meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

a vox pop, after an 11 hour day...

well 10 hours 40 minutes, but who's counting? (should that be who's or whose?)

again i do washing at a stupid hour of the day, and what do I have to blame... working two jobs!

Now I just wondered, people out there in internet land, how many of you are working two jobs just to get by?
Are working two jobs out of loyalty?
Are working two jobs so you can save for something specific etc?

Perhaps, share with me in the comments section, so that I can justify this insanity that seems to consume me every 6 months or so...

I could be watching the Simpsons, instead I sit here and *continue* to use a computer after too many hours in front of one.

My actual vox pop for today has been on my mind for a while...
and let me give you an example and put it in a bit of context as well...

SHOULD police persons riding police horses on public streets be made to clean up after the horses doing their business?

For example, once I was sitting outside the Ex having a beverage when some police horses went by, ususally two isn't it, in this case it was... anyway, the horses decided to drop some bits right next to patrons drinking and possibly eating as well in front of the venue.

Do you not think it appropriate for the police horses to wear 'nappies'...?? and I believe there is such a thing, so don't think I'm just making things up, it's a suggestion.

I understand it would be difficult for a police person to get off the horse and clean i up then and there, because ordinarily there may be nothing to tie the horse too, AND they're probably on a city street.... but yeh... it annoys me, we can get done for dropping litter and they don't get done for leaving a bit hot steaming pile of poo outside somewhere I am trying to drink a bev.

Also, once they did it on a pedestrian crossing in Hindley Street, which grossed me out, because I wanted to cross the street without a) stepping in it, and b) smelling it...

Anyway, I could start a revolution perhaps.
Police horses are beautiful, but having poo in a city street is not very cool. Especially since we live in a nice clean city.

my two cents,

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Appropriate for this very moment now...

And according to hels and a few others, I'm breaking the cardinal blog rule, but you know what... I really don't care.

Bidston Moss: Sunday
it's in the garden late at night
it's in the way she holds him tight
It's in the way he moves away
It's in the things they never say

How long is too long?
and how far is away?
When it all feels too wrong...
in the end and the time that it takes from your day

It's time, ok

She's closing in and feeling down
He's working nights all over town
It's in the time they never spend,
it's in the way they both pretend...

How long is too long?
and how far is away?
When it feels like it's gone
In the end at the time that's not left in the day
It's my time, Okay

and it's just the way it seems to go
always the same, just surviving
it gets too cold to warm their toes
and now it all seems rather frightening...

the mere thousands of thoughts that enter my head in a short period of time
completely surrounded by the next through in such a brief moment
each thought stealing a moment and forcing procrastination
the more fantasy passing through, what becomes reality?
one day i'll be where I wish to be
full of my own spirit and soul in full obvious view
but for this moment, kept in dark recesses behind many walls
to trust will take so much
to love will take so much
energy and passion fading in waves of shrugs and misinterpretation...


daylight savings...

snuuh. It's daylight by the time I wake up now. Grr and double-grr.
Oh well, I guess it happens every year, I *should* be used to it by now... but no it never gets any easier as far as I'm concerned....

Oh well.... my brain will hopefully re-adjust to it shortly...

Lawnmower Music: Three D Radio, 93.7FM: Sundays 2-4pm

Federico Aubele: Postales
Mia Dyson: Precious Thing
G Love + Special Sauce: Stepping Stones
Curtis Mayfield: Move on up
The Trims: You
Leigh*dust + Sarah Masters: Wandering Stars (Portishead Cover)
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Carole King: I feel the Earth move
Al Hirt: Green Hornet
Cloud Dead: Pop Song
Black Box Recorder: Kidnapping an Heiress
The Ikettes: I'm just not ready for love
Ry Cooder + Manuel Galban: Los Twangueros
The Herbalizer: Mrs Chombree takes the plunge
Red Monika: The Aches
Mouse on Mars: Chagrin
DJ Tr!p: What you do
Blue States: Diamente
The Kinks: You really got me (live recording)
The Liars: If you're a wizard, why do you wear glasses?
Home for the Def: If you know what I mean
Warwick Ing: Dementia (the child inside)
Goldfrapp: Lovely Head (Miss World mix)
Comatone: Shadow Hopper
Bobby Hughes Combination: Clive the runner
Stomp: Elemental Goddess
Til Tuesday: Lovers' Day
Hexstatic: Robo Pop


Saturday, March 27, 2004


now tequlia is ordinarily not my drink of choice... and this morning I woke up with a thumping head... however, I had no-one to blame but myself so I can't really complain at all... I just tried to sleep and skulled more water... a bottle of coke pretty much fixed me right up...

