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Sunday, January 16, 2005

feelin' hot hot hot

olay ohhhhlay olay ohhhhlay...

damn, it's somewhat on the warm side up here today, thank god for spray bottles in the fridge.

we may well go see a movie to sit in airconditioned comfort for a few hours. i think it shall be well worth it. I'm thinking Phantom of the Opera.

I really have been particularly slack hanging around the house just cooking and watching DVDs and doing beads and stuff. I mean it's nice because, unlike last year, I'm not working multiple jobs and I have time to do that kind of stuff. So I guess that's something.

I had every intention to go see some music yesterday, but nothing in the gig guide took my fancy... or at least, I thought given my access to music over the past ten years I would have recognised some of the band names.... but nothing. Bah humbug. I have no music news to report. What a slack tart.

I can't wait to start BOLLYWOOD DANCE CLASSES!! YAY! It also happens to be my two year anniversary of not smoking on Tuesday night. Hooray! If you dont count a cigar or two and a few sheisha pipes that is. (which i dont cos you dont suck it in)
If I was smart I would have been putting aside $8 for every day I didn't smoke (to compensate my bank account for the time when I smoked a pack a day) but no, and now I'm not really sure how likely it is I will be getting to Japan or America this year. Mainly because of the zillion billion weddings that seem to have appeared, none of which are in Brisbane.

Ok, I'd best go do something more constructive than this.

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