meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Monday, June 30, 2008


yes i seem to have wasted a lot of time watching some on the weekend... well not wasted i suppose however...

Confetti - British comedy flick about a wedding magazine running a competition for the most original wedding. completely classic characters and generally a laugh.

Fight Club - Do i need to explain this? The First Rule of Fight Club... you do not talk about fight club...

1408 - oh well first of all it has John Cusack AND Samuel L Jackson (looking rather debonaire as he ages i must say)... that room was so MEAN to Cusack in the flick. Just really great though. Except i didnt quite get the end bit... did i miss something? well worth the watch. more a thriller than a horror...

Deathproof - oh. my. god. if youre a chick feeling down and you want to feel the girl power... get this out. its freakn awesome. featuring some of the worlds best stunt CHICKS, a completely awesome car chase or two, and a little bit of gore (well it is tarantino what do you expect). WICKED. i was not disappointed. just loved it. the very very end made me laugh my ass off. great!

have a lovely day.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

saturday snotty night...

well judes came over so we made some pizza and mooched around watching some black books and fry & laurie as well as outtakes cos you should ALWAYS watch outtakes!

judy showing off her cheapo FABULOUS make up bag

and just general chin wagging really.

"just one question before i pack...
when you fuck it up later do i get my money back?"
Aimee Mann

so today i can consider going to radio to play with philo, but to me i sound husky, even tho judes sez no no you dont.... i guess my ears are blocked. besides its not really wise to talk into a mic for two hours and pass on your sickness to others... blergh.

but i kinda wanna go and play. waah.

anyhoo, so i'm going to mum & dads for the next day or so to de-cattify as well as de-neighbourfy. luckily julz dad lives close by and can come and feed the kitties for a day.

i think we'll be playing cards, watching battle of the choirs (i used to do a lot of choir stuff), maybe doing some sewing, watching mooFies, blah blah blah. general chillness. i guess dad has to go to work tomorrow but i'll try and get him to wag a day. cos he should. haha.
i should take life on mars season 1 with me so dad can watch it. looking forward to when ashes to ashes comes out on aussie tv. interesting. i hope it doesn't ruin it.

cos john simm is the shite and so is liz white and so is OUR GOV! GO GOV!!

ooh and hopefully we'll be able to dub off some of the random old home movies off my vhs tapes cos i brought a whole heap with me but i kind of want to split them up into dvd 'tracks' so that you can just watch one thing and not have to watch like 2 hours of something else to find out 5 minutes of something else... if that makes sense i have no idea. lets blame the sickness.

Get Smart comes out at the cinema this week. ace bro tafe. can't wait.

cos i love steve carrell in the pants.


ps. oh heres an old pic of kirst and i that she sent me from our trip to asia last year... sexy beetches. haha.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

damn you winter!!

well... yes i've been sick since about wednesday... which is annoying. primarily because i haven't been sick in so long. but i guess that's winter for you isn't it. it's not so bad i can't get up or anything. but i hate blowing your nose over and over and over and thinking 'how much more crap can possibly be up my nose?!'

so this has made for a very uneventful week indeed. tho thursday night i did go to the gov to catch up with nicki and see koz play (not that i actually saw that much of her, i was bailing home at the time she started!). may i say, dear gov, though you are excellent, the service is still awful there. always has been, obviously always will be.

tonight i'm supposed to go to the g-man's place for a hat party, but at this point it's not looking good. i'm hoping judy jude will come and keep me company and watch some moofies or something...

has been disappointing i haven't been able to do my exercises the past few days. cos i feel like i was making some headway and getting some momentum with it. oh well will just have to push it next week i guess...

haha, the doctor on j tv did a karaoke version of inxs and ended it by putting his belt around his neck.. oooh harsh. i dont think the audience got it.

great to see new episodes of futurama by the way!!

about freakn time.
i need to probably go and eat something not that i feel like it but its stupid not to put nutrients into your body when your sick.
so i bit you adieu.
and hand you a tissue.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

we're goin' down down down down to kitty town...

so i'm living in kitty town...

pauly is being surprisingly friendly of late and purry and paws me going 'aww come on pat me'... so i oblige sometimes but right now its just annoying me. hehe.

because i've been playing on e-bay.

have slowly been going through all the boxes of stuff that were left at mum and dads for all this time. i know they will be grateful for the space.

So there are some things I've decided to see if I can sell. probably easier to take to a trash & treasure market but its winter and i'm sure that less folk go to these markets at this time of year. anyways...

i dont know how you can find me on e-bay (cos really i'm an e-bay virgin until like a week ago when i bought new headphones for my mobile phone)... but if you can, well more power to you i suppose.

so i guess i'll put up a few things over the next few days and just see if there is any interest at all...

on the topic of the psychotic neighbours... well i've just about had a gutful. sometimes its kind of scary you know. its damned obvious this guy is a dealer, I have no idea why the cops havent been able to bust him before. and his woman is a nutcase. if she could just HEAR herself maybe she would understand what a slapper she is. doubtful, i think she's fried her brain with chemicals.

so yes we shall see if i can last the distance in this house. cos i am supposed to be here to chill, not to deal with psychos. they really bother me and i'm sure the adjoining neighbours and businesses feel the same. you can't feel happy about a dude doing deals practically in your parking lot can you?

short of all this though... congratulations to scottie tha damn hottie for i'm sure another splendid brisbane pride march and fair day... wish i could have been there to help. waah!

be seeing you brisneylanders soon-ish i guess. whoop!

anyone with any ideas/contacts for arts related things, please pass them on. i refuse to work on something shitful that i dont care about any more. money is irrelevant when there's no satisfaction in a job y'know.

blah blah.
pay it forward. pay it all forward.

ps. if you like bowling and your in adelaide with some spare time, i'm always up for a game!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


cheeky look before going to see Eddie Ifft last Friday.

I'm keeping this one cos it looks ace.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

is it too cold for the beach...??

the answer is yes... especially if you have a beanie that doesn't cover your ears.
however the mighty Zeus needed a walk so I went with Koz for a rather pleasant time.
Here's Koz (in all her fashionable 'i can tie my scarf around my head' glory) and Zeus down at Henley... lovely.

seaweed city. hehe.

(hey blogger whats with the double spacing crap when i put photos in huh?)

see y'all.

oh, operation 'buff-jules' as michelle calls it is going rather swimmingly.


Sunday, June 08, 2008


well what can i say about RADelaide...

last week i bowled a whole lot of strikes in a row in a game of bowling but of course messed up the last one which would have given me a mega score, and of course bowled the last ball as a spare. boo.

had lunch with vairi at the dulwich bakery. oh dulwich bakery i love you.

saw the sex and the city movie with my sister.

saw Eddie Ifft and a whole bunch of local comics including Phil Cowie and Jason Pestell at Rhino.

Got very hammered with da boys soon thereafter.

went to the House of Chow for Bec & Mel's birthday last night and had a banquet. very tasty and very filling. then up to Woody's for sitting in front of a fireplace and Beetlejuice.

that be all.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


now, i'm a people watcher... i would probably like behavioural theory or something if i could be bothered... but...

the neighbours across the road are spastic. grow up both of you, keep your potty mouth inside and at a low decibel woman, i. don't. want. to. hear. it.

honestly it might not be so sad if it wasn't for days at a time.

tickets to the retard planet for you.

mwargh hargh hargh.