Tried a new place called "The Chapel Cafe" that I hadn't been before last night. Fantastic. Cheap meals that were just great and cheap shots too, hence the tequila disaster! After a few glasses of red, you can hardly taste the tequila anyway. Not one beer for me all night, that's *got* to do something to my ever growing beer stomach... nyuk.

Saw some Adelaide ROCK ICONS in Matt + Denny from Brillig as well as Leigh*dust from Hello Minnesota... hung out at Rhino with my fave girls from down south, the ever sexy Eva + the ever sexy Heidi...
and even got me a therapy session too... i *love* you, and I mean that. and you know it...

Random thinking:
I am so patient with the things I am willing to sit around and wait for... whilst I *could* be arsed playing the field, or at least going on dates... I sit here, and wait. Because one day something will fall in my lap. And you know, I'm willing to wait the 2 or so years that I honestly believe it's going to take to progress to a new level...

(I already lost this post once by the way *again* and the original one was sweet. My own fault for bouncing between pages trying to find lyris to Mia Dyson's "Precious Thing", which, by the way, I still can't find. Shite!)

"We're just two lost fish, swimming in a fish bowl year after year, going over the same old ground, and what have we found...??"

the baggsmen are back in Adelaide soon. Must make an effort to see them this time.

Oh and happy 6th birthday to the Rhino Room for next Saturday!! My place of frivolity and mirth for ever. Love you all like you would not believe. Why else do i shower you with chocolate biscuits at xmas time?


Thursday, March 25, 2004

I promised myself...

I'd have the washing in and the bins out before dark... and *then* check e-mails and compose blogs and stuff and things...

however I have failed yet again, because I am SDG!!

I am getting very concerned about the shorter days starting... I mean I'll be grateful for the extra hour on Sunday morning I'm sure, but daylights savings messes with me for weeks afterwards. It's going to mean if I continue to work two jobs (yes, we're back to that) I will be getting home when it's dark. It means I will freeze in the mornings, and have to wear too many layers of clothing and start to look like an eskimo... I am not an eskimo and though I like eskimos I would not wish to look like I live in the snow where I live somewhere it's *supposed* to be hot.

Can we rewind and go back to the start of summer, and can you chuck in some more 38C days whilst your at it? Thanks for that.

Call me crazy, I love summer. What do you think one of the reasons was for avoiding England so far... yep, that's pretty much it...

As far as the migration to Queensland is concerned... I think it's a good idea.

Then if I still find nothing in a few years I'll go to Europe and freeze my arse off.

random thought: I came home to discover the turkish pye I bought not more than 48 hours ago had already started to go mouldy! And I'm really pissed off you know, because my dinner involved eating that Turkish Pye! So instead I had to use some crackers.... which isn't so bad either, but you can't really toast them...


Wednesday, March 24, 2004


logged off for a little while to talk to taryn on the phone. i haven't talked to her in some time, but it's funny when you've been friends for more than 10 years it doesn't seem to matter if you don't chat for a bit.

it's funny that she sees so many people from school still and i don't. or i guess not really. I've kept in touch with her and a slight handful of other people. I had a lot of friends through youth groups and stuff like that, so my group of school friends was pretty select and few. At least the ones I'd consider close friends.

People come and go so frequently in lifetimes... well I don't know... possibly not. But I have this handful of friends I've known forever. Which is really cool you know, like you know so much about each other and each others families and stuff. And you do occasionally reminisce about the good, the bad and the ugly of the past. I like having those kinds of friends around.

Which reminds me, Greg where the hell are ya? Stop working so much bitch and come and see me!

Da noo poo's (or The New Pollutants as they are *actually* known) rock National Youth Week soon, with a little bit o' help from Hello Minnesota!

I feel like there is something else to be said... but I don't know what.
I still haven't watched the news in weeks. I'd have no idea what is going on in the world if it weren't for passing comments from others. That kinds of concerns me, but kind of not... sometimes I'd prefer to be naive about some of it, because it's quite stressful to hear about it...

I want to go to Melbourne for Easter, any takers?


holy snorkel batman...

my ever so witty post that I created got swallowed by the dial-up monster...
it basically said i have internet all the time now so look out!

It also said that I haven't listened to nearly enough Buck 65 recently, so it's gone on the stereo...

