meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Friday, December 31, 2004

ok, so let's get serious...

brisbane doesn't have daylight savings... therefore, at 5am, generally there's sun pouring through my window... which wouldn't be so bad if the curtains were darker and it didn't make the room a light yellow each morning... one of these days I'll get up and utilise this time of the morning for something more constructive than sleep.

i know when i return to adelaide in January what people will say.... 'wow, look at your tan!' when in fact, i am so whitey mcwhite-white that it's not funny. My top half is gradually browning as well as my feet, but the backs of my legs just seem to be freckling! That's very strange, I don't think my legs have freckled before...

We are off to Maryborough today for New Years Eve... Dip and Brudd's friend Andrew has a new place he wants to show off, so we're having a bogan themed New Years do.... only problem being is that I don't actually have any random garb that is bogan like that I can wear... hmm... perhaps an op shop could be useful...

We have also decided that this evenings poison of choice is Sangria. Yum.

I have been a bit sniffly the last few days, I'm hoping it's just my regular hayfevery sinussssssy goodness and nothing more.

The house is so mega clean (well, compared to what it was) I am particularly proud of the effort. Now we also have some Thai Basil growing and I bought Nath, the mint freak, a chocolate mint plant. Tasteriffic! I also bought Dahlia's and have potted them on our Balcony.

Darn. Have just checked my bank account and discovered that my pay isn't there yet *pout*... it will be there at midnight knowing my luck. How RUDE!

I bought Good Morning Vietnam on DVD... it was a toss-up between that, Rushmore or Lost In Translation. I've decided I want to own everything that Bill Murray has ever done, because he's a legend.

I was supposed to be buying some pillows.

Slap me on the wrist and no desert!

Schlappy Nude Year all!!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

meow meow meow

missy missy missy...

now there's only a handful of people that understand that.

two of them would giggle.
the other would say 'I'm going to kill that cat one day..."

and that be the end of that.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

forgive me father for i have sinned...

hang on? I'm not catholic.

I am just updating my amazon wish list, noteworthy for anyone who feels like sending me some mail! I like presents.


If you have trouble finding it... let me know!!

Nothing at the moment seems to complicated... I mean, I am just chilled. I keep saying to Nath I feel like I'm on holidays (and yes, we are at the moment)... it's very strange indeed.

But for the first time in a long time, my head isn't over analysing things... not racing 100 miles a minute... it's leaving me be. Thank fuck for that.

I have an amazing, but very personal story re-enacting in my head from within the last 72 hours... but i have to leave it in there, and not spill it onto this very public place...

ok, back to cleaning!

Monday, December 27, 2004

pull out a crayola and colour me tickled pink...

i do apologise to those who have been popping in to see what this sweaty little brisneyland vigilante has been up to... but i've been so busy with work and play that i've barely felt like writing...

had a particularly memorable xmas, albeit the first one I have actually spent out of adelaide... that's always interesting in itself I suppose, however I had a couple pressies from my folks and sister to open.

My folks bought me a pierre cardign watch... to which i went 'holy shit' and just about fell over. Nath was close by to catch me on my fall towards the kitchen tiles (ok, ok, i'm full of shit, but yeh, a shock).

My sister bought me Donnie Darko directors cut (swoon) and Britneys Greatest Hits!! Hehe. I know, I know, based on past posts of set lists and music taste related stories, you wouldn't think Britney would be there would you. It was partially a joke when I initially said it to her, and I actually wanted the film clips, not the CD, but I've still had a laff shaking my ass round the house to it whilst cleaning the bathroom.

Spent Xmas eve at my housemates folks place which was just lovely. I've felt so welcomed since moving in here, it really is a sensation. Hooked into a bottle of vodka when we got back and watched 'the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover'.... really one of the more beautiful films of all time, interesting contrasted by the arrogant fuckwit character of the thief...

Had xmas brekkie with Sam + Nico and came home and dozed in and out of consiousness on the couch round midday... Nath got back around 4 and we did some glass painting, drank sparkling red, and packed his ute. Well he packed, I stood there and provided spray bottle entertainment and more vodka when required...

I've had a very good xmas, and if it weren't for him it'd have been hard for me not being around the fam.... to which i raise my glass and say, thanks nathan...

Molly + Leah arrived yesterday for a break before finishing the last part of their Adelaide to Woodford road trip. I took them for a smoke at Tullah's and then down to Southbank for some dinner... I was all "YAY! ADELAIDE PEOPLE!!"... it was great to have them here, even if briefly.

I'm sure there is more to this story.... however for fear of incrimination I will leave it out.

man, what ARE you talking about?! It's not like I fed the ibis!!

Merry Chrisbo everybunny!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

oops... got swept away in the flood...

with two floods and a bleeding man.... SOOB was still fantastic fun.... a nice way to meet some nice people, and I got to finally be a barTENDER instead of a barBITCH.

All in a days work my friends, all in a days work.

I love my new house.


Friday, December 03, 2004

hazy... sticky... i can taste beer....

Well I can't anymore, but how I felt last night when I first wrote this... follows...

Feelin' kinda hazy and sleepy after a long sweaty day of volunteering and socialising. Saw both of the boys I have new crushes on today, but only one to speak to. The other... well.... I think just more social visits to his place of business will ensue. Was too reserved today to say more than I did, even thought I had a plan in my head. He had papers scattered all over the place doing the books.

Being someone who has done this (in part) for the majority of my working life, I gave only a smile and "hey" on my way past, rather than interrupt him the way I had intended.

.... anyhoo, I will write about last night.

The SOOB opening party was fun, met up with people I'd met the day before and had a few bevs... John *grins*, Steve *nods*, Adam *waves*, Grant *reintroduces self twice*, Laura *tells her to wake up*, Megan *meet two more people from Cairns... also met a couple of new people... Mitch *waves*, Siobhan *thanks for email*...

Yelled across the bar that "TALLIES" aren't called "TALLIES" they're called "LONG NECKS" and thank you very much! That was quite amusing.

Didn't actually sit and watch any of the music, but what was both upstairs and down was interesting. All electro, and all pretty decent eh.

I was only there for a few hours, pretty much mingling and getting to know a few people. It was nice, and it was sweaty.

I know that doesn't sound so exciting, but i liked it.

I hate living in "Sydney".... it's too far from the Brisneyland! Hopefully will rectify that soon.

I would like to insert a massive big fat congratuMAlations to my buddy ole pal TANK who today, hands up her thesis. GOOD ON YA BABE!!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

the job interview...

So late yesterday I had this job interview which I think i went quite well.
It was kind of weird though, one guy was really cheery and the big boss was very serious. Makes it more awkward i think than going in for a chat... the other lady was nice.

I dont know when I will hear about it but I'm told they wanted someone immediately, so yeh, maybe today.

I actually said I couldnt do a temp job yesterday because of the interview, so lost two weeks work to someone else. In hindsight I should have just taken it and said i wasn't avail to start for a fortnight.

Blumin' heck.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tim Burton

I have a friend who is an animator that is working on the new Charlie + The Chocolate Factory, and for that.... erm.... I'm very proud anyway.... not that he's not done cool stuff before like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

I once said in an email to him 'eh, what you working on and can i look?' and he went:

"Lord of the Rings and no"

And it wasn't fair, but man, imagine doing that for a living.... hmmm... pity I can't draw eh?!

Ooh, have you noticed I've been more bothered with sizes and colours lately!? Tee hee.

Straight Out of Brisbane program looks great. I'm really looking forward to it... doing door bitching at a few different venues throughout the fest, so that is always fun.

I had a dream with Colin Firth in it last night. What is going on here?! Obviously I now find him a spunk, where-as before I didn't.

Oh AND... what is it with me and handsome bartenders....?? I've now hopefully got three of them at my beck and call.
I should probably retract that for fear of retribution, but fuck it.

Oops, I said fuck.

Monday, November 29, 2004

okay okay...

so it's true, i really have nothing to write...
no that's a lie, i do actually.

I am a big fan of PT Anderson, Magnolia is one of the true genius pieces of film (even it's in entirety of 3 hours and 8 minutes), and Punch-Drunk Love was just as incredible... but I made myself watch BOOGIE NIGHTS yesterday, because I think the first time I went to watch it more than 5 years ago, I fell asleep.

Okay, now... I enjoyed some of it... the beginning was better... and poor WH Macy! :(

(my train of thought has been trashed, by the small child, whose parent obviously wasn't watching it, and has just pulled a BOOK SHELF on top of themselves)

I don't know, I thought when I first saw Mark Wahlberg act I gave him more credit than he was due. Other performances in the film are damned fine. I LOVE Julianne Moore, she's great.

My point is, it's the least fave of the three PT films I've seen... thoughts?

Also we watched PIECES OF APRIL over the weekend, and I must say, I really like Katie Holmes. She's great in it. And all the characters were great actually. Make sure that you check it out, I don't want to say too much about it, but basically... her family is coming for Thanksgiving Dinner and her oven is broken... and that's not the half of it!

I spent Friday night at RUSH, my new favourite bar to drnk $4 pints of Stella, and by god they have the most handsome boy there... *swoon*


Friday, November 26, 2004

golly gee willakers!

so... i had this dream last night that i returned to adelaide completely unprepared, got the time wrong when i was supposed to reunite with people, felt all sweaty and horrible, with no change of clothes, and that pippas friend had her houseboat parked next to her house!

Go figure.

What does this all mean? Am I afraid of returning and not having achieved anything?

I hate not working... well I don't hate it, working does suck more than it rocks generally.... but I get bored out here in "Sydney" as DiP and BrudD have called it. I'll probably go into town later and catch up with work mates from my first month here. I liked them, a bunch of nice people.

I am starting to work out really where I would like to go travelling next year... the US for sure, perhaps Japan, Cuba and Spain are entering the equation. Hmm. But with any luck I'll be able to spend a few weeks travelling with the super-spunky Sam, with whom I will hunt for boys and cause trouble!


Thursday, November 25, 2004

so, about that job you promised me...

I probably already wrote this, but the job i started on Monday lasted a whole 4 1/2 hours before someone in their upper management decided they couldn't be bothered training someone for a 2 week stint.... and so put more pressure on their own workers (as you do) and left me without a job for the next fortnight...

Well that's not necessarily true I suppose, the Agency is always optimistic something will come up. And they know I'm keen so at the moment I can't do much more than that.

