meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

ok so...

monumental lapse of concentration... so many things swirling in my head...

erm, Saturday nights New Pollutants gig was superb as usual... I really really like the new-er tracks benjo...

nice schtuff indeedy.

(relating to one person only footnote: see dear, in this case you cannot put THE in front of the 'band' name because it just doesn't work...)

Saturday during the day I made more lentil, chick pea and lima bean soup... made choc chip honey cookies (with added extra maple syrup) and for the first time Caramalised Onion muffins. Now seriously, these muffins KICK! (recipe coming soon)

What makes a good album?
Comments please!
Had you listened to me and Mr Speed rambling on Sunday you would have heard our conversation regarding this...
I think that a good album has to have at least an ANTHEM and a CIRCUS track...
Speed says something to do with Ballads as well... look I don't think a Ballad is necessary, though if a ballad/anthem is combined, then they get uber-points...

The Clouds album PENNY CENTURY is one which has a song called Anthem anyway, but in reality, it ABSOLUTELY IS an anthem in itself... they don't have a circus track.

May I say Circus Track can refer to German Beer Drinking Sounding song as well... something that sounds carnival-ish... you know...??
>>end topic...

I HATE the way commercial stations talk over the beginning or end of tracks when forward or back announcing. What snuuh is that?

Sharon and Adam's VOX POP
when saying (for example) 'THIS winter' are you referring to the winter just gone... or the winter to come...

I think (and Adam thinks) THIS winter refers to the winter (of our discontent) yet to come... as in "THIS WINTER at a cinema near you..."

another example: you can't really say 'this monday' and refer to yesterday... you would simply say 'yesterday' or 'this monday just gone' - you have to add something to the end of the sentence to have it make sense... and appear in the correct tense.

So between me and Adam we think Shaggy Shaz is delusional (hehe, sorry dahl) but what do YOU, the splendaro reader of this fine blog, think?
>>end topic

stuff and things.

the fringe program will be out on January 20. How exciting!

Hi Nate *waving*


i have this paranoia...

or simply feeling if you will, that something monumental will happen this new years eve.

Generally new years eve is poo. Last year I drove to 4 (count them, FOUR) parties because I'd said I'd drop in on them all. One was like an American Teen Movie and I lasted 15 minutes... amusing, but horrifying! Was I getting too old for all this codswallop?

Have I simply never been the "generic house party" type?

One time (at band camp) I went to a keg party... the keg was, of course, stolen... I lasted 20 minutes at that party... went down to the Imax instead to watch a doco on fishies.


Sunday, December 28, 2003

Friday Five on a Sunday...

1. What was your biggest accomplishment this year?
Quitting smoking. I rock!

2. What was your biggest disappointment?
erm, the job I started in January I had to quit by September for many moral reasons. That REALLY disappointed me. Big corporations not paying attention to the little people yet again.

3. What do you hope the new year brings?

4. Will you be making any New Year's resolutions? If yes, what will they be?
I dont like the new years resolution thing... it's never worked. so snuuh. maybe I should make it January 18 each year...!

5. What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
Up to Ernie and Eva's for a BBQ/dinner/open slather... hehe. then on to the place of mirth, the Rhino Room to see Beat Smugglers and Red Monika and my favourite bartender... and favourite club staff!

more when i start programming the show...


Thursday, December 25, 2003

you're still on the lilypad...

cool!! isn't it funny you forget how much you like crunchy Ruby remixed tracks! Go Kid606!!

No, not Ruby's Grace... Ruby... Trip-Hop Artiste extraordinaire...

MERRY CHRISBO everyBUNNY...!! I hope you all had splendid days...

Today has been fun, ate loads of snacks and chatted to my rellies about stuff and things... mainly what's going on in the next year with everyone else...

listening to my Brassy interview... re-listened to most of the Buck65 one yesterday when at radio... man, it really WAS cool. So hard to remember all of it when you're gobsmacked over the man!

hmm, spent Xmas Eve alone playing more Spyro the extraordinarily Greek Dragon and listening to records. I'm sure I annoyed the neighbours by singing Patsy Cline and the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack at the top of my lungs... but honestly I didn't care...

where did you get that funk?

I keep crying... just to myself... I'm such a romantic wuss. I mean I suppose there is nothing wrong with that, and I'm quite happy to admit it... but it's very strange, because I don't really understand why I've been doing it...

hehe. this brassy interview kicks... maybe i'll post the interview...


Tuesday, December 23, 2003

ok, so this really is getting silly...

3 posts in one day... can you tell I'm bored?

Well after bouncing around everyone elses blog's and doing a bit of accounting work and such... there is STILL no answer on the job front... i guess that means the decision is hard or something? oh dear god, let it be me!

so anyhoo, in the same vein of the "best of" post I did earlier... here are some things I'd like to achieve in 2004...

1. stop drinking so much soft-drink... i'm sure i said that last year, but I gave up smoking instead. (which, i might add, was 11 months ago... so on January 18 2004 it will be 12 months... i should throw some kind of party!)
2. find a job that actually satisfies me, mentally and financially. I'm not talking about being uber-rich, but I'm talking about having enough cash to support more fully the things I want to. It really shit me I couldn't do the non-material xmas thing this year. I suppose I could have entirely abstained from doing ANYTHING for anyone for xmas... but that's plain rude.
3. Read books on politics... I find a lot of what I see on the news and from other sources very confusing. I'd like to read some history... particularly Australian and American, but also some of the smaller countries that are not quite so 'western' and conventional as we are. That interests me immensley.
4. Buy more local CD's... there are always good ones...
5. Start a bicycle revolution!
6. Learn how to make paper.
7. Go on a big phat aussie roadtrip.
8. make that 'live on lawnmower' compilation i've been meaning to... that reminds me, gotta dub off the buck65 schtuff...
9. find me a decent man... one that can kiss properly (ugh, don't ask, what a nightmare!), doesn't have too much emotional baggage, and will let me just hug them and kiss them and love them... that's all i actually want... to hug and kiss and love someone, is that too much? (am i on the way to this? hmm...)
10. do some more voice-overs... maybe even get paid for it for once...

i think i should post this list up in various places in my house to motivate me...

I can't think of anything I want to learn to cook, but I'm sure there is something...

Anyhoo, Merry Ho-Ho to everyone reading, and remember laughter is the best medicine...
ps. cool recipe site: www.recipegoldmine.com

Which Cure song am I?

[Jumping Someone Else's Train]It's the Latest Wave That You've been
Craving for - the Old Ideal was Getting such a

The worst compliment is imatation. You strive to
stand out and be recognized for your abstract
personality. A snobby attitude, and a sarcastic
tongue weeds out the people you dont think are
worthy of your time.

What Cure Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I don't even KNOW that Cure song... am I too old school Cure fan or what's going on here? that's a conspiracy!

hmph. and bah humbug...

the silly season cometh...

you know i have very little to write...

some things already today have completely thrown me...

merry birthday to Nic-o for tomorrow... be good now won't you??

i slept some ridiculous kind of time like 14-16 hours yesterday... I even asked to change my working day to Tuesday instead because of it...

still haven't heard about the job. Perhaps today...

*fingers and toes crossed*


Sunday, December 21, 2003

"rodeo clowns yeh yeh yeh

get me up when i'm down yeh yeh..."

so Morgan likes G Love too which is super bulk ace and we even went to the same gig. Go small town Adelaide once again... but hell, people who don't know who they are need to be woken up-ski...


Friday night:
went off to Craig + Frehd's house for the start of the comedy kids kinda part-ay... dropped off some potato salad and samosas, had a beer, and dropped the car back home.

Caught the bus back into town, went to Eros to snack on some tasty Greek food with my bosses and co-workers...

Dragged a basket of tasty bikkies, scones and samosas I'd slaved away to make to my friends up at the Rhino Room... they all grinned and said 'yum' and gave me cuddles... some said 'i dont deserve this'... others jumped and said 'yippee, thanks man'...

again i intended to stay 15 minutes... and about 2 1/2 hours later left...

thought i'd do a lap of the Austral to check if any of our students were still hanging on there... they weren't but I found Heidi and Warwick and Spoz and Stuckey and Sean et al... because it was August Falls Xmas part-ay... I had no idea... oops. Can't keep up. Too much to do!


We did venture past Happy J's before they were nice enough to drop me back at the Comedy Kids party... had a great chat with some people I hadn't caught up with in a bit...

eta in bed.... 3:45am

Went shopping in the city for my folks... man, i really don't understand all this bollocks. I was actually going to get something like an adopt a dolphin or something for them, but I don't have much PHYSICAL cash at the moment (go store credit) so I had to purchase something material, as opposed to what I intended...

getting out of the carpark was a nightmare... I haven't driven my car for a good 6 weeks, so I'm really really paranoid about driving now... I'm even more paranoid about the buses than I am when I'm on the bike now! ridiculous!
stupid BITCHES roaring down the wrong side of the carpark to get out in their BMW's... I mean how ridiculously dangerous... anyhoo, now I remember why I stopped driving so much.... all in all I like driving, but more when you're going on a road trip or something... long distances when it's actually necessary. I just needed to drive to get the pressies home... but it SUCKED! I hate it.

MORE BIKES, LESS CARS! How many times do I have to say it? REVOLUTION BABY!

so anyhoo, nicki and i went and ate soup til she got picked up... played some Spyro the (very Greek) Dragon as well on PSX.... later Pippa also came to eat soup, gave me biscuits and we shared a muffin... then went to Jive to see No Through Road, Brillig and Hello Minnesota! It was bulk-ace fun.

Spent a little while down in Supermild afterwards where we saw Michelle and Morgan...

back to worldsend to wave at Aliese and her cousin from overseas and say 'toorah' to them all...

eta back in bed.... 4am...

hmm. i gots to stop having such late nights running around like a monkey and start being constructive...

bah to that. I spent Thursday night and Friday morning cooking xmas presents, I have been PRETTY constructive!!


Saturday, December 20, 2003

Friday 5...