It also said (in a much better way than this) that we were very excited today when the lovely and curvy Adam Hills played Home for the Def's mish-mash album "mess with the best" on JJJ this morning! We love him and wish to have his babies, should he ever have any.

Dude! I loved my post! Damn you dial-up monster of evil for swallowing it. May you die horribly.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

the first weekend home in a long time...

Oh my goodness... productive? maybe. sort of.

Lawnmower Music: Three D Radio: 93.7FM: 2-4pm Sundays

Federico Aubele: Postales
The Lucksmiths: T-Shirt Weather
The Manhattan Transfer: Sing you sinners
Man or Astroman? Everyone's favourite Martian
cLOUDDEAD: Physics of a Unicycle
Sarah Blasko: Your way
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds: (Are you) the one that I've been waiting for?
Aimee Mann: Amateur
Alison Krauss: Every time you say goodbye
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Maps
Big Black: L Dopa
Peaches: I U She
Home for the Def: Bring a little less noise
Devo: Whip It
Lou Reed: Wagon Wheel
Zero 7: Somersault
Gemma Hayes: Lucky One
Ubin: ElectricLove
Aqualung: Brighter than sunshine
Team Plastique: Song Rabbit
My Bloody Valentine: Glider (Andrew Weatherill remix)
Mr Scruff: Sweetsmoke (Manitoba Mix)
Trio Electrico: Return of the Coconut Grove
The Busstops: Jazz Moment
Pluck: Plink Plank Plunk
Le Peuple De L'Herbe: Mr Nice
Bo Diddley: Ain't it good to be Free
Billie Holliday: Stormy Weather



Congratulations must go out to the ever impressive TANYA for securing a new and exciting job. Bravo!

In celebration, we went to one of the new SUSHI TRAINS and chomped our way through some snacks. I also tried Green Tea Iceacream for the first time. It doesn't taste too bad at all.

We then proceeded to the place of many beers + conversed over the wonder of the 'century club', the films we love by PT Anderson, and the musical abilities of Nick Cave...

I really like talking to new people, it kind of rekindles my faith in humanity... or something like that.

I am concerned that I may be getting sick. I have been a little hot and cold all day. Lucky I'm taking it easy and staying in tonight. Will have to eat lots of vitamins for dinner!

It's quite a new thing to me that I have direction in my life. At least I know where I'm going to end up by New Years Eve. As to what I'll do when I get there, I'm not 100% sure. I think it's wise for me to work towards securing a job in the entertainment industry. Not as a singer, dancer or actor, but as a manager or event co-ordinator. Perhaps I will study something part time to get a bit more of a grasp on it. I'm not particularly good with the study of things I'm only mildly interested in, however if it's something I like I seem to revel in it a bit more.

"A storeman to the store please, a storeman to the store."


Ooh, found my post from 11/3...

I've decided that substance abuse really does make people horrible, chuck in a bit of attitude and you can throw them out the back seat "Jay + Silent Bob" style...

The last week has taught me this in such abound... some of you reading may well have seen me last Friday or Saturday in this hazy void, trying not to complain, but trying to piece together in my head what had just happened.

One of two things was going to happen last Friday and the thing I was kind of hoping would occur, did. The feeling wasn't there. At all. Besides any of the other crap... There would have been nothing worse than having to deal with separation.

I guess I'm fortunate in that sense, I can move right on from it...

I know, once again this is a scatty post giving bits of informaiton, but I don't want to explain all of it, and I don't want to mention names or specific situations.

I do however wish to thank Benjamin... and Annie... and my therapist... for being lovely people.

I absolutely hate the weather at the moment. Why couldn't it stay hot? Boo :(

OLD JIMEOIN: "I love 'boo', imagine if you could use it when you're grown up. Like you go to the bank manager, and the bank manager says I'm sorry, you just can't afford this house... and you go BOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He says 'no, no you can afford a smaller house'... 'Don't want a house now'..."

Recent situations / developments / lack of thoughts on someone elses part mean that I will soon be living alone again. I don't mind, I actually prefer it. I mean, money wise it can be a real bitch, but over all it's pretty sweet.

ANother thing I've noticed recently is that I think I've become a lot tougher on some things. For example, things that I might have put up with a year ago, I won't put up with now.

The more time I spend alone, the more truly independant I become. my next relationship with whomever it may be may well be a balls-up because of this, but you can't really rely on such things... NO RELY! I mean WORRY, cos otherwise they'll never be another relationship in my life. I've always been independant, just never this much.

