meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Courtesy of the Splendiferous SARA...

Ever been so drunk you blacked out: Yes, but also added another smoke-able substance making it all the more worse for me. I was also about 16...

Put a body part on fire for amusement: Nope.

Been in a car accident: I hit a roo on my way up to the Barossa a while ago. I have never heard such a primal scream come from my mouth.

Been hurt emotionally: Erm, yep. Exhibit a) ex-bf.

Kept a secret from everyone: I'm sure there's at least one...

Had an imaginary friend: When I was about 4 and my best friend went away, a magical imaginary 'rebecca' appeared everywhere I went... or so I'm told. Could be a conspiracy by my folks to make me think I'm insane...

Wanted to hook up with a friend: Yes, currently I would like to hook up with my 'friend'.

Cried during a Movie: Yes, Saturday near the end of Kill Bill Volume 2.

Had a crush on a teacher: I don't think so. They all were pretty old and ugly.

Ever thought an animated character was hot: Ooh good one Sara, forgot about Trent from Daria!

Had a New Kids on the Block tape: I had a CD. Never a t-shirt though.

Cut your hair: Yep, and even got it straight and all.


Shampoo: One that cleans my hair.

Colour: Probably blue.

Day/Night: Night.

Summer/Winter: Summer-ific.

Lace or satin: Ok, I recently became a fan of french knickers, so what do you think? Ok, ok too much info, but now it's there, I can't take it back!

Cartoon Characters: Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse ("I have the sudden urge to run at top speed in the other direction, would you care to join me Penfold?")

Food: I also am a food-whore, so I cannot answer this in less than a page.

Fave Advert: NOT the one where they say 'no other tampon is easier to insert, and remove'. Like for godssake!! We don't need to know that!!

Fave Film: Ferris, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Clueless, Trust

Fave Ice Cream: Lemon Cheesecake Gelati from Cibo.

Fave Subjects: I don't study anymore.


Wearing: Bad looking teal socks, bonds underpants, adidas trackies, some french looking top that used to belong to Bec, a white bra of what brand i don't know, cost a lot though!

Drinking: Sparkling Red Wine. oh not right now, but on weekends. Erm, I'm about to drink some OJ.

Thinking about: How cold my hands are, how to get more motivated, what to say to said 'friend', cop shows suck (except the Bill)

Listening to: dumb cop show. but ordinarily... music that's better than a dumb cop show.

>---------IN THE LAST 24 HRS--------

Cried: No, thank god.

Worn a skirt: No it's been cold.

Cleaned your room: I tried.

Done laundry: Yep.

Drove a car: Nope. Public Transport and Legs all the way baby.

>----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN-------

Yourself: Almost, but not quite (to continue, enter the correct spelling)

Friends: Absolutely.

Santa Claus: Only if he really is that guy from that show that had the guy whose head you only used to see the top of over the fence... erm... yep that one.

Tooth Fairy: I have no doubt fairies exist.

Destiny/Fate: Abbasalutely.

Karma: Yes and no.

Angels: Earthly ones more-so.

Ghosts: Haven't come across one, so not entirely sure.

>---------FRIENDS AND LIFE--------

Who's the loudest out of your friends: Yeh, probably me too! Tank maybe.

Who's the weirdest out of your friends: probably me again. Erm, yeh actually i could answer this but won't for fear of getting in another mud-slinging match.

Who will respond to this e-mail fastest: Das es not und e-mail.

Who did you send this to who won't respond: If y'all put in on yer blog's then leave me a comment so I know to read yours.

Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back to you? Dumb question, this is on my BLOG YOU F*CKKKKKER!


Who would win? Bruce Lee or Ali? Hmm, good question, I don't know.


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

feeling less frivolous than normal...

*brr* i hate cold.
i was norty and ate a pasty today. bad julie!

absolutely *loved* queer eye last night. The guy looked fab with the mullet gone!

Something to amuse: 'Songs to Wear Pants To' courtesy of Mish at Mondaydrive.com

Ok, off to eat some apricots.

Monday, April 26, 2004


and yes, I lost my template again so all my links and stuff disappeared which just is killing me, so I'll fix it again soon!


if there's one thing I know in my heart, it's not to give up without a fight.

