meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

i love my job...

i really do... but it must be the thought that very soon i will have ten whole days off that makes me feel not particularly motivated...

my workmate thinks i trust to much sometimes, trust to much in the good in people, when they're likely to shit all over you. i think that shows no faith in humanity whatsoever... either that or a lot of past hurt.

the thing is, if you don't allow yourself to be kind and to like somebody for exactly who they are, then how can you expect it back? if you don't respect someones need for you, or need to be alone, or need to be irresponsible or need to put you back in your place then sure, you may get burned once in a while, but will you ever have any real friends without allowing someone the freedom to muck up every now and again?

everyone learns from mistakes, and sometimes you have to be hurt to make someone remember that.

i am not hurting now, but one friendship i have is eventually going to keehaul me, i know it.

i was really angry at myself this afternoon, because whilst thinking about something else and doing some filing at work, i kicked an archive box that was under a table and my knee popped again. i was like 'brilliant! two months of pain and it nearly being back to normal and i have to fuck it up again'...
i was really angry with myself and canned plans to walk home with my other workmate, which i do regularly as we live in the same area. i thought i should get on a bus, but decided against it. walked all the way home, worked up a sweat, had a cold shower, sat around, began to feel better. it's less painful now, but that could be the anti-inflammatories...

i haven't been sleeping very well lately which could be attributed to a number of things. the sun coming up at 4am (yes 4AM! SUX!), not working hard enough at the end of my day to tire my body so that it needs rest... never ending thoughts, thousands swirl and tumble within my head, as they do to most of you i am sure.

i feel like being ridiculous irresponsible this weekend as King Daddy from my home town of RADelaide will be gracing the stage at the Troubador on Friday. Maybe i will be ridiculously irresponsible, as long as my friend is there to hold me upright i should be fine.

I can't wait for my adventure o/s in february... and no kirsty, i'm still not telling you where we are going!!

if you're reading, leave me a comment kids.
love ya GUTS!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

some news...

so i'm not going home for kweznus BUT i'm going to Asia in February!
I can't say where because it's a secret from Kirsty but let's just say it will be totally RADtastic!

Saw Cornelius last night at the opening of the Gallery of Modern Art here in Brisbane. Haven't managed to go have a proper look around as yet at the gallery itself but what i did see was impressive, and it's HUGE! So do yourself a favour and check it out.

Best be off to get in the shower and stuff and things... walked all the way home from the cultural centre last night because there were no freakn buses, got invited to stop in at chalk by some random dude on the street... they all seemed nice enough, but i'm not really a chalk girl unless it's during the day for a foccacia and coffee!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

crikey that took ages to load up...

excuse me whilst i ramble...

the weather is hot. i can hear the roar of the ashes crowd at the Gabba from my place. i should dance around and pretend they are cheering for me. australia is apparently kicking a lot of pommie arse. well good for them.

my energy levels are low, lasting only just through the PREFERENCE EP Launch last night at the basement. i thought some more about my knee issue and when visiting the osteo last week i commented that i'd noticed the veins on the back of my left leg are quite a lot more prominent than the ones on the right leg. osteo agreed. i figure that possibly the busted disc in my spine is cutting the blood flow to the lower half of the left side of my body more than the right...

which would mean the seemingly small incident that caused my knee issue, had it been the right leg probably would have done jack shit.

i've been doing many floor exercises and stretching, along with situps and push ups to start to strengthen my body to help me along. it's frustrating with the knee business, but i feel like at least i can do something.

did i saw i saw little miss sunshine recently? well i did with cuchulain and it was freakn hilarious!

berocca is my friend.

i want to hear from my friends.

i feel particularly isolated at the moment. i'm not sure why that is. could be the health stuff.

i'm seeing the dentist again soon for the first lot of two treatments on my gums. i'm kind of glad when i'm seeing these professionals that they're finding stuff they can help me work on. because i figure one more health thing treated is one less to worry about. and it will allow me to focus on the whole body stuff. i'm seeing a wholistic dentist now, and i appreciate the way they do things for sure. they are taking into consideration my whole body and what's going on.

i wish i could stop smoking, just like that. why is it harder now when it matters the most?

i should return those shoes i bought a month or so ago. because i haven't worn them and they totally suck arse.

i want a hug... from the best known huggers around... where the fuck are u when i need one?
theres something to be said about a good hug.

i bought a muppet show dvd (first 24 episodes ever) for $20. i am trying not to spend money on such things, but it was too much of a bargain to turn down.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

jebus where do i start?

i guess right here huh?

firstly i must put some thankyous in here to the folk who have been kind to me in recent times:

Scottie the hottie for being one of the best folk in the known universe...
Polly pokkit for listening to me any time i need her to and keeping me sane...
The Jasperian for entertaining me and somehow reminding me that i'm still young and silly even though i'm now old...
Shazzy G and Judes for always letting me ring RADelaide and ramble til my face swells up and my head explodes...
My workies for also showing concern and being nice folk, even when we're all working considerably hard at present...

