meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

L is for loser...

yes, i am a loser.
Whilst surfing quickly i left the kitchen tap on.... which promptly overflowed and started to flood my kitchen.... the night before an open inspection.

how much do I rule....? Oh rather a lot!!

Add sarcasm; stir.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

"we made up our minds..."

So much has happened this past week I don't even know where to begin...

I have begun going through all of my posessions (again) which, if you know me well, is a long long process!! I don' t know where all this stuff came from, but a large portion of it is exceedingly hard to part with.

I have again become the 'list-lady' writing down what I can sell, and what I will keep, etc etc etc.  I have already started packing items to take to Brisneyland with me.

Yes the plan has officially changed from sneaking off to the US to play in Vegas and the many latin clubs in LA, to moving my existence to a warmer Australian climate.

Depending on one factor in particular (being the possibility of full time work for Oct-Nov at an Adelaide Festival) I will either be out of here mid-Sept or early December.  I'm preparing for the nearest depart date, because whichever happens I'm still going to have to move house (royal pain in my ass).

*aside* - man I wish my record player was working!!!

I have also had the PLEASURE of dealing with the real estate agents again... she's trying to be all nicey nice now, and I understand you have to do your job, but goddamn! I think I deserve some of the commission, considering I had to explain parts of Tenancy Act to said Agent. I don't think that's particularly fair really.

Friday I saw Farenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's most recent offering... I appreciated it a lot.  It's unfortunate the rest of the world has to keep tabs on what the American President and his family is up to, and that it has endangered us all... Though I've kind of agreed with the 'fear factor' part of it for such a long time, based purely on my own observations of commercial media.  It's amazing how controlling some of this can be, and how much it affects people in their daily lives. I refuse to live in fear of anything. (except perhaps myself)

I don't actually watch news really.  I used to watch the late 11 o'clock news because I found it the best, but at the moment, I can't even be arsed to watch that.  As I'm sure I've mentioned before, the information age tires me no end, because it's so hard to keep up with what is going on everywhere... particularly locally when so much of our media is infiltrated by overseas (and in particular US) interests.  I would appreciate news casts more if they left some of it out, and concentrated on local issues... I am glad to hear a Nuclear Dump was stopped in SA, I'm glad to hear Mike Rann want's to abolish plastic bags in supermarkets, I'm glad Merlin got out of Big Brother and protested against refugees in detention in the way he did.

I've had several discussions in the last week or so with a friend regarding the pace of society at the moment, and how we've both struggled of late to keep up.  And I've had an awfully hard time this year trying to please people.  You probably note if I post about a night out, I post about the fact I've attended several events in one evening.

For example - Friday: mooFie with Shaz + Adamski, Cranker for Dr Goodhed + Subwoofer
Saturday -  Old Lion for Eb's farewell, then Jive's first birthday, Grace Emily to meet Lukey

It's hard when people ridicule you for not being able to attend something if you feel tired, or sick or whatever. And I've been damn sick recently, more mentally than physically, with my doctor wanting to perscribe Anti Depressants, but me opting for a more natural approach.

I really try hard to please everyone, and I really try hard to indulge all my senses, but sometimes it just doesn't seem to work.  This said, I also hate being selfish, which is why it pains me so when people think me wanting occasional evenings of rest is me being 'unreliable'.

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Evan Dando: The Outdoor Type
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Karma County: Kiss Me
The Grapes: Kitty Can
Gorillaz: Man Research

stuff and things,

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

comun un snuuh...

yes... the sims... rockx.

anyway, i would just like to announce my displeasure at the real estate agent that has been appointed to sell the apartment I am a tenant in.

Not only does she NOT know the Residential Tenancies Act... she does not understand the word 'legally' and is unprofessional as hell.

If anyone else is going through some TOSSER trying to sell their house, and is trying to do more than one open inspection a fortnight... i ask that you go to www.obca.sa.gov.au and search for Residential Tenancies and Fact Sheet Number 7.