If my friend still ends up leaving the state then there's not much I can do, short of trying to hold them to my running gag of "that's ok, i'll pick you up on my way to Brisneyland"

I've started writing down everything I eat again, which I highly recommend you do if you feel you need to lose weight.... not count calories so much, but do if for a couple weeks, then either take the list to a GP or nutritionist and make them circle all the stuff you probably shouldn't be eating... school-room style!

I mean, alternatively do if yourself... you will know which things are bad. This is about the only thing that has worked for me in the past, the last time I felt this random.

I'm very guilty of drinking lots of softdrink, so it'll always freak me out when I add up the quantity I've drunk over a fortnight. I haven't started Yoga again yet but that will be next week I hope. At least I got to ride my bike last weekend! Two days in a row! WOOHOO!

Have started reading "STUPID WHITE MEN" by Michael Moore. One thing I did want to do this year was read about politics... I think this is a good way to start.

It's damned freezing!

I saw Nick Barker + Southpaw play at the Grace Emily last night. I also caught up with my dashing musical genius friend Luke who is just fabulous! We have made a pact to go to the Grace every fortnight or something, because neither of us had been there in a while and I'd forgotten how utterly great it was. I drank way too much again, I just hope I didn't make too much of a mess of their bathrooms. *yuk, bad visual I know*

My level of alcohol consumption kind of concerns me now, but I hope I can start to behave a little bit more when the mission gets more into full swing. I've been pretty happy with my progress, up until today when I had to go buy hot chips + gravy! That's so bad! I hate that I can't control that sometimes! I always get half way through and think 'yuk' and don't eat the rest. So it's on to apricots and apples tonight for me, whilst I watch my favourite night of TV all week. I don't know what is going to happen to me when they stop with Sex + The City... bah! I wish that show went for ever, it's totally my favourite. I hope they replace it with something just as good on a Monday. Come on Channel 10, don't let me down now!


Sunday, April 25, 2004

i wish i could remix my life...

Lawnmower Music: Three D Radio: 93.7FM: Sundays 2-4pm

Federico AUbele: Postales
JSBX: Wait a Minute
Remy Zero: Prophecy
Skalpel: 1958
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Malay
Al Hirt: Green Hornet
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Basement Jaxx: Living Room
Patsy Cline: I fall to pieces
Sarah Vaughan: Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix)
Suvome: Hotel-Motel
Bobby Hughes Combination: Goi (Vegetarian Mix)
Red Monika: The Aches
5!NYTK: Just like a song
The Renevatos: Italians in Mexico
The Birthday Party: Zoo Music Girl
Wolf + Cub: Hands Fall Down
Nina Simone: My baby just care's for me
Soul Coughing: Misinformed
Good Buddha: Face the Music
Kaleidoscope: Sexuality (Subwoofer Remix)
The Bird: Flight
Cornelius: Drop
Ianto Ware: A blue Sky
The Stone Roses: Begging You
Blonde Redhead: Maddening Cloud
Toby Neal: Lost in thought
Gorillaz: 5/4
Goldfrapp: Strict Machine

"My baby don't care for cars and races... my baby don't care for high town places..."

So anyhoo, Friday as I cried into my glass of red I wondered why on Earth I felt the way I did. I have been feeling rather inadequate and random, so I told the person I usually go to for comfort that I couldn't see them for a few weeks. Whether or not that's made it worse I don't know.

aside: It's amazing when one hug from one person can make you gasp. Or just the fact that they have just complimented you makes you get butterflies.

Yesterday I walked into town (that's an hour and a half i've discovered if you really meander part of the way looking at houses) and saw Kill Bill Vol 2, then walked up to my friends place in North Adelaide (another 40 minutes if you meander). So I felt pretty good that I'd done all that exercise. And today I've ridden my pushie to radio. Feel great about it. It's a bit along the lines of 'look out world, here i come'... and in particular look out the one person I want to be more a part of my life than ever....

