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Monday, October 03, 2005

last week in adelaide...

so i guess i need to write about what i actually did instead of being cryptic and saying nothing...

frivolous friday was taking mummy and daddy to the dulwich bakery for some super-tasty goodness... then going to see little bec & coco for the afternoon.

then off the super-fun wedding of heidi and warwick - possibly the two nicest people on the planet.

then off to the city... now... going into the city quickly made me understand why i'm not living there anymore. it was friday night, around midnight, and the city was certainly not buzzing.

it's not that i dont like the people, musos and comedians i know there. i love them, i love them all. i even love their guts... but it's just too quiet for me. that said, i'm not as much into gigging and stuff of late... but plan to pay a bit of money back soon and get right back into it.

(i'm particularly happy to hear WOLF & CUB are coming up here soon!)

saturday morning at the t-bar which is totally my regular place of saturdaymorningbreakfastinadelaide type scenario... with some nice sorts, and lovely tea.

then off to the barossa to see my aunty and get my body-verdict....

more soon.

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