meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Friday, December 26, 2008

of all the completely annoying things...

getting specific help from a particular australian telecommunications comany is like pulling teeth!

seriously, how hard is it to answer the simple question of 'does your network work in this area of australia because your coverage maps won't load and we have checked our browser settings?' - ridikkerous!

So i've been hanging in RADelaide for about 10 days now. I was over it within 3 days. no offence to any of the lovely friends here but it really is a crap time of year to try and catch up with anyone. everyone seems stressed and i would have rather been slothing around and organising my house than dealing with it.

anyways, off to work on a festival tomorrow for i guess nearly a week (over new years) which will be fun but not as fun as if the boy could have also been there with me :(

made some more jewellery, can't post the other one up cos it's a gift that hasn't been given yet!

anyways, trust everyone had a splendid kweznus and will have a safe and fun fun new years. see you in 2009.
much love, sugar and spice,

Monday, December 15, 2008

tell me, am i being productive??


ooh crappy pictures, still no digital camera only my phone...
been spending all my time with the boy before heading down to a-town tomorrow for about 10 days then off to hobart to work on the Falls Festival in Marion Bay. Way excited, it shall be fun fun fun.
much love to all, and smelly kwezbutt too.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

hmm, interesting week...

but i know that i have not lost my newest friend at all, so i feel fine.
how odd.

Monday, October 06, 2008

so i made it to thirty...

and it was a freakn scorcher of a day today... crispy fried julie.

anyways, i wish i had have been in adelaide for my birthday, it would have been nuts and fun as heck, but having a bit of a gathering next weekend instead on a non-school night.

so... a recap of thirty years in the life of me...

thought i was finishing high school with no issues then like term 4 of my final year get told my curriculum is all screwy and that i wouldnt actually get a certificate.

a year later got pissed off when they sent me a letter saying 'we want to know why people like you dont finish high school' and rang them going 'well get your freakn counsellors to sort their shit out...' and then they decided one of the subjects that i had done DID meet the new curriculum requirements and that they'd give me the certificate after all. tossers.

went on a cruise to vanuatu and noemea with a few girlfriends... oh i have never drunk so much in two weeks EVER before or EVER again!

put on so much weight and lost my ability to feel after dating a complete and utter wanker for like 4 1/2 years... ho hum...

got screwed by the government job i had had with much success for some time so ended up going into private enterprise... and then like back into another government dept. did temping, took some jobs that were supposed to be permanent and got made redundant from one and quit a few...

completed ten years or there abouts on community radio...

managed to interview some awesome people... richard terfry aka buck 65, adam hills, tripod, muffin and karen from brassy...

saw some amazing gigs... the number one gig still has to be elvis costello...

spent lots and lots and lots of time at the rhino room...

moved to brisneyland from radelaide kind of just for something to do, and seemingly got stuck in a rut.

went to america for a few weeks to visit my friend in colorado, go to disneyland and see new yawk...

found out what an anxiety attack feels like... didn't much like that and hope it never happens again.

went to malaysia, KL and penang with kirst and had a wicked fun time...

hmmm... more later but i will start a little "30 things i have never done..." listing...


1. eaten crab...
2. taken hard drugs...
3. jumped out of a plane... bungee'd or anything related...
4. ended up in hospital...
5. been on a motorbike...
6. gone on a skiing holiday... probably because i can't ski...
7. had a speeding fine...
8. sat in first class on an aeroplane...
9. done anything so embarrassing i haven't been able to show my face somewhere...
10. been married and therefore never divorced...
11. owned a dog...
12. owned a set of decks (you know dj record players)...
13. had my luggage lost on a flight...
14. set foot on the moon...
15. been to the outback...
16. had a magazine subscription to something terribly girly...
17. run a maraton (i can't really run)...
18. had a spray tan...
19. gotten a tattoo...
20. had anything other than ears pierced...
21. shaved my head...
22. written off a car (but i have hit a roo before)...
23. worn anything worth more than about $150... probably less...
24. eaten so much i've thrown up...
25. owned an album by delta goodrem (gag)....
26. owned my own home...
27. been so completely broke i've had to pawn anything...
28. not had a roof over my head...
29. won anything significant on the lottery...
30. been so calm... as i am now... (writing this nov 13, 2008)

much love, frivolity and fun in the pants.

