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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tim Burton

I have a friend who is an animator that is working on the new Charlie + The Chocolate Factory, and for that.... erm.... I'm very proud anyway.... not that he's not done cool stuff before like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

I once said in an email to him 'eh, what you working on and can i look?' and he went:

"Lord of the Rings and no"

And it wasn't fair, but man, imagine doing that for a living.... hmmm... pity I can't draw eh?!

Ooh, have you noticed I've been more bothered with sizes and colours lately!? Tee hee.

Straight Out of Brisbane program looks great. I'm really looking forward to it... doing door bitching at a few different venues throughout the fest, so that is always fun.

I had a dream with Colin Firth in it last night. What is going on here?! Obviously I now find him a spunk, where-as before I didn't.

Oh AND... what is it with me and handsome bartenders....?? I've now hopefully got three of them at my beck and call.
I should probably retract that for fear of retribution, but fuck it.

Oops, I said fuck.

Monday, November 29, 2004

okay okay...

so it's true, i really have nothing to write...
no that's a lie, i do actually.

I am a big fan of PT Anderson, Magnolia is one of the true genius pieces of film (even it's in entirety of 3 hours and 8 minutes), and Punch-Drunk Love was just as incredible... but I made myself watch BOOGIE NIGHTS yesterday, because I think the first time I went to watch it more than 5 years ago, I fell asleep.

Okay, now... I enjoyed some of it... the beginning was better... and poor WH Macy! :(

(my train of thought has been trashed, by the small child, whose parent obviously wasn't watching it, and has just pulled a BOOK SHELF on top of themselves)

I don't know, I thought when I first saw Mark Wahlberg act I gave him more credit than he was due. Other performances in the film are damned fine. I LOVE Julianne Moore, she's great.

My point is, it's the least fave of the three PT films I've seen... thoughts?

Also we watched PIECES OF APRIL over the weekend, and I must say, I really like Katie Holmes. She's great in it. And all the characters were great actually. Make sure that you check it out, I don't want to say too much about it, but basically... her family is coming for Thanksgiving Dinner and her oven is broken... and that's not the half of it!

I spent Friday night at RUSH, my new favourite bar to drnk $4 pints of Stella, and by god they have the most handsome boy there... *swoon*


Friday, November 26, 2004

golly gee willakers!

so... i had this dream last night that i returned to adelaide completely unprepared, got the time wrong when i was supposed to reunite with people, felt all sweaty and horrible, with no change of clothes, and that pippas friend had her houseboat parked next to her house!

Go figure.

What does this all mean? Am I afraid of returning and not having achieved anything?

I hate not working... well I don't hate it, working does suck more than it rocks generally.... but I get bored out here in "Sydney" as DiP and BrudD have called it. I'll probably go into town later and catch up with work mates from my first month here. I liked them, a bunch of nice people.

I am starting to work out really where I would like to go travelling next year... the US for sure, perhaps Japan, Cuba and Spain are entering the equation. Hmm. But with any luck I'll be able to spend a few weeks travelling with the super-spunky Sam, with whom I will hunt for boys and cause trouble!


Thursday, November 25, 2004

so, about that job you promised me...

I probably already wrote this, but the job i started on Monday lasted a whole 4 1/2 hours before someone in their upper management decided they couldn't be bothered training someone for a 2 week stint.... and so put more pressure on their own workers (as you do) and left me without a job for the next fortnight...

Well that's not necessarily true I suppose, the Agency is always optimistic something will come up. And they know I'm keen so at the moment I can't do much more than that.

So... what else. Oh yes, the last episode of the OC... I'd like to say WHATTHEMASHUGANAPUTS?! I mean for people who DISPISE this series, of which I know a few, you are delusional. I mean really... they all leave at the end of it? 'Marissa' hits the bottle, and 'Seth' floats off into the sunset. BEAUTIFUL! 'Keirsten' crying? Man, I'm so envious of her getting to snog Peter Gallagher all the time. Hmph! This is why I like this show, it was not a happy ending, it was left on the edge, making you want more. (Bastards!)

Also, in relation to the box... the tele, whatever you might call it.... i note channel 10 has the most 'new' stuff coming up over the silly-season.... which is good, i mean i was dreading all the xmas movie re-runs... but i also note that there are NO NEW AUSSIE SITCOMS OR DRAMAS amongst them.
Come on AUSTRALIAN TV NETWORKS, support some more AUSTRALIAN PRODUCERS, AUSTRALIAN ACTORS, AUSTRALIAN WRITERS! Please. It's starting to make me a little bit edgy. I'd hate to be a struggling actor in this country, honestly. If you manage to hit a spot in Neighbours, you'd be lucky.

That's my two cents anyway.
I'm nearly out of library internet time, and I guess I should sign up for some sort of job mail so I dont have to wait for the paper each Saturday.

be excellent to each other.
and congrats to 'ma boyz' the new pollutants for a win in the SAMIA awards! good on ya babes!


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

bridget jones: edge of reason

well me and DiPana just spent our $6 and $5 respectively to go see the new Bridget Jones!!

Here's Di's review:

"I liked the fight. I want to fight like that. Give me a reason."