A couple of months ago, my left leg started feeling all random. It didnt hurt at the top of my leg, but seemed to skip and go straight to my calf. Kind of tingly and making me walk wobbly. I had an osteo treatment lined up and so went along to which simoni stated that it was weird because there's nothing really connecting your back or whatever to that particular part of your leg.
I then went to the doctor to ask the same question, to which he looked at the 'map' of the human body on the wall and stated a similar thing.
Also, usually when i get body pain it's not in my leg.
So i was sent for a CT Scan and blood tests to check out what was going on in there.

In my lower spine they found a protruding disc at L5 (lumbar 5) which is right down the bottom of your spine, yummy.
To which the doctor replied 'short of cutting your spine open there's not a whole lot they can do... it's up to you to get as strong as you can to support your spine and be aware that you'll occasionally have to deal with some pain...'
which is fine i can deal with that. they're not touching my spine unless it starts really impairing me walk, and even then, i'm not sure i'd let anyone go in there.

I didn't get the blood tests for about another 3-4 weeks cos i went to radelaide et al and was busy with work and such, and the place i had to go you can't make appointments you just have to rock up and hope there's not a queue. After having said tests, returned to doctor where he announced one positive test. The marker that can appear in some folks blood known as HLA B27 was found. It can mean one of many conditions, or nothing at all. I mean i'd say in my case it's going to be bone related, however this marker can appear in approximately 10% of normal people as well.

more soon.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A weekend in RADelaide…. Oct 6 to Oct 10 2006

“sky rockets at night…. babaBoooo…. Afternoon delight…. Ah-aaa, afternoon delight…”

Top 5 sucky things about the weekend…

1. Black & White cabs – you’d think that ordering a cab 12 or so hours before pick up to get you to the airport the following morning would mean they would turn up on time, nay, early to get you. It was not to be. Sucks to be you black & white cabs, I will never use you again, and I’ll be writing to you shortly to ask you to refund the $160 we had to pay to get our flights changed (see number 2)
2. QANTAS – refusing to let Sammi and I on the plane because we had arrived approximately 1-2 mins after the cut off time… (apparently anyways) not even “the cab never showed” followed shortly by “its my birthday and im a frequent flyer” helped… nothing. Now I understand security policy and all, but being told it “doesn’t matter who you are or what day it is” is UNCOOL! Also having to pay an extra $81.10 each to fly through Melbourne with an hour and a half stopover is particularly stupid.
3. Little Isaac being stung by a bee! Yowch! Try telling a three year old that the bee has gone when all he can associate with the bee is PAIN…
4. Not getting to see Luke (x2), Woody or Philo and missing Annie by a day!
5. Drunken arguments anyone?

Top 5 yummy food experiences of the weekend…

1. Chocolat (Rundle Street)…. Oooh, ahhhh, look at that glass menagerie of chocolate over there…. Mmm coffee….. three of them… actually two and an iced tea. Very norty. But the company was nice.
2. Jerusalem (Hindley Street)…. Mmmm sheskabab, hommous, tabouli, tasty bread, falafel…. And nice company… whee!
3. Dulwich Bakery (Stuart Road, Dulwich)…. Still the best tuna and potato goulash-type pies in the entire WORLD! And more nice company…
4. My home made Jules n Trav breakfasts!! Much reminiscent speak about the night before…
5. Sliced fruit and barbeque rice thingys and champagne on my last night…. Thanks Koz for the chinwag.

I’m not sure if I have top 5 gigs but…

1. WOLF & CUB – you roxxors my boxxors
2. Comedy and music at Rhino


Sunday, November 12, 2006

some pics... promise to be back soon properly...

Recently visiting Brisneyland, say Bonjour to Guillaume on his RACQ man tour!!

me playing merch bitch to novi split at SOOB 2006 - The Globe


Saturday, October 14, 2006


Friday... missed the plane, had to go through melbourne and pay an extra $80...
no kudos to black and white cabs for not being on time, and no kudos to qantas for having someone who says 'it doesnt matter what day it is or who you are?' to me on my birthday!

met the spud for the first time, what a cutie pie.
saw the much older, walking and kinda talking coco.
went to comedy at rhino with Nash and Rohan and Danielle. Had a silly drunken time.
more soon.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i want to know something....

since WHEN are stayfree tampons cooler than your mum??


ps. for those overseasies... australian feminine hygiene ads continue to get worse!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

i have to have a CT scan tommorrow...

so that perhaps they'll find out whats making my legs tingle and hurt... in my spine.

