meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Sunday, February 29, 2004

what I would habe posted Friday morning if I could...

Last night around midnight or so I heard commotion in the street outside my house. It just sounded like kids mucking around so I thought maybe it was the teen enxt door and some mates, so I peered out my window, and was about to open it to tell them to keep it down.

I couldn't see them properly through the trees but realised it wasn't next door (besides, he's pretty nice and polite for an angsty skater kid).

There were two (i think) males, and one female. The girl was screaming at them to stop. Then I realised they were playing a discusting game of chicken with her. Holding her down in a seated position til it was too dangerous for them to be in the street.

I saw her get away. She rang crying down the road, half tried to hail a car down.

I saw the discusting pig that was holding her down come back past our house a short time later, without her.

I just hope she got away from him.

I felt absolutely helpless watching from the darkness and safety of my bedroom. I felt there was nothing I could do. It was a violent situation, and I'm not that physically strong. I think I may have even endangered her more by trying to step in and help...

the human race sucks.
this was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Where's YOUR head at?

I tell you what, it's a pain in my arse not being able to post a blog mid-working day. I can type bloody fast and capture everything I need to say.

I Spied: Confessions of an ex-ASIO spy (David Callan)
Dave candidly talks of his time working behing the big steel doors of ASIO (Australian Securities Information Office)... and even threw in a song @ the end for us. Excellent insight and fantastically funny one man show!
Get in quick, the buzz on this one is now HUGE!

God, Inc! (Paul Wagner)
Paul takes us through elements of a true story based on corporate America, turns Jesus into a character out of Bill and Ted's, and uses much satire when giving grief to US TV cultute.
He's put a lot of effort in, includes visuals and a hoard of characters.
There is not doubt in my mind that this guy is a great character comic, though I think parts of his material would have US audiences in stitches, where as we kind of go "Huh?". Still, worth a look for some of the giggle factor.

Valeri + Gleb
I don't think I've ever been to a mime show before but it was great! Be warned, you may become part of the "mime band". The few kids that were in the audience were absolutely amazed by some of the faces Valeri pulled at them.
A great family one actually, but there's no shame in getting a bundh of your adult friends together to see an unusual art form.

Don't know about the rest of your but I'm already exhausted!

This week I'm seeing Circus Monoxide, and, erm, something else, something else SOMETHING ELSE *chanting*.
Don't actually know yet.
I'm also going to the great grand fantabulous opening of 12 Angry Men next week (which is sold out I hear) to watch my friend Phil Nichol tread the boards. I'll also see him in one of the Best of the Fest Late Shows doing stand-up.

*be still my beating heart*

I love the Fringe.

I was just being so emotional, as well as a little bit of PMS blues chucked in and crap-hell tired Sunday night that I had a cry. Ah well, these things happen when emotions run high and nothing is ever certain...

god I'm lame.

*hopeless romantic signing off*

Sunday, February 22, 2004

"whips, crops, canes, whatever...

come on, baby lets go..."

some revelations about myself of the last week...
(warning: it's going to be really random and scatty, so I do apologise in advance)

hels has told me that the moon has moved into piscies (i hope that's right... helen?), hence, I will be dreaming an awful for the next month... great.
i generally have dreams that people will pass through, but they won't ever be prominent parts of it. Sometimes I don't dream for weeks on end...
This week I have had dreams that at least one person has been particularly prominent.... which kind of wierds me out because I never have dreams with this person in them... very rarely anyway.
I have been warned that the dreams at this particular time can be deceiving, so the trick is to work out which ones are being 'truthful' (i suppose you could put it like that) and which ones are just trying to trick you.
This doesn't make much sense when I've had about 5 dreams in a row involving the same person.
I wonder if this person is really okay at the moment. Or if there's something I'm totally missing in my friendship with them. If we're both very similar, if we're both in pain, if we're both really quite fucked up.

I also have come to some sort of conclusion... that I may need some therapy. There are things I think I have let go of totally that relate to my past long-term relationship, however I think parts of it did more psychological damage to me than I realise. (gee, thanks motherfucker, can i say motherfucker?)

Remind me periodically I need an older man in my life.

It occured to me that when I fell down the stairs I could have *really* injured myself, and had I knocked myself unconscious, I wouldn't have been found for a little while (at least 24 hours probably)... it really could have been a bad thing.
Then what Helen has mentioned is rather full-on.
A friend of mine lost a relative last night. (love you, take care)
and all the comings and goings of everyone. Pippa's gone now too.
My friend Nate wants me to show him around Australia next year. I think that's a wonderful idea.
Any takers?