1. List your five favorite beverages.
Pineapple drink, sparkling red, coopers pales, white sambuca, bickfords lime cordial

2. List your five favorite websites.
i'm gonna put the sexiests websites i know of...
i dont know!

3. List your five favorite snack foods.
kiwi fruit (with the skin ON of course)
bbq rice snacks

4. List your five favorite board and/or card games.
any ole card game

5. List your five favorite computer and/or game system games.

Final Fantasy 10
Grand Theft Auto
The Sims
Bubble Bobble!

Friday, December 19, 2003

sweaty goodness...

well you know i think the interview went fairly well. there were some evil questions about stress management, because there is sometimes large groups of people working in a confined space there etc etc.... but i HATE those questions... because each situation is different.

I have dealt with conflict resolution, but I hate those questions. Until they asked stuff like that it was a breeze.

because I am impressive... no longer contained... and always duplicated.... (genie of the la-amp... right here, right from the lamp...)


fuuh! now i need a big fat beer. hey i can go make beer bread and drink the rest of the beer in the process. yes i reckon that's an idea.

gots to go.


Thursday, December 18, 2003

highlights of 2003...

yeh well i've been thinking about this a bit... actually lots...

g love + special sauce with the beautiful girls!
the bird!
loads of new pollutants gigs...!
the herd!
the cat empire!
curse ov dialect!
ruby's grace!
brillig's album launch on halloween!

richard easton!
home for the def, aviator lane, steven strazeele, new pollutants...


dave williams
dave callan
justin hamilton
arj barker
adam hills
kim hope
bev killick
craig egan, trav nash, jarrod fitch, big al, mark trenwith, fin k... all the regular-regulars... they all rule!

bowling for columbine
charlies angels: full throttle

yasmin subunco @ flightpath
me + brians band fotos @ rhino
nick hardings fotos @ flightpath
leunig @ sa museum

the LAST lawnmower music (including a cast of THOUSANDS) will be on Sunday 28th December on 93.7FM between 2 + 4pm... tune in, turn it up!


to blog or not to blog...

so yesterday, we cooked soups and pigged out. I had originally intended to also cook dinner, however it IS the silly season and some kids had other things to do...

Judy came over to show off her HUGE belly to me! Her baby was kicking and squirming... it's so wierd to feel that happen.

Documentaries on the "October Manifesto" were made... and video explanations on the noise-fest card structure... and the ever popular 'word of the day' explanations as well... tres funny.

So big hello's to everyone that did come by... Ellie, Greg, Aliese, Tom, Melinda, Nicki, Pippa, Judy, Cuchulain + Len.

I think I can safely tell everyone now that the interview I have is for the Knee High Puppeteers working as the Arts Administrator... wish me luck!! Tomorrow afternoon cross your fingers, toes, eyes, arms and legs for me!!

I will write my post on our giggle filled commentary of the apparent 'wedding of the decade' later...
nah stuff it i'll write it now!!

So whilst nursing full stomachs, playing with Judy's stomach and having catch-up chats, Nicki, Judy and I subjected ourselves to the wedding of the Bachelorette (Trista) to a 'cast-member' (Ryan).

I only saw one episode of this show earlier in the year. These shows always confuses me but anyhoo... here are a list of things we'd like to point out... (so I'm a bitch, so shoot me!)

the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE carried cauliflower down the isle...
the PINK (too much pink) chairs didn't even meld colours properly...
and they didn't have enough guests to fill the chairs...
the poor 'runner-up' guy who was IN LOVE WITH TRISTA was made to be roaming "host" of the wedding... the poor guy...
HIS grandmother wore RED against the PINK... bad move...
they seemed to have mic'd up half the audience but I don't understand why...
and the most DISCUSTING thing of all... the wedding of the decade (yeh, whatever) cost 3.7 MILLION dollars!! IN FACT, nearly 3.8 million!!

Okay, now call me an 'activist' (go on, i dare ya) or a humanitarian... now I can see all their arguements in justifying spending this much on a teevee show... HOWEVER.... *huff n puff*


they COULD have made a documentary on THAT and be seen as something more reputable than a schtupid teevee show of a woman who talks like a barbie-chipmunk... marrying a guy who couldn't brush his hair properly...

i'm sure they are very nice people, and I'm sure they're really in love with each other and such... and good for them, but hell a 3.8 million dollar wedding?? I think it's a bit excessive!!

they COULD have spent the money on their local homeless people or something... I mean it's the time for giving is it not?? don't give them 3.8 million dollars worth of PINK!!

They could argue til their blue in the face with me about the fact that we need entertainment, and that they made 10 times that amount of money in advertising... yeh, well good on ya, but you STILL didn't donate a large amount of money to charity did you? no! so BAH HUMBUG to you, and you're little dog too!!

call me rough, call me mean. I don't care, but it SHIT me to TEARS...

and the ceremony was ridiculous... what the heck was pouring coloured sand into a jar supposed to be? never EVER seen that... and I've been to a lot of weddings....!!

i think it's time I started writing some letters...


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

sleep is again foreign....

damn me for not having camomile tea in the house!... i feel like i slept no more than half hour at a time last night... i have to work out how to extrude the heat from upstairs better! hmm??

why are my male friends so DIFFICULT? (no, don't answer that, please!!)

the first COOKING DAY tomorrow. hurrah!!

I got an interview for the job I applied for... I just hope that I get it now. It's exactly what I'm looking for, and it will solve my depleating money problem...

*hugs* for nic-o...


Sunday, December 14, 2003

you know you want MORE?


1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays?Erm, I live in Australia dude...

2. What is your ideal holiday celebration? How, where, with whom would you celebrate to make things perfect?Friends and picnic rugs and booze and snacky cakes all round...

3. Do you do have any holiday traditions?
my folks still drive around looking for xmas tree lights on xmas eve... and this is about the first year i said to mum, 'dont worry about and advent calendar...

4. Do you do anything to help the needy?
I've done pole-sitting a few times for Mission SA who work with local homeless people. I always donate clothing items and such that are still useful to appropriate charaties... food and such at xmas... and I'm going to be buying the big issue more often too. I like that idea...

5. What one gift would you like for yourself?
Um, I don't think I can mention that here for fear of incriminating myself...

TODAYS PLAY LIST: Lawnmower Music 93.7FM: Sundays at 2pm...
Buck65: Exes
MKB: Heatman
Basement Jaxx: Do your thing
Downsyde: El Questro
Bobby Hughes Combination: McArthurs Break
Bonobo: Something for Windy
Zero 7: Distractions (Buggz in the Attic Mix) TODAYS LOVE SONG DEDICATION
Thievery Corporation: Richest Man in Babylon (Acoustic)
The New Pollutants: The Muse
Hello Minnesota! Forget Boy
Suede: Attitude
Blondie: Hanging on the Telephone
Stereo Total: Les Chansons D'o
Entropic: Simple Terms
Spoon: Take a walk
Mint Chicks: Licking Letters
Bit by Bats: Sir! Beat Sir
Tall T and the Touchers: Touching the President
The Flaming Lips: Do you realize? (TPS MIX)
Billie Holiday: I only have eyes for you (der, that could have been the Love Song Dedication!)
The 5, 6, 7, 8's: Woo Hoo
(man, these new speakers are making my ears bleed)
Home for the def: If you know what I mean
Hip Mo' Toast Big Band: Top Hat, White Tie and Tails
The Cat Empire: The Crowd
Music Vs Physics: Phantasmagori
Kid606: Andy warhol is dead but we still have hope
Triosk meets Jan Jelinek: Vibes/Pulse
Emmylou Harris: Red Dirt Girl
Buck65: Tired Out

A Bit of Back Talk

"Talking while you walk may be bad news for your back.
According to back health experts, the body naturally exhales when feet touch the ground to protect the back from impact. However, walking and talking at the same time interrupts this pattern, which could open the door to injury, especially in people with back problems. If you walk with a partner, talk over stretches instead."

Oh, Did I mention I applied for Big Brother... I Don't think I did... but well, yeh I did... I'm curious to see how far I'd get... so it's probably more a social experiment for me than them!! ha!

wierd, wacky, wild.

can i relive the past few days please...??

oh lordy (pick a bale of cotton)...
if i really could do a rewind and slow the whole last few days to a dull roar instead of such a swooping mesh of chaos, i truly would...

to kick off Thursday my lovely chauffer pippa took me to radio where I met Buck65 (aka Rich) for the live interview... I think we ended up speaking for near on half an hour or something... which is probably much longer than any regular live interview... but he was so interesting neither myself or jules or paul wanted to stop it... so what can you do? *shrug*

Pippa taught Benjamin how to play backgammon and chatted to Rich's manager and waited patiently for us to stop yabbering... thanks pipski! xxx

I gave Rich a Depth Charge 3 CD (our new compilation), said 'see ya when i'm lookin' at ya' and sent him on his way... a few hours later went up to Enigma to get excited... and I swear I nearly started running around the venue before ANYONE was even on stage... I knew we were in for something special... MKB were bulk-ace as always and was truly impressed with my first viewing of Music Vs Physics... but when Rich took the stage... the whole room had their mouths open... some shook their butts, some stared in awe, other people smiled to themselves... my 'emoticons' were somewhere in between... thinking my head was going to explode, wondering why I was so lucky, thinking the sounds were so precious, and that it was a good thing because the man himself is so precious as well... he offered for people to touch his hair, told us he didn't condition, did one of his tracks unaccompanied more like a spoken word piece than a track, threw glitter in the air, and did some awesome scratching...

I can't explain it. I want to see it again. Pip, Seb and I had a group hug afterwards and talked to many people, mooched around til we all got kicked out...

you can read about Buck65 and view his sexy website at www.buck65.com

eta in bed... 2:30ish...

Friday I went down to Flightpath Architects on Hindley Street to view a new exhibition of Photographs by Nick Harding. They were very pleasant indeed. I love photographs... Oh, I picked up some of mine on Thursday and the pic of Brassy "making radio" with me worked a treat! When I get webhosting sorted I'll post the pictures properly!