Monday, September 22, 2008

very frustrated and very torn in two...

well you know... i'm not sure how much to really write about how i feel right now...

i can say i'm pretty darned tired for no good reason...

and that i'm completely torn in two as to where i belong... i like queensland, i do, but the people that know me and love me the most are nowhere near... and it makes me sad.

maybe its the turning 30 thing... i know i should go home and celebrate it with my friends but to be honest, how can i currently afford that... simply, i can't.

that really sucks we'd have such a mad time, indeed.

hmmm.... xJ

Sunday, September 14, 2008

it's raining...

not men, but outside.

so curious things have been happening... annoyed online friends that i mention boys.... well i can't help that.

i have no idea what to write there are many things going through my head.

i am starting a months work tomorrow, temping. the only thing that worries me is the possible travelling time, because even tho it should realistically take me no more than 20 mins, the traffic here is so unpredictable it's hard to know. i guess i'll gauge it tomorrow.

we've churned through arrested development all three seasons recently at wilton street, now we're back onto starting at episode one of sex and the city. by the time its over i might have some cash to get house season 3.

the dvd collection is kind of getting out of control, it's not that it's a bad collection, but once you get stuck into a collection it's kind of hard to stop. it kind of makes me a big consumer doesn't it?

still desperately trying to go through and cull things. there's an op shop bag, an ebay box and a stuff to give to friends who have kids that are just awesome bag.

had a nice time slothing with a friend watching death proof for like the fourth time...

that's all for now.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Environmental Chaos...

PLEASE, K-Rudd, don't let us down and don't put forward such a low target...


PLEASE, local governments, take a step forward, don't be afraid to try something new in your area to encourage those who live around you to use their cars less, recycle more, plant a couple of trees, and the like.

BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL... your 'green waste' collection policy is shocking, do something about it. At least monthly would be acceptable. Once every two years is not!!!!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

there has been much socially conscious debate around here recently...

and i like it!!

so what i was thinking is how many things in this house are actually second hand or recycled... now lets see furniture wise...

the bed thats here came from corinna before she went back to cana-dad-ia...
my music cupboard came from the next door neighbours who no longer wanted it...
my dresser cost me $8 from the op shop around the corner...
this desk i'm working at was choppha's sons...
my futon i bought off of Ken - its a real 60's base on it, totally classic... i think one of the bean bags came from him too...
the 'department of foreign affairs interrogation chairs' also came from the op shop around the corner...
as did the lil lounge table...
glass shelves came from a shop that closed down around the corner and the cylinders holding them together came from reverse garbage...
the fridge was the spare bar fridge from the manse...
zara gave me two little side tables / stools before they went back to the UK, a fan, plus a whole bunch of wine glasses, placemats et al...
my record player came from my old boss who i used to work at tafe with many years ago...
the microwave was the old neighbours as when they pooled their resources obviously discovered they didn't need two...
the hall cupboard seems to belong to this house for ever and ever...
cupboard that our tele sits on was from a different antique/op shop around the corner...

things that aren't particularly recycled is only really...
i can say i DID buy the round comfy chair from freedom for an exhorbident price, but it is rather comfortable... plus a foot stool thingamo...
my push bike...
clothes racks... a pedestal fan... the stereo... oh the dvd shelving...

not bad i reckon...
and anyone that ever house-sits for me will not need to bring a single piece of crockery or entertainment... hehehe. lots of board games a-go-go. wheee!

hmmm... interesting anyways.
how many things in your house are 'brand new'??

Monday, September 01, 2008

Taken Out

is this like the lamest show ever put on australian tv or WHAT?!

i'm sorry the host is awful and it was boring as heck.


wilton street says NOOOOOO.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

this may be what your local supermarket is throwing out daily....

and this only scratches the surface of what was actually there...

completely fresh food, untampered with...

what i want to know is why the frock this isn't being donated to shelters etc... community groups... anything...


stand up, ask questions...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the ladies of wilton street ask why...

WHY... is the kettle so badly designed?

WHY... did kurt russell cry like a bitch? and / or go on a psychotic rampage?

WHY... did anna overmilk the tea?

WHY... doesn't anna banana have dwarfism?

WHY... did she put her foot out the window? it was very irresponsible.

WHY... did anna lick his face?

why? because house always needs a definitive answer.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stereo Total are AWESOME!!

