meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Sunday, August 31, 2003

teknology is nasty!!
well you know the royal adelaide show is here again and i actually went this time cos i worked as a volunteer on the carclew stand in cafe ten... so oh my god i got to see george donikian and kelly nestor... hehe.
and i bought some stupid headbands, and i might even go back and buy some more. i played a sideshow and won a piglet, and bought some earrings that glow in the dark... and lots of sunnyboys... and a new monsters inc backpack!
yeh. rock.
mmm, no going to see any bands this weekend sorry so not much to report. i sat in front of my new PS2 and frowned at the Sims...
mmm... stuff and things...

BRASSY STILL ROCK! and they always will...
hugs to karen and muffin.

julie xo

Sunday, August 24, 2003

oh my god what an awesome night indeed...
brassy were totally TOTALLY tight and full of energy and RAWKUS... if you missed it i hope you're kicking yourself right NOW!

had Muffin and Karen come into the studio yesterday around 5 to have a bit of a chat before their gig... we just laughed thru most of it (if you heard it you will know what i'm on about) and then did tim-tam slams in the kitchen... why? because we can, and because chocolate is good...
champagne radio i tells ya.

HELLO MINNESOTA are definately a local band worth checking out... i was tres impressed, it was the first time i'd managed to see them play, though have seen the girls in indiviudal projects many times... next time you see them in the gig guide, definately check them out. they bring a new meaning to rock ladies!

afterwards ventured down to the deep recesses of the minke basement for the new pollutants / mkb launch.... fine holiday fun indeed....
too much sweat, not enough water consumed...

the only thing that could have made the minke basement better was filling it full of soap suds so it could become even more insane than it already was.... top work guys, missed red monika but ah, seen 'em enuf times anyway... hehe nic....


julie xo

Friday, August 22, 2003

Please read the story and take the time to follow the links to Amnesty and sign the petition if you believe this a just cause!! I personally do.... so uncomprehendable for anyone like me in a western society....

Have a splendid weekend. Julie xo

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Todays recommendation: check out ANYTHING remixed by DSICO!! (yes thats dSico)

Yes I can confirm that I will be having a live-to-air chat with the kids from BRASSY this Saturday at 4:30 during the B-Side (or perhaps it will be called 'My sordid love affair...') 93.7FM, turn it on, turn it up.

Oh the thing I forgot to post on Monday was that I have now passed 7 MONTHS of not smoking *insert bow here* of which I am hellishly proud and will help anyone do the same...

My jaw is out of place again damnnit, can you tell I'm stressed? no? well I can! bah!

I didn't drink anything sugary today... well I had Apple Juice but does that count??

stuff and things. Julie xo


Monday, August 18, 2003

hi neighbour! well i'll be on-air for an extra shift this Saturday 23rd August from 3-5pm presenting to you the B-Side (or perhaps i'll call it "geek tv: radio with sight gags" in memory of old demo tapes with me and tank)...
and with some very speshull guests... but i'll post that when it's confirmed.... ooh, i'm shuddering just at the thought, and will surely jump up and down when they arrive...

i had thought of something i'd totally forgotten to post earlier today, but now it's gone again... oh smeg.

This fine evening, me and daddio got the COMMODORE 64 out of the shed, dusted off the ants (yes, there was a colony trying to make a nest in the monitor, I just hope we got them all out before we turned the thing on, poor ants.... but we gave them a nicer home in the garden...), and booted up the blue screen, only to find the Carmen Sandiego didn't work.... but Bubble Bobble and Wonderboy did! Rock!

It's never going back in the shed, never ever ever.

So I'm a nerd, so shoot me!
I was an 80's kid and I'm proud of it, however I'm not proud that the fashion has done full circle ALREADY in my lifetime, in fact it's a little scary... I don't want to think about fluroescent bike pants and socks! The Bangles (and the type you put on your wrist too) were the best thing about the 80's... plastic hot pink belt buckles were not... you can argue it with me if you like... but I don't care. i'm sticking to my guns.

jump to the jam.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

"he forgets the punchline when he tells a joke
he wants to stay out he dont want to stay home
til his nicotine fingers are stuck down his throat...
he's just a stereotype
he drinks his age in pints
he has girls every night
and he doesn't really exist...."
(The Specials, Stereotypes)

anyhoo, spent a night around a fire with some kiddywinks drinking some beers and eating yummy carrot cake last night... well i lie, i gave up beer so i didn't drink anything but water and coke... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH (even tho' it was 3 weeks ago really), hope you got some sleep.... all we needed was marshmallows, why didn't i think of that when i went to the shop... yummo!!

insert first installation of.... "wierd theories put together by debating with other people, in particular announcers, family, and other people that like to hash out subjects with me"....