So... what else. Oh yes, the last episode of the OC... I'd like to say WHATTHEMASHUGANAPUTS?! I mean for people who DISPISE this series, of which I know a few, you are delusional. I mean really... they all leave at the end of it? 'Marissa' hits the bottle, and 'Seth' floats off into the sunset. BEAUTIFUL! 'Keirsten' crying? Man, I'm so envious of her getting to snog Peter Gallagher all the time. Hmph! This is why I like this show, it was not a happy ending, it was left on the edge, making you want more. (Bastards!)

Also, in relation to the box... the tele, whatever you might call it.... i note channel 10 has the most 'new' stuff coming up over the silly-season.... which is good, i mean i was dreading all the xmas movie re-runs... but i also note that there are NO NEW AUSSIE SITCOMS OR DRAMAS amongst them.
Come on AUSTRALIAN TV NETWORKS, support some more AUSTRALIAN PRODUCERS, AUSTRALIAN ACTORS, AUSTRALIAN WRITERS! Please. It's starting to make me a little bit edgy. I'd hate to be a struggling actor in this country, honestly. If you manage to hit a spot in Neighbours, you'd be lucky.

That's my two cents anyway.
I'm nearly out of library internet time, and I guess I should sign up for some sort of job mail so I dont have to wait for the paper each Saturday.

be excellent to each other.
and congrats to 'ma boyz' the new pollutants for a win in the SAMIA awards! good on ya babes!


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

bridget jones: edge of reason

well me and DiPana just spent our $6 and $5 respectively to go see the new Bridget Jones!!

Here's Di's review:

"I liked the fight. I want to fight like that. Give me a reason."

(footnote from di: "I'm a pretty good reviewer hey? That was magic")

I thought it was good, enough giggly moments to make me like it. I always laugh at peoples misfortunes in films, i mean i guess i just like slapstick comedy, but there's got to be something wrong with that.

Hugh Grant is a sexy bitch.
And I liked Colin Firth much more now as well.

But still not as much as Peter Gallagher.



Tuesday, November 23, 2004

my soul is an island...

my car is a ford...

no it ISNT!

anyhoo, well, I have no longer got a new temp job to go to for the next fortnight... I went there yesterday morning and someone up there in the hot-seat decided that they could use an internal person for a fortnight, rather than train me to do the reception job for a fortnight.... so 4 1/2 hours after i arrived i was on my way home.


Oh well. life of a temp I guess. It's just that hadn't happened to me before, and I took it a little bit personally as well.

They came up with another job at a marketing place, but it's across the other side of the city - and it would be temp to permanent, and i want to travel next year for several months... so i dont want to annoy people by taking a job then going on holidays or quitting in about July.

Anyhoo, I'm waiting for the job spec to come thru on email and I'll make a decision more based on that. Might just have to move sooner rather than later.

Went to my volunteer meeting for straight out of brisbane last night... nice bunch of people, i think it's going to be great. The program is huge, so check it out.

I really have nothing terribly interesting more to report.
Went for a swim this morning. Huzzah!

I guess I'll be watching daytime tv the next few days til more work comes up.

I was glad that Casey won Australian Idol because Anthony sounded the same every time he sang.

I had a dream with the people from The OC in it last night, now something is wrong with that!! Because it wasn't even Peter Gallagher.... mmm Peter Gallagher.

Tune into 93.7FM in Adelaide Sunday from 2pm for Better Living Thru Inebriation, and hear the Brisneyland report at some point with yours truly.



Friday, November 19, 2004

oh blog!

i promised not to neglect thee, and one has the admittance of guilt now!

Reasons I came to Brisneyland:
1) warm weather
2) change of scenery
3) hang out with Di + Bruddley + Erin
4) clear my head
5) get rid of tunnel vision
6) do some training
7) see how another radio station works...
8) find out if any MORE people are going to break my heart
9) cause trouble
10) did i mention sunshine?


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

dropping like flies..


my readership is dropping off pretty rapidly, I must be very boring!
Yes that's it!

I know, I know, I am not writing nearly as much as I should, but hey... I don't have my computer up here yet.... hopefully next week.

Anyhoo, last weekend we saw Lano + Woodley's "The Island"... tres bon. This was the first time I'd seen Lano + Woodley and by god they're a bunch of cuties!

Thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Watched "Always", "Gremlins", "The Money Pit" and "Centre Stage" in the last week.

Special Features on DVD's are COOL.

Vote in the SAMIA awards, or someone is going to hurt me.

benjammmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn....!! OWWWW!


Thursday, November 04, 2004

my November 3 post on November 4...

Politics: Today is kind of D-Day... Although I haven't been following the US election 'warm-up' so much, all I know is that I want that lying Dubbya out of there (I also wanted our little Johnnie Howard out of there too, but it was not to be).

Dubbya and LJH can go play their war games on their own planet, not mine!

I am kind of concerned for the American Public in general... eg. what will happen on the streets if Bush is returned to power. I have these visions for some reason of mass rioting and protesting and anger.

God I hope the rioting part doesn't come true.

If something goes bunta (Mikey, this is for you) get on a plane and sleep on our purple and green couch!

I also think the US might kind of 'swallow' itself in our lifetime... I don't know what makes me feel that way, but let me kind of explain. (and this sucks, cos I know a whole bunch of nice US-ians.... the people over at Quiet Water Web and Mikey and stuff...) I just see that, of course, the general populas, as here, is asking for simple things like good health care and not getting it. The gun issue is a huge problem. The 'fear' angle constantly used discusts me. Slowly it's getting worse.

I am not saying I have an answer, I am not saying I know a whole lot about US history or anything. (And, as we know, news is always biased) I'm just saying I'm worried.

Education: Some people seem to think Michael Moore is just stirring shit, and perhaps he is. What I see is that he is collating vital information and providing it to the general public in a way everyone can understand... whether it be by using a guy in a giant rubber chicken suit, or putting it in a book with useful tips on who to contact for what in their country.

I saw the book "Michael Moore is a big stupid fat white man". Firstly, enough with the taunts about weight, who gives a crap. Secondly, I did open this book to a random page in the book store. Bascially what it said what that a particular topic that Mike had commented on in his book "Stupid White Men".... if you typed a particular phrase relating to that into google you found 80,000+ references to it and, in essence, "ha ha, he's not smart"... you fucking retards! Of course he's researched the topics he's talked about (and listed exactly where in the back of the book i might add) Go on! MAKE A POINT!

Life: Oh, and if the man I found the most comfort in talking to in this world only realised the conversatoin got you through the later years in life... we'd be procreating by now!
Or at least hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing!

Julie and Erin loungeroom yoga tonight - Yeehaw!

Comin' atcha black mamba style!

(I'm obsessed with the Kill Bill Vol 2 Soundtrack by the way... thank you again Quentin.... especially "Goodnight Moon" and "About Her")

Saturday, October 30, 2004

My friday update (on a saturday)

I did something that has made me smile today... i shall explain;

on my lunch break after coming out of the post office, a (strikingly handsome) Australian Conservation Society worker stopped me, thanked me for stopping... I told him how I'd been in Canberra when a bunch of Wilderness Society members were stopped out the front of Parliament House, for holding up a sign that said 'save the forests'... because they weren't in the 'designated protesting area' (apparently, FYI, this 'designated protesting area' is around the SIDE of Parliament House, far away from anywhere that a Politician might need to walk to get to his/her post... hmph!)

He told me about the kinds of campaigns they do, and was well read on the subject; being a German traveller and all.

May I insert the words "BARRIER REEF" and "MURRAY RIVER" here.

It occurs to me that in this past year or so, there has been only 'ME'... I've been so caught up with the fight going on in my head, I forgot about the bigger picture.

In short, I am now a supporter of the Aust Conservation Foundation.... and yes, it makes me smile.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

thoughts from yesterday...

It amazes me that something like Lleyton Hewitt's fiance dumping him or Paris Hilton screwing "The Poo" (as he is affectionately named by Roy + HG) can make front page news. I mean I guess it was only the Sunday Mail, but after my call to Three D that afternoon, I've discovered it was probably on the cover of EVERY Sunday paper in the country! Somewhat depressing!

Also, the new Australian Drama "Cooks" seems to have disappeared already? So much for harbouring Aussie talent. And if it didn't get the ratings you expected Channel 10, next time don't put it up against something like the last season of Sex + The City! You lost half your demographic right there, and shot yourself in the foot at close range!!

I have applied for a part time job with Amnesty up here. I think it would be great, and it would mean I could try and sneak in some study on Event Management or Tourism in between time.

Temp job is plodding along. Sometimes we are certainly very busy but not always...

A cute boy named Neil helped me in Dymocks today ;)

more soon...
comment pweeze if you are reading!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

get ready for a big PHAT blog...

I have, this week, been working as a temp for a Body Corporate Management office. Basically I'm a correspondence clerk til further notice. It's a quiet place, everyone's pretty busy, but they're all nice people.

I type their letters, charge their outlays, answer phone calls, do the mail and stuff and things.

I have learnt something.... not all "English" Dictionaries are the same (even including the spell check on my computer). I was doing some documentation with the word 'arborculturist' in it. I'd changed it to ARBOR CULTURIST as the spell check told me it wasn't a word. The Body Corp Manager approved the letter so I sent it to be signed. The Big Boss sent it back asking it to be changed back to arborculturist. I stuck a note on it saying there ain't no such word, after checking our Macquarie Concise English Dictionary Third Edition (revised and updated) and reprinted in 1999!

However, in the Collins English (and Australian) Edition downstairs, the word is listed.

So what I want to know is WHO IS RIGHT? and DO ARBORCULTURIST's exist?

I've never been one to particularly preen myself, at least in the way of things such as skin care. I'm very lucky my skin has always been near on perfect, in that I don't get blemishes. And pretty much the most used product ever is my aloe vera gel, straight off the plant or out of a tube, it doesn't matter!

Now that I've made this big move, and a large portion of the reason I moved is to shake myself up a bit, become a better person, rah rah rah, i am actually finally doing more 'cosmetic' things to myself.

Yes everyone knows my obsession with eyeshadow and NO I'm not talking about botox!

I have been concerned with the dark circles that have taken over my eyes the past few years. So when I went to the supermarket the other day to buy my other favourite moisturiser (Garnier Body Tonic, bless it) I found some Neutrogena Eye Cream...

Brisbane City is quite hilly, I think my legs are getting a reasonable work out each day. Still my problem is the 'from the waist-up bloat'... I don't quite understand it myself but I now do my hand weights every day and have started doing sit-ups. I can do about 20 at the moment before I start feeling sick, but this will surely improve. If Britney Spears can do 300, then so can I damn it!


Monday, October 18, 2004

what's a good present for...

a 'congratu-ma-lations you finished your uni-ma-versity' present?

insert random thought/s here: I think we should send more postcards. It's fun getting them. I wonder if Jules + Philo got my postcard?

