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Thursday, January 13, 2005

spelling bee...

gawd! these late nights are killing me!

Our household is on a permanent late-night binge, which makes going to work particularly sucky.

We have a visitor staying with us for about the next week en route to Malaysia and back home to Canada... and there is too much testosterone flying around! I might have to grow a penis.

We saw THE INCREDIBLES last weekend and damn, was it funny!! Am yet to see Phantom or Finding Neverland which are both on the agenda for shortly... I love the $6.80 movies at Southbank... that's why Brisbane rocks... amongst other things.

We start BOLLYWOOD DANCE CLASSES next Tuesday which I think will be an absolute laff-riot!! Hooray!!

Am returning home in a week or so for my cousins wedding... it will be interesting going home and seeing everyone. I think the weather will get to me! I hope I don't get sick. I'm pretty used to wearing singlets and flip-flops everywhere... I don't like cold anymore.

gots to dash, but you, yes you, i love you... no really, i can't deny it...
*wraps a big sloppy one round your gils*

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