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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

back in Denver...

after about 6 hours in transit...

i heart new york, i heart new york a whole bunch.

i feel like I did a lot, and yet didn't in the 4 days we were there.

I met a nice chick Diane at this bar on west 46th st who happens to have a friend on the gold coast, and will be coming down in February. so that's going to be pretty cool. She has my e-mail so hopefully will be able to come visit me when she's here.

Saw a very small portion of Central Park today. Beautiful, but way too huge to walk all the way through in the little time I had left. Went back to Berghovf and bought some cosmetics.

Freaked out when I couldn't find my CD player when I got to the airport... thought the bellboys at the hotel had stolen it, and even made a call... but lo and behold i have now found it.

The Sex + The City tour was way fun. Got some good shopping in and saw a lot of the city by going on it as well.

Went back to Pat Fields (the costume designer for the show) shop the following day hoping to pick up something memorable from there too, in the end talked myself out of it. Tried a wacky pink top on that looked better on the hanger than on me.

I went into Dolce + Gabana down in Soho thinking maybe I could afford even one piece of memorabilia. think again julie, think again.

Went into the really muhassive Toys R Us on time square... there is a ferris wheel in the middle of it. What else, oh i think i found my new favourite store in Sephora... but unfortunately there aren't any in Aus. As far as I know anyway. I guess there could be one down in Sydney.

Weekends in New York, and in particular Times Square are NUTS. Enjoyed much more the 'tranquility' of the area surrounding Christopher Street.

The site of the WTC disaster... I have to say, i had a cry when I was there, and shot up a prayer, which i dont do very often these days, that the souls lost there are in a better place than here. That's not to say the world in which we live in isn't an amazing place, but I sometimes wish everyone could be safe and warm all the time.

Also, I'm going to have to go into massive exercise and eating right overload after this trip... I think I got fatter!!

bah humbug!!


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