I want to go to Dreamworld (when I get a job that is) because I want to go on a rollercoaster and run amok like a little kiddywink for a day. Is that bad? Probably.

work: So... this morning I got up reasonably early... it'd been raining all night... hopefully that gave the fire fighters up here some much needed relief.... so I got up and went to Centrelink, and they're going to help me but I gots to wait til the 26th til I see any cash. Which, maybe, will mean that I will have already gotten work through the Temp Agency who I will be seeing this afternoon...

tele: so... 1) they should get someone other than ROVE to host the ARIA's. He's just not funny anymore. Bring back Darryl Somers, or give the job to someone worthy like Denton or Peter Berner, just not Rove. You just don't make me giggle enough anymore mate, you're out of the gang!
2) Also, why the hell is that Marty guy still on Australian Idol... or Hayley. They're both much notably worse than the other contenders that are left. I kind of like the idea of a Courteney/Chanel showdown at the end. or the really young girl, i forget her name, but she has such good control of her voice.
3) Mark Holden is an old perv.
4) Kind of interested in the new Aust Drama Cooks, but unfortunately they have put it on I think at the same time as Sex + the City, and SATC wins hands down for me at the moment. Might have to tape the other, because I keep wondering why we have this 48 ba-thousand versions of CSI and US shows like that, and they aren't harvesting (is that the right word i'm looking for, probably not) Aussie actors/Aussie shows/directors etc etc. Shame on them.

stuff and things,

Friday, October 15, 2004

*cough*..... *splutter*

yes still coughing and spluttering my way through my days, which is somewhat annoying let me tell you.

Also my nose continues to bleed because I've been blowing it way too much this week.

Which leads me to the very scientific question of WHERE THE HELL DOES ALL THIS SNOT COME FROM?

I would like to protest my well... protest against the use of the ARENA as a venue for Groove Armada here in Brisneyland. I mean, I have nothing specifically against the Arena as a venue... for a band that you might not need to dance to that is.

Went there for the Cat Empire a couple Fridays ago.... well it was great to see so many people there to rock out (even though the crowd weren't all jumping around... hello? JUMP PEOPLE!) but I found that I had to go upstairs to get a boogie in because in the main area there was absolutely NO dancing space.

This said, the ticket price of $75 also seems a bit steep when GA should be playing a larger venue.

This is why, people of Earth, I should be a bloody promoter. I mean sheesh, whomever you are, give me a job. Please. And I will actually go to venues, and check them out, so that I know that the audience is going to WANT to pay that much money to go see their fave outfit.

Also, the soundsystem in the Arena wasn't fantastic and the beer was expensive (actually, all the drinks were expensive).

And if I was Groove Armada I'd be saying 'pants' to you, and your little dog too.

The Amazing Race is back on TV in Australia, and at a reasonable time-slot. I think it's actually good for kids to see it, because it could teach them small amounts about Geography and Culture. Which is good, right?
The only thing I don't like seeing as much is the bitching, I mean some of it is in context, but some of it is people whining, and I don't want to see people whining.

New SPLENDARO vox pop.... provided by Miss Dippity DiPana Alexsponia!


Let me explain... in Brisneyland, land of sunshine (and bushfires evidently, woah!) you can't own a bunny rabbit for a 'pet'... you must own it for research or training purposes... hence, if you had a teaching degree you can own a bunny.

Di really wants to own a bunny.

this is the end of the rambling...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

update-us goodness....

hello cyber-world...

firstly, i am sick. Not sick in the head, or sick of bad politicians being in power in our country, but sick as in *blowing nose* sick.

I thought I'd have more time whilst travelling to stick some notes to my blog, however it just didn't happen... I didn't even get to see all the people I wanted to see (sorry big Fi!) but had a jolly good time along the way.

I really enjoyed Canberra, contrary to popular belief it's quite nice. So quiet though. That's the thing about it... you're in the middle of the city in the middle of the week and you can hear wildlife. So unusual...

Sydney was nice again. Didn't make Trovatos but spent some time a the Manly Jazz Festival, eating expensive fish and chips.... headed down to the Harbour to meet Aiva for some expensive drinks (and i mean expensive) and searched for one SINGLE pub that was open for counter meals.... and when couldn't find one, found a cheap tasty noodle bar instead.

Totally missed Merlin, Joe, Andrew and da boys from Debasa because I went to the wrong park (for an Anti-Howard/Peace gathering) but these things happen.

Had brekkie on the day I left with Kim, Sally + Kristian down at Coogee. Sooooo tasty....

One night in Coffs, then arrived here. That's the super-condensed version but some of you would have received my email anyway!

I still am uncertain as to what I'm actually doing here... certain people from home are keeping me sane (thanx nico, thanks sam, thankx tank, thankx shaz) and i ran up a hella big phone bill since i moved house in adelaide *sheesh* but oh well.

Hopefully work will fall in my lap soon. Applied to a few places yesterday and need to print some of my resumes out when I can get to a computer that I can do that on... but I guess that's what job network is good for. Thanks Centrelink (well, thanks next Monday if you can help me)...

I am sick of blowing my nose! Can I just chop it off??


new fave CD's: Kill Bill Volume 2 Soundtrack + Verve Remixed Vol 2 Compilation

stuff and things.
write me comments if you are reading. otherwise, i give up!

ps. oh, since I have been here we saw the Cat Empire at the Arena, which was fully excellent, and Paul Kelly at the Brisbane Multicultural Festival (which was free, and which is the reason I got sick from sitting on cold lawn). Super fun.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


yes i'm here! more soon kids.

Thursday, September 30, 2004


I found an internet cafe that can help me burn a CD, god that was a feat.

Hello from Canberra, our Nations Capital. Place of lots of Possums and funny buses.

I haven't done much exploring yet to be honest, but bEC and Ian took me out for Pizza last night to this great place, and that's about it so far... looked at a bunch of photos from their trip overseas, of which I am horrendously jealous.

Melbourne was fun. Played some basketball for the first time in years... sore arms. owww.

Saturday I am off to Sydney.... in time for the Sydney Peace Day Festival on Sunday! hooray!

This is the end of the rambling, for now...

Friday, September 24, 2004

so the day has arrived...

no not the moving day, the Freedom Festival!!

I think we're all happy it's here and everything's pretty sorted out for the big night. I look forward to playing babysitter/chauffer for the next 24 hours or so.

Tomorrow I will have to re-pack some stuff, and try not to overload the back of my car, and gear up for the Rhino Room Tracksuit party.


And now, just for Philo's pleasure, things I HATE: I hate coming home from the pub knowing I nearly spent $60 and I'm not pissed. What is happening to me? Do I have an iron stomach? Where does all that alcohol go? I mean, granted we had just been to Yin Chow for a pig-out but I mean really! *hmph*


Sunday, September 19, 2004

for the harmonica...

Last EVER Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Sunday 2-4pm

with Leigh*dust, Denni Brillig,

Esquivel: Miniskirt
G Love + Special Sauce: Night of the Living Dead
Cornelius: Drop
Morphine: Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer
Dj Salinger: Hello
Ciccone Youth: Two cool rock chicks listening to Neu
Smokey Robinson + The Miracles: You've really got a hold on me
Groove Armada: Think Twice
Joss Stone: Fell in love with a boy
Leigh StarDust: You might say
The Titanics: Harmonica
Ween: Hey there fancypants
Paris Combo: Attraction
Richard Easton: Underground Sea
Dolly Parton: PMS Blues
Aimee Mann: Momentum
The Avalanches: Run DNA
Roger the Band: Hatchback
DJ Tr!p: Grungebitch
Brassy: Feeling Sorry
Leigh*dust: This is the ending
Phil Nichol: Daddy's Wig
Crazy Penis: Magical Progression (Nic's pick)
Luke Ashby + The Lonely Crowd: Criminally Beautiful
Neneh Cherry: Buffalo Stance

GOODBYE THREE D. You have served me well.

Friday, September 17, 2004


so, still packing away at 10:56am on Friday... I have to be out of here tomorrow! They'll be no procrastinating today (apart from this blog entry of course).

Saw the new extendo version of Donnie Darko last night, that was pretty sweet. It made more sense to me I suppose this time... Time Travel? Do you think the movie could have been about time travel? (this part of the entry is simply for Ben + Sam who joined me for the mooFie, and overheard other people who had little to no idea of the concept, and said something completely retardo when leaving the theatre - and no, it wasn't "time travel?" that was me being fesitious!)

I have just loaded up the boot with things to take to the Goodwill Store. There's no going back now, it's all gotta go really. There is stuff that is still very useful but it's just not worth a whole bunch of money, and I feel better giving it away anyway... hopefully someone will find some joy in some of it. I've put some games and books in there too.

What I'm going to do with the rest of the videos around here I have no idea!

Threw out another 'garbage bag' sized bag of clothes into the clothes bin yesterday... I have a feeling there will be more to go.

Ok, no more screwing around. I got to get this place spik n span!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

jane, get me off this crazy thing...

well well well a lot has been happening and i haven't been much of a blogger lately, but here goes the schpeel...

i finished working at the house of pies* yesterday and spent til nearly midnight drinking it out with the few lovlies that thought they could deal with rockin' out on a Wednesday.... starting with some bevs, potato chips and me playing a SHIT game of pool at the Grace Emily (i'll miss that place) we wandered across town to the Exeter where I managed to catch a few kids I hadn't seen yet... well in the last month anyway... so that was cool.

Today I've gotten up reasonably early (is 10am early?) and unpacked one whole side of my wardrobe, getting rid of again MORE clothes!
Man I'm like a clothes hoard or something. I have this feeling I am also going to have to unpack and re-pack everything AGAIN because I don't think it's all going to fit in the car...

Another question, do I try and take my top 10 vinyls and leave the rest here? i mean it's a bloody travesty having to leave MUSIC behind, but I've managed to separate about half of my CD collection to leave behind (not get rid of, but put at the folksies place).


*fictitious name

Sunday, September 12, 2004

"i can't leave you alone..."

cos i knew from the start, you'd be tearing me apart, sooner or later...."

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: 2-4pm, Sundays
(next week is the LAST SHOW EVER!)