I honest to god am a romantic at heart, I will cry every time I watch "Breakfast at Tiffanys" and I do mean EVERY time. I can't help it. If only love were that sweet. And I cry at tragedies... moulin rouge for examples. I know some people hated that films, but it's like shakespeare all over again... rip out my heart and put it on a stick for everyone to see will you?

I want someone to simply love me. There is nothing more to it than that. I seemingly have put my foot in it way too many times... I tend to pass people, for lack of a better cliche, like ships in the night and wonder what could have been... I take everything to my heart and store it there for further mental torture later. I don't mean to, it just happens.

I often wonder what could have been, and so, I must be a dreamer (and I'm not the only one)...

I want to find love, I just don't know where to look...

lawnmower music: 93.7FM: three d radio: sundays @ 2pm
Guests today: Mike Radzevicious aka Aviator Lane

The Renevators: Whistle Stop
Liz Phair: Polyester Bride
Thievery Corporation: Richest Man in Babylon
Aviator Lane: Lengthways will run (Live in the Studio)
Jamaica Bastrias: Nursery Rhymes
Hedy's Lament: Ladyboy
LOVE SONG DEDICATION #1: Zero 7: Distractions
LOVE SONG DEDICATION #2: Living Colour: Love rears it's ugly head
LOVE SONG DEDICATION # 3: Aimee Mann: Build that wall
Goodshirt: Sophie (i can't get enough kids!!)
The Rakes Progress: When I kiss her
Peaches: I U She
Buck65: Protest
Plaid: Remix of Unkle's Coffeehouse Conversation
Comatone: Carbon Line
Leo: Harley Davidson
Federico Aubele: Postales (produced by the Thievery Corporation and rather sexy...)
Stereolab: Hillbilly Motobike
Dolly Parton: PMS Blues
Gemma Hayes: Over + Over
The Lovemakers: Kiss me
Team Plastique: Game Show Lights
The Clash: Should I stay or should I go?
Sarah Blasko: Your Way
High Llamas: Sweet Cinnamon Punch (dude! this track kicks!)
Red House Painters: Brockwell Park

When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor?

Wednesday night.

2. ...went to the dentist?
8 months ago? I don't know. I know I need to go again. But I also know people that haven't been for a lot longer than that!!

3. ...filled your gas tank?
Firstly, my car doesn't take gas. Secondly, it takes unleaded. Thirdly, last night.

4. ...got enough sleep?
I'll get back to you...

5. ...backed up your computer?
I dont have a computer! Yes I know that's wierd cos I'm writing on one at the moment, but I don't have one that works ok?!

'til we meet again.
*insert your name here* i love you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

"naked girl falling down the stairs"

well not quite, but yes, i fell down the fekkin' stairs at home and it hurt like buggery...
i should photograph the bruise on my ass! now I know you won't want to see my arse, but its a shiny bruise, and well worth a photograph.

I very nearly broke a couple toes, and am gonna get the doctor to check it out tomorrow, just to be sure.

I'm very lucky that I didn't smack my head on the steps and become unconscious or something.

My stairs are make of concrete you see.

something I wrote down earlier today that was a little something like this: "you have been in my dreams of late, and somehow my dreams are confusing you with things from my past, and that scares me"

love is a many splintered thing.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

"be a better drummer, be an up and comer..."

Lawnmower Music: Sundays 2-4pm: 93.7FM Three D Radio
TODAYS SPECIAL GUEST: Trav Nash from Fringe Show: Mixed Grill @ Belgian Beer Cafe with Average!!

The Renevators: Whistle Stop
Peaches: I'm the kinda
The Clash: This is radio clash
Adam Sandler: Chanukah Song Part II
Baterz: Wonder Riff
Belle + Sebastian with the Maisonettes: Legal Man
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: The Blackeyed Susans: Ocean of You
LOVE SONG DEDICATION TWO: The Flaming Lips: Do you realise?
Average: The Cow/Goat Song
Goyte: Out of my mind
Ciccone Youth: Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer cover)
'the ladybugs picnic'
McLusky: Undress for Success
Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion: Inside the world of the Blues Explosion
Handsome Boy Modelling School: Look @ this face (oh my god they're gorgeous)
Smog: Dress sexy at my funeral
Pond: You're not an astronaut
Buck65: Roses + Bluejays
'teeny little superguy'
Comatone: Cut
Spod: 213 Ride with me
Alarium: Super happy moo cow song
Plaid: Even Spring
The Muppets: Can you picture that?
The Muppets: Moving Right Along
Federico Aubele: Mona
Trio Electrico: Return of the coconut grove
Home for the def: Animal Shack

love. hate. whatever.
it's all relative.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

hey phil, if you're reading...

bring some cotton clothing to adelaide. we've just hit a heatwave baby!

woohoo! heatwave. Although I'll get dehydrated and feel pretty yuk sometimes, the sun is shining, I can go swimming, I can wear less clothing and I couldn't be happier.

