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Saturday, August 20, 2005

random blogginess...

Point 1: cooking is no fun unless you make a mess...

I'm actually quite content with life at the moment... quite amazing compared to this time last year.

Apart from a few minor obstacles; namely:

1) the fact that I've taken up smoking again (easily beaten once i make the decision to can it again)
and 2) wanting to lose ten kilos (happily on its way)
oh and 3) not having a man around who's handsome and likes me, but that's really by the by. My time will come.

I love this city. I'm always meeting fresh faces and finding new places to play. And I'll conquer it yet and get my b-grade celebrity status back up to b-grade somehow.

And once I've done that i'll become complacent and bored again and probably want to move to somewhere even bigger.... I vote New York, because I heart it. Every day in that city is an adventure.

Point 2: weird things about America...

I noticed at pedestrian crossings there is really nothing to notify the vision impaired that they can cross the street. In Australia for example, the red man blips slowly until you can cross, then speeds up when the green man appears, letting you know it's okay to cross.

American's drive very fast (yes Mikey, this means you)

What's with the 1c pieces and $1 bills? And no different coloured money??! At least when I open my purse in Australia I can see what I've got without too much effort instead of rummaging through notes and ending up with a gazillion one dollar bills!!

Generally stuff costs the same, except cosmetics are so cheap. I'm talking Shisheido here. I priced some in Brisbane the other day and what was $20USD was at least $40AUD!!

Totally Gay!
Liberace Gay!!


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