The Bees: A Minha Menina
Supergrass: Pumping on your Stereo
Wagons: You and Me
Radio Active: Relax
G Love: Front Porch Lounger
Woody Allen: The Science Fiction Film
Drop City: Setting Sun
Kings of Convenience: Love is no big truth
Joss Stone: Super Duper Love
Groove Armada: But I feel good
Mundy / Nellee Hooper: Escape from Mantua
Good Buddha: Ultrasound
The Herd: Honest J (from Rock Against Howard compilation)
Macromantics: Dreams
Elvis Costello + Burt Bacharach: What's her name today?
Luke Ashby + The Lonely Crowd: Criminally Beautiful
Kostars: Never So Lonely
Jefferson Airplane: My best friend
Black Box Recorder: Girls guide for the modern diva
Home for the Def: We're Through (Hollies cover)
The Bedridden: The Drowning of the Daddo Brothers
Big Brother + The Holding Co: Piece of my heart
The Thievery Corporation: All that we perceive
Tripod: Second Drawer Down
They Might Be Giants: No!
Lou Reed: Satellite of Love
Rancid: 7 years down (from Rock Against Bush Vol 2.)
Rocket Science: Connect Me
The Procussions: Introducing


Sunday, September 05, 2004

"if the house is quiet...

it's cos the punks retired for the night..."

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Sundays 2-4pm: Three D RADIO ADELAIDE!!!

argh! not long now!

Indoor: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
Underground Lovers: Losin' It
Darren Hanlon: Punks Not Dead
Funky Lowlives: I Want 2 Know U
Macromantics: Madlymantics
Thievery Corporation: The Richest Man in Babylon (Acoustic)
Furslide: Over my Head
Aimee Mann: Amateur
Wagons: You and Me (oh wow, like WOW, this song is amazing!!)
Wiley: Pies
The Procussions: Celebration
Salsa Celtica: El Sol De La Noche
XTC: Dear God
The Lemonheads: If I could talk I'd tell you
The Flaming Lips: Fight Test
No Doubt: Comforting Lie (From ROCK AGAINST BUSH VOL. 2)
Stevie Wonder: Superstition
The 5, 6, 7, 8's: Woo Hoo
Kings of Convenience: Sorry or Please
The Parralax Corporation: Crocodiles in the Sky
Peaches: Shake Yer Dix
Area 7: Can't be Happy
Handsome Boy Modelling School: The Projects
G. Love: The Hustle
Ben Folds: She Don't Use Jelly
Aqualung: Brighter Than Sunshine
Lou Reed: Sunday Morning
Harry Belfonte: Shake Shake Senora
Small Knives: Harden your heart

Had such a lovely night last night. I like people playing boardgames on my loungeroom floor and drinking Sangria with me!! There is a lot of cleaning up to be done, but eh, I can deal with that.

Kind of fuzzy cos I haven't really slept properly... maybe it's cos I moved my bed, maybe it's because my brain is full of a million little ideas...

Some people are so handsome *sigh*


Thursday, September 02, 2004

24 days and counting...

that's kind of interesting indeed.... time is slowly ticking away.

i have this rash on my neck that is not that noticable to the naked eye, but i notice it because there are little bumps everywhere. I don't know what it is... and I guess if it's still there when I go to the doctor next Monday, she'll be able to tell me!

Had another Amnesty planning meeting last night. I seriously think this show is going to KICK! I hope some of y'all reading that are in Adelaide will be able to make it!!

I just scoffed down a packet of Red Rock Deli chips. God I love those chips! But I'm still hungry.

My friends in Brisneyland are taking me out for Indian Food when I get there because it will be my biFday. *waves to DiP + Erin* You guys rock! I hope we can go bowling too!!

I love bowling. I have been twice recently, and I love it!!

Ella + Dave went back to Melby this week. I will miss them, but I will also see them soon! And I also hope I can convince them to move to Brisneyland as well. It'll be a pilgrimage.

I've discovered my road trip will be over 2600km's... which is a long way, but I'm pretty sure I can deal with it!! I will have company for at least part of the way anyway, which is nice.

Got to get back to it, if I ever want to get home that is!


Sunday, August 29, 2004

do you remember...

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Sundays 2-4pm

Paris Combo: Attraction
Mouse on Mars: Send me shivers
Curse ov Dialect: Baby how'd we ever get this way?
Macromantics: Conspiracy
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: The Delfonics: Didn't I blow your mind this time?
Frankie Vaughan: Am I wasting my time on you?
The Specials: Ghost Town
Radio Active: Confidence
The Rolling Stones: Little Queenie
The Lemon Pipers: Green Tambourine
Luke Ashby + The Lonely Crowd: Criminally Beautiful
Martha Reeves + The Vandellas: Nowhere to run
Kings of Convenience: Stay out of trouble
Bidston Moss: Tiny
Blondie: Hanging on the Telephone
Gerling: Dust me selecta
Kostars: Never so lonely
David Bowie: The Jean Genie
Slade: Keep on rockin'
The Procussions: Lights off
Buck 65: Country Cooking
The Nightmare before xmas cast: Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Black Box Recorder: Being Number One


Saturday, August 28, 2004

that's SO 1985...

so I've wasted a large portion of today talking to Mikey on Messenger and doing not much else... granted I got washing done, swept the back porch and sorted out the few dying pot plants... had lunch with my neighbours... did the leftover dishes from dinner with Amy, Ella + Dave last night.

Oh, I might add, we watched Rushmore last night, I haven't seen that movie in such a long time... and if you've never seen it I highly recommend watching it. SO FUNNY! Many people said it was the movie that brought Bill Murray back into the big time. He certainly does a very great performance in it. I wonder if the main actor "Max" has been in anything else?? He was great in it as well, i forget his name... Jason Schwartzman.

I made this list a while ago, so I thought I'd share it....
Objectives of moving to Brisneyland:
* Stop working 2 - 4 jobs
* Get training / more experience in Festival + Event Management
* Join ZZZ
* Get fit
* Become less cynical
* Study the fine art of SLOWING DOWN!!
* Spend time with people I haven't spent proper time with in 10 years!
* Own less material posessions

This is the end of the rambling...

Friday, August 27, 2004

i got too much to say to be a rapper...

Thank you The Procussions. (seriously, their CD kicks ass)

Two of my girlfriends are coming over to eat soup and watch videos with me tonight, very low key.

So far when I get to Queensland I am already going to THE CAT EMPIRE and DARREN HANLON!! woo and a hoo hoo!

I have already sold half of my furniture without really trying, which is great.

Dreams of all sorts have been plaguing me, some more interesting than others.

Am organising a series of fare-thee-wells and schtuff before I leave this fine city... I can announce my last LAWNMOWER MUSIC will be Sunday 19th September *sniff* hopefully with a host of special guests and crazy random lawnmowery goodness. Tune in, turn it up. 93.7FM 2-4pm.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

so sleeeeepyyy....

and yet still typing. baaaaaaahhhhhhhhhzzzzpppptttt << that's my brain.

i felt really good today... after some exciting news last night and a gorgeous sunny day today... i mean the regular *panic* of 'shit, only 4 weeks left' is still there, but the more stuff I go through.... again... for the fourth time... and pack away/donate/throw away/bling bling ... the better i feel.

Had a meeting about the touring Amnesty Freedom 'festival'... can confirm that it's at Traffic on the 24th September, doors 8pm. See:
Muskrat, Morganics, Debasa (yep, Merlin from BB's band), The New Pollutants + Procussions (from the US, they just toured with Jurrasic 5)... It's gearing up to be fab. Hope to see some of you there.

*swoon* I, uh, love you.
No, no, really!!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

i wanna fuck a dj...

yeh maybe... it'd be okay, as long as they're not on pills...

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Three D Radio, Sundays 2-4pm
This edition: The Best shows I've seen in Adelaide...

The Blackeyed Susans: Let's Live
Richard Easton: Underground Sea
Buena Vista Social Club: Dos Gardenias
Paris Combo: Avril
Downsyde: Land of the Giants Pt 1 / Did you not know
Lazaro's Dog: Home Entertainment System
Bikini Kill: Alien She
Peaches: I don't give a ... / I'm the kinda
Team Plastique: Fuck a DJ
LOVE SONG DEDICATION - Elvis Costello + The Attractions: I want you
Ruby's Grace: Me + You
The Tea Party: The Bazaar
The New Pollutants: Blast the world into space
Brassy: L vs. S / I can't wait
Red Monika: The Aches
Doug Anthony All Stars: My baby's gone to jail
Tripod: Stalk
Average: Hammer
G Love + Special Sauce: Cold Beverage
The Cat Empire: Days like these
Man or Astroman?: The universes only intergalactic radioactive breakfast bar
Elvis Costello + Burt Bacharach: What's her name today?
Boss Hog: Texas
Johnny 7 OMA: Don't like myself
Buck 65: Exes
Salt N Pepa: Twist + Shout
Elvis Costello: Couldn't call it unexpected number 4


Thursday, August 19, 2004

me gustas sos ojos son muy brilligante!

truly, and I mean that...

i am at work, the second job, doing work related things, stopping briefly to mention that I hate working two jobs and will endeavour to NOT work two jobs when I move to Brisneyland.

I haven't been watching as much of the Olympics as I had endeavoured, though I have noted that some Aussies have been kicking serious amounts of butt. Which is fab and good on ya guys!

Honestly, JET are the most SHIT BORING band ever. It's not revolutionary or new, *yawn*... how DARE they share my pseudo name. bastards!

Oh well, back to it!!


Monday, August 16, 2004

foot in mouth disease...

i really have it, at least as far as text messaging is concerned... part of me must not think it's real because it's digital... anyhoo...

My heart has been absolutely swelling all day, there is a reason for this, but I dare not say.

Sometimes humanity isn't all bad. That's about all I need to say.

Still packing over here...

Sunday, August 15, 2004


seems there is too much going on around here before I leave man! How will i certainly fit it all in?!

Latin partys, rock shows, comedy, house warmings (which I already missed because I suck)... blog meetups, n stuff n things.

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM Three D Radio: Sundays 2-4pm (2-6pm today!)
with the always delectible Mr Speed from The New Pollutants
(I must say it's very nice to see you as well...)