Oh goody!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

so, i finally had another dream about someone famous...

...second one ever me thinx... but lets be fair, i did watch too many episodes of "House" this weekend.

yes season 1 is now in my ever growing collection of film and television masterpieces, and the famous person in question of course was Hugh Laurie.

Now may i say that in no way was it a norty dream, but more about watching him act, because I have great respect for him.

Who would have thought, from blackadder to winning over american audiences...

Now if only i could have a norty dream about a person i'd really like to do squidgy things with, that would be splendid!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

what is it with this universe...

slowly torturing me!!

i swear to god, if this world keeps bringing folk into my life, even when they're just friends, and ripping them off me again and sending them back to where ever they live i am just going to scream!

Why can't ALL the good people i love be in the same place?!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

SOOB... what day are we on again?

Ok so it was totally my intention to post something every day of the wild and wonderful things I have been seeing and doing but i am just tooo busy sleeping, cleaning, running around and being helpful etc etc etc.

last night we had the DAMN BIG HIP HOP SHOW with some great sets from Macromantics, Liones, Chasm & Mantra and the Optimen. Much fun was had by all, especially those that like a wee bit of a boogie.

Tonight I'll be stationed at Globe for Some Folk's Music... should be a fantastic night!

Bless my boss for giving me time off for the festival, bless him indeed.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

SOOB Day One

well greetings and saluations from brisneyland, the land of SUN SUN SUN!
It is the middle of winter, right? It astounds me. We're having perfect 25 degree days with not a cloud in the sky. Mother Nature must have decided to shine down on SOOB...

Last night we looked after some of the proceedings for the Medical Records - All Ages Showcase at Juggler's Art Space.

The Understudy was great. Just a girl and her guitar, and occasionally her harmonica. Really mellow moving songs with an audience of around 50 sitting quietly indulgent on the floor.

The Ambitious Lovers used things you can find around the home (fly swats as drum sticks anyone?!) and a ukelele to produce some quirky and sometimes insightful tunes.

The Rational Academy took the stage to a partially dancing crowd...

Novi Split was gorgeous ("oh youre gorgeous") and was accompanied on a few songs by a local violinist. An impromptu cover of Weezers Janie with the singer from Rational Academy ensued as well as a cover of Crazy (Beyonce - like you've never heard her before) and some fantastic originals, finished off with a hymn.

I've given his CD two listens already today. Is that too much?

Purchase number uno:
Two Novi Split albums and a shirt for NASH (yeh Nash, I mean you, well obviously) and kindly given a new demo disk (teeny tiny) and a rainbow Novi Split badge, now proudly displayed on my bag o' badges.

Turnpike finished off the night, sweating all the way. I think they were great at SOOBiesta and also great last night.

That's all from me, and that's all from him.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A "P" Party

Last night we celebrated Eric's 30th with a P themed party!

There were pirates, parrots, prostitutes, and pimps of course, police women, poison ivy, the prince of darkness and me dressed primarily in purple!

Even the police turned up because we were making so much noise. P for Police! and don't we love them.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

i come home...

i inject my body with sugar and nicotine...
and i get back on the computer to coordinate the volunteers for Straight Out of Brisbane 2006!!

People have asked me why I put my hand up and just volunteer for stuff, others have said they've never met anyone like me whose happy to just help out.

Well I'll tell you why...

You always learn something
You always make a new friend
You always feel good when it's over

That's why.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

black books...

erin was kind enough to lend me all 3 seasons of black books. god i LOVE it. Sooooo funny.
Dylan Moran your a freaking genius! And you look pretty darned good too.

We're so blessed to have several things in this country... apart from sunshine... they are:
the amount of british comedy we get to watch

and secondly:
entire asian grocery isles in supermarkets!

it was so hard to find rice paper in the states - i think of it every time i go to buy some here... that were so lucky to have the asia-pacific influence in foods and all the good british comedy!

had a pretty huge night celebrating sals bday last night, getting home somewhere in the vicinity of... well... the suns coming up pretty soon.

went to simpatico in paddington (great food), followed by maggie bears in milton, some party in highgate hill, then a mates place a few blocks away where we had late night violin recitals, fish watching and a whole bunch of people in the same bed (and no, it's not what you think - it was simply cold! hehe!)

avalovelyweek all!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

it's so windy today i'm sure there are leaves in my car!!

yes, still no fixee of zee broken electric windows in the car... but i can now afford to get them fixed, so shall be doing so in due course - pre festival certainly.

i've just been reading pipstars battlecat.net trying to catch up on those folk i feel like i am neglecting. she writes so beautifully. i used to, until this thing called corporate world caught up with me. My days are filled with dealing with lots of rich arseholes primarily, who dont like adhering to legislation and couldnt care less if you have to get Committee approval for something and then whine when you tell them they have to undo the thousands of dollars of work they've done on something...