Apart from the fact I realised I need some more cargo pants cos they are comfy and cool.

Valentines day, schmalentines day!! I'm not likely to receive anything and I don't really mind. I'll get to see some of my friends today at the radio station for the Top 100+1 and have a bit of a laff with everyone. I had my first beer at 11:15ish AM if that gives you an indication (will have to stop now til my shift is over though).

Oh, cept I got a sms from my friend Prof Booty wishing everyone all the bestius goodness there is with a whole lotta beyonces chucked in.
Don't ask me what that means but it was cute! thanx prof!

buck65 made the chart at number 70!! woohoo! i can tell you that, but I can't tell you more!

the whole list will be up on the three d website later.

last night TANK and I went to Brighton beach when it got dark and to visit Molly for her birthday afterwards.

I made more caramelised onion muffins.

goddamn it's hot! I think I'll have to visit Melindas pool later!

Keep cool.

Friday, February 13, 2004

don't point out the obvious please...

i deleted half of my links and side bar.
please be patient whilst i re-set it up!

i'm a tosser!



n 1: anger produced by some annoying irritation [syn: annoyance, chafe] 2: the psychological state of being irritated or annoyed [syn: irritation, annoyance] 3: something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness; "New York traffic is a constant concern"; "it's a major worry" [syn: concern, worry, headache] 4: the act of annoying someone [syn: annoyance, annoying, irritation, troubling]

Any of these dictionary like postings brought to you by dictionary.com - one of my favourite websites!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

i just realised, I'm still contemplating!!


the sky seems awful sad this day
my mind wanders
as the year is coming to a close

somehow i knew not what to expect
my mind is still
as it falls into unconsciousness

how will i work out what to do?
my mind scurries
as i contemplate the rest of my life

i think of the worlds troubles
my mind panics
as i understand there is only so much i can do

i know how much love surrounds me
and my mind is calm
ENDE - C.Julie Faye, 2000


Reality TV...

... it's taking over my brain! or at least my tv screen!

I'm an enormous fan of Queer Eye, but some others are already confusing...

The Resort which started last night was interesting. They really picked a bad bunch of personalities didn't they? Fighting after 48 hours? Lame.

Like, get over it! Put some gloves on and get to work! Get someone to delegate tasks, or all work on one area til it's done and move on to the next. Surely it's not *that* hard.

I don't know if I can be arsed watching the resort now.

Erm, the hothouse... I think they've already learnt a valuable lesson: don't listen to gossip!

I also think perhaps they should be showing a little more about the building of the actual house. I mean, I know it's early days and they might do it more later when they're on interiors and stuff.... at least if they did that it would be more helpful to people who are thinking of renovating and might need some ideas or help.

To quote Adam Sandler and relate it back to *both* the above shows: "Suntan lotion is good for me... you protect me, hee hee hee"

IDIOTS! PUT MORE SUNSCREEN ON! You'll just get dehydrated and not be able to work as well! duh!

Now I'm wondering what kind of dork I'd look like if I got accepted into BB!!

or perhaps, what kind of dork they'd make me look like if I got accepted onto BB!

Then there's American Idol 3... don't get me started.


Wednesday, February 11, 2004

ow my pancreas!

actually ow my fingers and hand, damn RSI.

Did 3 hours training this morning for the new job... which is good because I get paid for it.

I keep coming across things that tell me my time at my part-time job was limited anyway...

makes me think I've been allowing myself to be walked upon for so long... I could have bothered to make a real go of it, but I feel all the fighting and apparent procedure making and all that has always been an uphill battle, and whomever replaces me will find the same thing...

anyway, it's probably better that I'm not here on a more permanent basis, it used to drive me insane before.

what else? I've decided I'm a channel 10 fanatic. I barely switch. and I never know what's on the other channels cos I don't want to pay for a teevee book. (Besides you can usually find one in the local rag, but not every week... hmm)

SBS has some great films sometimes and ABC some great drama, but I only remember to watch them if I stick sticky-notes on the TV or write it in my diary.

