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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

we're the kids in america...

Ok so this isn't from America... this is me back at my favourite haunt, the Three Monkeys, in West End, Brisneyland... where the lovely Erin took me for lunch the other weekend...


fekkin' shit scared...

this morning, within a few minutes of locking my front door. I went tumbling down my front staircase.

And ooh oww... if I had a digital camera i would take a picture of my horrifically PURPLE AND BLACK ass and post it in all it's glory.

I mean fuck, what a great start to the day.

So I decided it was about time, with my jarred body to head down to the spinal care place and get myself checked out. My RSI seems to have travelled since my last job and is affecting me off and on... more on lately, considering this is the second time I've stacked it in as many weeks. My balance is off.

And after seeing the look on Mr Spinal Care's face... I'm considerably worried. I was immediately sent for more x-rays but wont know what they mean until i go back to see him and have it explained. (i have refrained from ripping open the envelope in fear).

My grandmother who passed away earlier this year had some osteo problems I'm pretty sure, and I'm really really hoping I haven't got something similar. However, that look on the doc's face didnt bring me any comfort.

I know something is wrong...

On a lighter note... here's some pics from America....


Saturday, August 20, 2005

random blogginess...

Point 1: cooking is no fun unless you make a mess...

I'm actually quite content with life at the moment... quite amazing compared to this time last year.

Apart from a few minor obstacles; namely:

1) the fact that I've taken up smoking again (easily beaten once i make the decision to can it again)
and 2) wanting to lose ten kilos (happily on its way)
oh and 3) not having a man around who's handsome and likes me, but that's really by the by. My time will come.

I love this city. I'm always meeting fresh faces and finding new places to play. And I'll conquer it yet and get my b-grade celebrity status back up to b-grade somehow.

And once I've done that i'll become complacent and bored again and probably want to move to somewhere even bigger.... I vote New York, because I heart it. Every day in that city is an adventure.

Point 2: weird things about America...

I noticed at pedestrian crossings there is really nothing to notify the vision impaired that they can cross the street. In Australia for example, the red man blips slowly until you can cross, then speeds up when the green man appears, letting you know it's okay to cross.

American's drive very fast (yes Mikey, this means you)

What's with the 1c pieces and $1 bills? And no different coloured money??! At least when I open my purse in Australia I can see what I've got without too much effort instead of rummaging through notes and ending up with a gazillion one dollar bills!!

Generally stuff costs the same, except cosmetics are so cheap. I'm talking Shisheido here. I priced some in Brisbane the other day and what was $20USD was at least $40AUD!!

Totally Gay!
Liberace Gay!!


Friday, August 05, 2005

the most un-fun city in america...

i think is Downtown Los Angeles.

After being in New York with the hustle and bustle, and sometimes the quietness of Soho or Grenwich Village... I kind of got used to being in a busy city.

LA Downtown is boring.

The Museum of Contemporary Art was closed yesterday (when i had money) and advertised as being free on Thursdays, so what happens when I get there... oh yeh it's free between 5 + 8pm. Bah! AND there's a basquiat exhibit on, but I need my money to pay the shuttle dude to get back to LAX.

Sauntered up to Hollywood Blvd to check out the sites, and visted the Entertainment museum. Universal Studios or anything else was way out of my price range.

I don't know, apart from being smoggy, it's hot and there's not many places to sit or much shade around here. I don't mind the heat, but i like to be able to find a park bench without too much effort.

So all in all, LA Central is a boring piece of shit.

My flight leaves in 5 hours from LAX back through Auckland and then onto Brisneyland.

I've had a really great time... yes you sleep when you're dead... and here's where I insert the thankyous.

Mikey mike for letting me sleep on his couch, use his computer, and making him shop in Soho.
The delectible Amanda in Denver, for wanting me to stay, saying she'll miss me, and being a girlfriend i could bitch with, or look at boys with.
Jason... for being delightful, blaming me for him getting drunk on his birthday, and showing me a good time...
Diane from New York, for the company, and the other Jason as well.
Mikey's parents for feeding me and taking me to the baseball, and generally being nice.

And the fine people of the US who have been pleasant, answered all my questions, told me I was brave for travelling alone and laughed at me saying 'heaps' or 'reckon' way too much.

Anyhoo, that's all from me, and that's all from him (the invisible delightful imaginary boyfriend i have - wha'?).

See some of y'all very soon, and see others of you when I'm looking at you!


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ok, just HAD to add this in...

in the recent flux of 'The Hoff' memorabilia... here's the link Aiva in Sydney sent me...

hours of entertainment!!




Trav Nash demands...

more information on the mystery boy...

Well you ain't getting it, so you can just kiss my curvy ass!!

I did, however, add in some shopping links and site links for some of the things I did in New York... so that'll have to do in the tantalising of tastebuds for now!!!


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

mmmm THAT guy...

i really want to write about 'that guy' but unfortunately i cannot...

but in case you decide to read, oh mysterious man, thankyou... and i'll see you in Thailand for new years ;)


back in Denver...

after about 6 hours in transit...

i heart new york, i heart new york a whole bunch.

i feel like I did a lot, and yet didn't in the 4 days we were there.

I met a nice chick Diane at this bar on west 46th st who happens to have a friend on the gold coast, and will be coming down in February. so that's going to be pretty cool. She has my e-mail so hopefully will be able to come visit me when she's here.

Saw a very small portion of Central Park today. Beautiful, but way too huge to walk all the way through in the little time I had left. Went back to Berghovf and bought some cosmetics.

Freaked out when I couldn't find my CD player when I got to the airport... thought the bellboys at the hotel had stolen it, and even made a call... but lo and behold i have now found it.

The Sex + The City tour was way fun. Got some good shopping in and saw a lot of the city by going on it as well.

Went back to Pat Fields (the costume designer for the show) shop the following day hoping to pick up something memorable from there too, in the end talked myself out of it. Tried a wacky pink top on that looked better on the hanger than on me.

I went into Dolce + Gabana down in Soho thinking maybe I could afford even one piece of memorabilia. think again julie, think again.

Went into the really muhassive Toys R Us on time square... there is a ferris wheel in the middle of it. What else, oh i think i found my new favourite store in Sephora... but unfortunately there aren't any in Aus. As far as I know anyway. I guess there could be one down in Sydney.

Weekends in New York, and in particular Times Square are NUTS. Enjoyed much more the 'tranquility' of the area surrounding Christopher Street.

The site of the WTC disaster... I have to say, i had a cry when I was there, and shot up a prayer, which i dont do very often these days, that the souls lost there are in a better place than here. That's not to say the world in which we live in isn't an amazing place, but I sometimes wish everyone could be safe and warm all the time.

Also, I'm going to have to go into massive exercise and eating right overload after this trip... I think I got fatter!!

bah humbug!!


Monday, August 01, 2005

New York, New York

it's a hell of a town...

what have i done since i have been here...

found some amazing shopping...
been to the site where the twin towers were...
sat on carrie bradshaws front doorstep...
had 'breakfast at tiffanys' (without the breakfast part)...
been up the empire state building at night...
and generally freaked out about how frikken huge this place is...

but i heart new york, and it seems a bunch of other people do too...