And when these buttheads ring i think... isn't there something a little bit more important going on in the world? Dont you care that people are being blown up in foreign countries for some random reason that noone can quite figure out? arent you pissed you didnt win big brother? do you care that they're trying to pass a random legislation taking away land from aboriginals AGAIN!?

These callers... they're unreasonable folk, mostly i'd like to box their ears or at least tell them what i think of them.

i saw SHOPGIRL this week, and though i wanted MORE of jason schwartzman and LESS of steve martin, it was quite a good film because it was hard to tell what was going to happen with it. Did i already write about this? I feel like I did...

Anyhoo, this evening we are going to dinner to celebrate Miss Sallie's birthday, which isn't until Monday but we don't care.

I think I shall do some washing and then maybe play with my herb garden and get rid of earlier said leaves that are probably invading it as well and not helping the growth of the rejuvenated parsley and garlic chives!

I love you pipstar. Enjoy your travels lady.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Buck 65...

so let me update you on my second buck 65 experience. i bought my dancing-friend olson a ticket just because i wanted someone to go with who would dance, without even knowing or realising that he himself is a huge fan of buck's... i knew there was some reason i liked him.

anyways, so we hooked up early on at rics in the valley and sunk a few pints (maybe more than a few) before heading over to the rev to see the man himself.

the supports were two of my favourite aussie groups... CURSE OV DIALECT - oh it's been so long, and THE BIRD - who i'd seen this year already with handsome jon and scottie the hottie.

Curse KICKED as usual pumping out some tracks I hadn't heard before and some old faves, dressed to the nines as usual... if you call black plastic and nationality/country-specific costumes the nines that is. I LOVE THEM! I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM TENTHOUSAND! STILL! after all this time, they still kick. It reminded me of my last few electro-fuelled years in RADelaide and how i must thank benjamin and tyson for introducing me to CURSE so long ago!

THE BIRD have changed somewhat from when i saw them originally at rhino. I mean they're still certainly dance-able but the sound has changed somewhat. There used to be way more focus on just drums, but they've expanded a bit. However they're knowledge of different types of music is really astounding and they drop in plenty of different sounds from all over the globe. Well rounded lads indeed!

RICH (Buck) took the stage and I lost all sense of concentration on anything but the man himself. He really is quite mesmerising and it's not just about his dashing good looks. He can captivate and audience, fully entertain them on his own. But THEN, but THEN he brings his best friend Claire up on the stage who recorded with him on the Secret House album. She was amazing, long flowing dark hair, dancing around with no shoes, singing in french and english and generally blowing everyone away.
I managed to take some snaps with my shitty motorola and surprisingly they worked reasonably well. I would have taken my SLR for sure but the damn thing seems to have siezed up. Could be the cold, could just be that i need a new camera or it needs a service. I also nabbed about a minute of video footage of a new song (spread your legs) said to be taken from a new album. Oh hallelujah! He could release as many albums at Ed Keupper and I'd be the happiest girl in the world!

Sam also joined us for the festivities as did Lee and a few other folk too. Sam was a BUCK virgin and also highly enjoyed the festivities.
I want him back! I want him back RIGHT NOW! to play another show. I hope he returns sometime soon. With a new album who knows.

And now that there's a new peaches album... i hope a tour is on the cards for her as well.

*swoon* Rich, *swoon* indeed.
And had i found that old radio interview from three d from 2004, i would have come up and said hi and shoved a copy in your hand for momento's sake.
I love your GUTS! Always!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

well i would LOVE to win a trip to Fiji QANTAS...

but who would i take?

Yes I'm back from blogging hiatus because i actually have a partially set up office now in preparation for my responsibilities as Volunteer Coordinator for Straight Out of Brisbane festival which is creeping up particularly quickly... by the way if you're interested in helping out, please get in touch!

