meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

pay day...

was an old board game my parents still have in their games cupboard at home in Adelaide.

Pay Day in reality really is quite depressing, but with my recent 'fuck this, i'm going on an overseas holiday' mindset, I know exactly where my hard earned *scoff* cash is going before I even get it... hence, I now have a grand total of $101.01 in my bank account (and let me assure you, the pay cheque was about 10 times that much.

Goddamnnit. I hate money.

And I've discovered having a new credit card is detrimental to my health. *owch*
But I've committed to paying bits of it back in the next few pay cheques, so that's all good.

My first Brisneyland Weblogger meetup was last night at Ric's in the Valley, and I must say was filled with fun characters and nice pizza. (I recommend the Pumpkin, Fetta and Sundried Tomato at Fat Boys)

So if you didn't come this time... why not? May a thousand little camels invade your bathroom and next time, put yer shoes on and get out the house!

It's too freakin' hot to be sitting in front of the puter... perhaps i'll wander off to Sexpo now, and report back to y'all later.

Coo coo cachoob.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

feeling kind of 'short'...

i used to make time to do everything for everyone else... attend friends music related projects, or exhibitions or plays or whatever... do radio whenever i could... be a door bitch for friends... take many photographs.... go see my 'therapist' every friday... volunteer for charity events, and music related events.... do everything for everyone else... or so i felt.

find little time for myself etc etc... and now that i actually have time for myself, i find i dont really know WHAT exactly to do with myself. I keep forgetting to pick up a roll of fishing wire so i can do more beading... i keep forgetting to ring Brisney-Sam... I pulled away from a dinner gathering on Tuesday opting to go home instead of stay out.

What really is happening to me? And I said to my roomie recently when questioned along the lines of "hey, you said you'd hardly be home..." to which I replied.... "this is the first time in ten years that I've actually stayed home! Do you understand?"....

It's so weird for me, social butterfly, staying at home... I'm trying to make sure I go exploring... I'll be going down the Gold Coast tomorrow to eventually pick up said housemate from the airport.... so I'll explore harbour town and maybe even ripleys believe it or not museum (yes, it does exist)... maybe go to the beach or to wet n wild adventure park....

hmm, i hope i'm not becoming a hermit.
If you feel the Australian Govt is a bit lazy on Kyoto... please sign here: http://www.greenpeace.org.au/kyotopetition/petition.php

So... last night the splendiferous Tammi and I went on a play-date and saw The Aviator and really I must say 'bravo'. Scorcese really never ceases to amaze.

I can't say I went in to the film knowing anything about Hughes, not even realising he was responsible for Scarface... and I love a film that can educate me about someone so interesting and obviously important in aviation history. The planes simply were beautiful.

Tam said "I wish they had have explained what was really wrong with him" and I have been thinking about it... I think that the simple answer is what stems from his mother keeping him inside, and being so terrified of disease etc, he had problems with large amounts of people and high pressure situations... a germophobe (spelling?) if you will.

I'm really keen to read up more on Howard Hughes now. I'd like to know more of his story.

The 'trial' scenes between Alda and Dicaprio are impressive. And, you know call me, erm... something, but why does Gwen Stefani get such big credits when she's in the film for all of two minutes?! Weird.

Oh, the website takes a bit to load, but it's nice.

Also, Leo Dicaprios web site has a large Environmental section.... so check it; www.leonardodicaprio.com

hmm. yes, i'm impressed.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

lapdance anyone?....

so sometime in the not so distant past I decided that 2005 was going to be a year to try new things...

so far, i think i can count three significant events...
the first being kind of personal, so i'll just leave it out.

secondly, last week i tried Kangaroo for the first time. I must say, not bad at all. I found it particularly like normal steak really, not terribly different. It's certainly a nice texture.

thirdly, and most recently (ie. i left about an hour and a half ago), i've finally been to a strip club. Yeh poles and all. We went to check it out for a friends friend who has recently started dancing, and wanted to see what other clubs were like. I must say, it wasn't terribly exciting. They looked at us strangely when we rocked up at the door and said we wanted entry. (I guess they would, three girls, but what if we'd been lesbians? it's a bit shameful that they'd look at girls that way) The decor was pretty nice I guess, and I'm sure there was much more behind closed doors (we were told at least two lap dance rooms by the girls we met that worked there). I'm now convinced I'd make a great bar-chick at one of those joints, because I certainly don't have the figure to dance the pole (though I intend to rectify this with some dedicated behaving!)... yeh, so perhaps after my overseas trip, when I'm bored of my job (which, in all honestly, i already am) I will become a barTENDER at a strip club. Just because I can.