So anyhoo, I'm sure the exhibition will be up for a little bit so go check it out!

Afterwards, 10 of us trundled down to the Vietnam Palace on Gouger Street and pigged out! We are very naughty! I hadn't been there before but it was darned tasty, and a great menu of both Vego and non-vego schtuff.

After eating, drinking, being merry and having trouble finding Karens car... Tansy and I made it to Rhino with the masses for an unadvertised DOWNSYDE show... I've been hanging out to see these guys for ages, they are truly excellent.

eta in bed... at least 3am...

moral of the story... being nocturnal can be handy when shows dont start til 1:30am!


Wednesday, December 10, 2003

ring, ring, here's the thing...

that's right... here's the thing... poor Guy Sebastian, our newly dubbed Australian Idol, yesterday returned to Adelaide only to deal with people getting heat exhaustion and one guy ending up critically ill in hospital...

HAD THE EVENT ORGANISERS THOUGHT this thing through... perhaps somewhere like the Torrens Parade Grounds, or behind the Botanic Gardens in the Parklands may have been a better spot... somewhere with GRASS and TREES!! and additional shelter... what about Elder Park (next to the Festival Theatre)??

I mean heck, I remember being in a Beastie Boys moshpit once being 2 or 3 people from the front, but after 2 or 3 songs, needing to get out (and this was at an indoor venue as well) because of not being able to breathe.... I can't imagine what being stuffed into Rundle Mall would have been like...

I had walked down the mall around 2:30 to do some banking and such for work, thinking there weren't as many people as I thought... but seeing the pics in the Advertiser (that's the story, not the pics) let me know what happened in the next hour and a half I guess! madness...

Just sent my first e-mail to Sunrise... they do good work... much better than the today show... ever since Steve 'whatshisname' did those terrorism ads, i can't look at him...


on the street where I work...

always makes me grin or cringe as appropriate... yes i'm talking about the apparent 'evil' strip of Hindley Street... honestly, i've walked around Adelaide on my own when I was 15 in the middle of the night to get to radio when we were on Franklin Street... I really have no idea what people are on about...

so this morning, my local tattoo artist who has a shop down a bit from my work said: "let this lovely lady with her bike past... if she'd let me tattoo her butt, i'd do it for free!"

to which i giggled (on the inside)... i find it highly amusing because he tries to talk/say something to me at least once a week... he obviously figures I work in the street... but I never talk back. Because I'm evil and mean!

me looking scary courtesy of one of the many evil late- night fotos taken by Spoz with his Digital Camera on drunken Adelaide adventures...

oh the hilarity!

anyhoo, as I have mentioned more times than once, I have been riding everywhere. MORE BIKES, LESS CARS!
even in 37 degree heat... and whilst this isn't advisable for everyone... I still did it. I just didn't push myself. So bravo to me... however my arms are starting to look brown where the rest of me is kinda white and pasty. so that's quite funny really. lucky i'm really the only one who sees me naked... for now anyway.

ahh, the blackeyed susans on three d... they're so pretty... *swoon*

made toast, talked to Eva on the phone about the state of affairs in the world, and went to bed last night... very exciting indeed I know!! Saving energy for tonight and tomorrow most likely...


Tuesday, December 09, 2003

yesterdays e-mail vent...

so to my friends in this wide brown land we call australia, yesterday i sent an email saying 'does anyone else feel like writing to channel 10 and telling them they are crap for playing MORE re-runs of seinfeld?'

here's some answers:

KBP: "Also the same episodes of the Simpsons over and over and over again, there are 14 years of them and yet we only see the same episodes over and over again. Sign me up. Though what would we replace it with????"
(that's a good question Pech, but like previously mentioned, I'd rather watch a documentary or what about MONTY PYTHONS flying Circus? that'd be cool!)

Dan: "i reserve my right to not watch television. at all. okay, occasional videos."

Alex: "Hmmm... i kinda like seinfeld... used to like it more than i do now... now i'm rather over it, but that's coz i've seen them all.

And as for letter writing... i *really* don't think it'd have any particular
effect on their programming. I mean, really, who are we to say what we
should watch? We are not the program directors, we are obviously not
qualified, we're definitely not on the payroll, so who are we to think we
have any say in things?

Besides, if they play half the crap that they do, such as say trashy-US
daytime soaps, then i think all hope is lost."

Mishy: "it's non ratings season they don't give a toss."

Seany: "Lol, I like Seinfeld Julie!"
(no, a traitor in our midst!)

Paul: "well I hate channel 10
in fact I hate 7,9 & 10 and get shitty reception of 2
so SBS is GOD"
(yes he's right, SBS should be God... 'cept when you can watch ABC they share the throne!)

Mark: "Count me in!!! i hate fucking seinfeld too!!!.............except for the soup nazi episode, or the episodes with the gay portaricans!"

Benji: "i never watched seinfeld in it's "day".... so i'm glad they are putting it back on!!!!"

Tanya: "Yes, I'll be in on that. Its insulting that they think we'll just sit there and watch whatever they put in front of us.
I would like to boycott tv altogether except that I am addicted and must enjoy wasting my time.."

Spoz: "I'm guessing they get 'em REAL cheap.. so, they show 'em ALL the TIME..

it's like Channel 10's bargain bin consists of - SEINDFELD, EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND, THE SIMPSONS, LAW AND ORDER (all the millions of different versions), and all that endless repeated JAMIE OLIVER crap...

I mean.. c'mon.. gives us SOMETHING good to watch besides reality tv..
I'm sick to death of reality tv.. "

(I WILL NOT HAVE SPOZ SAY SOMETHING NASTY ABOUT JAMIE OLIVER...!! though i admit there is a flood of his stuff on the market, i like him... because I too will become a master chef one day... i'm building his sort of passion for food, which kind of scares me.)

There will be a cooking day soon kids! Promise!!

Man, I'm going to SUFFER on the way home riding the bike... it's already getting hot... it wasn't so bad riding in, but still took me about 10 minutes more than usual... even though I cruised uber-quickly through the parklands this AM.... so much fun.

MORE BIKES! less freakin' cars!


Monday, December 08, 2003

i would just like to say...

i forgot how much I hated writing job applications...!!

many smooches to helen for her wise words of wisdom...

MKB! are so ace man!

forgot to mention I rode my bike again today... there is a thing called 'spend less money julie' going on in my head at the moment... so I'm being uber-cautious...

Sucks that the world relies so much on money.... boo ya sux!!

I hope you had a splendaro time in Bris-Vegas Benjamin and Tyson...


ok ok, so i've been rather quiet of late...

i haven't really been near a computer much... and/or i haven't been able to think of anything to say...

I think it's the on again/off again heat, but it also concerns me that there are other people in my family with diabetes... it hadn't occured to me til I was explaining my symptoms to a close friend, that it could actually be that...

my brain feels kind of twisted all the time recently, i get really vague and I'm kind of thirsty... my skin seems worse than normal and needs extra fluid... now I know I'm exercising more etc, but I've also been eating much better now that I've got my pastel yellow and green kitchen (go aussie go go go?)...

so anyway, this week I think I should just get a blood test to be sure... If I'm diabetic at least I'll know what it is... but I'll have to give up so many things I like...

like the brownies I made last night and distributed to the Sundy Side Up kids at the Exeter.... for Sam's Birthday!! hurray!... all to a roaring standing ovation and flowers and confetti being thrown at me for doing such a good job... i'm kidding, but I had people I didn't know complimenting me, and you can't complain about that.
Go my mrs fields cookie books and my mods! i love modifying recipes... generally i make them loads more chocolatty than they really are supposed to be... is that bad?? (see if you don't come down on a Sunday, not only do you miss out on some good art, you may also miss out on my cooking!)

there's no use stressing til I know though... should make that phone-call now... *shudder*

Friday I collected more bits and pieces from my folks house that I've had in storage there for way too long, including stuff like books and school stuff from when I was younger, it's so funny reading all the stuff you scrawl over the front of your school books ten years later! I came back, had an uber-quick costume change and Bec picked me up so we could go catch up with some old *insert old crappy work name here* people before the xmas sillyness really kicked in... at the Earl of Leister.... nice pub. wierd beer prices though.

Anyhoo.... got a lift into the East End Exchange to watch a film by Ashley Starkey about the Total Solar Eclipse that went through parts of SA in 2002. He said initially the film was going to be a scientific piece, but it ended up becoming more about the people that saw it, and their reactions to it. The video was about an hour, and he hopes to get it on to ABC or SBS so keep you eyes out for it. It was pretty cool, very funny in parts, and also very informative... I've already made a slight pact with some of the kids to try and get to Cairns in 2012 for the next Total one in Australia!! anyone??

After that I was meant to go see High Stakes and Lazaros Dog at the Austral... but I had to pay my regular Friday night visit to the Rhino Room... talked to Mick about putting more plants in behind the bar... the next addition (from me anyway) will be a chili plant or two... I'm not sure what cocktails require chilis.... but I'm sure we could find one!! Caught up with Nic and met another friend of his and got chatting for 2 1/2 hours or something... Kieran said "10 minutes hey?" when I was on my way out... so I say "just shoot me"...

oh yeh! on the topic of bad teevee... they could put re-runs of "just shoot me" on... i would have no objection to that!! or as Spoz suggested... Herman's Head... why seinfeld...?? WHY CHANNEL 10 WHY, YOU BASTARDS? Generally you are the best of the 3 commercial stations (7, 9, 10) but HOLY BEEJEESUS MAN!! NO MORE SEINFELD, NO MORE SEINFELD!! Put something educational on or something... a craft show? a cooking show? nature documentaries? but SEINFELD IS BOOOOOOOOOOOORING BORING BORING BORING BORING! I have seen every episode enough times thankyou... they were hella funny the first time round, I admit... second time i still got a giggle out, but now you've gone too far... I haven't been watching them at all... in fact if I accidentally switch on to it... i swear at the teevee and turn it off again! Snuuh fuuh and snuuh to you!

bring back Secret Life early or something... please!! you could re-run that?!

snuuh and a muuh snuuh comeon un snuuh?

talking gibberish to drunk people is highly amusing by the way...

only 3 days til the buck65 show. i'm so excited, and i just can't hide it...!!

love to michelle, nicki, guillaume, leah, sacha, rob, sam, and fin who's on his way to Tassie on wednesday for a month... what WILL we do without you??