I'll do an a-z, that's the easiest way to get around an update on all things jules related...
A - A new red shirt, my favourite article of work/social clothing. I love it when they can cross over as such!
B - Buck 65!! I saw him again!! *swoon*
c - Call THAT a snog?! I don't.
D - DEEP BLUE, Sallie, Danielle and Dave performed in this outstanding Brisbane Festival Show... which scottie the hottie and i were lucky enough to see last Tuesday!
E - Erin and I had breakfast at (guess where?) Tongue and Groove - cos it was her birthday and we love the brekkie there and quality uninterrupted julie-erin catch up time.
F - Fucktards! The world is filled with them. But some pleasant folk as well thankfully!
G - German Club... spent the last two fridays drinking erdinger and stuffing my face with Bratwurst there. Suits my surname to a tea.
H - Harem turkish restaurant - we're going there for dinner tonight, me and some work mates and their respective other halves...
I - I'm in print! Again! See page 26 of issue 651 of scene for my mug shot with Benjamin from SOOB and some random handsome fellow whose name I forget but who I will probably meet again at the festival somewhere!
J - Janet... big Janet actually. My aunt came to visit! Well she came for a conference but I got to see her. It was great.
K - Kan't think of a K thing!
L - Loz is back for a couple weeks from RADelaide.
M - Men! Can I have a decent one please?
N - Nobody smokes here... anymore... nooooo mooooree (well i have been but they banned smoking in qld in anywhere eating related or pubs etc)
O - Don't mention the O-man, please!
P - Party at Stuii's - it was ace, filled with laughter at issue 100 of FHM magazine and their tips for spicing up your sex life, some ping pong, and some GUITAR HERO!!
Q - Questionable! Brokeback Mountain - it just made me think of that line from tripods tosswinkle show... "i'm close enough to slap ya! if you want rough love, come on!" not particularly romantic or a pleasant film, however the scenery was fantastic and I have to finally give heath ledger some credit for something. Cos I do truly ordinarily think he's shit.
R - Renovations - well the latest is that I painted the entry wall in my house a nice green colour... and rearranged the whole place to boot!
S - SOOBIESTA! at the Jubilee, I managed the green room with Derryn. It was tres fun.
T - Talk is cheap!
U - Uhhhh....???
V - Victoria... the Spiegeltent that's here for the brisbane festival. We saw a lunchtime freebie there.
W - Work has improved. I got some good news, and things are feeling much better in this regard.
X - X-rated. If only my life was more so!
Y - Yellowstone National Park - I'd like to go there.
Z - Zelda - haven't played that game in ages, would be good to give it a crack again!


Sunday, June 18, 2006

ok a few things...

i shouldnt have to be subjected to:
a) the new pearl jam song
b) a drunken 'friend' staring straight down my top
c) fucktards at bars harrassing loads of chicks and me having to have them removed by the bouncer
d) work colleagues thinking its cool that one of them punched the other one in the face and telling me about it when i didnt even ask to hear about it... they can frock off tenthousand.

this world is starting to really aggrevate me and i dont like feeling this way. hmph.

was a marshal for the pride march to fair day yesterday and had a really great time, dressed in pink, of course!!
yay scottie, you did good!

if i dont see my favourite person today i will simply burst, because i think it would make me feel a whole lot better than i currently do.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

so I'm reading Dead Famous...

by Ben Elton at the moment and it's kind of a crack up and is satisfying my reality tv fixation without me having to watch any reality tv. which is great really cos this years series of bb has let me down big time. i mean it's been a long time coming really as it's been slowly going down-hill.

bring back the biggest loser immediately please. "OH YOURE GORGEOUS!!"

and i even missed the finale of the amazing race. i hope the hippies won, they cracked me up.

apart from those two programs, reality stuff doesnt interest me any more. which is a darned good thing. i'd rather go out and kill my brain cells with alcohol to be quite frank.

friday we headed into the Powerhouse for the Pride Festival Launch. One of my closest friends is on the Committee that organises the festival so we went to show our support for a job well done.

peter sellars 'the party' was being projected on the wall of the powerhouse which was pretty spectacular, and there was loads of colour, sparkles and fine people about. all good fun.

then i went to the story bridge hotel. remind me to never never go there again.

The next weekend shall be particularly boring because i am running out of pay cheque (damn getting paid monthly is KILLING me... softly)... how un-fun. Wish there was a boy around here somewhere *scratching head* - hmmm.... *searches under the futon*... no didnt leave one there...


Monday, May 29, 2006

oh yeh ok...

last sunday i see... i am so scattered and such, as another weekend has been and gone already!
LAST SUNDAY: Zhivago play their first of four sundays at Uber in West End...
My new favourite person (yes, same as the previous one) who finally got back from Canadia and I drank a whole lot of beer (apparently it was only two though... *scratching head*) and then went to Chalk and bitched about how shite it was so went back to mine and watched I HEART HUCKABEES cuddled up under some blankets.

Exactly what I needed - a cruisey sunday arvo of catch-up.

This weekend was odd, apart from going to the races which i dont think i've done in like 5 years, went to the RE then into the Troubador for Charles Foster Kane, over to NY Slice and then GPO, tired and weary headed home.


Monday, May 22, 2006

after skimming over spoz's blog...

i feel I can't out-do him but I can at least give it a go...

