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Sunday, July 17, 2005

land of the free, home of the brave?

in less than 72 hours I'll be on a muhassive (thanks pol) plane from Brisneyland to LA, via Auckland.

LA kind of freaks me out considering i'll be there on my own for a few days, but really, i'm not likely to walk down any dark alleys alone at night, and i'm not silly.

I've wanted to do this trip to the states for a while, and now it's finally here i'm not as butterflies in my stomach like as i thought i'd be (wait til tuesday night, i wont sleep when i need to and i'll feel like death for the flight).

I'll be travelling to LA, Vegas, Denver and New York. I've booked most of my internal flights and hotels n stuff, and the sex and the city bus tour in new york, but apart from that i'm kind of going to wing it. I mean I'd rather ask a random local on the street what the favourite thing about their city is... and go and have a look.
There are some things i've noted like a couple of Radio + TV museums (for those who know i was a veteran of community radio station three d in adelaide, clocking up 10 years on air in 2004).

Hmm, stuff. anyhoo i intend to blog my way thru the US, so watch this space.

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