At the Gallery of Modern Art, South Brisbane.
Thanks for bringing them back!! whoop!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

played tetris with the car...

and won.

am in melbourne town now having drive n over from RADelaide yesterday. didn't phase me much the driving except count of ONE tailgating truck driver already.
frock you truck driver. if i'm doing just over the speed limit don't sit on my arse, wait a whole 3k's until theres an overtaking bit and overtake me so you can get a ticket and ride up someone elses arse if they have to stop in a hurry.

heading off to sydney tomorrow. kirstys about to force me to go to bikram yoga. think i might vomit.eek.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

ok so once again i've been slack...

and i can't remember half the stuff i've been doing... let's go backwards...

last night i had dinner with my aunt and uncle for my aunts birthday at the buckingham arms where they have a massive smorgasboard. tasty.

then i just came home with the intention of going through last of crap lying around and sorting out... well i only got so far with that, i got distracted by adam sandler movie on tele.

i WAS going to go to the gov but i've really spent a whole lot of cash since i got paid the other day on boring necessities like bras. yay.

during the day yesterday i went to mum and dads so dad could check out the car and my sister and i went to mclaren vale to medlows and scarpantoni (necessary before leaving this town) to buy chocolate and lots of it and wine.

friday night had dinner with a different aunt at cafe michael 2 on rundle st, then on to the uni bar for Your Motive For and Raw Ether (didn't see Fear in Dakota who i think played last). Saw the lovely ladies as follows... (and some gents too but they don't get pics taken of them, hehe)

Tracey and Eva...

Fiona and Heidi...

Yours truly and Fiona...

Great, great. Trotted off for a quick drink at Rhino before having to trudge half way across town to meet the boys again in my big boots and caught a cab home.

Thursday night Loz and I went bowling... now i got a 135... NOT GOOD ENOUGH. 141 or bust!

Earlier in the week haven't done as much, been temping still.

to be continued...


Thursday, July 17, 2008

we are fam-i-ly...

This is my Nan, shes in the second half of her 80's (get THAT) and is truly awesome.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Am Legend

yep... my dad was totally right... this movie whilst having me practically on the edge of the seat for the entire thing... had quite a sucky ending!

you gotta give credit to will smith tho cos i mean he was acting to himself or CGI for a whole lot of the film, and that can definately be challenging. much like emile hirsch in into the wild...

last night we ate til we could not eat any more at Jerusalem on Hindley Street... Philo, Carol, Sam and I... and I must say great conversation, great company and great food... what more could you ask for in a dinner gathering?! not much!!

thanks so much guys. love yas.


Saturday, July 05, 2008

yes, its still winter...

and may i say brr in the brr brr in brr day in brr land!

so last night i went again to the purple room of mirth for bodacious comedy with trav nash as the host, rob hunter, angus and others doing spots and dave callan as the feature.
and discovered best new drink ever which is vanilla absolut vodka with ginger ale. yum yum.

also was in the vicinity of one of my old great friends however didn't get much convo out of him. besides i couldnt be bothered actually. funny that. how things change!

a side note somewhat unrelated to the above: if you can't give out good karma at every opportunity why bother opening your mouth?!

hmm, what else... oh yes i have a twin... well kind of. phil has the same shoes as me AND the same 'please dont feed the models' shirt however in green. to this i say 'what on earth is the third thing?' - woah. is he really a girl or am i really a guy? were we seeded by the same postman? ewww. jokes.

today i went up to the hills to see Vars and play board games for a bit. played scrabble and articulate. fine holiday fun.

apart from that... oh a few days ago i met with a temp agency to do their testing and speak to them about getting a few weeks work. hopefully something will come up. even a few days here and there will top my cash back up.

so about a month to go in the great adventure. i have accomplished some things... sold some shit, gave away some shit, finally consolidated my super into only two accounts, started on the exercise regime, saw death proof!!!, learnt the new radio panel, played some new board games, and other stuff and things.

i'm really torn about SA and QLD you know. strange that. though i think my body the way it is with all its wacky bone and joint issues CANNOT permanently handle the cold.

i will definately be back in brisneyland for the forseeable future... probably quite a long forseeable future.


Monday, June 30, 2008


yes i seem to have wasted a lot of time watching some on the weekend... well not wasted i suppose however...

Confetti - British comedy flick about a wedding magazine running a competition for the most original wedding. completely classic characters and generally a laugh.

