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Saturday, October 30, 2004

My friday update (on a saturday)

I did something that has made me smile today... i shall explain;

on my lunch break after coming out of the post office, a (strikingly handsome) Australian Conservation Society worker stopped me, thanked me for stopping... I told him how I'd been in Canberra when a bunch of Wilderness Society members were stopped out the front of Parliament House, for holding up a sign that said 'save the forests'... because they weren't in the 'designated protesting area' (apparently, FYI, this 'designated protesting area' is around the SIDE of Parliament House, far away from anywhere that a Politician might need to walk to get to his/her post... hmph!)

He told me about the kinds of campaigns they do, and was well read on the subject; being a German traveller and all.

May I insert the words "BARRIER REEF" and "MURRAY RIVER" here.

It occurs to me that in this past year or so, there has been only 'ME'... I've been so caught up with the fight going on in my head, I forgot about the bigger picture.

In short, I am now a supporter of the Aust Conservation Foundation.... and yes, it makes me smile.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

thoughts from yesterday...

It amazes me that something like Lleyton Hewitt's fiance dumping him or Paris Hilton screwing "The Poo" (as he is affectionately named by Roy + HG) can make front page news. I mean I guess it was only the Sunday Mail, but after my call to Three D that afternoon, I've discovered it was probably on the cover of EVERY Sunday paper in the country! Somewhat depressing!

Also, the new Australian Drama "Cooks" seems to have disappeared already? So much for harbouring Aussie talent. And if it didn't get the ratings you expected Channel 10, next time don't put it up against something like the last season of Sex + The City! You lost half your demographic right there, and shot yourself in the foot at close range!!

I have applied for a part time job with Amnesty up here. I think it would be great, and it would mean I could try and sneak in some study on Event Management or Tourism in between time.

Temp job is plodding along. Sometimes we are certainly very busy but not always...

A cute boy named Neil helped me in Dymocks today ;)

more soon...
comment pweeze if you are reading!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

get ready for a big PHAT blog...

I have, this week, been working as a temp for a Body Corporate Management office. Basically I'm a correspondence clerk til further notice. It's a quiet place, everyone's pretty busy, but they're all nice people.

I type their letters, charge their outlays, answer phone calls, do the mail and stuff and things.

I have learnt something.... not all "English" Dictionaries are the same (even including the spell check on my computer). I was doing some documentation with the word 'arborculturist' in it. I'd changed it to ARBOR CULTURIST as the spell check told me it wasn't a word. The Body Corp Manager approved the letter so I sent it to be signed. The Big Boss sent it back asking it to be changed back to arborculturist. I stuck a note on it saying there ain't no such word, after checking our Macquarie Concise English Dictionary Third Edition (revised and updated) and reprinted in 1999!

However, in the Collins English (and Australian) Edition downstairs, the word is listed.

So what I want to know is WHO IS RIGHT? and DO ARBORCULTURIST's exist?

I've never been one to particularly preen myself, at least in the way of things such as skin care. I'm very lucky my skin has always been near on perfect, in that I don't get blemishes. And pretty much the most used product ever is my aloe vera gel, straight off the plant or out of a tube, it doesn't matter!

Now that I've made this big move, and a large portion of the reason I moved is to shake myself up a bit, become a better person, rah rah rah, i am actually finally doing more 'cosmetic' things to myself.

Yes everyone knows my obsession with eyeshadow and NO I'm not talking about botox!

I have been concerned with the dark circles that have taken over my eyes the past few years. So when I went to the supermarket the other day to buy my other favourite moisturiser (Garnier Body Tonic, bless it) I found some Neutrogena Eye Cream...

Brisbane City is quite hilly, I think my legs are getting a reasonable work out each day. Still my problem is the 'from the waist-up bloat'... I don't quite understand it myself but I now do my hand weights every day and have started doing sit-ups. I can do about 20 at the moment before I start feeling sick, but this will surely improve. If Britney Spears can do 300, then so can I damn it!


Monday, October 18, 2004

what's a good present for...

a 'congratu-ma-lations you finished your uni-ma-versity' present?

insert random thought/s here: I think we should send more postcards. It's fun getting them. I wonder if Jules + Philo got my postcard?

