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Saturday, March 12, 2005

ok ok so shoot me...

so.... i know y'all wait with baited breath for my report on the Brisbane Sexpo... thing is... we never made it quite that far... my partner in crime for Sexpo spent the preceeding night at a Dillinger Escape Plan gig... and was sporting a weary body, including bruises, therefore spent a very slack night in, eating pizza, drinking wine and vodka and watching PIECES OF APRIL again (and a really horrid film that "THE ROCK" was in that one of my housemates INSISTED we watch).

Since then a whole bunch of stuff has been bounding around in my brain, and I've spent some time with some fabbo people who have calmed my 'rage'. Sam and I drank as much Stella as we could during happy hour at RUSH last Friday. Then off to visit 'Handsome John' and take him some energy food at work (fruit and V8 juice), a stumble past Happy J's and off to the tai rank, not too long before the witching hour (yeh, give me a break, we started at 5:30!)

Saturday I went for a walk in the heat to clear my head, went down to Stones Corner and found a bakery... made a few calls and mooched. After returning home watched remaining episodes of the Awful Truth DVD from Series 2 and Nadja... a David Lynch film.... with Martin Donovan *swoon* and Elina Lohwensen (spelling?) in it. A queer vampire story that I soon discovered I should have blacked out the windows to watch for I really liked how it was show and am sure I would have appreciated it even more if it was dark.

Saturday night came and Fiona and I ventured down to QPIX for a short film launch.... "STUMPED" directed by Stuart Minnion *waves* and written by Brendan Watson - and what a lovely night it was, met some nice people... had a few drinks, hopefully made a new friend or two... and had a giggle at the film. It really was great, catch it if you can.


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