Sunday, December 07, 2003

my mind being a dictionary of ideas....

TODAYS PLAY LIST: Lawnmower Music 93.7FM: Sundays 2-4pm: Adelaide Metro Area

Kronos Quartet: Miniskirt
StereoTotal: Cosmonaute
Mr Scruff: Giffin (Amalgamation of Sound Mix)
Buck 65: 463
Ciccone Youth: Two cool rock chicks listening to NEU!
Basement Jaxx: Right here's the spot
Ruby's Grace: Walking Over Sea (LOVE SONG DEDICATION)
Steven Strazeele: Much too much (Live to air)
Steven Strazeele: Quicker Today (Live to Air)
The Cat Empire: Nothing
Zero 7: Distractions
Steven Strazeele: Let me be (Live to Air)
Cinema Recorded Music Library: Head Spin
Music vs Physics: Sold her sounds to science
Luscious Jackson: Daughters of the Kaos
G Love and Special Sauce with Jack Johnson: Rodeo Clowns
Bonobo: Flutter
Panjabi MC: Mundian Breaks
Liam Gerner: Waiting
Billie Holiday: I got a right to sing the blues
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Spellbound
Kid 606: If I had a happy place this would be it
The New Pollutants: blast the world into space


Saturday 13th December at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, George Street, THEBARTON: 8:30pm: Free! Steven Strazeele CD LAUNCH!!


Thursday, December 04, 2003

think before you drink...

courtesy of ECO NOISE on three d radio 93.7FM today...

their guest from the Conservation Council talking about the river murray and water conservation...

ONE LITRE of ORANGE JUICE (processed and bottled etc) costs 700L of water!!

so get yourself a processor and buy a bag of oranges instead. I know it's more time consuming but hell, with figures like that, how do you ignore it??!

www.ccsa.asn.au - Conservation Council of SA
www.csiro.au - CSIRO


a nerd by any other name...

This site is certified 42% EVIL by the Gematriculator

my site is more evil than HELENS but probably cos i've written WHORE many times... hehe.

last night i saw Dave Williams shaking his butt at Rhino... and yes i know he's a comedian, but he's well versed in butt-shaking as well... he also tattooed my arm with "dave" (that looked like PAVE) in a loveheart... aww.

Nicki, Dan and I saw Tansy at the Ex and met her friend Jess... caught up with Jodi from FUSE which was good to be in non-FUSE capacity having a chat instead of working for once!!

Too much beer... I feel so snuuh today, but I don't think it's just the beer...
that's paranoiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... mmmmmmmmm....

Yesterday during the day all I did was walk down to the shopping centre and back with arms full of boring things like cleaning products and toilet paper... only to find the mop head i just bought that "fits all 4 post mop types" doesn't bloody well fit... the crack-whore liars! And did other boring things like update my resume and do all the dishes that had been piling up from having the girls over and making soup and stuff and things... oh and of course slotted Jerry in and listened to my Henry Mancini and Elton John records whilst cleaning!!

Only one week til the Buck65 interview.... WOOHOO! Don't forget 5:30, December 11th on 93.7FM... *swoon*


Tuesday, December 02, 2003

lentil soup, and letting a man rub you down...

sounds interesting I know... but really it just meant I cooked up some tasty red lentil and tomato soup yesterday and then Tom came over and gave me a massage! I will post the soup recipe when I've got it nearby...

If you're in Adelaide and you ever need a massage, Tom's your man! (Let me know, I'll get you the number) I slept so well afterwards, and he pretty much fixed up my "broken hip" problem too... 'cept i'm sure I'll screw it up again when I next go for a ride!!

Yesterdays Jerry topic was something to do with sleeping with your mother...!! honestly, where DO they find these people??... I could suggest somewhere, and I think you know where I would say...!!

...and Oprah was about stepping into someone elses shoes for a time to see what it's like... eg. the story of an obese woman, the story of a family where the two parents are two different types of dwarves, subsequently they have 3 regular sized children and one half of the pair of twins is a dwarf as well... interesting look at geneology...!! apparently because the parents aren't the same type of dwarf, the chances were about 50% as to whether the children would be dwarfs themselves...

why don't they make an Aussie daytime show that's decent... I mean, Bert Newton's a legend, but it's such a different vein to Oprah or Jerry... I heard the Jerry producers were in Australia recently looking for wierd stories.

I didn't really watch both these programs in their entirety, more background noise for lunch time cos I spent most of the day doing my regular house pottering/cooking fest for a monday. My day also consisted of walking to the funnest place in the WORLD (add sarcasm and stir) my local dole office!!

BUT hopefully for not much longer, I have found a job in the paper that fits in with my other job pretty perfectly, and it's soooooooooooo up my alley... i wont say what it is yet in case I don't even get an interview... but I'm very excited, it's come at the right time!!

Stuff and things...
the girls are coming over tonight for a 'root and snort' night (i kid, it's what i said to guillaume when he invited me to a gig that's on tonight!!)... no actually it's a eat and chat gathering with maybe a little Amelie on DVD thrown in...

but they'll be NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

Is anyone else sick of the repeats of Seinfeld??!


Sunday, November 30, 2003

giant girl with knee high socks...

Friday Five.... late again I know...

1. Do you like to shop? Why or why not?
Yeh, but generally on my own or just one other person, otherwise it becomes WAY too complicated...

2. What was the last thing you purchased?
a pizza scroll from Bakers Delight

3. Do you prefer shopping online or at an actual store? Why?
Store for clothes/shoes/make up and all the boring stuff you need to 'try' before buying.... cd's and stuff can come from online if they're cheaper than the stores...

4. Did you get an allowance as a child? How much was it?
yeh a little i think. we used to save it up for the show every year.

5. What was the last thing you regret purchasing?
my car!

Sharon and Adam got married yesterday!! It was very nice and special in a forest out near their place in Williamstown... then we all went back to their place (fondly known as "Kermit") and consumed large amounts of soup, curries, antipasto and the like, and beer of course...

I got hayfever in the middle of the night... wierd. anyhoo... Molly drove us all up there in her van lovingly named Stella... and we made it with not a moment to spare... *phew*


Machine Gun Fellatio are playing tonight and I can't wait!! Still feeling lethargic and wierd though... and hoping it's still just the weather... cos I just read something about heart attacks... though I hope I'm too young to have one...

Kronos Quartet: Miniskirt
Basement Jaxx: Supersonic
GB3: Circlework
Scared Wierd Little Guys: South Australia!
StereoTotal: Furore
Machine Gun Fellatio: Blacklamb
Lemonheads: If I could talk I'd tell you (LOVE SONG DEDICATION)
Bad Girls of the Bible: Racing
The Cat Empire: Beanni
MKB: Heatman
Noonday Underground: the Light Brigade (Gerling Mix)
Jefferson Starship: Stairway to Cleveland
Dashboard Confessional: Carve your Heart out Yourself
Richard Easton: Wake Up
Wayne Newton: Danke Shoen!!!
Paper Tiger: what would you do?
Boys Next Door: Shivers
Nancy Sinatra: Bang Bang (my baby shot me down)
(that's the first hours worth...)

Make your own men...http://www.mrmen.com/makemrmen.htm

Yeh, I need that site, can't you see I'm running out of options here! hehe.

My latest kind of plan for 2004...
work whatever jobs til I can go to work as a camp counscellor in the USA in their summer (so I guess June-August-ish)... come back and drive up the east coast fruit picking and going to festivals through summer, visiting some people and stuff... taking photographs and other things!! yahoo!

because lets face it, working loads of hours bores the pants off of me... at least it does when you're looking at a computer all day...

hmmm... yes, stuff and things...

here's hopin' my cherry tomatoes turn out more impressive than Benjamins...


Friday, November 28, 2003

Book Crossing...

go have a look at bookcrossing.com - what an excellent concept and props to whomever created it...

basically the idea is you can either lend to someone or leave somewhere, a book in 'the wild'... someone else can then pick it up, log on the net that they've got it, read and post comments on it, and leave it somewhere else to be hunted for, collected, read.... it goes on and on... pretty cool i reckon.

so we've started a book crossing spot at three d... if anyone else is interested in participating, check it out... when i've got a few books to pass on, i'll let you know!!

beer is my friend...

why is it that I used to care about consuming loads of water when I drank, and now I honestly wait til about the last round of drinks... is it because I think that it will interrupt my night of beers and mirth? probably.

went to worldsend last night for a catch up with the FUSE kids and beers and snacks, then Abby and I went down to the Ex and bumped into Tom and Melinda and Tansy and Mike and some of their friends. Hurrah! One big silly family of beer consumers...

xmas ideas: WDCS Australia - adopt a dolphin!!

vote to Impeach Bush
From the notes on the site... "Impeachment is the direct constitutional means for removing a President, Vice President or other civil officers of the United States who have acted or threatened acts that are serious offenses against the Constitution, its system of government, or the rule of law, or that are conventional crimes of such a serious nature that they would injure the Presidency if there was no removal."

Info from Greenpeace: "No doubt you will have seen or heard that Greenpeace is being put on trial in the United States for a non-violent protest that boarded a ship carrying illegally logged mahogany from Brazil. The U.S. is the largest importer of tropical wood from the Brazilian Amazon, so our actions in the U.S. are crucial if we want to end illegal and destructive deforestation down here.

If the Bush administration wins this case, it could effectively shut down Greenpeace in the U.S. We could be facing a five-year probation that would silence our voice to peacefully protest crimes against the environment. "

Man, if I had more cash at the moment I'd be doing more protesting...