Friday night... Pol's running late... we swing past the Snotcluster to return DVD's and grab energy drinx.... Pol sez "oh your joking, you legend" or something to that effect...
we drive to broadbeach... actually not really having any idea where we are going IN broadbeach, but hey, it's friday and it's an adventure...

we are looking for the blues on broadbeach festival to go visit pol's old pal chubby rae (aka Merissa) and her band, see her wail and inspire young girls all wearing stripes...

We watch some of edwin holt and renee geyer and head over to the broadbeach tavern, where our usually local MOJO WEBB is playing with band. It's very strange the broadbeach tavern, especially the fact that there are pictures of pauline hanson (eek!) and paul keating (not quite as bad) side by side on the wall... dodge-o-rama.

spent til approximately - well who knows what time... there, and then on to conrad jupiters... open 24 hours a day... and huge but particularly unexciting... so i drank with newly acquired friend andyroo at the bar and ran around the casino exploring.

we had to be out of the hotel reasonably early so got our sorry asses out of bed not too long after we seemed to get in there, and staggered into the sunshine muttering things like 'breakfast'... but not after smashing a bottle of nail polish on the balcony and singing songs from 'o brother where art thou?'...

had a HUGE breakfast at the coffee club and some nice conversation as well... hung around to see blind lemon and then frocked off back to brisneyland.

more on the hilarity and absolute bliss of my weekend shortly...

what an unusual weekend....

the blues on broadbeach festival...

Blind Lemon

Chubby Rae and the Elevators


Monday, May 15, 2006

found this on my puter...

it's from the 3rd march 2006 but i never posted it... and i have no idea what i intended the title of the post to be either... suggestions welcome...

"and so bad and too affectionate and too silly indeed!

Last Saturday Sallie and I were torn as to whether or not to go out. In the end we went to the Rev to see The Gin Club, Iron On, Intercooler and the Giants of Science.

Didn't much like Iron On but the other three bands rokt.

And I made a new friend... the kind of new friend you're proud of... one that has a mutual respect for you and likes a little bit of silliness and will dance with you and give you hugs. One who's around my age and seems to be in a similar situation to me. I like making new friends a whole bunch!

And we were so trawling for boys... dirty slappers.

ah ha ha ha.

Got home at 4am after dancing away several hours at the troubador... great venue."


Sunday, May 14, 2006

that's it! I'M OUT OF THE GANG!!

After the very unusual week I've had I may have well decided that I'm going to throw myself out of the gang and become a citizen of the world...

I had an anxiety attack on monday... told you i was having murmurs in there!! It feels like someone has wrapped a string around your heart and is giving it a tug periodically...

It was triggered by someone where i work speaking to me in a certain way... on top of having lots of 4 day weeks (cramming more work into shorter periods of time), interruptions because of a computer upgrade and various other things... having someone you work with speak down to you like you're the help or a piece of shit is disgraceful. I just want to go to work and do my job.

Anyhoo, so after this feeling not going away for a day and a half i was talked into going home... i then saw a doctor who confirmed anxiety attack... gave me some valium and asked me to come back in a week-ish... so I had 2 1/2 days off total...

I found it really frustrating because I thought how dare I let someone else work me up like that so badly... but then again, they don't have the right to speak to me in such a manner anyways...
I know it's the fact that they are miserable in their life. I wish they'd frock off but at this stage it doesn't look like it. At least it's been brought to the attention of our management. I mean it's a litle like bullying really, and if it happens again i'll make an official written complaint...

so anyhoo, i have decided i think that i want to become a citizen of the world no doubt. go and help out doing volunteering in some places and exploring...

more on this later.

Monday, May 08, 2006

a long time between taylor-mades...

which is a fine, fine thing... must be more than two months now since i bought a packet of cigarettes. I rock tenthousand.

Also a long time between posts and it seems like a long time since the world slowed down...

Olson asked me the other day what i'd been doing for the last five weeks... i thought ... hmm... what have i been doing?

when in reality i have done some way fun and crazy things indeedily doodily.

including painting 3 walls of the study, getting what i'm calling "heart murmurs" because of work, becoming more aquainted with Jasper which i've really enjoyed, and had loads of decent conversation... yelled "YOURE GORGEOUS" at the last episode of THE BIGGEST LOSER and bought some old department of foreign affairs INTERROGATION CHAIRS... well more like waiting room chairs.. but INTERROGATION CHAIRS sounds way more exciting and fun filled...

Oh and the PRODUCERS finally came out on DVD. I've been hanging for it and the FAMILY STONE to come out. I'll get the FAMILY STONE next week for sure. i heart the producers indeed. how classic mel brooks, it makes me want to go rent BLAZING SADDLES cos I don't reckon I've seen it in at least ten years...


Sunday, April 09, 2006

haven't been exactly informative lately have i?