I would like to say it was very interesting watching both KILL BILL's this week after having just finished Ben Elton's "Popcorn", a book which is primarily about violence in films. I thought Quentin's latest offering was a damn fine, and that Volume 2 completely rounded out the story, and though it was much different to the first one... was absolutely perfect to close the story off. I cried and cried at the end. Like "wow" - so thank you Quentin, if you ever find me in cyberspace I doubt... but I must say... bravo!

bada bing, bada boom, I'm outta here, John Wayne style...

Friday, April 23, 2004

"come into my room...

let me take all your clothes off..."

vi·va·cious ( P ) Pronunciation Key (v-vshs, v-)
Full of animation and spirit; lively: a charming and vivacious host.

it's cold. i don't like cold.
i felt better earlier because I've started my health kick. now i feel shite cos I had to put clothes on again (like clothes give you lines in your body man, it'd be better if we were all naked).

on the positive side... it's time for GUYS NEXT DOOR!
oops sorry, fell into an early 90's tv show then.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Ben Elton's POPCORN

I finished reading this book yesterday (at work actually, it was that quiet for me, can't complain I guess)...
It started off a little too slowly for me, like a Quentin Tarintino film it flicked back and forth confusing the mashugana out of me, however this could have also been because I was reading it right before I went to bed and I'm usually pretty tired by then. And I was being lazy and reading really small portions at a time...
Anyhoo, all in all, half this book is set in one room, and I must say, fine job Elton... fine job indeed.

Started on Michael Moore's STUPID WHITE MEN today... more on that later.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

logies, music, fashion + cellulite

do yourself a favour and read Nick's recollection of our coveted logies award ceremony over at the Rhubarb Purgative...

I forgot how insanely beautiful Radiohead's OK COMPUTER album is... I have not listened to it in it's entirety in such a long time. It was a valentines day present many years ago now. Thom Yorke has this golden voice, and it just makes you shiver like Jeff Buckeleys did... god bless ya Jeff...
This said, Frank Blacks' "Teenager of the Year" is darned fine too...

I realised I should take my notebook with me EVERYWHERE today...
Do girls commiting cardinal fashion faux pas realise that it's truly bad? For example: two girls roaming the street in obviously recently purchased revolting and very regurgitated 80's fashion including a camo cap and STILETTOS WITH SOCKS!!??
I mean come ON!! I understand heels fucking hurt, and if so, here's a simple solution rather than adding socks to your already dastardly ensemble... buy some that don't hurt your feet! A bigger size, a smaller heel... I don't care, just don't wear fucking socks! You're not Madonna!

'nuff said.

as for cellulite... well I've got some, how about you? *nyuk*
I am on a mission, and unfortunately wanting to lose upper body weight means my boobs get smaller first before I lose weight anywhere else, which is kind of a bummer, but hey, I'd rather that.


Homer: "hello? hello taste?"

What is your favourite Web Site?
Unknown. There are many sexy ones including...
and of course buck65.com

What is the one CD you would take on a Desert Island with you?
Well there would be no bloody electricity so there would be no point. Besides I refrain from answering 'favourite music' questions for obvious reasons...

What was the worst job you ever had?
Accounts bitch for a waste management company... because the big boss management types had no guts!

If you could be anyone else, who would it be and why?
I'd be interested to how the other half lives (as in, be a boy for a day or something) but apart from that I couldn't tell you.

What was the strangest or most embarrassing story you've heard or that happened to you?
When I was younger I had this medical problem with a particular part of my body, and my best friend went and told the cute boy i liked. that was pretty embarrassing.

Tell us the weirdest dream you ever had?
Oh wow. Too many. Seriously though the other day I dreamt I was pregnant, and that I'd told a friend that it was his, but then had the revelation that I'd been rather drunk that weekend, and perhaps I'd screwed more than one person! Which is a) completely out of character and b) means I'm also paranoid in my dreams!!

What is the strangest name of someone you know?
Michael Jackson! I kid you not!

Tell us the most outrageous thing you ever did for money?
Very little...

What is the most embarrassing CD/Record/8 Track in your collection?
Everybody's Line Dancing! Di + Brad sent it to me as part of a birthday package one year for a bit of a gag. I'm yet to depart with it... or open it for that matter!

