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Saturday, February 26, 2005

pay day...

was an old board game my parents still have in their games cupboard at home in Adelaide.

Pay Day in reality really is quite depressing, but with my recent 'fuck this, i'm going on an overseas holiday' mindset, I know exactly where my hard earned *scoff* cash is going before I even get it... hence, I now have a grand total of $101.01 in my bank account (and let me assure you, the pay cheque was about 10 times that much.

Goddamnnit. I hate money.

And I've discovered having a new credit card is detrimental to my health. *owch*
But I've committed to paying bits of it back in the next few pay cheques, so that's all good.

My first Brisneyland Weblogger meetup was last night at Ric's in the Valley, and I must say was filled with fun characters and nice pizza. (I recommend the Pumpkin, Fetta and Sundried Tomato at Fat Boys)

So if you didn't come this time... why not? May a thousand little camels invade your bathroom and next time, put yer shoes on and get out the house!

It's too freakin' hot to be sitting in front of the puter... perhaps i'll wander off to Sexpo now, and report back to y'all later.

Coo coo cachoob.

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