Art of Noise: Born on a Sunday
Aqualung: Brighter than sunshine
Richard Easton: Hey Sometimes
Custom Kings: Fake Fern
Luke Ashby + the Lonely Crowd: Criminally Beautiful
Elvis Presley: Suspicous Minds
Combustible Edison: Bluebeard
Comet Gain: Villain
Midnight Oil: Blossom and Blood
The Blackeyed Susans: A Curse on You
The Beautiful Girls: Morning Sun
Elastica: Connection
Toit: Why don't we do it in the road?
The Small Knives: Paper Wings
Tom Petty: Have love will travel
Morris Day + The Time: Jungle Love
The world of Tijuana: Lollipops + Roses
Rancid: Time Bomb
(a song that sounds like...)
The Specials: Little Bitch
(a song that was ripped of by...)
The Dandy Warhols: Bohemian like you
The B-52's: Rock Lobster
Fischer Spooner: Emerge (Dave Clarke)
Dsico: Smells like teen spirit
The Beatles: Twist + Shout
David Bowie: Let's Dance
The Contours: Do you love me?
Snow: Informer
Kriss Kross: Jump
Billy Joel: The Longest Time
The Manhattan Transfer: Sing you Sinners
Club Veg: Yuppie Rap
Liz Phair: Baby got going
Peaches: I U She
Paris Combo: Attraction
Gotan Project: Santa Maria
Federico Aubele: Postales
Dionne Warwick: Anyone who had a heart
Johnny Cymbal: Mr Bass Man
Mr Speed: Poor Little Fool
The New Pollutants: Ready for action
The Paragons: The Tide is high
Johnny Osbourne: Ready or not
Nelson Riddle: Lolita Ya Ya
Salsa Celtica: Whisky Con Ron
Dream Warriors: Wash your face in my sink
Average the Band: Grapefruit
Team Plastique: Song Rabbit
Swayback: Deceive Me
Sarah Vaughan: Summertime
The Go! Team: Get it together
Easy All Stars: Time
DJ Signify: Fly Away
Black Box Recorder: When Britain refused to sing
Ben Folds: Still fighting in
Presidents of United States of America: Twig in the Wind
Mark Lanegan Band: Hit the City


Saturday, August 14, 2004

you're criminally beautiful...

i can't help trying to be romantic in everything I do. A lot of things break my heart.

romantic songs, tragic love stories, live music, fresh tea, thoughts of things past...
hugs, wet kisses on the lips, episodes of drama shows on tv, the smell of freshly baked bread....
unnecessary tales of death, people who don't have simple respect for others...

i wish i knew were the happy button was...!!

consider visiting New Internationalist website for information on free trade and a great range of products.


Thursday, August 12, 2004

zee plane boss, zee plane!

I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that! (go Rik Mayall)

I wonder what was actually on my list of things to do tonight instead of typing here?? I know washing, making muffins and cleaning up were on the list...

When you choke a smurf... what colour does it turn?

*LOL* I just found this bunch of 'question of the week' type things on an old floppy disk. Classic!!... along with an essay on the Aeneid, and ELF BOWL!

A-nonny-mouse reader has asked WHY BRISNEYLAND?

Several reasons:
1) it's warmer than here
2) i know 3 people in Brisbane
3) if I don't get out of here for a while, I am honestly genuinely worried about what might happen to my mental state.

And yes, I do Three D, why else would I post set lists??! Enjoy!


Saturday, August 07, 2004

everythings coming up millhouse!!

that's so nerdy, but so am i!!

So it's official... I'm now planning a move very soon to my new city of choice... this being Brisneyland!

This week has kind of sucked... I nearly got run over as a pedestrian, and when screaming at the moron behind the wheel, he told me to shut up and sped off. I felt like kicking the shit out of the side panels of his car, but what would that achieve apart from a criminal record for me??

Then I got soaked in the rain which meant I got sick because it took about 3 hours at work to get dry.... not so bad, I knew that would happen.

Then some courier guy that doesn't even work for the same company as me, abused me for something that he knows nothing about (to do with procedure where i work)... and, though this is harsh, all I could think was 'I'm higher in the food chain than you mate, keep your shit to yourself'...

This week is our annual RADIOTHON, so tune into 93.7FM and put your money where your ears are. If you like what you hear, if you're a band that gets played on Three D... sign up, help us stay on air for another 25 years.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

'turn around and shake your ass'

Lawnmower Music: Three D Radio, 93.7FM; Sundays 2-4pm

Evan Dando: Excuse me mister
The Bees: A Minha Menina
The 5, 6, 7, 8's: Bomb the Twist
Salsa Celtica: Cumbia Celtica
Jamiroquai: When you gonna learn (Cante Hondo Mix)
Gotan Project: Epoca
Frankie Vaughan: Green Door
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Big Brother and the Holding Company: Piece of my heart
The Hollies: What's wrong with the way I live
Wolf + Cub: The Death-Rattle Shake
Swayback: Deceive Me
Tortoise: Eden 1
Koolism: Self Portrait
Ella Fitzgerald + Louis Armstrong: Cheek to Cheek
Louisville Sluggers: Number of Love (NB. and apparently it's number 7!)
Macromantics: Conspiracy
Black Dice: Schwip Schwap
Casio Brothers: Reebok Jam
Belittle League: Doin' the Robot
Luke Ashby: Amber on the downbeat
The Easybeats: I"ll make you happy
The Master's Apprentices: John St Blues (trivia: did you know these guys were from Adelaide?)
Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds: Loverman
The Beastie Boys: An Open Letter to NYC
Mike Ladd: How electricity really works
Blue States: For a lifetime
Dean Martin: By the time I get to Phoenix
Harry Belafonte: Jump in the line
XTC: Sgt Rock
Disco Doom: Pamela

splendaro!! *clap, clap*

Aussie girls kick ass!

Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had given theirnewwives duties.

The first man had married a woman from Albania, and bragged that he hadtold his wife she was going to do all the dishes and house cleaning thatneeded done at their house. He said that it took a couple days but on thethird day he came home to a clean house and the dishes were all washed and put away.

The second man had married a woman from Korea. He bragged that he had givenhis wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes, and thecooking. He told them that the first day he didn't see any results, but thenext day it was better. By the third day, his house was clean, the disheswere done, and he had a huge dinner on the table.

The third man had married an Australian girl. He boasted that he told her that her duties were to keep the house cleaned, dishes washed, lawn mowed, laundry washed and hot meals on the table for every meal. He said the first day he didn't see anything, the second day he didn't see anything, but by the third day most of the swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of his left eye.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

L is for loser...

yes, i am a loser.
Whilst surfing quickly i left the kitchen tap on.... which promptly overflowed and started to flood my kitchen.... the night before an open inspection.

how much do I rule....? Oh rather a lot!!

Add sarcasm; stir.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

"we made up our minds..."

So much has happened this past week I don't even know where to begin...

I have begun going through all of my posessions (again) which, if you know me well, is a long long process!! I don' t know where all this stuff came from, but a large portion of it is exceedingly hard to part with.

I have again become the 'list-lady' writing down what I can sell, and what I will keep, etc etc etc.  I have already started packing items to take to Brisneyland with me.

Yes the plan has officially changed from sneaking off to the US to play in Vegas and the many latin clubs in LA, to moving my existence to a warmer Australian climate.

Depending on one factor in particular (being the possibility of full time work for Oct-Nov at an Adelaide Festival) I will either be out of here mid-Sept or early December.  I'm preparing for the nearest depart date, because whichever happens I'm still going to have to move house (royal pain in my ass).

*aside* - man I wish my record player was working!!!

I have also had the PLEASURE of dealing with the real estate agents again... she's trying to be all nicey nice now, and I understand you have to do your job, but goddamn! I think I deserve some of the commission, considering I had to explain parts of Tenancy Act to said Agent. I don't think that's particularly fair really.

Friday I saw Farenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's most recent offering... I appreciated it a lot.  It's unfortunate the rest of the world has to keep tabs on what the American President and his family is up to, and that it has endangered us all... Though I've kind of agreed with the 'fear factor' part of it for such a long time, based purely on my own observations of commercial media.  It's amazing how controlling some of this can be, and how much it affects people in their daily lives. I refuse to live in fear of anything. (except perhaps myself)

I don't actually watch news really.  I used to watch the late 11 o'clock news because I found it the best, but at the moment, I can't even be arsed to watch that.  As I'm sure I've mentioned before, the information age tires me no end, because it's so hard to keep up with what is going on everywhere... particularly locally when so much of our media is infiltrated by overseas (and in particular US) interests.  I would appreciate news casts more if they left some of it out, and concentrated on local issues... I am glad to hear a Nuclear Dump was stopped in SA, I'm glad to hear Mike Rann want's to abolish plastic bags in supermarkets, I'm glad Merlin got out of Big Brother and protested against refugees in detention in the way he did.

I've had several discussions in the last week or so with a friend regarding the pace of society at the moment, and how we've both struggled of late to keep up.  And I've had an awfully hard time this year trying to please people.  You probably note if I post about a night out, I post about the fact I've attended several events in one evening.

For example - Friday: mooFie with Shaz + Adamski, Cranker for Dr Goodhed + Subwoofer
Saturday -  Old Lion for Eb's farewell, then Jive's first birthday, Grace Emily to meet Lukey

It's hard when people ridicule you for not being able to attend something if you feel tired, or sick or whatever. And I've been damn sick recently, more mentally than physically, with my doctor wanting to perscribe Anti Depressants, but me opting for a more natural approach.

I really try hard to please everyone, and I really try hard to indulge all my senses, but sometimes it just doesn't seem to work.  This said, I also hate being selfish, which is why it pains me so when people think me wanting occasional evenings of rest is me being 'unreliable'.

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Sundays 2-4pm

Salsa Celtica: El Sol De La Noche
Lamb: B Line
Harry Belafonte: Day-O
The Beautiful Girls: Music
The Lucksmiths: T-Shirt Weather
The Louisville Sluggers: Snake Johnny
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Dionne Warwick: Anyone who had a heart
Ruby's Grace: Wakling Over Sea
Van Morrison: The Way Young Lovers Do
Ugly Duckling: Celebrity
Red Monika: The Aches
Buck 65: Sore (Vocal Mix)
Macromantics: ? Future
Morris Day + The Time: Jungle Love
Chumbawumba: Give the Anarchist a Cigarette
The Afghan Whigs: 66
X: Burning House of Love
Casio Brothers: Everything's Groovy Woovy
Audio Bullys: The Things
Electroteque: Thoughts of mutual understanding
Bleepin' J Squawkins: Paris Bag
Deltron 3030: Time keeps on slipping
Evan Dando: The Outdoor Type
Liam Gerner: This is all we can do
Karma County: Kiss Me
The Grapes: Kitty Can
Gorillaz: Man Research

stuff and things,

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

comun un snuuh...

yes... the sims... rockx.

anyway, i would just like to announce my displeasure at the real estate agent that has been appointed to sell the apartment I am a tenant in.

Not only does she NOT know the Residential Tenancies Act... she does not understand the word 'legally' and is unprofessional as hell.

If anyone else is going through some TOSSER trying to sell their house, and is trying to do more than one open inspection a fortnight... i ask that you go to www.obca.sa.gov.au and search for Residential Tenancies and Fact Sheet Number 7.