TOPIC OF DISCUSSION... record companies getting tough on people burning CD's...

1) i'm very anti burning CD's because somewhere down the line (after all the record company costs) these artists have to get paid, and if we do it... they don't...
2) but really.... all of a sudden say christina aguilera is selling 15 million albums instead of an estimated 25 million.... (oh no, she'll be in the doghouse)... has it not occured to these record companies that not EVERYONE in this vast wide world is into popular music...?? there will always be a market for it, but as I know with access to the record library we have at 3d, there are such amazing acts out there producing all sorts of music from all sorts of genres.... that are struggling to get their schtuff together and travel to the next major city, let alone be heard on the other side of the world...
3) i guess that's where stuff like mp3 sites are good so artists can stick up preview tracks etc, what shits me is when people take advantage of it and get sneaky... eg. whomever was responsible for pre-releasing radioheads album over the net... how rude... and jamie olivers cookbook.... now i know these people have more money than you or i, but it's not the point...
4) (and thanks daddio for this one) companies like (for example) Sony produce records, but they also produce hardware, such as, you guessed it.... CD BURNERS!

If you've got anything to add to this
e-mail me

cheerio then, julie xo

Saturday, August 16, 2003

mmm, just finished editing my interview with Muffin Spencer so I can broadcast it tomorrow.... will be played between 2 & 4PM on 93.7FM as I said in a previous post...

Saw the Testeagles at Flinders Uni Tavern last night (very tired and totally over any type of working life)... haven't seen them in a good 5 years I reckon so thought why not... and I must say all the kids jumped like jumpy things and had a rockin' good time... lovely.

off to a couple birthday parties this evening... so MERRY OLD BIRTHDAY TO NUALA, LEAH, SHAZZY GEE and er, I'm sure there is someone else... oh belated merry-ness to TERRI and merry un-birthday to Benjamin...

julie xo

Friday, August 15, 2003

anyone got any suggestions for a career change?? those that personally know me might have somewhat of a better grasp on what might be suitable... however, i'm pretty open to most things at the moment as long as they don't involve data entry for 8 hours a day and being an accounts-tart... but yeh, email them to me at jet_x_presents@yahoo.com.au (and yes I AM serious). I'm possibly considering retail or something more OUTDOORS cos being inside all day is the pits... bah humbug to it, and its little dog too!

probably checking out the testeagles tonight at Flinders Uni because I don't think I've seen them since way back when (like over 5 years) so may as well...
get some party time in with the kids and drink way too much sparkling red...
because beer is bad for me...

booya! julie x

Thursday, August 14, 2003

working hard for the money.... hard for the money...

yeh i get to work both jobs today cos i'm a masochist....

mas·och·ism ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ms-kzm)
The deriving of sexual gratification, or the tendency to derive sexual gratification, from being physically or emotionally abused.
The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself.
A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences.

Monday, August 11, 2003

oh no... if i get sick again i'm going to just cut my head off and hope for reincarnation!
er yes, what a crazy weekend indeedily doodily... i feel like i haven't slept in a week...

FYI kids: Ruby's Grace are coming back to Adelaide (about bloody time i reckon) but without Nick-o which is a bit sad.... *sniff* anyhoo, it's on October 16th at the Governor Hindmarsh... get ready to hack!!

another day... still few dollars....
o-u-t spells out, julie xo

Sunday, August 10, 2003

seriously i've got to get more sleep...!!

new Bidston Moss EP... kewl!! they are from Melbourne and I like them cos they rock.

much frivolity and giggles last night when I ended up in the middle of a bux night crowd.... ew! my own fault though because I was being cocky and wanted to know what they'd been doing and get into the mind of a male-man you know....
(that sentiment doesn't quite work as well as the tripod "to get into the mind of a female-girl y'know")
note to self: never go stand in the middle of a bunch of men celebrating their friends last few weeks of what they call 'freedom'.....

i kind of don't understand that you know... i would think that someone you're making that kind of commitment to would let you be free, if not even help you to be free y'know.... maybe i've got an unusual way of thinking....

anyhoo.... saw subwoofer and some of dr goodhead at rhino last night as well, so got home about 4:30 i think, i'm not really sure to be honest.... all i know is that not enough sleep was had!

lesson in italian: 'Damni un baccio' - give me a kiss. hehe.

use it in a sentence this week.
bless. x julie

Saturday, August 09, 2003

"my daddys wig is hairy and big, my daddys wig is as big as a continent, yeh" - go phil you big red fire engine...

