meander, keep moving, that's what it's all about isn't it?! not the hokey pokey, that just CAN'T be what it's all about...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

stuck because of a storm...

stuck at work half an hour past my normal working hour because ex-neighbourino's are stuck in traffic with my broom broom...

was interested to find this today on the news site about SAVING WATER...

Go you South Aussies, go!

It kind of doesn't surprise me though, considering we've been stuck at the bottom of the Murray for so long, with strange drought-like weather, and the cotton farmers in New South Wales using so much water.

I remember as kids bucketing the water from the bath onto the garden. My dad then bought a bigger water tank and linked up a couple pipes to the house... one to the laundry sink, and one to the bath, so we'd use less water.

I often talk about the issue with Daddio and his main point is 'well if they made all NEW houses have certain environmentally sound items in them, we wouldn't have so much of a problem'. At least in this way, people would learn to conserve water from day-dot. And in schools it needs to be taught in a way that kids will remember and want to learn the values of conserving water, energy and other elements of the environment.

There have been floods up in Queensland over the past 48 hours, and it occurs to me that people probably forget to do stuff like keep gutters clean and streets free of debris because it hasn't rained for so long...

Am off to America in exactly 20 days. Exciting, scary, and exciting again! I'll be in LA, Vegas, Colorado and New York. Mike-licious will be accompanying me on most of the journey and letting me stay in his new bachelor pad *meow*. I look forward to spending time with him, seeing the Yankees hopefully kick some butt, and going on the Sex + The City Bus Tour!!

Happy sailing!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

i wish to declare my love...

for a certain australian comedian...

adam hills i love you.

he is lovely, his comedy picks you up, he has a lot of interesting information in that brain of his, he will heckle people who talk on their mobile mid-show ("you ignorant slapper") and always looks spunky.
and in case you didnt notice, spicks and specks is a triumph.

i also saw the Tripod kids last weekend, twice in fact. they were excited to get a copy of silly radio antics from last years fringe. Scod played a solo show at Ric's on Saturday arvo so we went to watch.


Thursday, June 16, 2005

come on people...

now, shine on ya brother
everybody get together
try to love one another right now...

i'd advise to always read your employment contracts thoroughly... today i discovered i was required to give four weeks notice instead of two, which almost screwed my chances at a new job.

This said, all is fine and dandy in new job town and I shall be commencing there sometime in july.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

random randomness

firstly, schapelle corby - bullshit. i feel terrible for her.

secondly, rove - still not funny. i tried, honestly i tried last night to enjoy it. and apart from the odd scoff, nada.

gearing up for a visit from the ex-neighbourino and his missus in a few weeks, which will hopefully be filled with frivolous carnage.

had a housewarming in there somewhere, did i mention that? it was 50's and fun.

had a part-ay at new brisneyland addition Pol's place on Sunday and met some nice folk. there was tonnes of food and a smoke machine! who woulda thunk it.

thinking i might see Mr + Mrs Smith. I don't know how much it interests me, but there's something about beautiful people tearing shit up...

merry birthday to Bec, KBP and Hans for Friday...