What is the best/worst nickname of someone you know?
Beek - my sister. and none of us can remember why she is called that. she just is.

What is the most bizarre thing you've ever seen?
these questions are making me try and think too much.

What is the stupidest thing you ever bought that seemed like a good idea at the time?
anything I bought for my ex-bf.

What is the best/worst pick-up line you've heard or used?
Best: "hey baby, be my chips + gravy".... worst: "do you come here often? no you don't understand.... do you come... here often? do you come often?" I SHIT YOU NOT, THIS HAPPENED TO ME. What is the world coming to?!

What is the weirdest food you've eaten?
I like food but nothing particulary out of the ordinary.

Tell us about the worst roommate/guest you've ever had?
the one i kicked out after 5 days because he a) stunk the house out, b) followed me around like a lost puppy, c) leered at my female friends, d) stunk the house out!

What is your best/worst animal or pet story?
Just watching Bec + Scotts cats running a total muck when they were kittens and I was house-sitting. Greg and I lost our minds when we saw the littlest one do a total flip and keep running.

What is the stupidest thing you've ever done?
Fallen down the stairs. and not told particular people that I love them. *sigh*

What is the most memorable bumper sticker you can think of?
Hell! I'm sure there's been plenty of good ones, but I don't know!

What is the worst surprise you ever found in your food?
Pubic Hair in food from a restaurant!

What is the most misunderstood song lyric in your opinion?
Have to be the lyrics to Informer! Classic!

What is the strangest phone call you've ever received?
Not phone call, but Text. I had gotten my friends number wrong by one digit and was trying to talk to her about something, so when i kept getting answered i assumed it was her, only to eventually call the number and have some girl in queensland answer the phone. i was like erm, would have helped if you'd said you weren't her in the first place you FREAK!

What is strangest hallucination you've ever had?
I don't take chemicals.

What is the one movie you've watched most times?
Ferris Buellers Day Off.

What is your favourite line from a movie?
"Do you prefer fashion victim, or ensemble challenged?"

What's the longest you've ever been single since you started dating?
Must be 3 years now... I think. Lost count. Don't particularly care.

Fave fashion statement?
Anything as long as it wasn't created in the 80's. I agree Dida though, wearing low cut tops is a must if you have the cleavage to show-off.

Have you ever been in a band?
Stage Band at school. Managed a couple of them though.

Your first car?
1986 Champagne Pink Mitsubishi Colt! Got stolen. Bastard!

What book are you reading at the moment?
Finished Ben Elton's "Popcorn" today. Not bad.

Last movie you saw at the cinema?
I don't think I remember. Sad! I don't go much any more.

When was the last time you saw a play?
12 Angry Men during the Fringe. Great play, pity about two particular members of the cast being knobjockeys...

What song is playing at the moment?
TV doesn't count as a song.

Have you left school?

What are your all-time favourite Simpsons quotes?
"Grandpa, how did you get your pants off without taking off your trousers?"
"I don't know!"

What events have made you realise who your real friends are?
Fringe Festival 2004 - god bless it.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Sunday, April 18, 2004

"i was at the party...

when she was out of control...
shooting off her mouth i didn't just quite know...
people staring at her, as i did all night...
watermelon lipstick, foundation so light..."

Lawnmower Music: Sundays 2-4pm: Three D Radio: 93.7FM

Federico Aubele: postales
Gotan Project: Santa Maria - Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix
Pluck: Plink Plank Plunk
Richard Easton: I was at the party
BranVan3000: Speed
The Avalanches: 2 hearts in 3/4 time
Soulfly: Born again anarchist
Wolf + Cub: Enoshima
Blonde Redhead: Misery is a butterfly
Blue States: Season Song
Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine: Over my dead booty (seriously, this kicks!!)
Red Monika: The Aches
Mystik: 77kms (french hiphop rocks)
Skalpel: 1958
Herbie Hancock: Sly
Boozoo Bajou: Under my sensi (Thievery Corporation remix)
Phoenix: Everything is everything
Sarah Vaughan: Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project remix)
The Mint Chicks: Licking Letters
Tripod: Science Facts are Useful
Aretha Franklin: Think
Phat Albert: What it is
Love of Diagrams: Building better codes
The Manhattan Transfer: Birdland


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

That's it! You're out of the gang!

my favourite thing to say to anyone when they do something silly...

though, who am i to say what is silly and what isn't...??!