"There comes a time in every mans life when he must make a giant woman out of wood and launch her into the sea!" Gatesy in Tripod tells the tale of Tosswinkle the Pirate (not very well)
Honest, Tripod are kicken', but what's with the shithouse "Skithouse"? Honestly boys, I luvs ya, but "wha'?"... maybe it's just Peter Helliers fault... I don't know.

A chachachachachaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Losing mind.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

ooh, nearly on time...

bloglicious from 16/3/04... in my head but not on the page...

For those of you that know the gritty details of the weird chain of events in the last week, I will be repeating myself... I could have really let everything get to me, but an air of change is about.

I'm more unimpressed than upset, unimpressed at what alcohol and/or drugs and/or mild pieces of success can do to you.

I wasn't jealous, I wasn't sad, I did want to talk about it with a few friends, but I felt nothing.

Nothing at all, kind of let down I suppose and not respected, but when you realise you really do live a whole different and better life to someone else, it's not so bad.

I have love, and no I haven't been hiding a secret boyfriend in my hair... I have love around me in the form of a bunch of great friends.

I hope everyone takes note of the opening song in Moulin Rouge sung by David Bowie:
"The Greatest thing
You'll ever learn
is just to love
and be loved in return..."

Those four lines mean so much to me. Hopelessly romantic. Lost in imaginary visions of things to come. And occasionally reminding others that it's okay... I have love where this person currently (possibly) has none.

In this way I am thankful and not bitter.

That nothing feeling was more confusing than anything. I wonder what has happened to some of the natural stimulants in my body.

I haven't been riding much because as a temp I kind of have to dress up (and not smell), so I've been catching public transport. I don't mind catching it whatsoever, it just means where I was getting an hour of lower cardio at
least every second day, I'm now getting a little bit of walking in only. When I get home Friday, one of my friends and I are going to go on an hour walk. Not much I know, but better than nothing at all.

I think I might go on the liver cleansing diet, because, let's face it, it probably needs a good clean. Perhaps that will assist in correcting my metabolism.

I keep changing my daily 'lying in the park' position to get a different perspective. Today I note a different statue of which I must take a closer look at shortly. It's a lady holding a bouquet of flowers.

I should probably filter some of my money into a gym membership, personal trainer or naturopath... but I also think I just need to push myself, set aside certain evenings (or god forbid mornings) that I do specific things. Mix it up a little. Move and shake.

I find it hard to read still, and I realised I haven't really noted the news in the last month or so. I don't know if it's 100% healthy to be naive. I did get a newspaper last week and the story about a car park wanting to charge cyclists that worked in the building was appalling. Hopefully Bicycle SA step up to this one. They did a good thing with Cycle East during Feb allowing cyclists discounts at particular shops... promoting cycling and the shops willing to support the campaign. Good idea.


Back to the future... blog... erm, that didn't quite work...

what i would have blogged on 15/3/2004 if i'd had a net computer...

I've just discovered my Uncle's mother has passed away. I didn't know her
very well, but he will be upset (obviously) as I understand they were pretty

She was 93 though, so what a damn good innings. She'd been quite sick for
several months now, so I'm sure it's somewhat a relief as well.

I've been trying to rekindle my eye for beauty in everyday things.
Sometimes in this busy world it's hard to stop and look. One thing of
particular beauty are the buildings in this city. Sure, some of them suck
because they were built in the 70's or 80's, but there are quite a few
Elizabethan (I Guess) ones that I love. I've been trying to picture how the
new (and very unneccesary) apartments behind the Exeter are going to look.
Hopefully not too much like the city West Uni Building!

Why can't they build something with modern facilities but that looks
classic? Get rid of all this tacky bull*hit. Reminds me of Lycra. I don't
know why.

Now that the West End is really picking up, I wonder when someone will buy /
re-open the Red Room? If I had the money I'd be interested in it.

There's this tiny statue in Light Square I never noticed before. It has a
telescope or some sort of surveying equipment on top of it. How

Watched "Intolerable Cruelty" on DVD last night. Damn fine. But the Coen
Brothers rarely let me down. I don't think I've ever disliked one of their

NOw that the Fringe is over I'm a bit sad. Though it went like such a blue
and I think "what did i actually do in the last 4 weeks?". There was only
one show that I came out of feeling kind of mediocre about. I won't say
which one, but everything was pretty great. Meeting Adam Hills was
fantastic, and the Tripod lads too. Having my 'friend' back from London was
just a laughable experience. I never want to see him again.

