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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Weird day...

Today was odd:
5:30am text message arrives, with the basic jist of... hey, such a shame I didn't bang you last time you were in town
8:00am - mild anxiety, but must leave for work
11:30 - incoming phonecall, can you work? rains, pours.
11:45 - incoming phonecall, hey some mail turned up here for you
14:30 - roomie phonecall, hey can you go pick up the memberships? Sure.
15:00 - leave work
16:30 - feels like I have wisdom teeth coming... at my age?
17:00 - text person back along the lines of... i think I know who you are, you highly inappropriate fuckwad....
Moral of weird day: I guess.... Friends, don't ever just randomly text someone you haven't seen in months with a shitty message that will make them feel like a piece of ass, unless you have an in-joke in play, a la "stilettos and stockings", or an actual relationship with them that would warrant said text, but most importantly NOT AT 5:30am.
Bwargh of the hargh.
Love you all. x