Anyhoo, I would like to insert here that my 'therapist', god bless him, thinks he isn't handsome. So I told him to go give himself a nice kick in the arse!

Love yourself first people!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

you don't make friends with salad...

just wanted to add a new musical link:

The Stone Roses
oh, and...
Ninja Tunes!! (especially for Maine I retChun)


Monday, April 12, 2004

Ok, so I had every intention of being constructive...

and I kind of am... I found some websites:

Phuket - Hels that one is for YOU!
Gorilla Mask

Searching for flights to go rescue Pippa from the place of nude south welshmen.


B-Boys makin' with the freak-freak...

I must say that I personally feel that Ill Communication is the *best* album the Beastie Boys have done to date.

Today I went for a hike up in Morialta Conservation Park. It was lovely. We all got a little sweaty, but felt really good at the end of it.

This week I'm holding an Indian Cooking night... yummy. Which means I need to finish cleaning my house properly and move the computer. *yawn* that's not fun!

I am thinking I might make some caramelised onion muffins... hmm. I wonder if evil-neighbour will come eat them with me.... and no Andrew I'm not referring to you!! Am referring to a slightly further away who is not *actually* that evil, sometimes we just like to pretend to be evil....

I don't know if anyone knows much about colour therapies... or more when you associate colours with moods, that's what i mean.... anyway, I have a theory that the reason I feel a little unhappy is that my apartment is actually filled with quite a lot of dark colours... I thought perhaps that could be bringing me down...

hmm, next daytime weekend outing will be to Belair Golf course to award the wooden spoon to the worst player (probably me, i'm pretty crap from memory!)...


Sunday, April 11, 2004


the archives are back kiddies...

my brain hurts from drinking last night I think?? hmm. Saw Southpaw and Wolf + Cub at the Ex last night and both bands were damn good. The sound in that beer garden is never great, but they pulled it off.

Southpaw are launching a CD on the 25th April. I recommend y'all attend. I'll get details later.

Things i definately must take to Brisneyland...
Lamp that Heidi gave me
CD's and Vinyl
Greed (dice game)
Picnic Basket
Photos + Camera
Cook Books

hmm. already a lot.

I'm once again in a void of "i hate everything in my wardrobe" but I have also been having what can now be known as 'puffy days' so that's probably part of it... "none of it fits properly", "my stomach pokes out", waah waah waah. God, if that's the only problem I had I'd be doing ok!!

Remember: less is more.

Turn up the bass kids...

Don't forget to e-mail your GENRE WARS suggestions to me at genrewars@yahoo.com.au - put Mr Speed + Nigel Home for the Def to the test...

Lawnmower Music: Sundays 2-4pm: 93.7FM Three D Radio

Federico Aubele: Postales
Gorillaz: 5/4
Morphine: Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Ruby's Grace: Walking Over Sea
Marilyn Monroe + Jane Russell: When love goes wrong, nothing goes right
Bonobo: D Song
Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine: Hey that's my truck
Gotan Project: Santa Maria
Basement Jaxx: Cish Cash
Blonde Redhead: Messenger
Southpaw: Little More
The Afghan Whigs: Somethin' Hot
Fur Patrol: Rocket
XTC: Jason + The Argonauts
Compay Segundo: Sarandonga
Leo: Lame Soeur
Bobby Hughes Combination: Clive the Runner
Trio Electrico: Mono Bird
Pretty Boy Cross Over: Double Sleeper
Ruby: The whole is equal to the sum of its parts
Madonna / Britney / Christina: Like a Virgin/Hollywood
Good Buddha: Party Reserve
Handsome Boy Modelling School: Look at this face (oh my god they're gorgeous)
Womak + Womak: Teardrops

I made myself a wish list at Amazon.com - search for Julie Faye and see what goodies you can buy for me to make me smile like a smiley thing!