Fight Club - Do i need to explain this? The First Rule of Fight Club... you do not talk about fight club...

1408 - oh well first of all it has John Cusack AND Samuel L Jackson (looking rather debonaire as he ages i must say)... that room was so MEAN to Cusack in the flick. Just really great though. Except i didnt quite get the end bit... did i miss something? well worth the watch. more a thriller than a horror...

Deathproof - oh. my. god. if youre a chick feeling down and you want to feel the girl power... get this out. its freakn awesome. featuring some of the worlds best stunt CHICKS, a completely awesome car chase or two, and a little bit of gore (well it is tarantino what do you expect). WICKED. i was not disappointed. just loved it. the very very end made me laugh my ass off. great!

have a lovely day.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

saturday snotty night...

well judes came over so we made some pizza and mooched around watching some black books and fry & laurie as well as outtakes cos you should ALWAYS watch outtakes!

judy showing off her cheapo FABULOUS make up bag

and just general chin wagging really.

"just one question before i pack...
when you fuck it up later do i get my money back?"
Aimee Mann

so today i can consider going to radio to play with philo, but to me i sound husky, even tho judes sez no no you dont.... i guess my ears are blocked. besides its not really wise to talk into a mic for two hours and pass on your sickness to others... blergh.

but i kinda wanna go and play. waah.

anyhoo, so i'm going to mum & dads for the next day or so to de-cattify as well as de-neighbourfy. luckily julz dad lives close by and can come and feed the kitties for a day.

i think we'll be playing cards, watching battle of the choirs (i used to do a lot of choir stuff), maybe doing some sewing, watching mooFies, blah blah blah. general chillness. i guess dad has to go to work tomorrow but i'll try and get him to wag a day. cos he should. haha.
i should take life on mars season 1 with me so dad can watch it. looking forward to when ashes to ashes comes out on aussie tv. interesting. i hope it doesn't ruin it.

cos john simm is the shite and so is liz white and so is OUR GOV! GO GOV!!

ooh and hopefully we'll be able to dub off some of the random old home movies off my vhs tapes cos i brought a whole heap with me but i kind of want to split them up into dvd 'tracks' so that you can just watch one thing and not have to watch like 2 hours of something else to find out 5 minutes of something else... if that makes sense i have no idea. lets blame the sickness.

Get Smart comes out at the cinema this week. ace bro tafe. can't wait.

cos i love steve carrell in the pants.


ps. oh heres an old pic of kirst and i that she sent me from our trip to asia last year... sexy beetches. haha.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

damn you winter!!

well... yes i've been sick since about wednesday... which is annoying. primarily because i haven't been sick in so long. but i guess that's winter for you isn't it. it's not so bad i can't get up or anything. but i hate blowing your nose over and over and over and thinking 'how much more crap can possibly be up my nose?!'

so this has made for a very uneventful week indeed. tho thursday night i did go to the gov to catch up with nicki and see koz play (not that i actually saw that much of her, i was bailing home at the time she started!). may i say, dear gov, though you are excellent, the service is still awful there. always has been, obviously always will be.

tonight i'm supposed to go to the g-man's place for a hat party, but at this point it's not looking good. i'm hoping judy jude will come and keep me company and watch some moofies or something...

has been disappointing i haven't been able to do my exercises the past few days. cos i feel like i was making some headway and getting some momentum with it. oh well will just have to push it next week i guess...

haha, the doctor on j tv did a karaoke version of inxs and ended it by putting his belt around his neck.. oooh harsh. i dont think the audience got it.

great to see new episodes of futurama by the way!!

about freakn time.
i need to probably go and eat something not that i feel like it but its stupid not to put nutrients into your body when your sick.
so i bit you adieu.
and hand you a tissue.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

we're goin' down down down down to kitty town...

so i'm living in kitty town...

pauly is being surprisingly friendly of late and purry and paws me going 'aww come on pat me'... so i oblige sometimes but right now its just annoying me. hehe.

because i've been playing on e-bay.

have slowly been going through all the boxes of stuff that were left at mum and dads for all this time. i know they will be grateful for the space.