Well I guess all I can say is that it's coming up to a 4 day long weekend off of work which shall be sweet cos I get paid just before it and can buy all the housey stuff i want like a new computer desk and stuff and things...

was in RADelaide last weekend for my life-long friend Rebecca's wedding. I felt kind of weird because she has nursed out in the country for some years now, and we speak very infrequently so I dont' really know the guy she married. and i was feeling all conjested because my nose doesn't like adelaide weather (aka hayfever capital of australia).

Friday in RADelaide consisted of me going 'whoopee I'm not at work' a whole bunch of times, sitting at the t-bar for several hours (of course), going to Worlds End for wedges, beer, garlic bread and pool, going via the myer centre to find icecream, an atm and some fragrance (trav you smell most handsome!) and on to the grace emily for some more beer, some more pool and further fine company. If my phone was connecting to the computer properly then I'd be able to post some pictures. frocking technology.

the rest of this week has been consumed with playing the waiting game for little spudley! panda and the monkey have been patiently waiting also, and after 67 hours in labour he entered this world... with an exhausted panda and a broken monkey obviously relieved.

bravo to the newest member of the revolution...!!

now i know this isn't particularly complete information but i am currently fighting off a cold, considering going up to the 'newest' shopping centre around here to find hot cross buns and some juice/vegies etc to fight off the cold. *bash*.... *wallop*

and my new favourite person is still in canada! *hmph*


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

minx theory...

ok, i have a new theory... well who knows if it's a theory, what defines a theory anyways, does it have to have plausible... erm... cause... something to finish it... to proove it??

anyways, my new theory is that i meet boys at totally inopportune times... inopportune.... hmmm may not be the word but... examples:

a) skinny white boy, 22, met him last November, is an old housemate of my friends old fuckbuddy.... yeh gets all 22 on me and goes 'im hung up at the moment...' and where i know its pretty much because he wants to do well at uni this year... i'm like 'boring!'
b) helicopter technician, 26, my new favourite person and dancing buddy... goes to canadia to see ex-gf and other mates for five weeks leaving me with noone to dance with!
c) other drinking buddy... goes to work in another state for about 3 out of every 4 weeks... now whose supposed to hold me upright in the pub??

i am tainted, or jinx, or something, but i'm still the naughty little minx according to my gay-bf so i will just have to go out there and find someone who doesnt have hang-ups or ex-gfs that they go to visit or have to be away for 3 weeks outta 4...


Monday, March 27, 2006


just a few places i have been to in the last few weeks...

the rev
the troubador
the crepe cafe
the pineapple hotel
the oxford at bulimba
the three monkeys
st arnou's bar - eagle st pier

nice one.
more soon.
but a few things right now...
i have a new favourite person and he's my favourite because he cracks me up, he'll dance with me, and sloth around with me, and he is friendly and nice.
it doesn't mean i love anyone else less, but he's my new favourite, i hope that's okay...
he helped me to remember not to smoke... somehow, i'm not entirely sure how, but now i am coming into the end of one month of not smoking, and that makes me happy...


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

re-posting from 22/02/06

I am one of those people that gets boys to do things for me. I admit it freely. Mostly things like changing lightglobes, go getting the six bottles of wine i just won off the winning table because i am laughing so hard!, try and help me move stuff.

And after all this time and singledom it's suddenly occured to me that i'm miles away from obligitory and always dearly appreciated and undeserved help from my immediately family.

So now that i've moved into my new place i've decided that something has to be done to make it prettier.

And so I am embarking on what panda and monkey have been endearing for so long... fix shit up...!

i mean, granted they had more shit to fix than me but so far i've ripped up carpet and lino and newspapers from as far back as 1953... gone and purchased relevant ie. "i need something hang my clothes and hats on" things from ikea ("oh and somewhere to put my underwear")... i mean lets face it how long do you have to live like a teenage boy (or girl for that matter) to realise you need more hanging space!.... and some sugar soap to clean up the shit on the floors that have not seen the light of the day in an awful lot of years... (ref. 1953)

the a to z of the last few weeks...

All moved in to my new place
Baby Necklace - a souvenir
Chicken and chips - had that for dinner a couple times
Dirty Dancing - The stage version at QPAC
Finally being able to watch the second season of Book Group! Woo!
Gold Coast Office - always freezing and a full days work
Hot - weather-wise. well i do live in queensland after all.
Ikea - solutions for modern living expedition
Jon - new boy on the block
Kisses - well, i guess they go with the boy then don't they
Lying in bed - when sick, i guess it's the best thing you can do
Mooching - yes my favourite sunday thing
Narelle - my cousin came over to play last saturday
Oh look! Fiona gave me a new white skirt that she said was too big for her!
Penicillin - a large dosage to try and cure said evil throat illness
Queer - being asked if i was a fag hag for going to dirty dancing wih my gay boyfriend
Red raw throat - a splendid infection
Sowelu - the place where ken's doing his massage now
The Bird - seeing them tonight at the Zoo
Unsure of when Dyann is getting here from New York yet...
Very annoyed at a couple of my workmates, but now i'm like "over it"
Wrecked neck this morning.
Xtreme Makeover - what fiona reckons she'd be a good candidate for. i think she's mad!
Yoghurt - helpful natural goodness for side effects of penicillin (gross)
Zorba - something greek to finish us off. i dont know why!