Thursday, November 27, 2003

spiderman, spiderman, doin' the things a spider can...

(damn, lost a whole post, damn internet!!)

spiderman is COOL. watched it last night on DVD for the first time. Not what I expected, but not sure what I really did expect anyway...

Also made dinner for Sharon and Adam who dropped off some chooky eggs so I can make biscuits... mmm biscuits...

according to real age, my "real age" is 20.6 (woohoo!) so how come I feel so lethargic then??

adj : deficient in alertness or activity; "bullfrogs became lethargic with the first cold nights"

and i've worked out it's not chronic fatigue... the symptoms don't match... i checked!! I mean I'm pretty active with all the riding and walking and schtuff and things, but I feel so tired... maybe it's just the weather and hayfever messing with me still...

cool interview on Late for Breakfast with Jello Biafra this morning (you know, ex Dead Kennedys singer... travels around doing loads of spoken word now...)

damni un bacio!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

"sit down whore"

the funniest thing when I sat down to eat 'breakfast' at 12noon today... Jerry Springer! That guy has the best job in the world, his producers go out and find the most screwed up people to come on the show and then he tries to be rational with them, they just start screaming at each other and he sits up the back giggling... at least I'm sure he does after the show with a big fat vodka martini in one hand, and a cigar in the other...
he deserves props most of all because he generally manages to keep a straight face through it all!! hehe.

Yes, and the audience have a lot to answer for I think... the chants of "SIT DOWN WHORE" are somewhat inappropriate... along with "he likes dicks" (i think that was what they were saying, hard to understand the ugly mob)...

anyhoo, phew! at three d cataloguing some new gear from Stomp Records... looking at stuff to do with Buck65 and thinking how sexy his web-site is... and how privelidged I am for getting the interview... *shudder*

be still my beating x-chromosome... or should that be y??

scored myself a splendid buck65 12" of wicked and wierd as well as MKB's new 7" today.... swell!

I like the word swell, I also like the word FANTAZMAGORICAL and SPLENDARO! (as if you didn't know that)

I do NOT understand the word "nonce"...
it doesn't seem to actually fit in any sentence I can think of... If anyone has any suggestions where it actually might work, be sure to post it in the comments...


Tuesday, November 25, 2003

where the "SNNUUH" is Wally??

in-joke, nevermind...
sorry benjamin...

Sunday night at the Ex was kind of surreal and wierd... this guy wouldn't keep his mouth shut when Big Al was doing a comedy set... not heckling, just being rude and abusing him... so when he finished and Sam (the MC) got up to say stuff, this guy did it again... Sam said "well does anyone have anything to say about that?" and I couldn't resist so piped up and said how f*cking rude it was that this guy couldn't respect people trying to do their art... so he called me something discusting so I stood up and moved closer to him and tried to explain that he's just being a plain dickhead... yada yada. whatever he called me Fin got up and went over to him and gave him a serve because he said to me afterwards that he wouldnt let anyone talk to me like that... ever... that's SO nice. I love my friends. We nearly had to get security to remove this guy, he got up and started going on about how he'd never been educated, been brought up on Jesus Christ and told masturbation was wrong...?? so ok he was a little loopy, and it kind of scared the bee-jesus outta me, but I couldn't let him sit there and abuse people either... and people then started saying when he'd left that i'd just said exactly what they were all thinking...

i neglected to mention a couple thursdays ago when i was walking to a friends (who is like 20 minutes away) I passed the
evil corner on which i got called 'ugly fat whore' out the car window by that guy a few weeks earlier... and you know what, I thought it kind of ironic... someone wolf whistled out their car window at me on the SAME corner... strange!!

So i figure if the car comes from the north, they like to yell "ugly fat whore" from their car, but if they come from the west they like to wolf whistle... i'll work out the east and south ones later obviously...

perhaps i'm just delusional...

oh, and ANOTHER THING, I watched the Kylie live gig on the box last night, and I must say a couple things... what the MASHUGANA was with the dancers costumes?? and I like Kylie a lot, but if she can get away with singing like that and being some kind of international super-star, then heck, i'm just gonna work on my upper body and ass and kick hers right outta the business!!

I get disappointed so much when I see big name stars perform somewhat poorly... rest assured, I love Kylie like the rest of everyone so I expect no punishing comment posts ok?? It just confuses me!!


Sunday, November 23, 2003

ant invasion...

man, do you know how difficult it is to get rid of ants without ant rid?? i can't afford such luxuries...

what a full on couple of days...

Friday I worked til 1 and then went home, ate dinner at 3 and went back into town to help set up the Aus Live Music Awards at the Garage and then door bitched the rest of the night away with the gorgeous Terri and Abby... (4CB Sat Mornings on 3d)

afterwards briefly trundled to Jive to catch Liam Gerners full set supporting Dave Graney and then on to the Cranker for the Satellites... and of course the regular Friday drop-in on the Rhino Room... *sigh* mmm. Rhino.... mmm, mmm, mmm.... be still... be still...

ETA in bed 2:30am...

Saturday went in to FUSE around 4pm to set up HQ with Terri and spunky Michelle and get organ-a-sized for the music showcase. I was posted at Caos with Abby and we had some awesome acts there.... August Falls, Pete Stone and the Assistance (WA), Problem Pony *neigh*, Jacsen Rae (VIC) & The Charlie Parkers (TAS)...

after I packed up, checked out the last couple tracks of SPOD... hehe. laugh-riot!! and went to fowlers to catch the last track or so of the beat smugglers who were going off like some kind of analogy you could insert here such as 'frog in a sock'...

ETA in my bed 3:30... but do you think I could sleep....?? no, i got my second wind! goddamnned caffeine!! I'm surprised I can stand up, let alone produce my show today...

TODAYS PLAY LIST: Lawnmower Music, Sundays at 2pm, 93.7FM
Kronos Quartet: Miniskirt
Cinco Locos: Retrovision
Trey: Take Time Out
The Cat Empire: The Crowd
The Afghan Whigs: Somethin' Hot
The Titanics: Harmonica
Zero 7: Distractions (LOVE SONG DEDICATION)
Richard Easton: Hey Sometimes
Problem Pony: Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
The Charlie Parkers: Something Wrong
Pete Stone & The Assistance: Aeroplane
The Beautiful Girls: Music
Thievery Corporation: Vivid (for Nic *waving*)
Manu Chao: Mr Bobby
... and this was just 1 hours worth!!

FRIDAY FIVE (even though its sunday, hey i've been busy!!)
1. List five things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year.
voice-over contact, 5 kilos go bye-byes, master the crow pose, maybe put on a music show, and the last thing is for me to know!!

2. List five people you've lost contact with that you'd like to hear from again.
John K, Philby (where ARE you??), Mikey in Colorado, Cass, Dave&Sue (seem to have disappeared but I know where they are!!)

3. List five things you'd like to learn how to do.
walk on my hands, make bread from scratch jamie oliver style, hack better, cook everything in the world!!, read music

4. List five things you'd do if you won the lottery (no limit).
ooh... hell i dont know... buy large parts of land so that people can't trash them... support muso's and comedians more (put on some damn good festivals or something), throw a big fat party - fly everyone to greece or something, sponsor a zillion poor children, buy a couple properties so i can spend my time volunteering instead of working poo jobs to get by!!

5. List five things you do that help you relax.
cook, sing, dance, lie in the sun, drink chai

best be off i guess...
big love to all the FUSE kids Anne, Terri, Skye, Jodi, Tao, Lisa, Abby, Kelly, Tom, Michelle, Ben & Ben etc etc etc... kisses and hugs and sugar and spice and all things nice... had a top weekend.... xxx


Friday, November 21, 2003

stuff and a few things...

xmas gift ideas: http://www.tear.org.au/giftcatalogue/page2.htm

My favourite venue for mirth in Adelaide... RHINO ROOM, Frome Road

SOMEONE asked me a while ago how I can live on my own...
well there are many answers to this one...
1) being able to potter around the house cleaning (or just pottering) whenever I like
2) having people round whenever I like
3) nudity
4) music volume / control of what goes on the teev and what is banned from being watched
5) i can mess up the kitchen good and proper
6) i can sleep when I want / need to...
7) baths! (need i say more?)

stuff and things see?
i mean sometimes it's nice to have someone else around, but all in all, i'm pretty used to it now... besides I have a telephone, and I have a playstation if I get bored, or I just get on me bike and go visit someone... *shrug* it does have it's benefits!!

the past...
saw my old boss from *insert last crap workplace here* this morning on my way to work... she seems much happier than when we were both stuck at that hell hole. Funnily enough we both quit on the same day! hehe.

rode my bike to work today cos it's fun! and fun!

working as door-biAtch tonight at the Aus Live Music Awards at the Garage. Should be bulk-ace!!

who put the bop in the 'bop shoo wap shoo wap'?


Thursday, November 20, 2003

sleep is so foreign to me...

at least it cooled down a bit over night so I can air-out my bedrooms upstairs. They were almost turning into saunas...

re: the BUCK interview Joooooooooolia, it will be LIVE TO AIR *shudder*... can't wait. How sexy! First Brassy, now this! I can hardly contain my excitement!! (though with all the FUSE things on my brain this week I hardly seem excited about anything else... cos I'm too tired and overworked!!)

Speaking of FUSE, the coolest thing about today is that they are playing the 4 Minute Wonders at the Greater Union in Hindley form 7:30pm... it's free! It's the short films that were made for JJJ unearthed winners tracks, but they also had to stand alone in their own right...
cool. I think there are 12 films in total... in fact there are.... you can read more about the comp here... abc.net.au/4minutewonders


Went to Rhino last night for some comedy... a little quiet, but I suppose everyone was watching IDOL... thank CHRIST (or whoever you feel appropriate) that Guy won over Shannon.... apart from the bad teeth, I think Shannon was one of the poorer singers in the top 5... but good on him for giving it a go I guess...

