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Saturday, April 16, 2005

all moved in...

and still no refrigerator or couch.... oh well, at least i've got some glass book/cd shelves!

this week things that have annoyed me are:
a) work - who needs it?!
b) Schapelle Corby's trial having to be a WEEK later AGAIN. I have always believed 100% that this girl is innocent and really feel for her and her family. The media should fucking back off out of her face for one thing, and don't tell me they're trying to do their jobs, it's a mad house. I feel really helpless with this, because apart from signing petitions asking the dept of foreign affairs to frikken do something, I feel I can't do anything to help. That really sucks... I wish her all the very best.
c) Tampon Ads: that's a given
d) having no money
e) still smoking, after I said I would stop after I moved... I have been a non-smoker for over two years until the last couple weeks. My old house living situation was 'interesting' and stressful at times, as was work, still adjusting to being in a new city, dealing with possible depression, yada yada.... feeling a little helpless as I did last year before I moved here... but smoking?!! I can't believe it myself.

all in all, reasonably ok today though, apart from my jaw which seems to think it's going to be out of place for ever and ever HaRmen!

Off to see The Cat Empire tonight at the Tivoli. Should be a good show!!


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