Thursday, February 09, 2006

i would love to stay and chat...

but i have a boy coming over...

that's right, a boy.

so i'll just be seeing you all later then won't i??



ps. i am going to see dirty dancing tomorrow at qpac and i am so fucking excited! i love my gay boyfriend and his job and the fact that we dont have to pay for it. And I just love him anyways!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

"its in the things they never say..."

"how long is too long?
how far is away?
when it all feels so wrong in the end
and the time that it takes from yer day
and it's my time... again..."

i'm listening to bidston moss, they are/were from melborne and i really love them. and i haven't listened to it in ages but it's quite splendid really.

Erin and I went to see the Family Stone this morning with the delightful SJP and Owen Wilson (Claire Danes, Diane Keaton, yada yada) and i must say it was funny and also sad and all in all, a pretty darn well rounded film.

I give it four stars, but keep in mind I'm in love with SJP and Matthew Broderick so I may be a little biased....!! no i think most people would find it quite nice to watch really... it's not TOO soppy or romantic and the funny bits are fun-ny and there's a nice bit of sarcasm in there and a bit of touching stuff as well.

Nice one bruv.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

hoo ha and ho hum...

now i know U2 are, for lack of a more cliched word ;).... a supergroup.

but i honestly can't say i'd spend large amounts of money to go and see them like so many have. i also found out through a friend that an old friend of mine has bought half a dozen tickets to put them up on e-bay a week or so before the gig. and i think that's shit, all it does is rob tickets from people who actually want to go. and so to him i say SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS to YOU!

the delectible (sp??) polly dyed my hair again for me last night... and i'm starting to look like jessica rabbit... which would be cool if i also had a tight body, but not quite there yet!! hehe.

i'm thinking of going to see the producers or the family stone today, even if nobody goes with me.
it's air conditioned.
last week we saw narnia... and whilst it was good there was something about it... i think sometimes the kids shit me or something. the opening scene made me bawl my eyes out but.

Harold is trying to kill Paul Robinson?! *phwoar*


Saturday, January 14, 2006

buzz! (ps2)

ok, best game EVER!!

i tried out this when back in addylaid over the silly season and was SO suitably impressed I bought myself a copy even though I'm not supposed to spend so much money on such luxury items! bah!

so we spent 6 hours playing it last night? is that excessive or WHAT??


Sunday, January 08, 2006

hey hey hey, what's goin' on rudy?

things i did in addylaid...

saw high fidelity for the first time with philo and jules after having made up some cold rolls for the patient... high fidelity fucking rocks. i love john cusack... still not quite as much as johnny depp or jason schwartzman but there you go.

had pies from the purveyour of pies in williamstown and was witness to a returning kitty who had been on a six month adventure...

got particularly fuschnicken at the grace with judy, lucinda, yas, trav, woody and fiona. which was truly fun indeed.

spent a fine evening with heidi & warwick and our mates playing a very rawkus round of BUZZ on Ps2. i told my folks i'm surprised they didnt hear us two streets away because it really was quite ridiculous the amount of noise we made. it was a pre-new years eve in itself...

(ok, how the FROCK can that FROCKWIT from Australian Idol have such a popular single out already... i'm talking about erm, i even forget his name, but the guy with the stupid hair who apparently 'outsung' dan who as far as i'm concerned should have been in the top two... i actually got a little sucked in last year because of him, because i wanted to see how badly the bad hair bandid sung and cheer when he got booted off... but it didnt happen til right til the end... and if its supposed to be a singing contest, he never should have gotten in in the first place. thats my two cents)

ok... found my therapist. he's not dead, but he was very sweaty, as it should be on new years.

more later.

Monday, January 02, 2006

in 2006 i intend to...

take up a new dance class...
do things like yoga and swimming regularly to assist my weary hyper-mobile bones...
perhaps do some volunteering reading to the blind or at a childrens hospital where theres a kids radio station...
explore more of queensland...
save enough money to go on another overseas adventure...
stop smoking or at least not smoke very much...
drink less carbonated drinks...
and write much more interesting things more regularly on my blog...

still in adelaide but heading back to brisneyland in the next few hours... an update on my adventures shall ensue.

schlappy new year everyone!