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Monday, May 11, 2015

Considering the Premier of NSW office doesn't accept emails from outside it's electorate...

First, here's part of the email I received in return: "If you are a constituent of another electorate
Due to the large volume of emails we receive, your correspondence will not be forwarded to the Premier’s office."

So, here is one I penned (the last 4 paragraphs are not mine) quite some time ago, November in fact:
Dear Mr Baird 

I am from South Australia, and have recently attended a public forum on the future of water looking ahead to 2050 held by the Goyder Institute. The conversation is already starting to take shape about what we need to do to protect our farmers, indigenous land owners, environment and general public in regards to water security for the future. 

Recently I sat with my family and we watched the documentary "Gaslands" about the issues that Coal Seam Gas extraction (fracking) has created in communities across the United States. I can only use one word to describe the reaction we all had: horrified. 

Water belongs to everyone, not corporations, and is a basic human right. 

I have also recently spoken to an old colleague who is now working in inland Queensland, who sadly reported to me they had lost two more farmers in the past week to suicide. She stated that it was because the support in infrastructure is not there for them, and they could not see forward into the future. They are trying to get this information heard, but it is not being heard loud enough. I find these kinds of stories exceptionally sad because although I do not know these families personally, I acknowledge that we rely on them for our local food sources and should be easing any stresses they have in relation to security in all its forms, including natural water supplies. 

I have seen and heard reports coming from NSW of communities fighting to keep fracking wells out of their communities, with some success. Please continue to listen to these people, and there rest of the country when we say CSG is not the way forward. It is a dangerous practice that should be banned in Australia. 

I believe the only way forward with regards to energy is via wind and solar. 

A scientific review presented to the NSW Great Artesian Basin Advisory Group has said that the Great Artesian Basin may not be able to survive the water extraction methods used in CSG operations. 

CSG could deplete the pressure that keeps water flowing through bores throughout the basin. The basin's recharge area makes up only about 10 per cent of the overall basin area, and most of this is in the Pilliga region, where Santos is now conducting exploratory drilling. 

CSG threatens to stop bores flowing throughout the basin, thereby cutting off the sole water source for 22 per cent of Australia. 

This represents an unacceptable risk to a water supply that's critical for farming, irrigation, and drinking water for rural communities.