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Saturday, December 10, 2005

ok i dont think i finished...

so i've come back to post a few more fun things instead of being brief and blaze about my existence... not that anyone is particularly reading so i don't guess it matters...

i've had more visitors in the last few weeks...

guillaume and molly stopped for a few days on their trek around the country working at festivals and cooking big meals for people. it was lovely to see them. i know both of them from adelaide, gilly did radio with me and molly i just know from around... probably the leah knows sharon whose married to leahs brother - n molly lived with leah thing. i treated them to some surtaj-y goodness (our local splendid indian store) and let them mooch in my house watching vids whilst i went to work, then we cooked a big lasagne the next day - vego of course, filled with eggplant, mushrooms, nut meat, zuchini, cherry tomatoes, lots of spices and lots of cheesy sauce. it really was quite remarkable for a throw together. yummo!
they told me they felt comfortable in my space, which is kind of how i feel about it... except for the lack of storage spaces for my media obsession of old videos, dvds and cds and records! which i kind of hope to rectify in the coming weeks... and the evil flying cockroaches that keep finding their way into my place in the evenings... grr! the collages on the walls are slowly growing, i believe one day at least one part of my lounge wall will be entirely covered.

went to a totally sweet little film festival at the globe in the valley the following saturday... it was called the far out film festival run by my friends friends housemates partner... get that! ordinarily i can be quite disappointed by those things, like you'll get a couple good things and the rest is crap, but this was quite the opposite. we drank a lot of beer and i met a bunch of nice people including a dude who might need me for radio stuff... which could be exciting.

the week before last i practically spent every day coming home, not eating, and feeling absoltuely drained, half the time not even putting tv or tunes on but pottering back and forth going 'huh?'... but this week wasn't so bad... sam and jarren came to visit last weekend from adelaide as well. they spent a few days down in byron bay staying at the arts village, and i saw their room down there, and when i find me a boy... i'm taking him there! wow! half outdoors and half indoors.... so yes, i drove down to pick them up because i'd never been to byron, and it was quite beautiful. we had some brunch, a coffee, and then had a bit of a splash on a beach and drove back on up to brisneyland... past the q1 tower which i've been dying to see... which is quite bizarre from a distance as it towers at least twice the height over ANY other building on the coast! woah!

dropped in on the vulture issue 2 launch and had dinner in paddington before my brain stopped functioning from heat exhaustion and i had to drive us home again. sunday we had lunch at the plough inn for jarrens birthday and then i walked home and let the kids go play shopping and gallery-ing for the rest of the day.

dropped them in west end so they could have a lovely romantic (blergh) dinner and went to visit nic and joely who were screen printing... well joely was screen printing, nic was passed out on a matress. i was going to wake him up by blowing a raspberry on his stomach, but then i thought if he wakes up with a start i could possibly end up headbutted and without any teeth... so just tickled him instead!

other stuff has happened this week that i aint going to mention... boring work related and emotion related.

oh, except i did have this dream about my old friend damien (aka Woody) from adelaide... so maybe that means I'll finally catch up with him over xmas.

and if i dont see my 'therapist' (aka love of my life) i'm going to burst!


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