Thank you to my Land Agent, and to the Residential Tenancies Board for their fine support!!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

piece of shit...

the internet is against me... i had written a wise and useful post, now it is gone. :(
Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Sundays 2-4pm
Manu Chao: Trapped by Love
Salosa Celtica: Whisky Con Ron
Matt Small: My Love is Gone
Kings of Convenience: Love is no big truth
The Smiths: Sheila take a bow
The Lucksmiths: Synchronised Sinking
Suede: Attitude
The 5, 6, 7, 8's: I'm Blue
The Gadflys: Parasite
Harry Belafonte: Jump in Line (Shake Shake Senora)
Groove Armada: Final Shakedown
Macromantics: Madlymantics
Area 7: Big Issue
Southpaw: Little More
Romeo Void: Never say Never
Radio Active: Confidence
Boom Bip feat Buck 65: The Unthinkable (Venetian Snares remix)
Gotan Project: Una Musica Brutal
Divine Comedy: A drinking song
The Saints: Know your product
Eric's Trip: Blinded
Richard Easton: Coffin
Paper Tiger: Try to keep warm
Audio Bullys: We Don't care (Sicilian Dub)
Qua: Devil Eyes
Shapeshifter feat. LadiSix: Move with me
Rod Stewart: Downtown Train

Saturday, July 17, 2004

yes... finding yourself is hard.
i think i've always been true to the person i am, however at the moment, where that person has gone, I couldn't say...
i recently pigeon-holed a close friend a 'wandering star'... but i actually think i'm becoming exactly the same thing. i don't belong here.
this said, i don't actually know where I do belong, but I know if I don't do something soon... I will be sad for a very long time.
Avoiding anti depressants at all costs, i have started to take St John's Wort, known for it's mood enhancing capabilities.  As I said earlier today to my GP, I just need a good kick in the arse.
I wish I knew how to snap out of this. At least I'm very aware of it, know it will eventually pass, and can openly speak about it with little to no problem.
Going to the States is looking less and less likely, because of the fact that I have had my car advertised in both the Trader and the Advertiser today, and I have had not one single phone call all day.  Which kind of annoys me... but what can you do really *shrug*.
If it doesn't happen now, I'll go annoy Mikey later, but might actually ditch my lease early and drive up to Brisneyland after all.  The next few weeks will be full on for me I think.  I've got 3 weeks left at current temp job, then on to something new I guess... we shall see.
And I missed my favourite person by about 100 metres last night. Damn it!
(refer: adored 'therapist' and most stunningly beautiful  man I know - whether or not he believes that is a totally other story)

Sunday, July 11, 2004

"i only make jokes to distract myself.... from the truth"

I am quite angry at myself for last night... and no I didn't get drunk, I didn't embarrass myself by, say, falling over, or not keeping rhythm... it was the fact that I had several significant 'moments' with a handsome boy and coulnd't bring myself to actually say a single word to him. What the hell is wrong with me?! I'm in the market for serious dating action, yet I threw it away AGAIN. NERD! YOU ARE A NERD JULIE! STOP BEING A NERD!!
shit, i hope i bump into him again. Damn, damn, damn. I am kicking myself no end over this one. Oh so HANDSOME... handsome handsome handsome...

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Three D Radio: Sundays, 2-4pm

Aqualung: Brighter than sunshine
Tears for Fears: Mad World
Richard Easton: The Underground Sea
Zero 7: Distractions (Buggz in the Attic mix)
Salsa Celtica: Cumbia Celtica
Buena Vista Social Club: Candela
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Elvis Presley: Suspicious Minds
Sarah Vaughan: Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project mix)
Area 7: Can't be happy
RJD2: Someone's Second Kiss
Federico Aubele: Diario de Viaje
Paper Tiger: Castle in the sand
Luke Vibert: Disco Bus
Groove Armada: Superstylin'
Scout Niblett: Dare
INXS: I send a message (yeh, i love this song man!)
Red Monika: Music
Eric Idle: The FCC Song
Frank Bennett: Creep
Ry Cooder + Manuel Galban: Los Twangueros
Bidston Moss: Exit
The Retreads: Till I saw her
DJ Signify feat. Buck 65: Red to Black
Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix)
Princess Superstar: Bad Babysitter (this still cracks me up after all this time!)
Peaches: Shake Yer Dix


Saturday, July 10, 2004

oh and can i add...

VOTE RYAN OUT OF THE HOUSE!! This might be very un-South Australian of me... but he's an idiot!


okay so here's an update...

i've been a slack old bloggy mc-blog-blog of late... and for that I apologise... however I've been mainly chilling on my own in front of the box wondering if i actually got up and *did* something... what that thing would be.

And the actual thing that I've been planning is my trip to the US. That's right kids, you heard me, I'm outta here... for a month or thereabouts.

Pending final flight bookings and the selling of the car etc etc etc and more discussions with El Mike-o, I will be leaving the week beginning Sun 8th Aug, a few days after one of my cousins ties the knot.

Which means, much to Benjamimearghs delight I'm sure, that I will be a car-less woman. Which I'm not so unhappy about. I catch the bus to work every day and walk to shopping etc etc so I might use it on a Sunday when I'm lazy and want to go to radio. This said, I do have a bicycle that could get me there, or if it's bad weather, there's still a bus.

It's costing me dead money... because I'm still paying the dregs of a loan, and I don't see what the point in spending about $60 a week is, to have a car I don't drive. It's a pity, I love my car, but I just don't use it... I'd rather go to Vegas to find Ben Affleck and congratulate him on dumping J-Lo's ass. (now a long-running gag)

But yeh so it hopefully goes like this... firstly to Phoenix to annoy Mikey, force him to take me to an American Football game or maybe some Ice Hockey... drive to Vegas for a few days, be norty, not marry each other whilst drunk, back to Phoenix... it occurs to me I'll be there when there's a blog meetup on, so I might just rock along to that. Back to LA for a week of frivolity and exploring on my own... back through Melbourne for a week to annoy Fiona + Fiona and cause trouble... back home, collapse and die.

I am off to the Latin Part-ay tonight which should be ace, need to get some shaking in and hopefully learn a little more about salsa dancing!

I can't believe how cold it is. I can't wait to be in the Nevada desert!!


Sunday, July 04, 2004

'fighting for a lost cause'....

Lawnmower Musik: 93.7FM: 2-4pm Sundays: Adelaide Metro Area
this week with local comic Trav Nash

Michael Franti: Sometimes (Acoustic)
Ugly Duckling: Celebrity
Ruby's Grace: Ablaze
Beck: Lost Cause
Bidston Moss: Jellybox
Isaac Hayes: Run Fay Run
(D'oh! Today we had to go off-air for 10-12 minutes to fix zee transmittery goodness)
Area 7: Individuality
Coldplay: Trouble
Aqualung: Brighter than sunshine
DJ Signify feat. Buck 65: Stranded
The Louisville Sluggers: Radio (all she had on)
Bikini Kill: Rebel Girl
Mirrorline: How to win friends and influence people
Radiohead: Where I end and You begin
Toit: All over for Taylor
Rocky Horror Original Cast feat. Tim Curry: Sweet Transvestite
Kings of Convenience: Leaning against the wall (should be aka. julies usual pose at rhino)
The Pixies: Here comes your man
Dr Goodhed: My reflection
The Radio Dept.: I don't need love, I've got my band
Not from there: The corkscrew
The Beat Smugglers: Daddy
Vertente: Chuva

break it, break it down...

Saturday, July 03, 2004

brighter than sunshine...

last night i walked past Merlin in the street, and had every urge to tap on the window of the venue he'd just entered and blow him a kiss and say 'thankyou' and walk along my way... however I didn't. And I don't know why. I was so looking forward to talking to him some day, just for interests sake... hmm. Big fat loser=me.

My doctor prescribed a new drug for me today to help me try and lose some of this weight that seems to be staying in the same spot, and has for 4 years, even when I was riding my bike every day or every second day through summer.

Unfortunately it stems from my relationship with my ex and how miserable I got with him... and I haven't been able to shake all of the weight I put on. This is not to say I want to be exactly like I used to be (I was very skinny and almost very sick from it I think).

Anyhoo, it's like... erm, still a rollercoaster here over in quarter life crisis land, but I know it will eventually pass, I just have to kick through this. *KICK, BASH, SLAP*

I went to some comedy this week which was great, I need to go to comedy more often. Average were the feature act and got us all giggling, also saw a few newer local comics that I'd seen not at all or maybe once or twice. Yeh, so comedy is alive and rockin' in this city and stop ignoring it!

Tuesdays: PJ O'Briens (East Terrace)
Wednesdays: Rhino Room (Frome Road)
Thursdays: Jive (Hindley St West)

Cool stuff I've noted recently...

** Adelaide Band LAZARO'S DOG - their track HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM being featured on the new (and super cool) JVC TV Commercial. ROCK ON LADS.
** The fact that a small advisory/action group can change a document... that will hopefully help entertainment venues and punters.
** Peter Garrett finally running for politics. Go you big red fire engine.
** Mike Rann looking to abolish plastic bags in a few years. Woohoo!

I can't wait for my holiday!
I may not be posting as much soon as I'm probably likely to cancel my internet at home to assist my saving efforts.


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i realise...

living on a main road, how bustling and busy the human race seems of late... cars are whizzing past my place at all hours, and the odd WANKER driving way way WAY too fast wakes me up at 2am.

I've been discussing going to the US to Arizona to hang out with my buddy Mike *waves to Mikey* and make him take me to Vegas in a cadillac... because I'm bored, because I'm interested to see what it's like, and because I want experiences to reflect on.

The moving to Brisneyland idea is still in the back of my head, but i figure, if I go away for about 3 weeks, then come back, do some more work and sod off to Brisneyland at the end of the SA summer and beginning of the cold weather, then i'll be happy. and WARM! not cold. brr. I can't stand it.

Currently, I have a dose of food poisoning... or something similar. I woke up already half vomiting Saturday night, which means I could well have died, rock and roll style of course, choking on my own vomit... but there's some cosmic reason why I didn't...

so yeh, anyway...


Sunday, June 27, 2004

so i decided...

i'm kind of bored so the other day i sez to mikey i sez... hey mikey, i'm bored, can i come and visit ya? and mikey sez absolutely miss joolie...

my only problem is where the money comes from for the airfare... hmm.
This place where Mikey is.... well that's in America you see.