So there are some things I've decided to see if I can sell. probably easier to take to a trash & treasure market but its winter and i'm sure that less folk go to these markets at this time of year. anyways...

i dont know how you can find me on e-bay (cos really i'm an e-bay virgin until like a week ago when i bought new headphones for my mobile phone)... but if you can, well more power to you i suppose.

so i guess i'll put up a few things over the next few days and just see if there is any interest at all...

on the topic of the psychotic neighbours... well i've just about had a gutful. sometimes its kind of scary you know. its damned obvious this guy is a dealer, I have no idea why the cops havent been able to bust him before. and his woman is a nutcase. if she could just HEAR herself maybe she would understand what a slapper she is. doubtful, i think she's fried her brain with chemicals.

so yes we shall see if i can last the distance in this house. cos i am supposed to be here to chill, not to deal with psychos. they really bother me and i'm sure the adjoining neighbours and businesses feel the same. you can't feel happy about a dude doing deals practically in your parking lot can you?

short of all this though... congratulations to scottie tha damn hottie for i'm sure another splendid brisbane pride march and fair day... wish i could have been there to help. waah!

be seeing you brisneylanders soon-ish i guess. whoop!

anyone with any ideas/contacts for arts related things, please pass them on. i refuse to work on something shitful that i dont care about any more. money is irrelevant when there's no satisfaction in a job y'know.

blah blah.
pay it forward. pay it all forward.

ps. if you like bowling and your in adelaide with some spare time, i'm always up for a game!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


cheeky look before going to see Eddie Ifft last Friday.

I'm keeping this one cos it looks ace.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

is it too cold for the beach...??

the answer is yes... especially if you have a beanie that doesn't cover your ears.
however the mighty Zeus needed a walk so I went with Koz for a rather pleasant time.
Here's Koz (in all her fashionable 'i can tie my scarf around my head' glory) and Zeus down at Henley... lovely.

seaweed city. hehe.

(hey blogger whats with the double spacing crap when i put photos in huh?)

see y'all.

oh, operation 'buff-jules' as michelle calls it is going rather swimmingly.


Sunday, June 08, 2008


well what can i say about RADelaide...

last week i bowled a whole lot of strikes in a row in a game of bowling but of course messed up the last one which would have given me a mega score, and of course bowled the last ball as a spare. boo.

had lunch with vairi at the dulwich bakery. oh dulwich bakery i love you.

saw the sex and the city movie with my sister.

saw Eddie Ifft and a whole bunch of local comics including Phil Cowie and Jason Pestell at Rhino.

Got very hammered with da boys soon thereafter.

went to the House of Chow for Bec & Mel's birthday last night and had a banquet. very tasty and very filling. then up to Woody's for sitting in front of a fireplace and Beetlejuice.

that be all.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


now, i'm a people watcher... i would probably like behavioural theory or something if i could be bothered... but...

the neighbours across the road are spastic. grow up both of you, keep your potty mouth inside and at a low decibel woman, i. don't. want. to. hear. it.

honestly it might not be so sad if it wasn't for days at a time.

tickets to the retard planet for you.

mwargh hargh hargh.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

zee weekend...

frivolous friday... met the lovely t-roy for a cup of tea in the central market.

bumped into the lovely anni with short-short hair!

went home for a while...

drove back into town to meet judy at the union...

the unions all fancy now... but not tacky. pretty good job really.

pity about all the suits...

something on the footpath??

discovered from james that anz decided not to fund the tasmanian pulp mill... we high fived for that!
ate from the china town food court...
drove to crafers and stayed in an triangular house with a fire...
and drunken judy yelling obscenities just for the hell of it, woody making pumpkin soup at 2am and randall making sure all the plants were watered. classic...
tho made me need sleep.
on to the ed castle to see aliese for her pappy smurfday.
mooched back home.
today discovered one of my tyres was completely flat...
watched some life on mars...
made some more jewellery bits....

yep i'm spent. that be all.


Thursday, May 22, 2008


Last night I had my first experience of playing Taboo with the lovely Loz and Jek and their pals K & S.

Quite an amusing game indeed where you have to describe something without using the word and about 5 allocated words to describe it. Turns out to be highly amusing some times and highly difficult as well! All in all good fun was had by all.

Game score - oh lets give it 4 out of 5 because we can. Especially since you are given a little squeaky thing to go with it so you can buzz at people when they use one of the 'illegal' words.


Yesterday I made this one...

Have a nice day.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Antics...

so.... Saturday...