Hey I read something that Johnny Depp is doing 'The Libertine'. I saw a french (i think it was french) version of this on SBS quite recently, and I think the story is similar to the film 'quills'.

ramble, ramble, ramble. blah blah blah.
so much to do but for some reason, I can't be arsed.... I wonder why that could be.

Add sarcasm and stir.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

"the chances you take, are the branches you break" : buck65

so many things happened today... one being a new 'love letter' from buck65... you can get them too if you sign up at his website.

they're always fun and pretty because they're like a tour diary... and he's lucky that he gets to go to such lovely places...

I hope I will be able to excrete that much genius on my trip up the coast...

Also today I have been offered a temp assignment that goes for a month. It's in the city and is 8-5:30pm. Which means I will have cash for the Fringe... woohoo! and will also mean my addiction to sugar and/or caffeine will become more severe, because I'll be going back to full time work after about 4 1/2 months of not working full time.

Interesting times ahead.

I think I'm going to start eating fruit and vegetables only. Perhaps a few lentils thrown in there too...

My skin is being annoying again... I think it's the weather.

I made tuna mornay yesterday, it was tasty.

Apart from that I felt like a slob, because even though I went for about an hour walk in the sweaty heat, I sat on my butt for pretty much the rest of the day switching between funny daytime teevee and a game of the Sims, with some episodes of Futurama thrown in for some giggles. God that show was good, why did they ever axe it.

Random Link chosen by ME! www.moviepoopshoot.com

I am very happy about the job. I can't wait to be on my way to Queensland-y goodness!! Now you know this means y'all can visit me when you feel like a holiday. ;)

Don't forget to book your Fringe tickets to 12 Angry Men right NOW!

stuff and things,

i had all this witty stuff to write...

yesterday i had thoughts swirling around and around in my head, because the only person I got to speak to was the lady who took my dole form... and now I can't remember any of the topics I was going to post about. They were news-worthy, I promise you that.

hmm. an update i suppose.

The very sexy and no longer contained (dont ask me what that means, i'm pulling lines from alladin) TANK is back from her adventures studying in Holland, and visiting Columbia. I am very jealous but it is nice to have her back. And she is happy to be back. She might move into my house, I said she could as long as she is nice to my fish.

This is a time of coming and going for a lot of people. It's just strange...

**'Cornholio' went to Sydney to study to be a negotiator. mmm, negotiation.
**'Len is going to Ballarat to study loads of Artsy things.
**Pip* is going to a place far far away where she can learn to surf and learn to play the blues baby.
**Tank came back from 6 months study exchange in Holland, with a trip to Columbia thrown in for good measure.
**My cousin Erin moved to Cairns to house-sit for 12 months (what a good house-sitting catch)
**I am negotiating (mmm, negotiation) also going up to Brisneyland at the end of the year, where the weather is *HOT* and the pineapples a-plenty.
**Fi Mc-Shack-Shack is coming to visit us! woohoo! and she'll be here in time for fringe and all!!

I just got a call from one of the agencies I went to about some work regarding a job they'd spoken to me about 2 weeks ago or so. It's with an IT company doing their accounts *yawn* but at the moment I'm pretty willing to do whatever, because I want to get out of debt and haul my ass to a warmer climate. This IS unless something monumental happens.

insert 'aside' here: I've had this thing in the back of my head for ages that keeps saying 'something monumental is going to happen'. I still don't know what that thing is. It really bugs me, but I'll just leave it simmering away until I go 'oh, so THIS is the monumental thing'....

Anyway, for those who are 'in the know' I rang lady re: the job I've been waiting to hear about yesterday... she said she was asked to put recruiting on hold for a short period...

more soon.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

"she's just so sweet so fine, so polite too..."

Next Saturday 14th February is Three D Radio's Top 100+1. Starts at 8am and goes through to around 8pm. I'll be broadcasting between about 12:45-3pm entertaining the local guests. We try and get as many of the local guys in as possible. Usually at least one person from every act can make it which is cool.

The Top 100+1 is compiled from our Top 20+1 which is broadcast every Saturday throughout the year. They are the most played albums by Three D announcers, it isn't a public vote of such, it's really put together by the lot of us. More than 50% of the chart this year is local. Last year 8 out of the top 10 were local artists or local compilations.