Thank you to my Land Agent, and to the Residential Tenancies Board for their fine support!!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

piece of shit...

the internet is against me... i had written a wise and useful post, now it is gone. :(
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Radio Active: Confidence
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Gotan Project: Una Musica Brutal
Divine Comedy: A drinking song
The Saints: Know your product
Eric's Trip: Blinded
Richard Easton: Coffin
Paper Tiger: Try to keep warm
Audio Bullys: We Don't care (Sicilian Dub)
Qua: Devil Eyes
Shapeshifter feat. LadiSix: Move with me
Rod Stewart: Downtown Train

Saturday, July 17, 2004

yes... finding yourself is hard.
i think i've always been true to the person i am, however at the moment, where that person has gone, I couldn't say...
i recently pigeon-holed a close friend a 'wandering star'... but i actually think i'm becoming exactly the same thing. i don't belong here.
this said, i don't actually know where I do belong, but I know if I don't do something soon... I will be sad for a very long time.
Avoiding anti depressants at all costs, i have started to take St John's Wort, known for it's mood enhancing capabilities.  As I said earlier today to my GP, I just need a good kick in the arse.
I wish I knew how to snap out of this. At least I'm very aware of it, know it will eventually pass, and can openly speak about it with little to no problem.
Going to the States is looking less and less likely, because of the fact that I have had my car advertised in both the Trader and the Advertiser today, and I have had not one single phone call all day.  Which kind of annoys me... but what can you do really *shrug*.
If it doesn't happen now, I'll go annoy Mikey later, but might actually ditch my lease early and drive up to Brisneyland after all.  The next few weeks will be full on for me I think.  I've got 3 weeks left at current temp job, then on to something new I guess... we shall see.
And I missed my favourite person by about 100 metres last night. Damn it!
(refer: adored 'therapist' and most stunningly beautiful  man I know - whether or not he believes that is a totally other story)

Sunday, July 11, 2004

"i only make jokes to distract myself.... from the truth"

I am quite angry at myself for last night... and no I didn't get drunk, I didn't embarrass myself by, say, falling over, or not keeping rhythm... it was the fact that I had several significant 'moments' with a handsome boy and coulnd't bring myself to actually say a single word to him. What the hell is wrong with me?! I'm in the market for serious dating action, yet I threw it away AGAIN. NERD! YOU ARE A NERD JULIE! STOP BEING A NERD!!
shit, i hope i bump into him again. Damn, damn, damn. I am kicking myself no end over this one. Oh so HANDSOME... handsome handsome handsome...

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LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Elvis Presley: Suspicious Minds
Sarah Vaughan: Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project mix)
Area 7: Can't be happy
RJD2: Someone's Second Kiss
Federico Aubele: Diario de Viaje
Paper Tiger: Castle in the sand
Luke Vibert: Disco Bus
Groove Armada: Superstylin'
Scout Niblett: Dare
INXS: I send a message (yeh, i love this song man!)
Red Monika: Music
Eric Idle: The FCC Song
Frank Bennett: Creep
Ry Cooder + Manuel Galban: Los Twangueros
Bidston Moss: Exit
The Retreads: Till I saw her
DJ Signify feat. Buck 65: Red to Black
Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix)
Princess Superstar: Bad Babysitter (this still cracks me up after all this time!)
Peaches: Shake Yer Dix


Saturday, July 10, 2004

oh and can i add...

VOTE RYAN OUT OF THE HOUSE!! This might be very un-South Australian of me... but he's an idiot!


okay so here's an update...

i've been a slack old bloggy mc-blog-blog of late... and for that I apologise... however I've been mainly chilling on my own in front of the box wondering if i actually got up and *did* something... what that thing would be.

And the actual thing that I've been planning is my trip to the US. That's right kids, you heard me, I'm outta here... for a month or thereabouts.

Pending final flight bookings and the selling of the car etc etc etc and more discussions with El Mike-o, I will be leaving the week beginning Sun 8th Aug, a few days after one of my cousins ties the knot.

Which means, much to Benjamimearghs delight I'm sure, that I will be a car-less woman. Which I'm not so unhappy about. I catch the bus to work every day and walk to shopping etc etc so I might use it on a Sunday when I'm lazy and want to go to radio. This said, I do have a bicycle that could get me there, or if it's bad weather, there's still a bus.