I'm vowing to go to one big show a month if I can. Stop spending money on
alcohol Julie and see more shows!!


Sunday, March 14, 2004

if things were always black and white...

the emotion of 'Doubt' would not exist.


Lawnmower Music: Three D Radio: 93.7FM: Sundays 2-4pm

Federico Aubele: Ante Tus Ojos
Cat Power: Free
Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion: Bellbottoms
Cornelius: Drop
The Micronauts: Baby wants to Bleep Part 2
Plaid: remix of Unkle's Coffeehouse Conversation
Elvis Costello: Couldn't Call it Unexpected No. 4
Aimee Mann: That's just what you are
Compay Segundo: Chan Chan
The Specials: Hey Little Rich Girl
Tim Buckley: Look at the Fool (halves, kid? gottit? yep?)
Patsy Cline: Walkin' after midnight
Ubin: Summertime
Micatone: Plastic Bags + Magazines
Jan Jelinek avec the Exposures: My favourite shop
XTC: Making plans for Nigel
Team Plastique: Fuck a DJ
Clouddead: Pop Song
Comatone: fat my suck one
The Flaming Lips: Do you realise?
Zero 7: Speed Dial No 2
Groove Armada: Hands of time
William S Burroughs + the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy: Dr Benway Operates
St Etienne: Mr Donut
Mr Scruff: Get a move on
Positive Black Soul: Run Cool
Home for the Def: Animal Shack


10/3/04 - The Splendaro Vox Pop Part 2

If you had a tv show of your own...

a) what type of show would it be?
b) what channel would you want it to be on?
c) what time slot?
d) your cast members?
e) the name of the show?

Leave your answers in the comments section...

The other week when Adam and Tripod were on my show, I did post the whole set list and write my Circus Monoxide review, but it all disappeared, cos I wasn't concentrating and pressed something wrong! Darn!

Last week I saw Beats Per Minute, Craig Egans Summer of Rock tour, Adam Hills: Go you Big Red Fire Engine 2 Judgement Day, and Tripod's Lady Robots.

The best part of Tripod's show (for me anyways) was without doubt the GUITAR KINGS! If you saw the show you'll know what I'm on about. Also, when Gatesy nerded up and went 'into the computer'. Go C64 references!! Ohh Gatesy, so cute.

I'm starting to save for my next big life transition, moving to Queensland. I think it will be a good thing for me, loads of sunshine and loads of fresh fruit. Perhaps even a career change. After all, I WOULD make a superb Marilyn Monroe at Movie World!

Also saving up to go on a proper holiday in September with some girlfriends to a happy warm climate too.

Now that I think of it, I haven't been on a proper holiday in a while. The last one would have probably been the extra short trip to Melbourne 2 years ago! Not good enough I say! Less stress and less work I say! There's got to be a way I can do what I did last year and take three months off over summer every year for ever!

Note to self: Hurry up and get that Federico Aubele CD would ya?! jeez!


I wanted to publicly thank someone for a chat I had with them on e-mail earlier in the week, but I won't embarrass them. I think they know who they are. Doctor?! I will however, apologise, for any public affections of love in the way of enormous hugs I may give them in the near future...


Sunday, March 07, 2004

today: julie is unimpressed...

Lawnmower Music: Three D Radio: 2-4pm Sundays: 93.7FM

Federico Aubele: Ante Tus Ojos
Leo: Poemes
Badly Drawn Boy: Once around the Block
The Beatles: Good Day Sunshine
Stanley Black: Os Quindos De Ya Ya
The 5, 6, 7, 8's: Woo Hoo
Bobby Hughes Combination: McArthurs Break
Groove Armada: Groove is on
Toby 1: Cracks
Zero 7: Distractions (Bugz in the attic mix)
Noonday Underground: My metallic boy
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Yazoo: Nobody's Diary
XTC: Are you receiving me?
Peaches: Kick It
Tripod: Stalk
Sonic Youth: Making the Nature Scene
Bidston Moss: Death to the MF
Average: Bananas with me
The Blackeyed Susans: Smokin' Johnny Cash
Lou Reed: Satellite of Love
Ubin: Electric Love
Plaid: Remix of Goldfrapp's Utopia
Stereo Total: Ma Radio
Hello Minnesota: Boy in the bathroom
Home for the Def: I must kill the queen
Engelbert Humperdink: Quando Quando Quando
CloudDead: Pop Song


What was...

1. ...your first grade teacher's name?

