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Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm pretty sure...

if TMBG and Devo were ever on the same bill my brain would explode...

Who watches over you?!

Come in boogie boy, you're late!

Thank heck that the particles of the universe ended up in the creation of music. No, truly. I can't imagine life without it.


Friday, October 04, 2013


VOX POP: There is something wrong with the heels on these shoes.... RIGHT?!
PART II: Those are clearly holes.... RIGHT?!

So yes my body is sometimes wonky so one shoe seemed to collapse quicker than the other... but in a month?! For reals. Your shoes suck, multinational!  You know usually I buy a couple pairs of shoes each year, I have one pair of work shoes I've had for two... so you can't tell me it's me. A-holes.

Because apparently they sold 8,000 units of these and there is less than 0.3% fault of returns with this design and when they got them back they couldn't find a fault...

QUESTION!!? (in my best sammy j impersonation) Is the person you gave the shoes to quality test a) blind and/or; b) if they are blind, also unfortunate enough to have no fingers to feel said-spongey bit that shows you how they put the shoe together in there?
Well it's interesting and all, but I could make better shoes with a piece of bloody cardboard.

Here endeth the rant.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

study vs. procrastination

i hereby claim myself the queen of procrastination. for ever and ever.

in other news... well a few months back i purchased an emergency pair of black boots for work. realised i had no flat shoes to wear and heels every day, even small work-type ones, do cause a problem for ye olde psoas...

more on that later. okay so, the emergency shoes... well buying shoes always frustrates me because i pretty much never ever have the amount of money just lying around that i need to buy my actual dream work festival shoes (Magnums). So on this occasion I was downtown and went into *insert multinational here*. This is so irregular for me to even enter that store, as i say it was pretty much a 'shit i really really need shoes for work right now' emergency.

if you can call something like that an emergency. cyclonic high winds or bushfire... emergencies! really thinking you need shoes for work? probably not so much.

what did i say about procrastination? let's add deviation to that.

ultimately these shoes collapsed in the heel within a month on both shoes. inside and out. now i know i do walk slightly lopsided sometimes because of aforementioned muscle fuckery but you know i'm always a little bit annoyed about this throw-away society, so about a week ago i decided i would email them some photos of what had happened to the shoes. and come to think of it, they ended up CAUSING the muscle fuckery to happen again as they were collapsing... regardless... i had been meaning to do it since getting back from Sydney in the middle of June, but then there was canada and then there was blah blah blah... suffice to say they'd been sitting here under my desk.

in one of the emails i said 'you know you always advertise towards families - that things are cheap but that they are quality and it is convenient, so it kind of concerns me that you've ended up with an inferior product in your line; so i dont much care about a refund but i'd like to show you what happened to these shoes for your quality control or purchasing department before i throw them out'... in fewer words; actually probably more. you get the idea.

so i guess you might be thinking this is a rant about how shit *inserted multinational* is, but quite the contrary. they were actually reasonably quick in responding, asked if i still had the receipt (i did, magically), and for my contact information. also this morning they even phoned from their head office and asked if i could give them the item code off of the receipt for the report they were sending to the quality division, and could i return them to the local store closest to me so they can be sent back and looked at.  "i'm so sorry this has happened to you - we take our complaints and quality control very seriously" - WOAH! for reals.

a point! i should always have a point.

the point in this instance is, if you are not satisfied with the quality of a product, and it is a genuine complaint, speak up. in my head i was going 'seriously, i don't care how much these cost, they lasted a month and that is shithouse'.

"cradle to cradle" i always try to think, and yeh great this pair of shoes last four weeks and now where do they go? to landfill.

crazy hippy!

and you, Psoas Major, you can wait for another story and another day.