meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

re-posting from 22/02/06

I am one of those people that gets boys to do things for me. I admit it freely. Mostly things like changing lightglobes, go getting the six bottles of wine i just won off the winning table because i am laughing so hard!, try and help me move stuff.

And after all this time and singledom it's suddenly occured to me that i'm miles away from obligitory and always dearly appreciated and undeserved help from my immediately family.

So now that i've moved into my new place i've decided that something has to be done to make it prettier.

And so I am embarking on what panda and monkey have been endearing for so long... fix shit up...!

i mean, granted they had more shit to fix than me but so far i've ripped up carpet and lino and newspapers from as far back as 1953... gone and purchased relevant ie. "i need something hang my clothes and hats on" things from ikea ("oh and somewhere to put my underwear")... i mean lets face it how long do you have to live like a teenage boy (or girl for that matter) to realise you need more hanging space!.... and some sugar soap to clean up the shit on the floors that have not seen the light of the day in an awful lot of years... (ref. 1953)

the a to z of the last few weeks...

All moved in to my new place
Baby Necklace - a souvenir
Chicken and chips - had that for dinner a couple times
Dirty Dancing - The stage version at QPAC
Finally being able to watch the second season of Book Group! Woo!
Gold Coast Office - always freezing and a full days work
Hot - weather-wise. well i do live in queensland after all.
Ikea - solutions for modern living expedition
Jon - new boy on the block
Kisses - well, i guess they go with the boy then don't they
Lying in bed - when sick, i guess it's the best thing you can do
Mooching - yes my favourite sunday thing
Narelle - my cousin came over to play last saturday
Oh look! Fiona gave me a new white skirt that she said was too big for her!
Penicillin - a large dosage to try and cure said evil throat illness
Queer - being asked if i was a fag hag for going to dirty dancing wih my gay boyfriend
Red raw throat - a splendid infection
Sowelu - the place where ken's doing his massage now
The Bird - seeing them tonight at the Zoo
Unsure of when Dyann is getting here from New York yet...
Very annoyed at a couple of my workmates, but now i'm like "over it"
Wrecked neck this morning.
Xtreme Makeover - what fiona reckons she'd be a good candidate for. i think she's mad!
Yoghurt - helpful natural goodness for side effects of penicillin (gross)
Zorba - something greek to finish us off. i dont know why!


Thursday, February 09, 2006

i would love to stay and chat...

but i have a boy coming over...

that's right, a boy.

so i'll just be seeing you all later then won't i??



ps. i am going to see dirty dancing tomorrow at qpac and i am so fucking excited! i love my gay boyfriend and his job and the fact that we dont have to pay for it. And I just love him anyways!!