i am just going back in time and having a reminiscent time of the last fringe festival where i was lucky enough to encounter the excrutiatingly funny phil nichol.... (i miss ya babe!) and chopping up some of the silly broadcasting we did at the time...
i also have (too many) recordings of the new pollutants, as well as richard easton, aviator lane, and plenty of other schtuff too, will give everyone a full list when i'm done.

my head is again wibbly from looking at a puter for too long...

the radiothon is ending... and we've nearly cracked last years total, so that's pretty bulk ace too. thanks to anyone who rang in and subscribed....

julie xo

Friday, August 08, 2003

oh dear...
Oh my golly godfather...
I was lucky enough to interview Muffin Spencer from Brassy this morning. I was very excited and nervous at the same time.... but she was very bulk-ace and I look forward to meeting the whole band when they rock into our city for a show on August 23rd at Fowlers Live (formerly Music House).

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AND COME JOIN ME KIDS. Brassy are seriously one of my favourite acts ever and I'm really excited that they are finally coming to Australia. Sick!

You can hear my interview with Muffin on Lawnmower Music 93.7FM (Adelaide Metro Area) on Sunday August 17th between 2&4pm.

Really bizarre, I got nervous and excited at once, which doesn't happen really a lot when I interview people only because I've done so much of it over the years.... I guess it's being a phone interview at short notice and being one of my all time faves that did it... oh well. rad.

julies dictionary word of the day:
"Splendaro" *insert two claps by the side of your right ear here*
This action going with the word came about when Home for the Def came into my show recently... I use splendaro all the time as many of you know, however when I mentioned it just before my show, Philo said 'that sounds like a margarine' which i thought it was funny in itself.... however when we were on-air, Nigel of HFTD and I somehow added the claps in for a more 'spanish' feel... don't ask me how, but the show was gold... I'll probably make some snippets of it available for download sometime soon... hehehe.

Saw Michael Franti and Spearhead with a couple thousand other punters at the Thebarton Theatre last night also. Very uplifting, and all good fun. Radio Active was in fine form as usual and I secured a copy of his brand new (not available in stores) beatboxing album which I'm about to listen to for the first time.... very excellent time was had by all with lots of sweat and dancing and hugs galore!

Julie xo

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Let me tell you kiddywinks what is making my head go all wibbly this very day...

well see, i'm on a new quest in my existence where i'm thinking of purchasing a dwelling of my very own-some... however media reports tell me prices keep going up and up and of course they need to open up new sub-divisions cos there isn't enough space for everyone.... but the other points being younger folk want to live near the city (even though they keep promoting golden grove as such a 'golden' place to live.... tho' i think they're full of smeg).

honestly, i don't think i know what i'm getting myself into...
maybe i will run away to a foreign country and forget the dream of owning something of my very own!!

on my stereo this week:
Lovage (STILL): Music to make love to your old lady by - porn as all heckenschtall
Fiona Apple: Tidal - sometimes angsty piano music
De La Soul: Buhloone Mind State - fine holiday fun

Monday, August 04, 2003

well well, lookey what we have here....
sum splendaro *clap, clap* nerdlicious I know called SPOZ has one of these blogger things, and i figure there is a hell of a lot of music and art i see that i could tell people about... also I could just dribble stories and poetry at my beck-und-call so that would be bulk-ace too.

I suppose I start with Saturday 2nd.... I spent 4 hours at three d radio (where I am a volunteer) taking pledge calls for our annual radiothon... you've got until 3pm August 9th if you'd like to be "in it to win it"... we made a good chunk of cash in the first 3 hours... bonza! If you would like to read about three d and all the good fine broadcasting we do in little old Adelaide, go to www.threedradio.com

In the early evening I attended a performance of 'Are you being served?' in which my friend Paul Kaesler (actor-gem extraordinaire) played a spot-on Mr Humphries, along with a splendid cast at the Port Noarlunga Arts Theatre...

The night wore on, and arriving in town at midnight when you really should be turning into a pumpkin or at least sleeping is a little odd, however the CURSE OV DIALECT must not be missed.... ever... or the new pollutants...

quite frankly I'm becoming an electronica and in particular, aussie hip-hop and experimental beats junkie!!! not that there's anyhthing wrong with that... check out the new CovD CD before it sells out forever and you start kicking and screaming and wanting to hurt people because you couldn't get a copy!

tee hee.

Sunday was my regular radio spot (2-4pm Sundays, 93.7FM in the Adelaide Metro area) with a little bit o' help from the new pollutants and mark (the silent martyr in the corner) a.k.a. 'germs' til we got some fine live freestylin' from him when he woke up a bit... schweet and lo-down.

hmm, anyhoo, more soon i s'pose.
sugar and spice and all things nice, julie xo