AND my $11.99 shoes are still in tact!!

awww, suzy and andrew are playing the beach boys... cute!! They do a fantastic show on 3d on Thursday mornings between 9-11am... very magazine style. very cool.

and who could forget STRANGE RAMPAGE, Fridays between 9-11am!! teehee! with Julia Goolia and Carlo-ita!!

errrrr.... all I can say this morning is thankyou for caffeine.... thank you thank you thank you...
i think lunch at Caos is in order... for the best grilled chicken burger in Adelaide, check out Caos... seriously!!! mmm...

oh, if you want the BESTEST coffee in Adelaide, go to Citrus Blu on Union Street!!



Wednesday, November 19, 2003

be still my beating heart...

i would like to announce that I will be interviewing BUCK 65 on three d on Thursday 11th December at 5:30pm....

as I said, be still my beating heart...


Tuesday, November 18, 2003

i'm as bad as pippa...

dropping salad down my shirt...
i guess that's what happens when you wear cleavage-showing shirts!!

actually I'm probably WORSE than Pippa!! She's way classier than me!!

Did I mention my whirlwind shopping expedition at lunch included me buying some thongs? No? well I did! hooray, no more three corner jacks in my feet when I put the washing out!!

and I think I just found the most comfy pair of slip on shoes EVER!!!...

two pairs of shoes for $24? you can't go wrong!! Sure they may fall apart next week, but it will be worth it!!

"moonlight in vermont..."

still humid out there... bah!
is anyone else finding they are wearing less and less to bed with this weather or is it just me??


10 months ago...

to the day i quit smoking...
and i've decided that I RULE!!

spiders and bad karma...
the big evil black spider nicki and i stirred up when we attempted to get the blinds down out the front of my house got IN to my house and climbed into my bedroom so I discovered last night...
i HATE spiders, but usually I will have the nouse to get it outside without too much trouble, but the ceilings upstairs are high and I couldn't reach it to put it in something to get it outside, so I had to squish it with the end of the clothes hanger pole thingy.... and I know that's bad karma, and I expect when I get home that they'll be a whopping great big web that will catch me when I open the front door...

curly hair...
those of you that are wondering if I had a perm.... NO! God NO, that's so 1985! it's just how my hair goes when it's short... unfortunately or not.... I haven't decided...

welcome...tanya to the online world of blogging...

good luck...
pippa, nicki and benjamin with their last uni schtuff this week...

this is the end of the blogging...

Monday, November 17, 2003

the CAT EMPIRE rocked the house!!

oh my golly godfather, what a splendaro *clap, clap* gig they had in store for the kids that could get through the door at Jive.... overflowing.... in fact I think at least 50 got turned away if not more....

they played two sets and unfortunatley didn't bring the additional horn section that appears on their album, but they sounded awesome and put on a huge show!! and we all shook our butts like there was no tomorrow...

but then i woke up and realised there was a tomorrow... so I'm back at FUSE...

"unbind my feet"

Sunday, November 16, 2003

in the still of the night...

new haircut ahoy, Friday I ventured into town to have some snacks at worldsend with Nicki and Tanya... then Sharon also was there, then Nic was also there to give me hugs and then half the people i know took over the pool table and giggled and drank...

yes.... on to Rhino with Tansy to shake some butt...
found a couple of the animation kids hiding in the corner...

er, yeh, then i lost my mind and my eyes became glazed, all i needed was sleep...

saturday my neighbours and i made pumpkin gnocchi... worked very well... here's how to make it!!

PUMPKIN GNOCCHI (Shaggy Shaz's recipe with my mods...)
750g Pumpkin or Potato
3 Cups Plain Flour
1 egg yolk

Boil the pumpkin til soft and mash up. Cook on stove top for a further five minutes adding a little more butter (emphasis on little) til it goes a little dry.
Mix in Flour and Egg Yolk til you can knead into a dough.
Pull apart and create about tennis ball size balls of dough.
Roll out into a long sausage no more than 3cm wide (remember it puffs up).
Cut into small pieces, stab a fork mark in the top...
Dust with flour so they don't stick together.
Pop into boiling hot water.... they will take about 2 minutes to cook so have your sauce ready!! You'll know its done as they float to the surface when they are ready... you can scoup them out and serve straight away.

THE WHITE MUSTARD SAUCE... pretty much the same as tuna mornay white sauce really...
30g butter
3 tsp plain flour
1/2 L milk
3/4 Cup grated cheese
1 tsp seeded mustard

melt butter, take off heat and mix in the plain flour. You should have a yellowy paste. Return saucepan to heat and gradually add milk. Use a whisk to thicken... once thick add your cheese in and stir through. then add seeded mustard. you can add salt and pepper too if you like...

wack it on the pasta. eat it. it's damn good.

Last night I went up to Birdwood to my cousin Kylies Engagement party, then back through to Modbury Hts to see DiPana make balloon animals... which i left in the BACK OF GREGS CAR... waah! :(

Krosnos Quartet: Miniskirt
Ugly Duckling: the Opening Act
Quantic: Transatlantic
Stereo Total: Furore
The Mint Chicks: Licking Letters
The Renevators: Mr Rude and Mr Big
Blue States: Diamente
LOVE SONG DEDICATION 1: The Rolling Stones: (I can't get no) satisfaction
LOVE SONG DEDICATION 2: Tori Amos: Caught a Lite Sneeze
Nancy Sinatra: Bang Bang (my baby shot me down)
The Big Band: Rise Up 12" Mix (GO HFTD BB you BIG RED FIRE ENGINE!!!! *swoon*)
The New Pollutants: Blast the World Into Space
Buck 65: Protest

ugh... can't be arsed. there was more of course...

Friday, November 14, 2003

if you eat the seeds of watermelons...

does a watermelon plant start growing in your stomach...??

do you remember when you were a kid and someone tried to convince you of such a thing... i do... anyway...

more locquats... i want them all...

merry last exam to benjamin... xx

merry last exam to shaggy shaz...

er, had a funny time at radio this morning with the beat smuggly kearin and carlo and julia during STRANGE RAMPAGE!

now we're off to St Peters Bakery for some sustanance, then I'd best get on my bike and go to Unley to get my hair cut off!! bye bye hair!!


Thursday, November 13, 2003

A High-Risk Belly??

Keeping your belly trim may help reduce your risk of diabetes.
Recent research reveals that carrying extra belly fat may increase a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes. To diminish belly flab, skip the so-called spot reducers and focus on cardio exercises instead, such as brisk walking or swimming. Studies show that a good cardio workout can help reduce abdominal fat.

Get useful info like this at realage.com... find out how old you're really making your body by all the things you're doing to it on a daily basis... sounds depressing I know, but can also be useful for a 'heads up'!

Goddamnnit! I guess that means sit-ups (or something of similar painfulness) are in order... considering there is SOME diabetes in my family, I should probably heed to such advice... not that it's so bad, it's going away with all the riding, but needs more of a push to schlock off...

new link: Luke Ashby Band

OK another update... part of the FUSE opening party is the ALMAS - The Australian Live Music Awards... this year being held at the Garage on Waymouth Street on Friday 21st Nov. Tix are strictly limited (like i think it holds 250 max) and are selling like hotcakes... so basically if you want a chance to schmooze with loads of industry type peeps then log on to the FUSE site or ring their office...

does anyone else find the strokes new stuff exactly the same as the old stuff....? like regurgitator said "i like your old stuff better than your new stuff..." or perhaps they're just boring, or perhaps i'm just over it...

stuff and things...
did i mention buck 65 today? no i didn't... buck 65...!!

ps. i knew there was a reason i brought a jacket to work today... it's goddamned freezing in nyah!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

breakfast at gregs...

greg sms'd me to see if i was up for brekkie and i was actually awake to wait for the electrician to come at 8am...

me: "greg, your gonna burn yourself mate!"
greg: "I already did yesterday"

like it doesnt matter or something...!!

kamikaze iron episode... don't ask me, i'm just the messenger.

we made scrambled eggs with capsicum and onion and greg burnt the bacon... I'm kidding, it was fine. Don't hurt me Greg......... argggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

and mike, your doubly as pikey now. kuffaw!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

hey hey Helen...

yeh ok so HELEN wanted a mention... so here it is...
you know i luvs ya babe!

i will also mention the following people that i love dearly:
nic *licks*
sam, ben, mark
Mr Ory
Lisa and Serena (my neighbours who'll braid my hair at a beck and call...)
Nate *waving*
some guy in sydney whose arse i will be kicking at scrabble sometime in the future...
oh, other Nic (red monika)
Aliese and Brian
and everyone at three d... 'spesh julia and carlo-ita...

this is the end of the rambling...

Monday, November 10, 2003

filling in the rest of the geek-end...

so actually what really happened on the weekend was that on Friday I worked 9-2 then rode home and Nicki came over to make stuff for Sharons party.... I washed dishes and gave cooking advice (what, like i'm a master or something??)...

...then we went along to the Belgian Beer bar to welcome Kylie back from her world-travelling adventure.... on to Scoozi for some snacks. now it wasn't that great, so I don't think I'll go there again for dinner... anyhoo... then on to Fumo Blu. I never feel like I fit in there, so when I got a call from my exes mate Damien I toddled off to catch up with him, which was kewl too. Then on to Rhino to say giddy to the kiddies Mick, Nic and Katie. When I arrived I received my official invite to the Tracksuit Party (which happens to be the same day as sharon and adams wedding BUGGER!)... the invite is cool... it's a wrist band with the rhino symbol on it. yep, i've been wearing it everywhere. Good for the RSI in my wrist too!!

anyhoo, time of arrival in my bed... about 2:30am... sheesh.

