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Saturday, December 10, 2005

who wears short shorts?

evidently, i do. and i would wear them in public except for my paranoia about exaclty how my legs look in them.

i mean, damn, my legs are long and they're supposed to be buff by now... stupid falling down stairs, long recovery, osteo work etc etc etc. though i can't diss the osteo work, i like my osteo and it certainly helps.

the other reason for not walking home at nights and making my legs work for me, is the storms... woah the storms... i mean wooooah nelly! what a great place to live... if somewhat dangerous having to watch out for falling debris sometimes... but mmmeeeooowwww!! i literally squealed the other week at pols when we were watching this storm roll in and the lighting/thunder hit really close. weeeee!!!

yes so i am alive, if a bit worn out and tired from having a real job... well i've always had real jobs, but i think this one is the busiest i've ever had... except maybe publishing one at TAFE... and having a few staff down is not helping, but me and frey-si (aka Freya) are powering through and just doing what we can to be useful - computer problems and all!

i love this kanye west song, i liked an old single of his as well... can't remember what it was called, but it fuckn ruled. 'go 'head get down'...

so yes i am coming down to adelaide for xmas and looking forward to catching up with a whole bunch of nice folk and running some type of muck... and i'll be in for new years as well... wooo! purple room of mirth, here i come.


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