2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
Dangermouse / Inspector Gadger, but I don't think either of them were ever on a Saturday Morning...

3. ...the name of your very first best friend?

4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal?

5. ...your favorite thing to do after school?
Dance to the bangles on my driveway

fuck, now yer fucked.
"want to go halves in a kid?"
Go Pol, you big red fire engine...

thoughts from during the week...


God, it's a pain not having internet, this is going to be one post with on-going days in it, I can tell.


Ok, things I love:
1. my hair
2. that I found a couple skirts that actually work with me, as opposed to against me!
3. The Fringe
4. Encounters of the uplifting kind
5. Ant bites (add sarcasm and stir)
6. The fact that I have enough passion in my heart to cry over the little things
7. Skewiff memories of conversations past
8. Introducing Queer Eye to some people who have been overseas for a while and never seen it
9. Anticipation
10. Adelaide: It kicks over Sydney, at least for the tranquillity!
11. Tic Tacs - they're my tactic
12. Wind through the trees
13. Sunshine
14. Old vinyl records
15. Watching people drool when they first see the three d library
16. Making faces at friends across crowded rooms
17. dreaming
18. dancing til my feet hurt
19. stick on tattoos
20. boys

Things I dislike (hate is such a strong word):
1. coming home from a night out smelling like other peoples cigarettes
2. Dishonesty
3. Dumb girls
4. Seafood
5. People not saying what they mean
6. Falling down stairs!!
7. Being screwed over by people who simply don't have their sh*t together
8. men in suits on those scooter things
9. Being too hot when trying to get to sleep
10. People who look down at others for the clothes they wear
11. Racism
12. Politics
13. I need a new bra! I hate shopping for bras!
14. Really drunk people using bad pick up lines
15. and just bad pick up lines....

So I suppose I could write about all the dastardly horrid weird love-hate stuff I seem to have been posting lately.... instead (insert your *gasp* here)
Yesterday during my show I had some Fringey guests on again, Adam Hills + Tripod.
Adam lifted me up (not physically, that wouldn't work, I'm too heavy) because his outlook and personality knock everything for six. I'd remembered seeing him do some stand-up last year at Rhino and being suitably impressed, but probably said no more than 'boo' to him on that particular day.

I had been telling him how Richard Easton had said to me how laid back and easy the interview I did with him was.
At the end of the show, Adam pretty much said the same thing: "You're right, this is the best/easiest interview I've ever done". (props to me)

All the guys loved being able to poke through the shelves of music.... Gatesy stating "this is too much" whilst staring at the rows and rows of vinyl, completely dumbfounded and unable to decide....

It might be cool to get paid for doing radio, but I get to play with 66,000 albums every week! And I get control over my show. And I get to have guests in like these guys who rock my world and talk to them quite candidly, instead of being so straight-edged about it.

There's something extra special about yesterday, it was a lovely day. Lucky I have recorded it for posterity.

*aside* As fringe wears on, I get more and more impatient!

I got my hair done on Saturday at Limbo (Unley Road, go there, they rock!) again. My hair had grown about 4 inches since mid-November which is heaps!

The cuts even better again and I already know how I want it done next time.

I think I'm some kind of 1930's dancer or something out of an old period drama! My hair is so curly, but I think it looks fekkin' rad (Not to brag... hehehe). All I need's a tassel dress and some feathers in my hair... yeh dress-ups!!

I want to talk more about Adam Hills, but I don't know what to say. You know when things become more like a mesh of a memory? Yeh. When I listen to the interview again I'll write more. Go see his new show "Go you Big Red Fire Engine 2: Judgement Day" @ The Fringe. And also be aware if you know
anyone with a hearing impairment that he has an Auslan Interpreter @ his show on Sundays. Mega uber Props for that!

I've also realised I'm a bit of a klutz when it comes to stubbing toes or
walking into things...

Now that I'm going to Beats per Minute tomorrow, and Adam Hills, then Tripod Thursday, and 12 Angry Men on Friday.... you'll have to excuse me if I hibernate tonight and Wednesday!!

So much to see, so little time! It's kind of unfortunate I chose to leave going back to temp work til now. Had I done it a month ago, I could have taken a couple weeks off during fringe, and rode thru the cash I had. Boo to me! :(

The Cat Empire are playing at the Festival Venue "Universal Playground" on the 8th March. Even if you are sick of hearing their 'hello hello' track, they played one of the best shows I saw last year.

Dooooooooooooooooo yyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee?

{to be continued}