Saturday, April 10, 2004


mmm sugar.

I am listening to my Elvis Costello + The Attractions 'best of...' CD which is fully fantastic.

I am also consuming a tasty apricot fruit bar from Angas Park Fruits.... mmm Angas Park Fruits...

"I can't stand up for fallin' down..."

So anyhoo, shortly I shall be off to the Exeter to cause trouble with some other 3D people and get some rock into me, because lets face it, of late I've spent more time drinking alkymahall and socialising than actually watching rock. Which is quite bad indeed.

Note to self: Stop playing with your therapist and get serious about music consumption.

Today I purchased a 12" LP copy of Carousel (The Rogers and Hammerstein musical thingo) and I can't play it cos my record player has shat itself. Which I am also not happy about... how can I listen to Patsy Cline's crooning when it's busted huh? bum!

If I wasn't such a knob I would have spent Thursday night in Melbourne with Team Plastique.

I went to entertain hobbly mchobble-hobble shaggy shaz last night and made the yummy bean soup and ate hot angry buns and played Mhing (card game, of which we started making our own 'pick the cards up' expressions - very silly indeed).

The culling has slowly begun... my spare room will become the 'get rid of these things' room I'm sure... I have to purchase a bike rack thingo for my car so I can move the bike without taking it apart and/or having to fit it in the boot with the rest of my life.

I am *again* unhappy with the state of my wardrobe... I mean at least I've got two skirts now, however it's just not enough to keep me satisfied! Once I get my pink fluffy hoody top I'll feel much beItta...

best be off to get ready for the outing...

buy less packaging,

Thursday, April 08, 2004

"am i real...

... and what do i feel...?"

i am getting really sick of being lonely...

and i'm getting sick of feeling unhappy even though everything is reasonably good...


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

'too hot to bicker i reckon...'

ahh the simpsons...

i am pretty much brain dead. bad.

I was given a t-shirt that says: "i wanna be like barbie, that bitch gets everything" and I think it's pretty damned funny.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

things that suck...

reality tv.
sore eyes from cutting up onions.
burning the butter in a saucepan.
not being arsed trying to fix my apparently screwed up tax return from 2 years ago (yay, thanks ATO for not reading my correspondence in the firstplace, fuckheads)

things that rock...
the jade monkey.
sultana scones.
red potatoes.
becoming the 'list lady'. (explain this one later)
increasing the crush-list to 5... ooh.
team plastique getting some gigs in Europe.

crush list being on 5, is a big thing... it was 3 for a long time, recently it dropped back to 2 (obviously)... now there's bloody 5! cor!

1. I have met this one very few times, though I like the conversations I've had with this person, and we have quite similar interests. I nearly died when they said they liked the same film directors as me... wowzers!
2. Ok, number 2 is some guy who catches my bus who is just simply a handsome man. There is not much possibility of me ever speaking to them, because I'm a fraidy cat.
3. This one actually works where I currently work... I don't know how old he is or whatever, but I dig him. I thought he was nice looking, then he told me he didn't like car racing, and I melted. Aww, pour some sugar on me.
4. This one is very very interesting indeed. I can say no more.
5. "Want to go halves in a kid?" My favourite man, and probably never future anything, but worth a mention none-the-less. Fun to bite.


Monday, April 05, 2004

Genre Wars...

So, i'm sure at least some of you who can't hear me in radioland are wonder what the snuuh is Genre Wars...

Well basically, the challenge has been set to a couple of my local musician pals, Nigel Home for the Def, and Mr Speed from the New Pollutants.... to go one on one in what we call GENRE WARS...

Genre Wars is a bit of a competition where we need your help... basically it breaks down like this, ok... I will name a genre, and the guys will have a limited amount of time (perhaps the time it takes to play a track) to find a song they can think of from that genre of music... try and think of a Genre that might stump the boys... and e-mail it to us at genrewars@yahoo.com.au

We will try and organise some sort of prize for the best suggestion, or the one that stumps them the most!

I expect your suggestion.... now!!


Sunday, April 04, 2004

"next time I'll be true yeaaaahhh...."

"whispers in the powder room
she cries on memory too..."

