meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i realise...

living on a main road, how bustling and busy the human race seems of late... cars are whizzing past my place at all hours, and the odd WANKER driving way way WAY too fast wakes me up at 2am.

I've been discussing going to the US to Arizona to hang out with my buddy Mike *waves to Mikey* and make him take me to Vegas in a cadillac... because I'm bored, because I'm interested to see what it's like, and because I want experiences to reflect on.

The moving to Brisneyland idea is still in the back of my head, but i figure, if I go away for about 3 weeks, then come back, do some more work and sod off to Brisneyland at the end of the SA summer and beginning of the cold weather, then i'll be happy. and WARM! not cold. brr. I can't stand it.

Currently, I have a dose of food poisoning... or something similar. I woke up already half vomiting Saturday night, which means I could well have died, rock and roll style of course, choking on my own vomit... but there's some cosmic reason why I didn't...

so yeh, anyway...


Sunday, June 27, 2004

so i decided...

i'm kind of bored so the other day i sez to mikey i sez... hey mikey, i'm bored, can i come and visit ya? and mikey sez absolutely miss joolie...

my only problem is where the money comes from for the airfare... hmm.
This place where Mikey is.... well that's in America you see.

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Three D Radio: 2-4pm: Adelaide Metro Area

Ugly Duckling: Opening Act
De La Soul + Chaka Khan
Tykwer/Klimek/Heil: Running One (Run Lola Run soundtrack)
Richard Easton: I was at the party
Buena Vista Social Club: Murmullo
Joss Stone: Super Duper Love
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Frankie Vaughan: Am I wasting my time on you
Custom Kings: Fake Fern
Blue States: Output
Belittle League: Doin' the robot
Comatone: Fat my suck one
Soulwax: Overweight Karate Kid
St Germain: What's New?
Louisville Sluggers: Snake Johnny
The 5, 6, 7, 8's: I'm blue
Tripod: Ikea
The Polyphonic Spree: Days like this keep me warm (dedicated to Hillsy)
Gotan Project: Epoca
Paris Combo: Traits de caractere
DJ Signify feat. Buck 65: Where did she go?
Ella Fitzgerald (migel Migs mix): Slap that bass
The Devoted Few: On the mirror, in the dust
Red Monika: The aches
Esquivel: Nature Boy
Jamiroquai: Supersonic
RJD2: 1976
Spatial Monkey: Interpreter


Thursday, June 24, 2004

i would like to announce...

officially... yes really, after all this time who would have thunk it... much more, who really cares?

anyhoo, ramblin' ramblin' guy aside...

the interview I did with Adam Hills back in Fringey-goodness is the BEST interview I think I have ever done.
Sure Buck65 + Brassy... loved it... but Hillsy ROX amazing large amounts of something ever so special.

So if you find this darlin' - thanks sooooo much. You rock my world. Hope to meet you again one day.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

a message from danny boy...

over at http://ohdannyboy.blogspot.com
be real people. We already mentioned it on radio by the way danny!

Well it happened.

The Sunday Mail have removed pretty much all of their Australian created and produced comic strips from their papers - so no more Ginger Meggs, Snake Tales, Swamp and the like. Other strips like The Phantom, Hagar and Charlie Brown have also been given the boot. They;ve been replaced with such quality strips as Rug Rats, Spy Kids, Spider-man and Scooby Doo - American created and produced comics that have absolutely nothing to do with Australian culture, or content. As I predicted the majority of the strips that have replaced the Australian ones are properties owned Fox - a Murdoch group - which also owns NewsCorp - who also own the Advertiser/Sunday Mail.

You can contact the Sunday Mail on the following:

The Advertiser and Sunday Mail
121 King William Street
South Australia, Australia 5000
GPO Box 339,
Adelaide SA 5001


Telephone: (08) 8206-2000
Fax: (08) 8206-3646

All editorial e-mail: mailedit@adv.newsltd.com.au

Stand up and be counted.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

'you're so frrreeeeeeeeeeee'

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM Adelaide Metro Area: Sunday 2-4pm