It's costing me dead money... because I'm still paying the dregs of a loan, and I don't see what the point in spending about $60 a week is, to have a car I don't drive. It's a pity, I love my car, but I just don't use it... I'd rather go to Vegas to find Ben Affleck and congratulate him on dumping J-Lo's ass. (now a long-running gag)

But yeh so it hopefully goes like this... firstly to Phoenix to annoy Mikey, force him to take me to an American Football game or maybe some Ice Hockey... drive to Vegas for a few days, be norty, not marry each other whilst drunk, back to Phoenix... it occurs to me I'll be there when there's a blog meetup on, so I might just rock along to that. Back to LA for a week of frivolity and exploring on my own... back through Melbourne for a week to annoy Fiona + Fiona and cause trouble... back home, collapse and die.

I am off to the Latin Part-ay tonight which should be ace, need to get some shaking in and hopefully learn a little more about salsa dancing!

I can't believe how cold it is. I can't wait to be in the Nevada desert!!


Sunday, July 04, 2004

'fighting for a lost cause'....

Lawnmower Musik: 93.7FM: 2-4pm Sundays: Adelaide Metro Area
this week with local comic Trav Nash

Michael Franti: Sometimes (Acoustic)
Ugly Duckling: Celebrity
Ruby's Grace: Ablaze
Beck: Lost Cause
Bidston Moss: Jellybox
Isaac Hayes: Run Fay Run
(D'oh! Today we had to go off-air for 10-12 minutes to fix zee transmittery goodness)
Area 7: Individuality
Coldplay: Trouble
Aqualung: Brighter than sunshine
DJ Signify feat. Buck 65: Stranded
The Louisville Sluggers: Radio (all she had on)
Bikini Kill: Rebel Girl
Mirrorline: How to win friends and influence people
Radiohead: Where I end and You begin
Toit: All over for Taylor
Rocky Horror Original Cast feat. Tim Curry: Sweet Transvestite
Kings of Convenience: Leaning against the wall (should be aka. julies usual pose at rhino)
The Pixies: Here comes your man
Dr Goodhed: My reflection
The Radio Dept.: I don't need love, I've got my band
Not from there: The corkscrew
The Beat Smugglers: Daddy
Vertente: Chuva

break it, break it down...

Saturday, July 03, 2004

brighter than sunshine...

last night i walked past Merlin in the street, and had every urge to tap on the window of the venue he'd just entered and blow him a kiss and say 'thankyou' and walk along my way... however I didn't. And I don't know why. I was so looking forward to talking to him some day, just for interests sake... hmm. Big fat loser=me.

My doctor prescribed a new drug for me today to help me try and lose some of this weight that seems to be staying in the same spot, and has for 4 years, even when I was riding my bike every day or every second day through summer.

Unfortunately it stems from my relationship with my ex and how miserable I got with him... and I haven't been able to shake all of the weight I put on. This is not to say I want to be exactly like I used to be (I was very skinny and almost very sick from it I think).

Anyhoo, it's like... erm, still a rollercoaster here over in quarter life crisis land, but I know it will eventually pass, I just have to kick through this. *KICK, BASH, SLAP*

I went to some comedy this week which was great, I need to go to comedy more often. Average were the feature act and got us all giggling, also saw a few newer local comics that I'd seen not at all or maybe once or twice. Yeh, so comedy is alive and rockin' in this city and stop ignoring it!

Tuesdays: PJ O'Briens (East Terrace)
Wednesdays: Rhino Room (Frome Road)
Thursdays: Jive (Hindley St West)

Cool stuff I've noted recently...

** Adelaide Band LAZARO'S DOG - their track HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM being featured on the new (and super cool) JVC TV Commercial. ROCK ON LADS.
** The fact that a small advisory/action group can change a document... that will hopefully help entertainment venues and punters.
** Peter Garrett finally running for politics. Go you big red fire engine.
** Mike Rann looking to abolish plastic bags in a few years. Woohoo!

I can't wait for my holiday!
I may not be posting as much soon as I'm probably likely to cancel my internet at home to assist my saving efforts.