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM: Three D Radio: 2-4pm: Adelaide Metro Area

Ugly Duckling: Opening Act
De La Soul + Chaka Khan
Tykwer/Klimek/Heil: Running One (Run Lola Run soundtrack)
Richard Easton: I was at the party
Buena Vista Social Club: Murmullo
Joss Stone: Super Duper Love
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Frankie Vaughan: Am I wasting my time on you
Custom Kings: Fake Fern
Blue States: Output
Belittle League: Doin' the robot
Comatone: Fat my suck one
Soulwax: Overweight Karate Kid
St Germain: What's New?
Louisville Sluggers: Snake Johnny
The 5, 6, 7, 8's: I'm blue
Tripod: Ikea
The Polyphonic Spree: Days like this keep me warm (dedicated to Hillsy)
Gotan Project: Epoca
Paris Combo: Traits de caractere
DJ Signify feat. Buck 65: Where did she go?
Ella Fitzgerald (migel Migs mix): Slap that bass
The Devoted Few: On the mirror, in the dust
Red Monika: The aches
Esquivel: Nature Boy
Jamiroquai: Supersonic
RJD2: 1976
Spatial Monkey: Interpreter


Thursday, June 24, 2004

i would like to announce...

officially... yes really, after all this time who would have thunk it... much more, who really cares?

anyhoo, ramblin' ramblin' guy aside...

the interview I did with Adam Hills back in Fringey-goodness is the BEST interview I think I have ever done.
Sure Buck65 + Brassy... loved it... but Hillsy ROX amazing large amounts of something ever so special.

So if you find this darlin' - thanks sooooo much. You rock my world. Hope to meet you again one day.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

a message from danny boy...

over at http://ohdannyboy.blogspot.com
be real people. We already mentioned it on radio by the way danny!

Well it happened.

The Sunday Mail have removed pretty much all of their Australian created and produced comic strips from their papers - so no more Ginger Meggs, Snake Tales, Swamp and the like. Other strips like The Phantom, Hagar and Charlie Brown have also been given the boot. They;ve been replaced with such quality strips as Rug Rats, Spy Kids, Spider-man and Scooby Doo - American created and produced comics that have absolutely nothing to do with Australian culture, or content. As I predicted the majority of the strips that have replaced the Australian ones are properties owned Fox - a Murdoch group - which also owns NewsCorp - who also own the Advertiser/Sunday Mail.

You can contact the Sunday Mail on the following:

The Advertiser and Sunday Mail
121 King William Street
South Australia, Australia 5000
GPO Box 339,
Adelaide SA 5001


Telephone: (08) 8206-2000
Fax: (08) 8206-3646

All editorial e-mail: mailedit@adv.newsltd.com.au

Stand up and be counted.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

'you're so frrreeeeeeeeeeee'

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM Adelaide Metro Area: Sunday 2-4pm

Ugly Duckling: Celebrity
Peahces: I U She
Team Plastique: Bitch Daddy
Buena Vista Social Club: Pueblo Nuevo
Paris Combo: POrquoi Les Vaches
Lou Reed: Satellite of Love
Smokey Robinson + The Miracles: You really got a hold on me
Fiona Apple: First Taste
Custom Kings: Fake Fern
Good Shirt: Sophie
Gotan Project: Una Musica Brutal
The Violent Femmes: He Likes Me
The Grass Roots: Temptation Eyes
Gonzales: Shameless Eyes
Home for the Def: Without Titties
Joan of Ass: I'm the daddy now
Wolf + Cub: Hands fall down
MKB: Weathering Industry
RJD2: 1976
They Might be Giants: Memo to Human Resources
Blue States: Ten Shades
Louisville Sluggers: Radio (All she had on)
Ruby's Grace: Wakling over sea
DJ Signify: Red to Black (feat. Buck 65)
Dumb Earth: I closed my eyes and a truck came through the window
JBD: That's the way (i don't really like it)
Frankie Vaughan: Tower of Strength
Jack Cooper / Terry Snyder: C'est Si Bon (It's so good)
INXS: What you need
Bushy: Don't mind if I do (Groove Armada 100 Club Mix)

DanFreak sez John Butler song of the year is POO because it's a rip off of PHIL COLLINS/GENESIS. and I don't like him anyway, John butler that is, not phil collins.
So there.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

I would like to add...

that yes I am at work, where my boss and i are both hung over and he's gone walking to get food... and my hands are so cold i can hardly type and my hand is turning purple!!

oh, and it just hailed.

I don't think I'll be much use if my hand falls off.

Super Size Me

go on, do it!

So I saw all my favourite people last night... Pippa, Tank, Annie, Benjamin, Nic-o... huzzah!

Tank + I visited the Palace to see Super Size Me, and it was good. Entertaining, freaky, and quite believable. I think the doctors were the most surprised. It took him about a year to readjust his body to normal after those 30 days, and though as he says in closing that it was an extreme experiment... there are people that eat it every day, and so they're at least doing a third of the damage he did. Yuk.

No wonder I haven't eaten it in more than a year... besides, McDonalds is cancer, and cardboard too.

After seeing da moofie, went to the Ex briefly to wish Mike Radz a happy bifday... but it was too noisy and crowded and random, so went to the Cranker for the New Pollutants and bulk ace interpretive dancing action with Annie + Astrid + Deanna. Wore my new shoes and ended up with a rather large blister that I only realised was there this morning... oops... but still jumped around like a loopy la la. Everyone really got in to it, there was this little guy rocking out in his wheelchair even and I'm like YEH ROCK ON MAN!
Was super excellent.

Caught up with travelling minstral Guillaume (and ex-3Der and French man) who is back for a little while. I will post info on where he is playing his 'silly songs' (as he calls them) later.

Popped up to Rhino and saw the last track or so of Good Buddha and gave my therapist some kisses, knocked someones glass over, cleaned it up... and went on my way back to wave Annie goodbye.

Drank beer, and have a slight headache today, but didn't get sick, so I'm happy with that.

All is well.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Adding in some links...

Merlin stuff:

The Advertiser - support from pro-refugee groups

The Advertiser - defending actions

You are justified Merlin, don't let them tell you otherwise.


Bravo Merlin!!

I have stuff to say on this, but mainly a big fat halleluljah! and thanks to Merlin for having the guts to protest in such a way. Thank you for throwing the issue back into the public eye. And CHANNEL 10 + GRETEL... LOOK UP THE WORD AGGRESSIVE YOU DICKHEADS! Oh, I looked it up for you:

ag·gres·sive ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-grsv)
Characterized by aggression: aggressive behavior.
Inclined to behave in an actively hostile fashion: an aggressive regime.
Assertive, bold, and energetic: an aggressive sales campaign.
Of or relating to an investment or approach to investing that seeks above-average returns by taking above-average risks.
Fast growing; tending to spread quickly and invade: an aggressive tumor.
Characterized by or inclined toward vigorous or intensive medical treatment: an aggressive approach to treating the infection.
Intense or harsh, as in color.

If aggressive is sitting there silent, god, we're in trouble.


Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Bar @ Buena Vista...

be still my bleeding heart. An experience I was glad I saw with my parents. Good friends were also in attendance in Tank, the "therapist" and Van, I am glad they experienced it too.

Spent several hours after the show dancing + drinking + smoking cubans with the cast, and met someone who can teach me spanish and teach me to dance. Double-bonus *waves to leo*.


I feel much better than I did earlier yesterday, except now I want to learn to dance and go to Cuba and learn Spanish and many other languages. And that involves time... I wish there was more of it. But screw this sitting on my arse thing, I'd rather be dancing... yeh. (thanks beegees)

There's so much beauty around, I just can't stand it. My "therapist" now thinks I'm as much of a space-cadet as he, because we had a conversation like this in the interval:

he: i don't know most of what they're talking about though.
moi: it matters not, it's about what's in here *punching fist to heart*
he: you're so spacey
moi: gee thanks.
he: no, you're so spaced out like me. I like it.

well, bring it then. go on, dare ya.

Lawnmower Music: 93.7FM 2-4pm Sundays
Buena Vista Social Club: Dos Gardenias
Federico Aubele: Esta Noche
Richard Easton: The Underground Sea
Buck 65: Roses + Bluejays
Peaches: I'm the kinda
Sens Unik: Les Portes du Temps
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: The Beatles: You really got a hold on me
Esquivel: Vereda Tropical
Two Many DJ's: Salt n Pepa's Push it vs. The Stooges' no fun
Thievery Corporation (remixers): Avatars of Dubs' Sexelevatormuzik
MKB: Whoops
Ugly Duckling: Opening Act
Matt's Little Brother: Flowers
Paris Combo: Attraction
Frankie Vaughan: Tweedlee Dee
Red Monika: Not Quite
Blockhead: Sunday Seance
The Hard-Ons: Shit #2 (this is such a shit-funny song... and how often do I say shit-funny?)
The Vague: 4 star hotel
Square Pusher: An arched pathway
Home for the Def: Fuck Wiggim
Sola Rosa: Scratch Apprentice
DJ Rhettmatic's Exclusive Collection= Jurrasic 5: Linguistics
Compay Segundo: Versos Para ti
Manu Chao: Me Gustas Tu
G Love + Special Sauce: Rodeo Clowns
Ubin: Redroom
Gorillaz: 19-2000
Vertente: Chuva


Saturday, June 12, 2004


Today I found out that one of the drivers from where I used to work was killed in a motorbike accident on Monday night. Someone ran a red light and knocked him off. I don't know how I feel about it. I didn't know him particularly well as I only worked there for 9 months before me and my boss cracked the shits and quit (she had been there 7 years). I do feel sorrow. What a horrible way to die.

Everything that's been happening lately makes me wish I was born into a forest somewhere and never had to deal with some of the technologies we have... (and I'm posting this to the web, ha!)

I've had 3 close friends in hospital in the past month, all for relatively life changing surgery. And I've also had 3 female friends contract the same disease in the past year or so. Just makes me wonder how much of this stuff relates to how we live...

I mean I guess the most obvious 'disease' being obesity in Western countries. Like if we all didn't get pissed and do a drive-through junk food on the way home, we'd be less huge. hehe. Kids eating fast food is fully wrong. Anyway...

I think I look particularly frumpy today, old school Fergie-style. More retail therapy shall ensue. I find it really hard to exercise in winter... YOGA! Must must must start it again. Oh, and dancing (some of that last night at red monika - ed AKA me)

Still compiling info on the business I'm looiking into. Looking kind of ho-hum at the moment, but it's early days yet. If it doesn't happen I think Brisneyland is the answer.

I broke my goldfish tank lid the other day by stepping on it because I'm a nerd.