Ugly Duckling: Celebrity
Peahces: I U She
Team Plastique: Bitch Daddy
Buena Vista Social Club: Pueblo Nuevo
Paris Combo: POrquoi Les Vaches
Lou Reed: Satellite of Love
Smokey Robinson + The Miracles: You really got a hold on me
Fiona Apple: First Taste
Custom Kings: Fake Fern
Good Shirt: Sophie
Gotan Project: Una Musica Brutal
The Violent Femmes: He Likes Me
The Grass Roots: Temptation Eyes
Gonzales: Shameless Eyes
Home for the Def: Without Titties
Joan of Ass: I'm the daddy now
Wolf + Cub: Hands fall down
MKB: Weathering Industry
RJD2: 1976
They Might be Giants: Memo to Human Resources
Blue States: Ten Shades
Louisville Sluggers: Radio (All she had on)
Ruby's Grace: Wakling over sea
DJ Signify: Red to Black (feat. Buck 65)
Dumb Earth: I closed my eyes and a truck came through the window
JBD: That's the way (i don't really like it)
Frankie Vaughan: Tower of Strength
Jack Cooper / Terry Snyder: C'est Si Bon (It's so good)
INXS: What you need
Bushy: Don't mind if I do (Groove Armada 100 Club Mix)

DanFreak sez John Butler song of the year is POO because it's a rip off of PHIL COLLINS/GENESIS. and I don't like him anyway, John butler that is, not phil collins.
So there.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

I would like to add...

that yes I am at work, where my boss and i are both hung over and he's gone walking to get food... and my hands are so cold i can hardly type and my hand is turning purple!!

oh, and it just hailed.

I don't think I'll be much use if my hand falls off.

Super Size Me

go on, do it!

So I saw all my favourite people last night... Pippa, Tank, Annie, Benjamin, Nic-o... huzzah!

Tank + I visited the Palace to see Super Size Me, and it was good. Entertaining, freaky, and quite believable. I think the doctors were the most surprised. It took him about a year to readjust his body to normal after those 30 days, and though as he says in closing that it was an extreme experiment... there are people that eat it every day, and so they're at least doing a third of the damage he did. Yuk.

No wonder I haven't eaten it in more than a year... besides, McDonalds is cancer, and cardboard too.

After seeing da moofie, went to the Ex briefly to wish Mike Radz a happy bifday... but it was too noisy and crowded and random, so went to the Cranker for the New Pollutants and bulk ace interpretive dancing action with Annie + Astrid + Deanna. Wore my new shoes and ended up with a rather large blister that I only realised was there this morning... oops... but still jumped around like a loopy la la. Everyone really got in to it, there was this little guy rocking out in his wheelchair even and I'm like YEH ROCK ON MAN!
Was super excellent.

Caught up with travelling minstral Guillaume (and ex-3Der and French man) who is back for a little while. I will post info on where he is playing his 'silly songs' (as he calls them) later.

Popped up to Rhino and saw the last track or so of Good Buddha and gave my therapist some kisses, knocked someones glass over, cleaned it up... and went on my way back to wave Annie goodbye.

Drank beer, and have a slight headache today, but didn't get sick, so I'm happy with that.

All is well.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Adding in some links...

Merlin stuff:

The Advertiser - support from pro-refugee groups

The Advertiser - defending actions

You are justified Merlin, don't let them tell you otherwise.


Bravo Merlin!!

I have stuff to say on this, but mainly a big fat halleluljah! and thanks to Merlin for having the guts to protest in such a way. Thank you for throwing the issue back into the public eye. And CHANNEL 10 + GRETEL... LOOK UP THE WORD AGGRESSIVE YOU DICKHEADS! Oh, I looked it up for you:

ag·gres·sive ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-grsv)
Characterized by aggression: aggressive behavior.
Inclined to behave in an actively hostile fashion: an aggressive regime.
Assertive, bold, and energetic: an aggressive sales campaign.
Of or relating to an investment or approach to investing that seeks above-average returns by taking above-average risks.
Fast growing; tending to spread quickly and invade: an aggressive tumor.
Characterized by or inclined toward vigorous or intensive medical treatment: an aggressive approach to treating the infection.
Intense or harsh, as in color.

If aggressive is sitting there silent, god, we're in trouble.


Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Bar @ Buena Vista...

be still my bleeding heart. An experience I was glad I saw with my parents. Good friends were also in attendance in Tank, the "therapist" and Van, I am glad they experienced it too.

Spent several hours after the show dancing + drinking + smoking cubans with the cast, and met someone who can teach me spanish and teach me to dance. Double-bonus *waves to leo*.


