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Saturday, September 03, 2005

feeling less fuzzy today...

must have been the pain killers that allowed me to sleep through the night. Still a little bit sore-like but not so bad compared to two days ago.

The Entrance to the Denver Zoo. Splendid afternoon looking at aMiNals and going 'ooh look at the monkeys' every few minutes!!

i only went to the GP yesterday (sharon) and he said the best thing for this was just to rest. I feel much better today, but wont get results on x-rays til monday... i opened them though and my spine looks crooked to me. (at least i think that it's not supposed to bend like it does) and the other noticable wacky thing i saw was at the top of my spine. oh yay.
but can't worry til i actually know if there's something wrong in there.

stupid body!

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