Actually, I just thought of something... I can add Bollywood Dancing in as well as something I've never done... so far 2005 ain't looking so bad after all.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

someone give me some hormone pills...

currently in my house there are... erm, i think four... boys doing weights.

am i supposed to grow a penis and join them? or just join them without a penis perhaps?

I'm confused.

I guess I could just join in and pretend there are actual muscles in my arms.... i'm like homer simpson saying 'hello? hello taste." to those rice crackers in the weight loss episode (well one of many) except mine would be "hello? hello muscles."...

all in all, i just ignore them til queer eye is on. then they're out of the loungeroom!


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...

now that was an album title or a book, I can't particularly remember...

however, yesterday I got a call from my oldest friend stating they'd just gotten engaged also. Now along with other old school friend who got engaged a few weeks back, that leaves.... erm, so few close friends now without someone to hold on to...

Which is awfully weird to me, I mean I'm sure that having a partner around would periodically give me something to do... but at the moment I've got two housemates to talk to, friends to visit, and a whole bunch of movies, music, mags and internet to keep me amused, so what's the big deal?

It amazes me that I'm still somewhat jaded by 'love' or the concept of it, and that I still find it hard to feel things... pain, sorrow, happiness etc etc. And when emotions hit me, it's always strange....

My grandmother died a few weeks back and I kept hitting a brick wall. I didn't really know how I felt about it because unfortunately for her, and many others, she didn't really enjoy her time here on Earth... and I would be okay for the entire day, try to joke about it, be sarcastic (that's unfortunately the way i get through most things) and then some time in the evening I'd just start crying. It's over now, I think it finished the day they buried her. I remember having a little bit of a weep on the plane on the way down to Adelaide that day, and desperately needed someone to cuddle up to, but the person next to me was someone I didn't want to crowd...

So anyway, more congratulations are in order... but I just wonder if I'm never going to get to a point where marriage and family are in my equation. I mean, the marriage part I can live without, but a 'partner' (i guess what they call defacto) and family eventually would be lovely.

And for thinking of myself at a time I should be joyus for other people.... well I once again feel selfish, but far out, I can't help it.

I do miss someone at the moment... damnnit, I never wanted to feel like this.

Monday, February 14, 2005

reject a suit?

now, call me... I don't know... logical...

surely a dude in a suit (mind you, not an over the top suit, but a nice cream one) adds class to your establishment.... but i'd like to say this to HONKY TONKS in Melbourne....


and you're fucked.
and I'll never go there again.
and and.... yeh, so there.

who ever heard of a no suit policy?!


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


so i came across this new mag in it's infancy (issue 3 of hopefully many) called frankie...

you can find more info on it here... at magshop

i think it's great... the layout is great, they interviewed some cool people, and talked about ALL THINGS AUSTRALIA.... and a big whoop-whoop goes up from me.

I can't tell you how often lately I've looked at a magazine cover that didn't interest me... not even music mags can wet my tastebuds.

so *meow* frankie.


Monday, February 07, 2005

what to say, what to say...

ok, ok so I lied. I've been a slack little blog chick for some time now. And though I feel tired and have not a lot to say, I will try my darndest to fill in the rather large hole in my story...

this weekend I headed down to Adelaide for wedding number two of 7... honestly, how I am going to afford them all, and two overseas trips this year is beyond me, but I'll work it out.

Friday we flew in to Adelaide roujnd 6pm, followed by a lavish dinner at Sprouts (honestly, i love that place, it kicks) surrounded by 10 friends, then on to drinkies at the Ex... of course being the day of the BDO the city was somewhat quieter than normal, but still managed to run into some worthy types that I hadn't seen in a while...

Saturday morning brekkie at TBar... becoming a regular "julies visiting adelaide lets go to breakfast" occurance... because i haven't come across a similar place up here, and really, it's the best. i love you TBar. I love your tea, I love your tea pots. i love your brekkie baps, and your chai lattes. Move to Brisbane will you? I'll work for you!

Later that day good friends Eva + Ernie tied the knot in style, and I wish them all the absolute best in their life together. Seriously, you guys rock and I love you.

Sunday I was lucky enough to do radio, after a lovely brekkie in the botanic gardens with my folks, aunty and uncle, shuzzbutt, monkey, and mikey... it was nice. We got my mum playing hacky... a rare feat!

Then it took me 3 1/2 hours to get home from the Gold Coast Airport last night, because public transport on a Sunday is pretty much pants... be warned.

Though, I did make a new friend, who wants to take me out... so not all bad. Bit old for me I reckon but.