Spoz & i met at the erm, pub i forget which one it's on currie street... Ed Castle me thinks.... to have some food then headed to the Grace Emily for the Mixmasters Birthday Party. Happy birthday Mixmasters. when we arrived the lovely Cookie Baker was playing and ended with a song about clean sheets and gin. loved it.

The boys from Your Motive For also played, and some new bands I hadn't seen before which was cool. Oh Special Patrol as well and Booster.

So much frivolity and drinking was had with the Brillig-eans, Heidi, Eva, Ernie, Tracey, Josh and Alan Brough from Spicks & Specks joined the festivities! Good to see ya in such a good pub Alan, you're excellent.

I have not ONE photo from Saturday which is just a bit silly if you ask me but i'm sure Spoz can indulge you all.

I left my car in town too and it was still there yesterday. Went for a wander, had some brekkie, checked out all the tasty morsels in the David Jones' food glorious food area, but didn't buy. How restrained. Bought Tea from T-bar for Maria, said hi to John at StarBooks (Greater Union Complex on Hindley, it's a truly ace shop) where I bought a biography about XTC, and wandered off to find the car intact.

Came home and beaded for a while and did more crosswords. I see a pattern forming, don't you?

muchos love.

Friday, May 16, 2008

ahhhh head implosion!

well not quite but you know...
amusing evening at the grace emily listening to guillaume playing silly songs with paul accompanying and then going to pick up rodney then heading to the oxford in north adelaide to watch a college pub crawl go sour.
BUT i bumped into one of my cousins! ha!
then of course on to the C&A for last drinks. you get that.

is mostly a bleak looking day today... i need a tuna & potato pie from the dulwich bakery.
and a shower.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

what have i been doing...?

well yesterday i had to renew my drivers license... exciting.
did some more crosswords...

bought some dvds... finally got 'the last waltz' the scorcese film about 'the band' and Carousel, my fave musical of all time. and some CD-R's for making mix tapes... well mix cd's i suppose you have to say these days.

thats primarily it.... how lame. but i'm enjoying forcing my brain to work on crosswords...

today i've just stuck hair dye in that i need to wash out shortly...

then i'll watch some tele and do some beady things...

then later i'll go get woody and force him to drink at the grace with me!

haha. victory is mine!


ps. heres a pic of trav NASH's last night or thereabouts in RADs... i arrive, he leaves. what the frock?

Monday, May 12, 2008

ahh RADelaide...

Ready to go to the Grace Emily...

Something very curious is going on...

Da girls are back at the Rhino Room... even if kirst is only here for like 5 days! bah!

more soon.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

made it to syd-e-ney...

so there.

uralla was freakn freezing. i think its made me a bit sicklor.

kangaroos are the stupidest animals ever. they need to be put on that shuttle that launches from the gap every half hour (those in the know will understand such a comment).

i think we all need to enter the brick throwing competition in straughan on the 19th july.

so there.

Monday, April 28, 2008

fare thee well brisneyland...

at least for now...

so i think that i'm hitting the road tomorrow... i may push it out a day if i feel the need to.

have been a bit up and down, theres a lot going on around here and it seems an inopportune time to leave, however i committed to do this for myself and can't back down now.

no more work for me for at least 3 months if i can avoid it. which will be at all costs.

so, getting some tyres this morning and getting sparkees put in the car and then running to pick up sam so she can help me finish what is affectionately known as the 'house explosion'.

then to drop a few things off around the place and hang with my newest friend...

hmm... *scratching head*
once again, remind me what have i done??


ps. had a lovely sunday. thank you to those who made it a bit more sane for me.
pps. yes, work does suck.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the 2008 list of things to do...

last year i made a list with the help of erin and narelle... did 'okay' on it but not spectacularly.
so this year i made a shorter list...

1. House sit in RADelaide in winter - yes that's happening very soon
2. One movie a month - well i've already screwed that one
3. SWIM!
4. One book a month - screwed that one too but only by one month
5. get paid to work on at least one festival... yeh i'll work on that
6. visit bEC and Evo is tasmania - done
7. cook one new recipe per fortnight - ok i'm behind on this one too, that's what housesitting in RADElaide is for
8. Record some covers with Nigel
9. Quit stinking job before it kills me - done
10. Dont get your heart broken.

so i'll keep you posted on these...


Thursday, April 10, 2008


today i am taking my old mobile phone to the 'mobile muster'...

you can find a location near you at http://www.mobilemuster.com.au


3 weeks to go! ugh!