I feel much better than I did earlier yesterday, except now I want to learn to dance and go to Cuba and learn Spanish and many other languages. And that involves time... I wish there was more of it. But screw this sitting on my arse thing, I'd rather be dancing... yeh. (thanks beegees)

There's so much beauty around, I just can't stand it. My "therapist" now thinks I'm as much of a space-cadet as he, because we had a conversation like this in the interval:

he: i don't know most of what they're talking about though.
moi: it matters not, it's about what's in here *punching fist to heart*
he: you're so spacey
moi: gee thanks.
he: no, you're so spaced out like me. I like it.

well, bring it then. go on, dare ya.

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM 2-4pm Sundays
Buena Vista Social Club: Dos Gardenias
Federico Aubele: Esta Noche
Richard Easton: The Underground Sea
Buck 65: Roses + Bluejays
Peaches: I'm the kinda
Sens Unik: Les Portes du Temps
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: The Beatles: You really got a hold on me
Esquivel: Vereda Tropical
Two Many DJ's: Salt n Pepa's Push it vs. The Stooges' no fun
Thievery Corporation (remixers): Avatars of Dubs' Sexelevatormuzik
MKB: Whoops
Ugly Duckling: Opening Act
Matt's Little Brother: Flowers
Paris Combo: Attraction
Frankie Vaughan: Tweedlee Dee
Red Monika: Not Quite
Blockhead: Sunday Seance
The Hard-Ons: Shit #2 (this is such a shit-funny song... and how often do I say shit-funny?)
The Vague: 4 star hotel
Square Pusher: An arched pathway
Home for the Def: Fuck Wiggim
Sola Rosa: Scratch Apprentice
DJ Rhettmatic's Exclusive Collection= Jurrasic 5: Linguistics
Compay Segundo: Versos Para ti
Manu Chao: Me Gustas Tu
G Love + Special Sauce: Rodeo Clowns
Ubin: Redroom
Gorillaz: 19-2000
Vertente: Chuva


Saturday, June 12, 2004


Today I found out that one of the drivers from where I used to work was killed in a motorbike accident on Monday night. Someone ran a red light and knocked him off. I don't know how I feel about it. I didn't know him particularly well as I only worked there for 9 months before me and my boss cracked the shits and quit (she had been there 7 years). I do feel sorrow. What a horrible way to die.

Everything that's been happening lately makes me wish I was born into a forest somewhere and never had to deal with some of the technologies we have... (and I'm posting this to the web, ha!)

I've had 3 close friends in hospital in the past month, all for relatively life changing surgery. And I've also had 3 female friends contract the same disease in the past year or so. Just makes me wonder how much of this stuff relates to how we live...

I mean I guess the most obvious 'disease' being obesity in Western countries. Like if we all didn't get pissed and do a drive-through junk food on the way home, we'd be less huge. hehe. Kids eating fast food is fully wrong. Anyway...

I think I look particularly frumpy today, old school Fergie-style. More retail therapy shall ensue. I find it really hard to exercise in winter... YOGA! Must must must start it again. Oh, and dancing (some of that last night at red monika - ed AKA me)

Still compiling info on the business I'm looiking into. Looking kind of ho-hum at the moment, but it's early days yet. If it doesn't happen I think Brisneyland is the answer.

I broke my goldfish tank lid the other day by stepping on it because I'm a nerd.

I'm off to see the Bar at Buena Vista on Saturday (today, huzzah - ed) with Maman + Daddio. Can't wait!! I'm trying to get maman to dress up a bit with me, but neither of them are particularly into fancy events/dressing up blah blah. I'm gonna jazz it up a bit with my feather boa probably. Kool Kat Klub anyone?


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

it's revolution baby...

or evolution even...

hmm... well really, firstly i should post sundays show... now i had a trainee again and *completely* forgot about the love song dedication + optimistic song of the day! (how could i?!) but here's the list...

