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Monday, October 17, 2005

strayyun idol...

ok so i watched the show last night and witnessed this horrendous version of Eye of the Tiger done by 'the guy that everyone loves' (apparently) Lee and thought it was absolute bullshit. With one glimmer of hope I waited for some nicely put negative criticism from marcia... but instead she said "there are people in the audience going 'why?' and to them i'd like to say... welcome to the 21st century...!!"

to which my hope was squashed!!!

i mean seriously, what i keep thinking is... what the feck is he doing on australian idol if he wants to sing in a punk band... i mean i think they think it's going to kick start their career... why not do it the hard way you apparent musician?

Marcia!! you disappointed me for the first time... having done ten years in community radio and being exposed in a muhassive amount of all types of music... i was just open-mouthed at that performance, and not in a good way. if i had the vote, i would have booted him out.


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