anytime soon. I can say this with confidence. I feel better (insert a sigh here).

We spent New Years out at Maryborough, approx a 3 hour drive up the Sunshine Coast, at Andrews place. We all dressed up as bogans and had a good laff at ourselves - played pictionary charades, jenga, wrote up new years resolutions for each other, ate heaps and made Sangria.

New Years Day we went over to Hervey Bay for some fishing. I was so excited, I haven't been fishing in way too long.

I am going brown (my skin that is), and I know when I go back to Adelaide in 3 weeks, everyone will say 'look how brown you are!', when in the reality of Brisneyland, if I'm sitting next to my housemate, Nath, I'm not brown!! hehe.

Enjoy 2005 everybody!