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Sunday, November 06, 2005


i'm drowning in marathons of sex and the city... since buying the box set a little over a week ago... i've just finished series 3! fuck me!

had dinner friday with jenn and her family and a few friends before her and kate hopped a plane to hong kong; the first stop on their world journey. they'll probably be gone for the full four years they can i'd wager.

a bit sad, cos i haven't known jenn all that long (perhaps may this year) but i think she's tops and she'll be missed around here.

(oh i should update on last weekend in here somewhere too)... yeh that'd be good. last friday i marathoned S&TC on my own, however saturday sallie made me go out and have FUN! we went to ric's for some tasty pumpkin, pine nut and sundried tomato pizza (seriously, this thing kicks!) and some Charles Foster Kane. I had solely consumed nearly an entire bottle of white before leaving the house (and before eating) so found myself sufficiently toasted and on a roll. Probably half because of the booze (confidence booster) and half because of the fact for the first time since i stacked it gracefully down my staircase, i was out, standing up and not hurting, and in a room of handsome boys. (Apparently I kept annoying sallie by bringing them over to meet her when she was trying to listen to music... hey, this is matt, this is matt, this is dave... hehe).

so anyways, somehow i managed to stay upright in my black boots, charm a few handsome men, break my bracelet (which a pleasant man kindly tied back together for me), and meet someone who just studied film in amsterdam with HAL HARTLEY (Bastard!).

We got home at 2... which i only knew when i got home and went 'fuck!'. but that's great, it mean i wasn't bored, and wasn't clock watching.

oh... last night i got attacked by an attack-duck outside courtneys place!
more later.
that was funny as!

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