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Saturday, October 29, 2005

it occured to me last night...

not only am i not writing anything particularly interesting in this blog these days.... but that it was nearly 'time up' for my tax return!

i always leave these things to the last minute... well, i'd started it several weeks back, but the questions about private health insurance always stump me for some reason. so at 9:05 this morning i rang daddio and asked if it was too early for a tax related question!

so dont forget, if you havent done yours... you have til monday!

the most recent exciting love of my life is my new Sex & The City Box Set!! I wish it were a man, but it really isn't. At least I can indulge and giggle my evenings away when I feel like I can't be arsed doing anything else.

I've watched all of series one and part of series two now as well. I think so far there's only one episode that I wasn't sure I'd seen yet. The one thing I really laughed out loud about though was an episode where Carrie is in bed with Mr Big in the morning, and she farts... freaks out, gets dressed and leaves... then obsesses over the fact that perhaps their less frequent sexual escapades are all about the fart! i thought it was hilarious!

ahh, i'm feeble minded!

Anyways... so i thought i might go see a movie today but i think i've missed Charlie which i wanted to go and see cos it seems i'm the only person who has never seen it!! Other than that Sallie and I are going into Ric's later (unless her illness has worsened, everyone seems sick around here atm) to see Charles Foster Kane... who are apparently well regarded up here in Brisneyland, and I'm yet to see them, so why not. It's free and it's music. What more could you want?!

All I can think about at the moment is how to make loads of cash so I can really travel, do some volunteering, and run a total muck. Do some more good in the world or something?!! Get more motivated!

I'm feeling better physically since stacking it down my staircase *rubs butt just thinking about it* after seeing the Osteopath several times and getting given more strengthening exercises to do. I only managed to walk home once this week but next week I'll walk home more. Sometimes it was because of the weather, other times it was because i had a muhassive box of avon in my possession.... but anyways, if I get a boogie in tonight it will make up for some of the non-walking from storms and arms full of shit this week.

bye for now.
ps. Sarah Jessica Parkers fragrance 'LOVELY' really is... well... lovely!!

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