H-Town adventure began about 10am for brekkie at Henley Square, we got back around 2 I think... don't know really. Then we went off to Sharons party and I went into town about 9:45 to see Average's new project THE DAIRY BROTHERS perform at the Austral. They were playing with High Stakes but didn't stay for the cock-rock... went to Trav and Jo's and hung out there for a bit... started to walk back to my place on my own til I ran into some kids throwing stuff around on the street in the middle of the night. Decided to turn back and call a taxi instead. Probably a better idea. I just like walking, regardless if it's in the middle of the night or not, and I like to feel safe in my own suburb.... which I usually do, but my walk started in Parkside.... meh to Parkside kids smashing sh*t and taking stuff....

Yesterday rode to radio and back, then caught the bus in to the Grace to see Luke Ashby do a short set as part of a Feast show... then we went for dinner at worldsend, and Luke went off to a performance and I went home.

Lied on the new-old couch watching Miss Congeniality.... yeh somewhat amusing, but still perdy b-grade...

back at work today... *sigh*
cos the Max 6 launch is tomorrow night...


Sunday, November 09, 2003

todays play list...

feeling a little bit eccentric today... as always...

Kronos Quartet: Miniskirt
Sleepy Jackson: Miniskirt
Luke Ashby: Amber on the downbeat
Thievery Corporation: Richest Man in Babylon (Acoustic)
Lou Reed: Satellite of Love
Mia Dyson: Precious Thing
Little Birdy: Replapse (todays love song dedication)
Dinah Washington: Cold Cold Heart (double love song dedication just about)
Compay Segundo: Chan Chan
Paradise Motel: German Girl
Stereo Total: Supercool
Legless: Rockstar
Basement Jaxx: Right heres the spot
the New Pollutants: Ghouls and Ghosts
Kid Koala: Robochacha
Mr Scruff: Giffin (amalgamation of sound mix)
Home for the Def: the First Act of Violence
Rancid: Time Bomb
The Panics: Kid you're a dreamer
The Cat Empire: Nothing
G Love and Special Sauce: Rodeo Clowns
Handsome Boy Modelling School: The Projects
Buck 65: Protest
Goldfrapp: Black Cherry

oh i'm sick of waiting til I play tracks to finish the list... here's the lyrics to the LOVE SONG DEDICATION for this week... (it took me AGES to actually find the lyrics on the net, so be thankful...)

Live on the outside
I'll help you through your pain
If you help me through mine
Never have I met
Someone as insensitive as you

I want to escape what you've done to my life
But I love the way that you're always on my mind
It's ok you're not a bad one you're sane
I can't help this pain that I feel

Relapse and soda
My head is not all that you want it to lay
Exisistance in purpose
Explain what my touch means to you if it does

I want to escape what you've done to my life
But I love the way that you're always on my mind
It's ok you're not a bad one you're sane
I can't help this pain that I feel

I want to escape what you've done to my life
I love the way that you're always on my mind
It's ok you're not a bad one your sane
So I write you a love song I feel so blue


Yesterday we went to Harbour Town (now affectionaly known as "H-Town") with Mish, Steven, Coolan, Len, Leigh*dust, Pippa, Sarah, and we all spent cash and wondered why it's called Harbour Town when it's neither near a Harbour or is a town?? So yeh, I bought a halter neck (patterned strangely like Freddy Krugers jumper...) and underwear pretty much, and some wrist bands and more hair clips. I love hair clips.

Did I mention by the end of Friday I'll have a new hair-do?? well I will. Damn it I WILL!!

hotornot.com still cracks me up...


Friday, November 07, 2003

there's something about my kitchen...

that makes everyone wanna cook in it...

maybe it's the bright yellow... actually I'm pretty much convinced that is it...

If I ever purchase a house of my own, I think the kitchen will end up being the most expensive update to the house... I want a kitchen bench chopping board like Jamie Oliver... totally!!

oh, except for the bath, that's gonna cost a mint, ya gots to have a good bath i tells ya!

I wanna say a big HI to Fin and big licks as well... just because I can...

now not everyone will understand the constant references to *licks*... let me make it clear I don't generally walk up to people in the street and lick them... well not many anyway.... *kuffaw*... but our friend Phil (Nichol, some of you saw him last fringe) had a show at the Ed Fringe last year called "Things I Like, I Lick"... and I thought that was perdy cool, and sums up how I feel about things I like... sometimes I really DO wish I could lick them.... So it's become a bit of a saying of sorts...


Zuchini Slice

375g Zucchini (about 1 large one)
1 onion or half a leek
grated carrot if you wish
1 Cup SR Flour
1/2 cup oil
1 Cup grated cheese
5 Eggs
salt and pepper

Grate up the Zucchini and Carrot. Finely slice and dice the onion. Mix it all together in a bowl.
Lightly beat eggs. Sift Flour. Whack it all in the bowl and mix it up til it's a sticky mixture.

Put in a greased baking tray, cook in a moderate oven (180-200C) for 30-40 minutes.

Top of slice will brown when it's cooked. You can always test the consistency of the middle with a skewer... but you knew that.

Last night Vairi made it with grated pumpkin instead of carrot. That works too. i guess you could use any kind of starch or root vegetable if you liked or red onion instead of leek/normal onion.... i'll report on some variations when I've tried them. You can also fry up a couple rashes of bacon and add it to the mixture...

rode my bike to work today.... speaking of which, I should get back to it I suppose *sigh*


Thursday, November 06, 2003

fuuh snnuhh...!!

I have to work tomorrow...


but hey, I kind of need that money to register the car, so it ain't all bad.... otherwise how will I get to Sharon and Adam's wedding? I don't think I'm quite up to riding to Williamstown..... although... I could attempt it... nah, not for a good 6 months I reckon!!

and about that "i always wanted to be jane" comment a few days ago with the Tarzan thing... that's bollocks actually, I never wanted to be her... I don't think I've ever wanted to BE anyone...

however, one hung-over morn, me and little-Fi sat trying to contain the pain in her loungeroom, eating fruit and hot chips (go the wierd food combination, but anyway...) and lo and behold a Tarzan movie came on teevee. Now you may have noticed that for a few months they were playing them on Saturday mornings.... tres funny. Very unbelievable. In one, Jane died at the end, but was resurrected cos he said something like "Jane no die".... jeeeeeeeeeeeezzz.... if it was that easy, no-one would have a phobia of death.... wierd. anyhoo....

i think that's enough bloggity blogging for today....

and on something unrelated and perhaps somewhat personal.... if you want it, here it is, come and get it, but you'd better hurry cos it's going fast....

ps. anyone that listens to me on three d between 2 & 4pm on Sundays knows that I have a weekly LOVE SONG DEDICATION.... so if you have any suggestions, let me know. It's been quite difficult for me of late....


yes, Justin Hamilton was back in town last night strutting his superb hosting skills all over the Rhino Room stage like an old pro... well i guess he is the godfather of Adelaide comedy isn't he?

I spent 8 hours at FUSE yesterday organising stuff with Terri for our Volunteers meeting... it went really well and it was nice to see some familiar volunteery faces from last years Eat the Street program! yay! we're all back in one big happy family!! hurrah hurrah hurrah!

will be heaps fun!

yeh and since when should I have to be on JOB NETWORK! boo! i'm doing my fair share of contributing to the community. Bum-faces!! Actually the chick said I might have already fulfilled that requirement by working my 15 hours... cool. No job network meetings for me! hooray!

it just keeps getting better..... money depleating or not...

MACHINE GUN FELLATIO on November 30th!! yay, never seen them, definately going!!


Wednesday, November 05, 2003

damn you mike...

make me look at silly schtupid websites...
i always wanted to be jane after all.... :)


What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

The Crowd (the Cat Empire)

"Lord unchain my hands
let me sing inside the crowded trams
let me dance among the traffic jams
we're going to sleep
on the St Kilda sands

Lord unbind my feet
let me mingle with the good people
we meet
water rising up into the street
unbind my feet"


hmm, not much else to say today.... it's one of those days.
At FUSE again pounding keys....


Tuesday, November 04, 2003

DB Magazine Readers awards

don't forget to vote for your favourite live acts!



if humans would only keep their mouths shut...

or at least think before they speak...

yesterday after Terri and I had finished being flyer-tarts at the OB at the Uni Bar for the Fuse Fest, we bumped into a girl who was very concerned because her brother had stormed off... he was autistic and someone had said the wrong thing to him...

if people would just be nice to each other and say "please", "thankyou", "excuse me" etc etc more often, maybe these sorts of things wouldn't happen...

funny that it happened actually, because earlier in the day as I walked in the sunshine to my centrelink appointment (bah) some guy yelled "ugly fat whore" out of his car window at me....

now I thought "ugly"... not really, kind of ordinary, but not a hat full of arseholes...
"fat"... yeh actually i'm about 4 kilos over what i should weigh for my height... where's that lypo machine??...
"whore".... you've GOT to be kidding...

and other than that I thought.... he's a P-Plater driving a beat-up shitty Sigma... so I laughed and kept walking...


Sunday, November 02, 2003

an appropriate health update...

i get health tips sent to my email cos it interests me... here's one i should take heed to, but i'm schtupid so I don't...

Dare to Share
Struggling to hide your true feelings may not always be the best health bet.
A recent study revealed that when people discussed a controversial topic but suppressed their emotions about the subject, their blood pressure readings tended to climb. Over time, chronic spikes in blood pressure could prematurely age the cardiovascular system. Let your partner know how you really feel about important matters.

break it, break it down...

sunshine, lollipops and banana pancake mixture everywhere...

mmm banana pancakes...

last night aliese, brian, nicki and sharon all came over to veg out and eat with me. cos i decided enuf partying is enuf! and so stayed home (gee, like that will change today, i'll be outta the house by 8!)

we played some more greed (of which i am now the grand poo-bah greg so sucked-in), tried white m&m's (not bad, not bad... "apricotty" said aliese), and made more banana pancakes... mmm sugary.

Friday, which was Halloween, not that I suppose we really 'celebrate' it in Australia, only to have an excuse for a party really... anyway, so FRIDAY! mmm Friday.... mmm Friday.... er, yes I donned my black devil-horned wig and my new favourite pants, missed the bus but eventually made it to the Jade Monkey for Brilligs CD LAUNCH and FILMCLIP launch too. yum. Pippa and Aliese looked splendaro *clap, clap* all costumed up... and I had nearly everyone I met dare me to actually really dye my hair black... could be interesting i guess. thoughts??