Lawnmower Music: 2-4pm Sunday: 93.7fm Adelaide Metro Area

Esquivel: Night + Day
Gotan Project vs Sarah Vaughan: Whatever Lola Wants
Kings of Convenience: Winning a battle, losing the war
Buena Vista Social Club: Dos Gardenias
Frankie Vaughan: Green Door
Brian Setzer: Don't trust a woman (in a black cadillac)
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Someday I suppose
The Vague: Hazel Damsel
Bachelors from Prague: Go
The Panics: Southern
Natacha Atlas: Kidda
Bobby Darin: More
Rebecca: Iyachamba Lenquole
Abbie Cardwell: Love Motel
Edmundo Ros: I could have danced all night
Side Steppen: Hoy Tenemas
Horrahead: Music Peace Love song
David Sylvian: Heartbeat
Stereo MC's: Fever (Steve Hillage Remix)
Brenda Frassie: Duma Duma
Micronauts: Baby wants to bleep Part 1
Edith Piaf: Les Mots D'Amour
Meat Katie: Lapdance
Suvome: Hotel Motel
Ugly Duckling: Celebrity
Red Monika: Music

lovely... hmm... more soon...

Saturday, June 05, 2004

yippity yesterday...

yippity? huh?

I've discovered I'm really good at something... paper cuts! I seem to do it all the time! Today I did two fingers in one action! Cor! Check me out, I'm the master!
And for that I get a gold star *bling*...

Blank Tapes 5a + b Launch # 1 went very smoothly last night. Had 60 or so through the door, so not too bad for a cold Thursday.

The Vague were great, stringing on to this growing number of bands with guitar and drums only. I remember the first time I saw the Frustrations from Tassie play at Inzone many years ago. They were just great!

Next week is Leigh*dust, Matt's Little Brother, Sweet Raxx, Hit the Jackpot + Blood Robots. Come along, it'll be great!

Glancey rubbed Spoz's ego a bit in Rip It Up *hehe*

I need a haircut. Don't want to go too 80's or too gay for that matter, but I have an idea...

Still reading "how men think"... it's good so far, and giving me a bit of a biology refresher in the process...
(end of stuff from yesterday)
Might go see The Satellites + Jackson United @ The Grace tonight. hmm.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

the waves that keep on dancin'...

the cool night and then...
the morning born again...

Last night I got my comedy fix, I haven't had one in quite a while (at least since Fringe)... went to see Eddie Ifft from New York at Rhino... tres bon.

Next week Dave Williams returns, gots to love the Dave, even if he does always forget my name... hehe.

Tonight I am door-bitching the first of four Blank Tapes Sampler 5a + 5b launches. huzzah! it shall be good.
didnt get to make fairy bread as promised, but i'm sure i shall be forgiven... or beaten, one of the two.

hey it seems eddie ifft has a blog... but where's the link.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I shouldn't care...

but I do....

31/5: I get confused with information overload. I do often repeat myself, stuck in one spot or replay scenarios of times past over and over in my head. Like my memory is kind of stuck...

The information overload... comes from getting frustrated I can't know something about everything... and although I know that people who think they do know it all are fooling themselves... not being able to know it all truly frustrates me.

Particularly regarding things that immediately effect me, and the community around me.

But I mean, I can't expect to know it all. We live in the 'information age' damnnit, with things thrust at us from all angles. Radio, TV, Magazines, Books, Cable TV, Internet, Telemarketing, Newspapers, Music, Film. It drives me crazy that there is so much of it. I guess that's why I sometimes ignore newscasts and such because I htink that nothing else will actually FIT in my head.

I'm positive there are techniques to improve things like memory, but I'd almost be afraid of my head exploding!!

The new book I've started reading is entitled (perhaps in some kind of sexist?? way) "How Men Think: 7 essential rules for making it in a mans world". What it's about is women and men in business. How there often seems to be unwritten rules and game-playing between men in business + it becomes a problem in that women don't understnad why the men do what they do, and vice versa. Written by a psychologist who first discovered some of these rules when she took up sailing, and written mainly because she's had many female patients crying in her office, within a short period of time, and all with similar problems... which sparked curiosity.

So in essence, it's not a book slating men, but more trying to bring men and women together in the workplace. So it should be interesting.

The Day After Tomorrow was good...
"Our Economy is every bit as fragile as our Environment"

and something along the lines of "third world countries have sheltered us, and fed us, and for that we are grateful..."
Significant moments in the film: having a man previously homeless as one of the survivors, assisting some of the middle class members; showing great weakness in America, particularly in a mass-evacuation situation; Knowledge is power; technology is every bit as good as it is bad.

We need to bloody well wake up and stop destroying our natural resources NOW before it really is too late. Make a conscious effort to drive less, and recycle more. these are the two simplest things that YOU can do every day. If you have the time, consider the packaging on items you purchase....
(all boring random stuff off the top of my head)

I wish I was smart enough to be an environmental scientist.
Damn it!