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Thursday, September 01, 2005

terrified of the unknown...

well somewhat...

my mother rang me this morning to tell me something she'd forgotten about when I was born.

Apparently they told her to push too quickly, causing them to ask my parents to massage my neck for a while after i was born (obviously) to prevent any damage / anything getting worse.

So I says (to mabel i sez)... "oh so what you're saying is that there's 27 years of damage there?!"

And start to think 'great, this just gets better'.

Today I am really sore, the bruise along the top of my leg has gotten way worse. The finger my right hand next to my little finger feels retarded. My shoulders and arms are tense...

And I can't see the spinal doctor til Monday night now. Which means I get to sit here and wait for the results, feel like shit and generally worry that maybe i did get concussion and should i really go to the doctor before that rib that's punctured some internal organ kills me.

AND on top of that (i know it's bad enGrish to start sentences with AND but fuck it) if I do have previously stated osteo arthritis, it is most likely going to mean that i need to stop doing any type of work that involves me sitting on my arse in front of a computer and do something more physical... and what that should be I'm not entirely sure, although a few things have come to mind.

This said, I am desperately trying not to panic in the mean time and worry about what will be, when it will be.


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