After Bit By Bats and Brillig had finished doin' their thing, we trundled down to Rhino for RED MONIKA and Morganics. Hell, I think we missed both of them but I gots to say it was worth it....

HI NIC you gorgeous thing you... thank you for making my night complete. talk soon.

and no Nic O'C I'm not talking about you, even though you know I love you... even if you DO call me a schlapper! (just thought I should clarify which Nic was which Nic...)

i am proud to say I could actually have tequila without having it make me gag... (refer a 21st birthday party... not my party, someone elses... about 2 years or more ago... ooh nasty)... though I didn't really want it, but when your bartender says 'just f*cking drink it' i guess you go 'yes sir!'... nyuk.

what a beautiful day, what a beautiful life...

Friday, October 31, 2003

the bachelorette...??

what IS with all this american teevee stuff huh? it's all codswallop!

why can't they make some quality Aussie Bachelor show or something? yeh, thongs and stubbie holders, that's what we want to see!!

but seriously, after watching Evolution and having a long hot bath last night, I went downstairs to discover what had begun on the box was indeed "the Bachelorette"... scary. that's all I can say. Watched the last 15 minutes and then returned my mind to the PS2...

the other show I don't understand is Temptation Island. Now unless you want to fully screw up your relationship, and/or screw around, WHY would you go on it!!

As far as my fishies go, they seem ok, but TANK (over in Holland... *waving*) tells me that they don't like vibrations (from the speaker) so maybe I should move them... but that doesn't explain the growth that started on one of them.... it's actually disappearing now which is good. It probably just did need a really good clean. Still gots to get the fish planties for them to play in...

oh, and how come I keep getting Viagra and Penis Enlargement spam in my inbox at work?? I don't even have a cock!!


Thursday, October 30, 2003

If my goldfish die... it's all over!!

I've had those goldfish since Cuchulain gave them to me a couple xmas' ago ('cept in July cos he's slacko)... but they are looking sick. I gave their tank a clean and spoke softly to them and said it was okay... they look a little bit happier. I'm going to buy them some new plants to play in and hopefully they'll help oxegyn-ate (word?) the water a bit or something.

I've always found if you just leave the fishies pretty much to their own devices, give them all your heart, and change half the water every now and again, give them a few snaily friends to keep the tank clean, they look after themselves.... none of this cleaning the tank weekly stuff like the experts say... oh and if you name your fish they die... my fish don't have names so they CAN'T die!! no they can't, it's against the rules!!

Though at the moment they live above one of my stereo speakers, sometimes they skitz out and other times they get really mellow with the music. They are cool, I don't want them to die!! One has the most magnificent tail now....

Something must have happened when I moved and added new tap water.... :(

Besides this... last night I went to Ex, Rhino and Cranker til the wee hour of 2am which is very norty because I had to get up and go to work this morning... but all is well, I'm not too brain dead...
Saw Bev Killick at Rhino, she is from Townsville originally but lives in Melbourne now (like the rest of everyone).... she'll be on the next series of Kath and Kim so keep an eye out for her. She was pretty rude but very good at Tina Turner impressions!! hehe.
I'm sure if you check the ADELAIDE COMEDY link you could see some more photos and schtuff.

I am a bit confused as to why DJ Tr!p turned the Cranker into a rave, but it was amusing anyway... all we needed was glow-sticks and fire-twirling... nyuk.

BRILLIG CD and FILM CLIP launch at Jade Monkey, Twin Street on Halloween (Friday 31st that is... tomorrow!) with BIT BY BATS...

THE CAT EMPIRE are coming to Adelaide soon too.... mmm tasty....

this is the end of the reading...

"what's love got to do with it??"
not a hell of a lot apparently...

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

making up games...

now I know why I like Greg and Nicki so much, they are as silly as me... and though I pottered around the house cleaning and/or becoming master-pro-champion-of-the-world at my yo-yo... whilst they giggled over all the sub-games they'd created in Greed (my fave dice game)... i could still appreciate the wonder and silly-ness of it all....

30g butter (or thereabouts)
3 tsp plain flour
1/2L milk
grated cheese (depends how cheesy you want it, anywhere between 1/2 and 1 Cup is plenty)
1 onion finely chopped or, half a leek finely chopped
1 tin Tuna, drained (i prefer mine in springwater, but go yer hardest)
1 tin corn kernels, drained... or creamed corn if you prefer
1/2 cup frozen peas

you can also add things like finely chopped capsicum and some celery.

we also made mashed potato for the top of this tuna mornay, which consisted of:
2 large potatoes
a clove or two of garlic
some chives, salt, pepper
tsp of butter
cream instead of milk to mash it up cos we're norty!

Ok, so... preheat your oven to about 200C if you have an electric, about 180C for gas...
1. melt butter in a saucepan, take off heat
2. stir in flour til you have a yellowy paste
3. return to heat, gradually add milk. I find using a whisk to stir makes the perfect white sauce...
4. when thickened, add your cheese and stir through. Remove from heat.
5. add your chopped up vegies and tuna, stir it all up, chuck some pepper in if you want, taste it, it tastes good...
6. put in a baking tray and add your mashed potatoes to the top. yum. you can also put breadcrumbs instead of mashies or even in addition too, and parmesan if you like smelly cheese... after all you're going to smell already, you're eating onion and tuna!
7. wack in the oven, it's that simple! 30-40 minutes. the breadcrumbs or potatoes should go a bit golden brown, then you'll know it's cooked.

now I know this is a wacky way to tell someone how to make tuna mornay, so if you need further clarification, just ask me! better still, come over and i'll show you how to make it, my kitchen is always up for a cook-off!!

I'm shakin' in my little space-boots.... if I had space-boots....

oh, I'm good at making up games too, but that's an entirely different story!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

locquats?! mmm, locquats...

yum, locquats... i don't care if that's not how you spell it, they are still tasty and SPLENDARO *clap, clap*

thanks to PIPPA for the cherry tomato and purple pea seeds... I'm starting a garden on my bit of concrete out the back... so far I've planted Chives and Coriander and some RED HOT chili plants... I also bought some climbing beans to climb up the side and that's about it so far... will have to go pilfer the parents garden too.

PROPS to DJ TR!P for playing crazy computer sounds and star wars tracks at the Ex on Sunday btw... rock.

sleep would have been nice... how was the crazy wind-storm last night? I was annoyed with it screaming SHUT UP at many intervals, yet it did not listen. how RUDE!

things aren't always as they seem...

damn Mars!!

Monday, October 27, 2003

the perfect body for a woman...

last night someone told me that I had the perfect body for a woman.... so why do i still not agree?!

interesting though re: the front cover of the latest WHO magazine saying that many stars are having trouble keeping up their 'perfect' appearances... It's like "oh my god they are human!!! they DO get stretchmarks when they have babies, and yes, you guessed it, their boobs got naturally bigger too!!".... DUUUUH! who writes this bollocks?? i say most of them ain't perfect anyway, especially the ones that have had 'a bit of work done'...
Good little article in Marie Clare though about a plus-size model (I can't recall her name, I'll have to look it up) being really openly pissed at the media for air brushing one of her catwalk piccies before it went to print, as well as Kate Winslet having the same thing being done to her for a cover shoot, and basically saying to those people "you assholes, that's not ME!" - good on them, stick it to them!!

I bought a couple womens magazines to do some research on hair to be brutally honest, but I still found nothing... I haven't bought womens mags in years! Now I remember why, though I must say Marie Clare had some good photography and much more interesting articles than say something like Cleo... not that I bought Cleo, but I'm just visualising...

but i mean yeh, this person i was speaking about body image to has a daughter who went through similar things to me earlier in life with weight and such. I think I'm much happier being the way I am (even if I do bitch about my tummy poking out, just slap me if I whine to you ever...) than being a too-skinny girl with bones pokin' out and a borderline eating disorder.... if there is such a thing...

anyhoo, spent last night at the Exeter for the regular Sundy Side Up.... the weekly "arts-wrap" is what I like to call it, because it very much rounds out my week. I'd wish I'd ridden my bike in though so I didn't spend $12 on a taxi home (beer is evil). Caught up with a few kids I hadn't seen in a while like Mikey who I went to school with... *waving* and of course big licks to the regular kiddies of Fin, Molly, Rob, Vicky, Jamie etc etc etc. Love youse.

Very strange having lots of little GREEN men in the room with us... refer to the rugby match in Adelaide yesterday, apparently they drunk our pubs outta beer?? I could still get beer so I don't know what the newspaper is on about... maybe it was in a themed Irish Pub or something??

insert some FUUH and a little bit of SNNUH here...

Sunday, October 26, 2003

it's the waiting that kills ya...

i'm hot i'm cold, my feet are cold. cold feet. cold cold cold. 'cept i can't leave my shoes on cos it don't feel right... what's with that?

am i really losing my mind? probably. I think I dropped it somewhere between here and Williamstown... *waves to shaggy shaz and adamski*

last night me and Vairi went to Shazzy and Adams to paint glass jars for candles. it was fun. we made tuna mornay, and I made pizza muffins which were very tasty indeed... and we tried out a couple different types of champers for the wedding! "alright for you Pats??"

Friday we went to Jive to register for 'booty call' (as requested by Red Monika) and although there weren't as many ass-shakers as usual it was very kewl indeed. Barcode and Subwoofer played too (we missed the first band, sorry, i'm sure they were good!) and went off as usual.... you can visit subwoofer at http://subwoofer.32k.org/

Hey-hey to Matty Matt, nice to catch up with you again. xx

and HEHEHE to Nicki... no other words to explain this one. nyuk.

I can't believe how very mellow I'm being this afternoon on radio... 'tis very out of the ordinary for me... usually I want to f*ck shit up and break stuff, not today though. Must be the country air...