(footnote from di: "I'm a pretty good reviewer hey? That was magic")

I thought it was good, enough giggly moments to make me like it. I always laugh at peoples misfortunes in films, i mean i guess i just like slapstick comedy, but there's got to be something wrong with that.

Hugh Grant is a sexy bitch.
And I liked Colin Firth much more now as well.

But still not as much as Peter Gallagher.



Tuesday, November 23, 2004

my soul is an island...

my car is a ford...

no it ISNT!

anyhoo, well, I have no longer got a new temp job to go to for the next fortnight... I went there yesterday morning and someone up there in the hot-seat decided that they could use an internal person for a fortnight, rather than train me to do the reception job for a fortnight.... so 4 1/2 hours after i arrived i was on my way home.


Oh well. life of a temp I guess. It's just that hadn't happened to me before, and I took it a little bit personally as well.

They came up with another job at a marketing place, but it's across the other side of the city - and it would be temp to permanent, and i want to travel next year for several months... so i dont want to annoy people by taking a job then going on holidays or quitting in about July.

Anyhoo, I'm waiting for the job spec to come thru on email and I'll make a decision more based on that. Might just have to move sooner rather than later.

Went to my volunteer meeting for straight out of brisbane last night... nice bunch of people, i think it's going to be great. The program is huge, so check it out.

I really have nothing terribly interesting more to report.
Went for a swim this morning. Huzzah!

I guess I'll be watching daytime tv the next few days til more work comes up.

I was glad that Casey won Australian Idol because Anthony sounded the same every time he sang.

I had a dream with the people from The OC in it last night, now something is wrong with that!! Because it wasn't even Peter Gallagher.... mmm Peter Gallagher.

Tune into 93.7FM in Adelaide Sunday from 2pm for Better Living Thru Inebriation, and hear the Brisneyland report at some point with yours truly.



Friday, November 19, 2004

oh blog!

i promised not to neglect thee, and one has the admittance of guilt now!

Reasons I came to Brisneyland:
1) warm weather
2) change of scenery
3) hang out with Di + Bruddley + Erin
4) clear my head
5) get rid of tunnel vision
6) do some training
7) see how another radio station works...
8) find out if any MORE people are going to break my heart
9) cause trouble
10) did i mention sunshine?


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

dropping like flies..


my readership is dropping off pretty rapidly, I must be very boring!
Yes that's it!

I know, I know, I am not writing nearly as much as I should, but hey... I don't have my computer up here yet.... hopefully next week.

Anyhoo, last weekend we saw Lano + Woodley's "The Island"... tres bon. This was the first time I'd seen Lano + Woodley and by god they're a bunch of cuties!

Thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Watched "Always", "Gremlins", "The Money Pit" and "Centre Stage" in the last week.

Special Features on DVD's are COOL.

Vote in the SAMIA awards, or someone is going to hurt me.

benjammmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn....!! OWWWW!


Thursday, November 04, 2004

my November 3 post on November 4...

Politics: Today is kind of D-Day... Although I haven't been following the US election 'warm-up' so much, all I know is that I want that lying Dubbya out of there (I also wanted our little Johnnie Howard out of there too, but it was not to be).

Dubbya and LJH can go play their war games on their own planet, not mine!

I am kind of concerned for the American Public in general... eg. what will happen on the streets if Bush is returned to power. I have these visions for some reason of mass rioting and protesting and anger.

God I hope the rioting part doesn't come true.

If something goes bunta (Mikey, this is for you) get on a plane and sleep on our purple and green couch!

I also think the US might kind of 'swallow' itself in our lifetime... I don't know what makes me feel that way, but let me kind of explain. (and this sucks, cos I know a whole bunch of nice US-ians.... the people over at Quiet Water Web and Mikey and stuff...) I just see that, of course, the general populas, as here, is asking for simple things like good health care and not getting it. The gun issue is a huge problem. The 'fear' angle constantly used discusts me. Slowly it's getting worse.

I am not saying I have an answer, I am not saying I know a whole lot about US history or anything. (And, as we know, news is always biased) I'm just saying I'm worried.

Education: Some people seem to think Michael Moore is just stirring shit, and perhaps he is. What I see is that he is collating vital information and providing it to the general public in a way everyone can understand... whether it be by using a guy in a giant rubber chicken suit, or putting it in a book with useful tips on who to contact for what in their country.

I saw the book "Michael Moore is a big stupid fat white man". Firstly, enough with the taunts about weight, who gives a crap. Secondly, I did open this book to a random page in the book store. Bascially what it said what that a particular topic that Mike had commented on in his book "Stupid White Men".... if you typed a particular phrase relating to that into google you found 80,000+ references to it and, in essence, "ha ha, he's not smart"... you fucking retards! Of course he's researched the topics he's talked about (and listed exactly where in the back of the book i might add) Go on! MAKE A POINT!

Life: Oh, and if the man I found the most comfort in talking to in this world only realised the conversatoin got you through the later years in life... we'd be procreating by now!
Or at least hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing!

Julie and Erin loungeroom yoga tonight - Yeehaw!

Comin' atcha black mamba style!

(I'm obsessed with the Kill Bill Vol 2 Soundtrack by the way... thank you again Quentin.... especially "Goodnight Moon" and "About Her")