I'm off to see the Bar at Buena Vista on Saturday (today, huzzah - ed) with Maman + Daddio. Can't wait!! I'm trying to get maman to dress up a bit with me, but neither of them are particularly into fancy events/dressing up blah blah. I'm gonna jazz it up a bit with my feather boa probably. Kool Kat Klub anyone?


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

it's revolution baby...

or evolution even...

hmm... well really, firstly i should post sundays show... now i had a trainee again and *completely* forgot about the love song dedication + optimistic song of the day! (how could i?!) but here's the list...

Lawnmower Music: 2-4pm Sunday: 93.7fm Adelaide Metro Area

Esquivel: Night + Day
Gotan Project vs Sarah Vaughan: Whatever Lola Wants
Kings of Convenience: Winning a battle, losing the war
Buena Vista Social Club: Dos Gardenias
Frankie Vaughan: Green Door
Brian Setzer: Don't trust a woman (in a black cadillac)
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Someday I suppose
The Vague: Hazel Damsel
Bachelors from Prague: Go
The Panics: Southern
Natacha Atlas: Kidda
Bobby Darin: More
Rebecca: Iyachamba Lenquole
Abbie Cardwell: Love Motel
Edmundo Ros: I could have danced all night
Side Steppen: Hoy Tenemas
Horrahead: Music Peace Love song
David Sylvian: Heartbeat
Stereo MC's: Fever (Steve Hillage Remix)
Brenda Frassie: Duma Duma
Micronauts: Baby wants to bleep Part 1
Edith Piaf: Les Mots D'Amour
Meat Katie: Lapdance
Suvome: Hotel Motel
Ugly Duckling: Celebrity
Red Monika: Music

lovely... hmm... more soon...

Saturday, June 05, 2004

yippity yesterday...

yippity? huh?

I've discovered I'm really good at something... paper cuts! I seem to do it all the time! Today I did two fingers in one action! Cor! Check me out, I'm the master!
And for that I get a gold star *bling*...

Blank Tapes 5a + b Launch # 1 went very smoothly last night. Had 60 or so through the door, so not too bad for a cold Thursday.

The Vague were great, stringing on to this growing number of bands with guitar and drums only. I remember the first time I saw the Frustrations from Tassie play at Inzone many years ago. They were just great!

Next week is Leigh*dust, Matt's Little Brother, Sweet Raxx, Hit the Jackpot + Blood Robots. Come along, it'll be great!

Glancey rubbed Spoz's ego a bit in Rip It Up *hehe*

I need a haircut. Don't want to go too 80's or too gay for that matter, but I have an idea...

Still reading "how men think"... it's good so far, and giving me a bit of a biology refresher in the process...
(end of stuff from yesterday)
Might go see The Satellites + Jackson United @ The Grace tonight. hmm.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

the waves that keep on dancin'...

the cool night and then...
the morning born again...

Last night I got my comedy fix, I haven't had one in quite a while (at least since Fringe)... went to see Eddie Ifft from New York at Rhino... tres bon.

Next week Dave Williams returns, gots to love the Dave, even if he does always forget my name... hehe.

Tonight I am door-bitching the first of four Blank Tapes Sampler 5a + 5b launches. huzzah! it shall be good.
didnt get to make fairy bread as promised, but i'm sure i shall be forgiven... or beaten, one of the two.

hey it seems eddie ifft has a blog... but where's the link.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I shouldn't care...

but I do....

31/5: I get confused with information overload. I do often repeat myself, stuck in one spot or replay scenarios of times past over and over in my head. Like my memory is kind of stuck...

The information overload... comes from getting frustrated I can't know something about everything... and although I know that people who think they do know it all are fooling themselves... not being able to know it all truly frustrates me.

Particularly regarding things that immediately effect me, and the community around me.

But I mean, I can't expect to know it all. We live in the 'information age' damnnit, with things thrust at us from all angles. Radio, TV, Magazines, Books, Cable TV, Internet, Telemarketing, Newspapers, Music, Film. It drives me crazy that there is so much of it. I guess that's why I sometimes ignore newscasts and such because I htink that nothing else will actually FIT in my head.

I'm positive there are techniques to improve things like memory, but I'd almost be afraid of my head exploding!!

The new book I've started reading is entitled (perhaps in some kind of sexist?? way) "How Men Think: 7 essential rules for making it in a mans world". What it's about is women and men in business. How there often seems to be unwritten rules and game-playing between men in business + it becomes a problem in that women don't understnad why the men do what they do, and vice versa. Written by a psychologist who first discovered some of these rules when she took up sailing, and written mainly because she's had many female patients crying in her office, within a short period of time, and all with similar problems... which sparked curiosity.

So in essence, it's not a book slating men, but more trying to bring men and women together in the workplace. So it should be interesting.

The Day After Tomorrow was good...
"Our Economy is every bit as fragile as our Environment"

and something along the lines of "third world countries have sheltered us, and fed us, and for that we are grateful..."
Significant moments in the film: having a man previously homeless as one of the survivors, assisting some of the middle class members; showing great weakness in America, particularly in a mass-evacuation situation; Knowledge is power; technology is every bit as good as it is bad.

We need to bloody well wake up and stop destroying our natural resources NOW before it really is too late. Make a conscious effort to drive less, and recycle more. these are the two simplest things that YOU can do every day. If you have the time, consider the packaging on items you purchase....
(all boring random stuff off the top of my head)

I wish I was smart enough to be an environmental scientist.
Damn it!

Sunday, May 30, 2004

bits n pieces...

1) how do you read the sydney morning herald? i mean really, it's like a massive piece of butchers paper!!

2) i haven't been watching American Idol religeously, but thank mashugana Fantasia won. Damn, she can sing! you go girl.

3) we need a fucking revolution man!

from 28/5...
it occured to me whilst sifting through a pile of junk and talking on the phone a few days ago, that I broke up with my ex (so far, the only real 'adult' relationship I've had) nearly 4 years ago.

Which leads me to a new vox pop.... #3 i think, but whose counting...??
Do you think that the time in between serious relationships is generally equal to that time SPENT in the relationship?

I mean I know 100% of the time this isn't going to be the case... and though I don't think of that time unless it's to make comparisons when others experience similar things... I wonder if my subconscious has been giving me all of the barriers I need to get in the way of letting me find someone else... eg. giving me tunnel vision.

Tunnel vision with me is a terrible thing. I wind myself up and up over these intense friendships/relationships til I start to fall apart (like at the moment). Currenlty though I am also in the midst of what my "therapist" calls a 1/4 life crisis.

is You is?

Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine: Introduction the Neat Beat
Brian Setzer: Rat Pack Boogie
Woody Allen: Vegas
Paper Tiger: Castle in the sand
Wolf + Cub: Hands fall down
Williams S Burroughs: Meeting of international conference of technological psychiatry
Compay Segundo: Chan Chan
Billy Vaughn: Forever
Bloodstone: Natural High
Miriam Makeba: Baya Jabula
Viper Squad: Neon Dawn
MKB: Heatman
Micatone: Belgien/I'm leaving anyway
Beat Smugglers: Are you ready?
Al Caiola: El Flicko
Colorblind: Second Chance
Rachid Taha: Valencia
Richard Easton: The Underground Sea
Michael Franti: Yes I will
The Masters Apprentices: Got my mojo working
Manu Chao: Promiscuity
The John Barry Orchestra: On her majestys secret service
Marvin Gaye + Kim Weston: It takes two
Cornelius: Drop (Kings of Convenience mix)
Kit + The Widow: Other Womens Husbands
Red Monika: The Aches


Saturday, May 29, 2004

perhaps perhaps perhaps

i love that doris day song... it's so romantic and such a beautiful slow dance song.

hence using it in strictly ballroom i guess...

*brr* i am actuallly cold. I opened up some windows to let some fresh air in here, but it's making my hands go purple.
damn to cold weather.
*closing a window*

i am feeling much better today. have been laden with flu all week. i blame a guy at work. he's like "oh yeh i've had that for 3 weeks"... i say "oh, so it's your fault is it?"

this is the guy i dig quite a lot, and, seemingly so does another work colleague. I discovered this at a party over the weekend. We both agreed his girlfriend is boring and he should date younger women. ie. both of us. or at least one of us.



Monday, May 24, 2004

finished one book...

Stupid White Men by Michael Moore.
And a damn fine book it is too.

Keep up with the man's fine work at www.michaelmoore.com

My heater started sparking at me last night, so I quietly shat myself and turned it off without electricuting myself. There's another $20+ i didn't need to spend on a little heater.

poo :(

Okay, back to cleaning my house!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

from a few days back...

20/5: Next month sees me increase my jobs to 3!! Holy snorkel! Now this might sound insane on top of the volunteering (which I'm not counting in the three), however the third job is door-bitching every Thursday for 4 weeks. I must say I feel I am an excellent door bitch; I haven't done it for a while but I am sure it's something you never lose your flair for.
Constant sarcastic throws of 'nope, dont believe you, show me your ID' and heckles of 'come one, come all' shall ensue I am sure.

en·sue ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-s)
intr.v. en·sued, en·su·ing, en·sues
To follow as a consequence or result.
To take place subsequently.
(Courtesy Dictionary.com)

21/5: I've been thinking some more about this business opportunity that I may or may not have available to me (depending on what Mr Bank Manager has to say probably). I do want some feedback because... well the main problem I can see is that I have been setting my sights on moving to Brisneyland. If I were to purchase this business with the intent of becoming an owner/operator, it's not likely that I will be going anywhere.

I like the idea of Adelaide as a place to settle, but in between time; now; when there is just me, I feel I really should be taking advantage of the fact I can travel/move etc without burden. And yet, this said, I would like to go to Brisneyland but is it going to change enough circumstance to keep me satisfied, or make me more miserable?! I guess that's the risk you take with everything really isn't it?

I feel lonely, I feel lost, I feel that I am without direction, I feel without a career! And I feel like I need a good large kick in the pants.

There are a bunch of things I need to find out about the business before I make my final decision on it. The person only wants to sell it to me now though, which is interesting consdiering they hardly know me (though a friend is already employed there so so partly knows me). It's making my head hurt!

today: I wrote a really emotion filled e-mail last night to my friend who is leaving soon. I think it's said everything I need to say (nearly). I mainly want them to know how much I will miss them when they go, as they are such a strength and has this amazing way of making me feel protected and safe when I'm around him.

This said, my dreams last night were filled with all these visions of closeness between us. Not sexual at all, but just the fact that we do find comfort in each others company. I'd like to think that we do. I hope he feels that.

I don't want him to go, but at the same time would never try to stop him. He needs this.

Damn. I didn't want to make myself cry, and I just did. Fuck me.