Lawnmower Music: Sunday 2-4pm: Three D Radio 93.7FM: Adelaide Metro Area
Artist: Song Title

The Renevators: Whistle Stop
Bobby Hughes Combination: McArthurs Break
Plaid: Get what you gave
Black Box Recorder: England Made Me
Goodshirt: Sophie (now i must put a footnote in here that this song is a fucking perfect song. There is nothing wrong with it, it's a perfect pop love song. woohoo to NZ's Goodshirt!!)
The Lovemakers: Captain Wierd Eye
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Goyte: Loath to refuse
Hello Minnesota!: Handclaps (are the new black)
Deadstar: Valentines Day
Scared Wierd Little Guys: South Australia
Moldy Peaches: Anyone else but you
Lambchop: Somethings going on
Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice
Trey: Take Time Out
Sia: The Church of What's Happening Now
Team Plastique: Bitch Daddy
Peaches: I U She
MC 900 FT Jesus: Falling Elevators
Home for the Def: Blue Ice
Area 7: Can't be happy
Tripod: Cuckold
Trio Electrico: Ego Poem
Manu Chao: Promiscuity
Ash: World Domination
Chicks on Speed: Sell-out
Average: Hammer (live)
Jan Jelnek avec the Exposures: a Wasteland
Love Corporation: Give me some love (Andy Weatherall Remix)
Comatone: Fat my suck one
Federico Aubele: Despertar

By the way, fate hates me! I got a phonecall today forcing me to cross paths with someone I'm trying to stay away from. Bah!

Woohoo! the ever sexy TANK popped in to see me at radio. now we can really have some fun.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Little Birdy's "Relapse" is still the best love song...

perhaps not the best *ever* but still has exact replication on what I have been feeling of late.

I am about to chuck something away, very soon. It will be hard, but I will have to just do it.
Alternatively i have to try and change the way I think, and I don't think I can do that, so the former will have to take hold.


so lethargic again.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

darned heat...

well actually, i LOVE the heat... you can read Hels post on how it's the new black on dramaqueen...

I, however, disagree with Hels and agree with Hello Minnesota that in fact HANDCLAPS (uh-huh) are the new black...

i just got a *very* interesting text message.... i predicted a few years on this particular topic.... perhaps I wasn't so far off after all.

anyway, my point about the heat was to remind me to put in something about my skin.
Now I am very fortunate with my skin you know... I have my parents to thank I suppose. They never had any trouble with acne and neither did I... but recently I couldn't afford to buy some body scrub... so I started showering using soap. Big mistake. Well at least with the type of soap I bought... I mean it smells totally amazing, but it's drying my skin to buggery. Yuk!

Should have bought some 'Dove' soap products, they've never let me down before!

bah humbug!

I just listened to Plaids' "Spokes" album again. It's very nice indeed. Go and get it.

Oh, another thing... on my list of things to do this year I put 'read more about politics'... and I know it's an election year and all, and I pray we don't have to stare at Johnny Howard for much longer when he's stuffing up sentences and saying stupid crap... but I think I changed my mind. I'd rather be naive about it I think. There are plenty of other things I'd like to read instead of it...

Here's my list of stuff i know is sitting on my shelf...
Naked Empire: Terry Goodkind (next book in Sword of Truth series)
Stupid White Men: Michael Moore
Audrey Hepburn bio that i've gotten 1/4 way thru and left for ages

stuff and things,
xJ aka BetaGirl

an email i'm writing to a mate at the mo'...

and thought I'd share... it's how my head is working at the moment...

"i've been thinking, and it's been sitting in the back of my mind for some time... that if/when I do my road trip up the East Coast later in the year... perhaps I'll stop in BrisneyLand for a time.

See I had opportunity to go and work there with a lady that published childrens books that I met one year at the Aust Book Fair, but my dickhead ex-bf whined and bitched and 'how could i consider doing such a thing?'... how? well because it would have made me happy.

Now she's not publishing these books anymore because the Publishing Market is a real bitch... and it's hard to get your stuff distributed even though these books were amazing... however she could still probably help me get work. Besides the Temp Agency I work for is pretty much international... I mean I actually am pretty sick of working in Admin, but what else am I going to do? I can't get paid for radio, it just wouldn't work for me."

Anyhoo, that's not the entire e-mail but it's bits of it... so yeh, I'm thinking:

1) get myself out of debt for gods sake!
2) after my birthday, take 8 - 12 weeks to drive up to BrisneyLand via Melb, Syd
3) move there (at least for a while) and see how I like it
4) if I hate it I can always go somewhere else
5) if i miss everyone the airfares are cheap a lot of the time
6) i could join 4ZZZ to replace my community radio fetish

i have been talking to Maine about his Music Event. Sounds like the bands are a pain the preverbial.

