meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Friday, December 31, 2004

ok, so let's get serious...

brisbane doesn't have daylight savings... therefore, at 5am, generally there's sun pouring through my window... which wouldn't be so bad if the curtains were darker and it didn't make the room a light yellow each morning... one of these days I'll get up and utilise this time of the morning for something more constructive than sleep.

i know when i return to adelaide in January what people will say.... 'wow, look at your tan!' when in fact, i am so whitey mcwhite-white that it's not funny. My top half is gradually browning as well as my feet, but the backs of my legs just seem to be freckling! That's very strange, I don't think my legs have freckled before...

We are off to Maryborough today for New Years Eve... Dip and Brudd's friend Andrew has a new place he wants to show off, so we're having a bogan themed New Years do.... only problem being is that I don't actually have any random garb that is bogan like that I can wear... hmm... perhaps an op shop could be useful...

We have also decided that this evenings poison of choice is Sangria. Yum.

I have been a bit sniffly the last few days, I'm hoping it's just my regular hayfevery sinussssssy goodness and nothing more.

The house is so mega clean (well, compared to what it was) I am particularly proud of the effort. Now we also have some Thai Basil growing and I bought Nath, the mint freak, a chocolate mint plant. Tasteriffic! I also bought Dahlia's and have potted them on our Balcony.

Darn. Have just checked my bank account and discovered that my pay isn't there yet *pout*... it will be there at midnight knowing my luck. How RUDE!

I bought Good Morning Vietnam on DVD... it was a toss-up between that, Rushmore or Lost In Translation. I've decided I want to own everything that Bill Murray has ever done, because he's a legend.

I was supposed to be buying some pillows.

Slap me on the wrist and no desert!

Schlappy Nude Year all!!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

meow meow meow

missy missy missy...

now there's only a handful of people that understand that.

two of them would giggle.
the other would say 'I'm going to kill that cat one day..."

and that be the end of that.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

forgive me father for i have sinned...

hang on? I'm not catholic.

I am just updating my amazon wish list, noteworthy for anyone who feels like sending me some mail! I like presents.


If you have trouble finding it... let me know!!

Nothing at the moment seems to complicated... I mean, I am just chilled. I keep saying to Nath I feel like I'm on holidays (and yes, we are at the moment)... it's very strange indeed.

But for the first time in a long time, my head isn't over analysing things... not racing 100 miles a minute... it's leaving me be. Thank fuck for that.

I have an amazing, but very personal story re-enacting in my head from within the last 72 hours... but i have to leave it in there, and not spill it onto this very public place...

ok, back to cleaning!

Monday, December 27, 2004

pull out a crayola and colour me tickled pink...

i do apologise to those who have been popping in to see what this sweaty little brisneyland vigilante has been up to... but i've been so busy with work and play that i've barely felt like writing...

had a particularly memorable xmas, albeit the first one I have actually spent out of adelaide... that's always interesting in itself I suppose, however I had a couple pressies from my folks and sister to open.

My folks bought me a pierre cardign watch... to which i went 'holy shit' and just about fell over. Nath was close by to catch me on my fall towards the kitchen tiles (ok, ok, i'm full of shit, but yeh, a shock).

My sister bought me Donnie Darko directors cut (swoon) and Britneys Greatest Hits!! Hehe. I know, I know, based on past posts of set lists and music taste related stories, you wouldn't think Britney would be there would you. It was partially a joke when I initially said it to her, and I actually wanted the film clips, not the CD, but I've still had a laff shaking my ass round the house to it whilst cleaning the bathroom.

Spent Xmas eve at my housemates folks place which was just lovely. I've felt so welcomed since moving in here, it really is a sensation. Hooked into a bottle of vodka when we got back and watched 'the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover'.... really one of the more beautiful films of all time, interesting contrasted by the arrogant fuckwit character of the thief...

Had xmas brekkie with Sam + Nico and came home and dozed in and out of consiousness on the couch round midday... Nath got back around 4 and we did some glass painting, drank sparkling red, and packed his ute. Well he packed, I stood there and provided spray bottle entertainment and more vodka when required...

I've had a very good xmas, and if it weren't for him it'd have been hard for me not being around the fam.... to which i raise my glass and say, thanks nathan...

Molly + Leah arrived yesterday for a break before finishing the last part of their Adelaide to Woodford road trip. I took them for a smoke at Tullah's and then down to Southbank for some dinner... I was all "YAY! ADELAIDE PEOPLE!!"... it was great to have them here, even if briefly.

I'm sure there is more to this story.... however for fear of incrimination I will leave it out.

man, what ARE you talking about?! It's not like I fed the ibis!!

Merry Chrisbo everybunny!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

oops... got swept away in the flood...

with two floods and a bleeding man.... SOOB was still fantastic fun.... a nice way to meet some nice people, and I got to finally be a barTENDER instead of a barBITCH.

All in a days work my friends, all in a days work.

I love my new house.


Friday, December 03, 2004

hazy... sticky... i can taste beer....

Well I can't anymore, but how I felt last night when I first wrote this... follows...

Feelin' kinda hazy and sleepy after a long sweaty day of volunteering and socialising. Saw both of the boys I have new crushes on today, but only one to speak to. The other... well.... I think just more social visits to his place of business will ensue. Was too reserved today to say more than I did, even thought I had a plan in my head. He had papers scattered all over the place doing the books.

Being someone who has done this (in part) for the majority of my working life, I gave only a smile and "hey" on my way past, rather than interrupt him the way I had intended.

.... anyhoo, I will write about last night.

The SOOB opening party was fun, met up with people I'd met the day before and had a few bevs... John *grins*, Steve *nods*, Adam *waves*, Grant *reintroduces self twice*, Laura *tells her to wake up*, Megan *meet two more people from Cairns... also met a couple of new people... Mitch *waves*, Siobhan *thanks for email*...

Yelled across the bar that "TALLIES" aren't called "TALLIES" they're called "LONG NECKS" and thank you very much! That was quite amusing.

Didn't actually sit and watch any of the music, but what was both upstairs and down was interesting. All electro, and all pretty decent eh.

I was only there for a few hours, pretty much mingling and getting to know a few people. It was nice, and it was sweaty.

I know that doesn't sound so exciting, but i liked it.

I hate living in "Sydney".... it's too far from the Brisneyland! Hopefully will rectify that soon.

I would like to insert a massive big fat congratuMAlations to my buddy ole pal TANK who today, hands up her thesis. GOOD ON YA BABE!!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

the job interview...

So late yesterday I had this job interview which I think i went quite well.
It was kind of weird though, one guy was really cheery and the big boss was very serious. Makes it more awkward i think than going in for a chat... the other lady was nice.

I dont know when I will hear about it but I'm told they wanted someone immediately, so yeh, maybe today.

I actually said I couldnt do a temp job yesterday because of the interview, so lost two weeks work to someone else. In hindsight I should have just taken it and said i wasn't avail to start for a fortnight.

Blumin' heck.