Lawnmower Music: Three D Radio: 93.7FM: Sunday 2-4pm
with Mr Wally Gotye (on phone from Melbourne)
and Nigel aka Mr Home for the Def

Federico Aubele: Despertar
Gorillaz: 19-2000
Gonzales: Shameless Eyes
Leo: La Chambre
The Yardbirds: For your love
The Paradise Motel: German Girl
Gotye: Out of My Mind
CloudDEAD: Popsong
Gotye: Loath to refuse
Womak + Womak: Teardrops
They Might Be Giants: Hot Cha
Thievery Corporation: The Richest Man in Babylon
Janis Joplin: To love somebody
XTC: King for a Day
The Herbaliser: Mrs Chombree Takes the plunge
Gotan Project: Epoca
Mystik: 77kms
Snoop Dogg: Gin + Juice
Richard Cheese: Gin + Juice
Home for the Def: Down Syndrome
Blonde Redhead: Maddening Cloud
Home for the Def: Werewolf
Pluck: Plink Plank Plunk
Ubin: Redroom

E-mail your suggestions for Genre Wars on Lawnmower in a few weeks time to genrewars@yahoo.com.au


Saturday, April 03, 2004

i'm making scones...

and i wish i could give you some darling, but really, you are far away, therefore, I cannot...

What? I don't even know what I'm saying today!

Went to Veena's last night for Indian Food for SPOZ's Birthday! hooray! happy birthday you old fart.

Happy birthday also to Mark who's BBQ I am going to shortly....

see some of you later Belgian Beer Bar-ing apparently before the Munkee?
yeh good-o.

Bring on the Monkey Punch kids... bring it on.

Thursday, April 01, 2004


"how would you like it if I came over with my click?"

what the hell is "my click"?

anyway.... blame the subject header on the fact i'm listening to destinys child presently... and no, i know, based on my radio play list posts you're probably thinking 'wha'?' but destinys child are da shit and I wont hear otherwise, ok? good, glad we got that sorted.

it occurs to me that I possibly need an entirely overhauled personality. I don't know, I guess people that know me, know me well, so put up with all the quirks and weird crap i get up to...

Presently, much like gothqueen and several other bloggers and people I know... there is change in the air... we all want to change things about ourselves. In my case, I don't want to become an old negative person.

One reason I kind of mention that is that I have an elderly relative who is constantly complaining about how sick she feels, how bad she has it, how her family ignores her blah blah, and the honest truth is that is bullshit! She has her whole family revolving around her, and trying to appreciate her, but she's like a selfish spoilt teenager still. It really upsets me you know because I love my family, everyone in it, there's not one cousin, aunt or uncle that i dislike... (well, nearly) but I'm scared that this person will die old and alone, and bitter, thinking that they didn't enjoy life because they spent too much of it complaining...

I never want to be like that, I'd rather someone hit me over the head with a piece of 4x2 and be done with it.

I don't know how I got to this point I am at now... I don't know why I feel I need to be different, and in some ways I don't... apart from the negativity thing, however, it appears to me that a couple people I thought I knew quite well get confused by me.... or, more exactly, think I talk too much crap.

Now, dear readers of the blog, I know there is a *load* of crap in here somewhere back in the archives... (for which the link is still missing by the way, sorry about that) but I don't think its all bad. In fact, some of it I consider intelligent, logical, and the like.


anyway, this is kind of a ramble I may remove, so if you get to read it, good for you.
or something.

hmm double hmm.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do to improve the quality of my life... I'm stuck again, but at least I've picked up a book for the first time in six months...

Actually, I do know one thing in particular that I want, but I am not 100% confident that it's going to work... therefore I leave it in limbo for a time... there are very few people that know what I am actually talking about here... It involves being in love... at least I wish I was more sure that's what it is...


I forgot to mention...

Home for the Def is coming in on Sunday as well as a phone interview with Melbourne's Gotye...

double huzzah!

from 2pm... 93.7FM...


as i listen to an old jamiroquai album...

in case no-one else found it already... there is an article on blogging in the Big Issue... No. 199 22/3/04-6/4/04...