All the bands I've ever worked on my mini-events in Adelaide have been lovely, even to the point that they have completely donated their time to help a club pay their APRA fees, when our original intention was to just split the cash between bands that played on each day.

I pity you dear, only because they should be greatful you are putting in the work for them, and get off their high-horses about not being super-mega-rock-stars... besides if they constantly behave like that they aren't going to get anywhere... don't they understand that? wierdos!!

Shit, i laughed when I heard a certain BDO band member was having a bitch because he had to pay for his drugs at a particular after party... well whoop-dee-doo! has it not occured to him that he probably has a hella amount more cash than anyone else in this city, and if he wants to have a drug habit, it's going to cost him?! Sheesh! Rock stars! Who'd have 'em? Bring me a comedian any day!

Anyhoo.... one of these days I'll get around to telling you about the Peaches gig in it's entirety... but there will be a severe 'adult content' warning on that post!

xJ aka BetaGirl

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

god! some people!

hmm, that's a whole 'nother story (the subject heading i mean!!)
Ever wonder why some people don't have a sarcasm detector in their brain?
I do. I often wonder.

I often wonder if I should keep my mouth shut all together... would make for interesting radio I suppose. Because frankly, if I don't keep my mouth shut, I get myself into trouble... constantly.
But only with one person generally. Why? Oh Why?

My 'therapist' is very wise indeed though...
and very sexy... *waving*

Do I continue from Friday... hmm... oh yes... I suppose I do...

Saturday I went to see Cat for her birfday. Helen and I were feeling somewhat worse for wear but for different reasons. Bumped into my 'therapist' having lunch, and later returned home to vegetate on the couch. Woke myself up with a Sugar Free Red Bull... and actually it worked a treat. I haven't had one of those in a while...

Axel was kind enough to remind me of the New Pollutants/Red Monika show at Rhino.... so we trudged to Exeter before hand for some beers, then on to the fun and frivolity of a TNP/RM show.

Tanya + Kylie were scared and went home *i kid*... however it probably was the first time in ages they had seen me in my natural habitat, so it doesn't surprise me!

Anyway, everyone was there, it was hella fun. i got very drunk.
A few of my friends were feeling sad, i hope they feel better now.

I would like to insert a few words about Team Plastique here...
1) lovely
2) fun
3) precious
4) splendaro *clap, clap*
5) "i can't believe it's not the gold coast!"
6) they're all sexy
7) they like tea
8) i realised i wear a lot of black being after around them
9) crude
10) laff-riot!

They make me want to move to Brisbane more! I need some colour in my life.

So perhaps I will...
more on that later...

Being undecisive, broke and random SUCKS dicks!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

MTV makes me want to smoke crack...

the new pollutants have a new song and it is very sexy... I give it an 8 out of 10...

Lawnmower Music: Sundays 2-4pm: 93.7FM three d radio
(can't be arsed with the album info today, if you want more info... email me or post a comment...)
The Renevators: Whistle Stop (Instrumental)
Doris Day: Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps
Sonic Youth: Little Trouble Girl
Remy Zero: Prophecy
Pavement: Easily Fooled
Goodshirt: Sophie
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Engelbert Humperdink: Quando Quando Quando
LOVE SONG DEDICATION 2: Karma County: This is not the real world
LOVE SONG DEDICATION 3: Ohio Express: Yummy Yummy Yummy
They Might Be Giants: Particle Man
Gotye: Out of my mind
Bobby Hughes Combination: Nattergalen
Thievery Corporation: Indra
Lovage: Strangers on a Train
Sens Unik: Les Portes du Temps
Hello Minnesota!: Handclaps (are the new black)
Ladytron: Cracked LCD
Aimee Mann: That's just what you are
Peaches: I'm the kinda
Team Plastique: Song Rabbit
Machine Gun Fellatio: Mojo Pumping
Comatone: Scrubber
Ebony Williams: The Beat Goes On
Indoor: Last night a DJ saved my life
Royal Crown Revue: Datin with no dough
Sex Hurricane 1975: Dirty Sex
Home for the Def: Without Titties
Buck 65: Wicked + Wierd (Jacknife Lee Remix)

Oh, not only am I known as DooLeigh... I am now also known as BetaGirl... hehe.

Did I mention at the Big Day Out you could text msg this number and your message would appear on the Big Screen under the video footage of the main stages? Well... you could...
So what did I send...??
"Wakka wakka wakka"
"I went to the big day out and all i got was this lousy text message..."
because that's how classy I am!

{to be continued}