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Sunday, January 09, 2005

"why do i keep my mind...

on you all the time...
and i don't even know you?...."

Go Bill Withers... hang on that's not fucking bill withers, what's wrong with me...?

have been particularly slack not seeing any music lately... missed SummerFieldDayze mainly because I can't afford it. Have wedding invitations coming out of my butt, and they're all weddings that I really want to go to... and they're all back home, so I am a poor mf for all the flights i'll be buying. Also my car cost me $500 in the last fortnight. bah humbug to that!

unicycling is an alternative way to castration.... according to my housemate. Helps to lose all forms of sensitivity in the nether-region...?

don't shoot the messenger.


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