Monday, March 31, 2008

ok, ok, i completely suck...

i know, i know, i can make all the promises in the world about keeping this blog up to date, but to be honest, it's so flat out at the moment but here are the significant things....

1. Tasmania brings serenity...

2. i now have 4 weeks left of employment!

3. dressing up like raggedy ann gives you a whole new personality temporarily.

4. must start working out the road trip... that newspaper we got out from under my floor that time... music and clothesy type things... books... yada yada. blah blah.... where my heart lies... what my soul wants... why i keep getting pins and needles...

ugh, so much to do, so little time!


Sunday, February 17, 2008


So.... last night after being at Claire's for a little girly afternoon, I hired some DVD's including Sicko which I've been wanting to watch for a while.

Jeez, all I can say is that I am so glad I don't live in the US. No offence to any of you, I love visiting america, but to be bankrupt just because you get sick is completely ridiculous.

Obviously our health system also has flaws. I cannot speak for those who have needed to be hospitalised but I have had LOTS of testing and appointments in the last few years. Medicare pays a reasonable amount I believe... i have been for one lot of x-rays on my neck, one lot of my knee, an ultrasound on my knee and a CT scan on my spine, all of which were just billed straight to medicare and I didn't pay a cent.
if i go to the doctors i have to pay upfront about $50 but then i just walk into any medicare office and end up actually paying about $15 to see my doctor. it might take me 20 mins to wait to get a cash refund over the counter.
the only medication i'm prescribed permanently costs me about $20 for a 4 month supply because i assume its on the PBS list.
when i see an alternate therapist (eg. i see an osteo at least once a month) - this is covered by my private health provider and instead of costing me $65 per visit it costs me $27.'
my private extras cover with the health fund (covers extra things like basic dental treaments and alternative therapies, even money for your gym if you want... blah blah) costs me $31 a month.
obviously its not a perfect system what we have but we all pay a medicare levy with our taxes, and i feel that a lot of preventative care is covered as well. which is nice.
well certainly a lot better than the US system.

i expect a mass exodus from the US to france!!

well done michael, again, for a fine doco.

'What can I do?' - SiCKO


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We say SORRY...

three of the most important words of our generation.


I am so pleased that we now have a Government that seems more commited to reconciliation.

I am not sure what Brendon Nelson's response actually WAS?? I listened to it live and was somewhat confused. He went on for 20 minutes about different cases but didn't really provide the oppositions acceptance of the Motion. Well I guess I didn't expect any more from the liberal party considering they were unwilling to put forward this Motion in the past.

Good on you Australia for embracing what I hope will be a new era.


Friday, February 01, 2008

They CAN'T be serious?!!

New Kids On The Block??

I'll be 12 all over again, christ almighty!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Green Power

I just switched my entire electricity consumption to 100% Wind Power.

I feel nice about it.

It's only going to cost between $5-10 a month extra to have this green power.

Do it today.


Austrayya Day Long Weekend...

So here's how it went... Friday: drinks with Adam and Sal for Adam's birthday down at South Bank. Noice.

Saturday: BIG breakfast cook-up with Erin, of course watched Falcon Beach, listened to the Hottest 100 countdown for a bit and got mates online to stream it from their end so we could drink and smoke and boogie together.

Sunday: breakfast, went to visit Maria for a few hours then walked into town to meet Tard and Wase for a screening of The Darjeeling Limited. Really really enjoyed it. Never quite realised how beautiful Adrien Brody really is. *swoon* Not necessarily Laugh Out Loud funny, but just very good and very pleasant indeed. Could easily become a favourite.

Aside: But I must say... movie ticket prices are ridiculous. It cost me $24.10 for the ticket, a bottle of water and a medium frozen coke. I mean get real greater union, you really think I'm going to keep coming to your cinema when I can go to the Cineplex screens and pay no more than $7.90?

Monday: re-painted the last bit of my wall in the hallway. Put more things in bags for the op-shop. Went through more paperwork I'm sure. Had a snooze. Went for a sing with Tom & Camille. Watched America's Next Top Model.

That's that folks. Back at work. Sucks to work indeed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

hey folks...

yes i am alive and well.

let's kick the shit out of 2008 shall we??

Maybe I'll even get back here for my dirty thirty... you never know...