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Friday, August 05, 2005

the most un-fun city in america...

i think is Downtown Los Angeles.

After being in New York with the hustle and bustle, and sometimes the quietness of Soho or Grenwich Village... I kind of got used to being in a busy city.

LA Downtown is boring.

The Museum of Contemporary Art was closed yesterday (when i had money) and advertised as being free on Thursdays, so what happens when I get there... oh yeh it's free between 5 + 8pm. Bah! AND there's a basquiat exhibit on, but I need my money to pay the shuttle dude to get back to LAX.

Sauntered up to Hollywood Blvd to check out the sites, and visted the Entertainment museum. Universal Studios or anything else was way out of my price range.

I don't know, apart from being smoggy, it's hot and there's not many places to sit or much shade around here. I don't mind the heat, but i like to be able to find a park bench without too much effort.

So all in all, LA Central is a boring piece of shit.

My flight leaves in 5 hours from LAX back through Auckland and then onto Brisneyland.

I've had a really great time... yes you sleep when you're dead... and here's where I insert the thankyous.

Mikey mike for letting me sleep on his couch, use his computer, and making him shop in Soho.
The delectible Amanda in Denver, for wanting me to stay, saying she'll miss me, and being a girlfriend i could bitch with, or look at boys with.
Jason... for being delightful, blaming me for him getting drunk on his birthday, and showing me a good time...
Diane from New York, for the company, and the other Jason as well.
Mikey's parents for feeding me and taking me to the baseball, and generally being nice.

And the fine people of the US who have been pleasant, answered all my questions, told me I was brave for travelling alone and laughed at me saying 'heaps' or 'reckon' way too much.

Anyhoo, that's all from me, and that's all from him (the invisible delightful imaginary boyfriend i have - wha'?).

See some of y'all very soon, and see others of you when I'm looking at you!


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