I want to go to Dreamworld (when I get a job that is) because I want to go on a rollercoaster and run amok like a little kiddywink for a day. Is that bad? Probably.

work: So... this morning I got up reasonably early... it'd been raining all night... hopefully that gave the fire fighters up here some much needed relief.... so I got up and went to Centrelink, and they're going to help me but I gots to wait til the 26th til I see any cash. Which, maybe, will mean that I will have already gotten work through the Temp Agency who I will be seeing this afternoon...

tele: so... 1) they should get someone other than ROVE to host the ARIA's. He's just not funny anymore. Bring back Darryl Somers, or give the job to someone worthy like Denton or Peter Berner, just not Rove. You just don't make me giggle enough anymore mate, you're out of the gang!
2) Also, why the hell is that Marty guy still on Australian Idol... or Hayley. They're both much notably worse than the other contenders that are left. I kind of like the idea of a Courteney/Chanel showdown at the end. or the really young girl, i forget her name, but she has such good control of her voice.
3) Mark Holden is an old perv.
4) Kind of interested in the new Aust Drama Cooks, but unfortunately they have put it on I think at the same time as Sex + the City, and SATC wins hands down for me at the moment. Might have to tape the other, because I keep wondering why we have this 48 ba-thousand versions of CSI and US shows like that, and they aren't harvesting (is that the right word i'm looking for, probably not) Aussie actors/Aussie shows/directors etc etc. Shame on them.

stuff and things,

Friday, October 15, 2004

*cough*..... *splutter*

yes still coughing and spluttering my way through my days, which is somewhat annoying let me tell you.

Also my nose continues to bleed because I've been blowing it way too much this week.

Which leads me to the very scientific question of WHERE THE HELL DOES ALL THIS SNOT COME FROM?

I would like to protest my well... protest against the use of the ARENA as a venue for Groove Armada here in Brisneyland. I mean, I have nothing specifically against the Arena as a venue... for a band that you might not need to dance to that is.

Went there for the Cat Empire a couple Fridays ago.... well it was great to see so many people there to rock out (even though the crowd weren't all jumping around... hello? JUMP PEOPLE!) but I found that I had to go upstairs to get a boogie in because in the main area there was absolutely NO dancing space.

This said, the ticket price of $75 also seems a bit steep when GA should be playing a larger venue.

This is why, people of Earth, I should be a bloody promoter. I mean sheesh, whomever you are, give me a job. Please. And I will actually go to venues, and check them out, so that I know that the audience is going to WANT to pay that much money to go see their fave outfit.

Also, the soundsystem in the Arena wasn't fantastic and the beer was expensive (actually, all the drinks were expensive).

And if I was Groove Armada I'd be saying 'pants' to you, and your little dog too.

The Amazing Race is back on TV in Australia, and at a reasonable time-slot. I think it's actually good for kids to see it, because it could teach them small amounts about Geography and Culture. Which is good, right?
The only thing I don't like seeing as much is the bitching, I mean some of it is in context, but some of it is people whining, and I don't want to see people whining.

New SPLENDARO vox pop.... provided by Miss Dippity DiPana Alexsponia!


Let me explain... in Brisneyland, land of sunshine (and bushfires evidently, woah!) you can't own a bunny rabbit for a 'pet'... you must own it for research or training purposes... hence, if you had a teaching degree you can own a bunny.

Di really wants to own a bunny.

this is the end of the rambling...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

update-us goodness....

hello cyber-world...

firstly, i am sick. Not sick in the head, or sick of bad politicians being in power in our country, but sick as in *blowing nose* sick.

I thought I'd have more time whilst travelling to stick some notes to my blog, however it just didn't happen... I didn't even get to see all the people I wanted to see (sorry big Fi!) but had a jolly good time along the way.

I really enjoyed Canberra, contrary to popular belief it's quite nice. So quiet though. That's the thing about it... you're in the middle of the city in the middle of the week and you can hear wildlife. So unusual...

Sydney was nice again. Didn't make Trovatos but spent some time a the Manly Jazz Festival, eating expensive fish and chips.... headed down to the Harbour to meet Aiva for some expensive drinks (and i mean expensive) and searched for one SINGLE pub that was open for counter meals.... and when couldn't find one, found a cheap tasty noodle bar instead.

Totally missed Merlin, Joe, Andrew and da boys from Debasa because I went to the wrong park (for an Anti-Howard/Peace gathering) but these things happen.

Had brekkie on the day I left with Kim, Sally + Kristian down at Coogee. Sooooo tasty....

One night in Coffs, then arrived here. That's the super-condensed version but some of you would have received my email anyway!

I still am uncertain as to what I'm actually doing here... certain people from home are keeping me sane (thanx nico, thanks sam, thankx tank, thankx shaz) and i ran up a hella big phone bill since i moved house in adelaide *sheesh* but oh well.

Hopefully work will fall in my lap soon. Applied to a few places yesterday and need to print some of my resumes out when I can get to a computer that I can do that on... but I guess that's what job network is good for. Thanks Centrelink (well, thanks next Monday if you can help me)...

I am sick of blowing my nose! Can I just chop it off??


new fave CD's: Kill Bill Volume 2 Soundtrack + Verve Remixed Vol 2 Compilation

stuff and things.
write me comments if you are reading. otherwise, i give up!

ps. oh, since I have been here we saw the Cat Empire at the Arena, which was fully excellent, and Paul Kelly at the Brisbane Multicultural Festival (which was free, and which is the reason I got sick from sitting on cold lawn). Super fun.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


yes i'm here! more soon kids.