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Monday, February 07, 2005

what to say, what to say...

ok, ok so I lied. I've been a slack little blog chick for some time now. And though I feel tired and have not a lot to say, I will try my darndest to fill in the rather large hole in my story...

this weekend I headed down to Adelaide for wedding number two of 7... honestly, how I am going to afford them all, and two overseas trips this year is beyond me, but I'll work it out.

Friday we flew in to Adelaide roujnd 6pm, followed by a lavish dinner at Sprouts (honestly, i love that place, it kicks) surrounded by 10 friends, then on to drinkies at the Ex... of course being the day of the BDO the city was somewhat quieter than normal, but still managed to run into some worthy types that I hadn't seen in a while...

Saturday morning brekkie at TBar... becoming a regular "julies visiting adelaide lets go to breakfast" occurance... because i haven't come across a similar place up here, and really, it's the best. i love you TBar. I love your tea, I love your tea pots. i love your brekkie baps, and your chai lattes. Move to Brisbane will you? I'll work for you!

Later that day good friends Eva + Ernie tied the knot in style, and I wish them all the absolute best in their life together. Seriously, you guys rock and I love you.

Sunday I was lucky enough to do radio, after a lovely brekkie in the botanic gardens with my folks, aunty and uncle, shuzzbutt, monkey, and mikey... it was nice. We got my mum playing hacky... a rare feat!

Then it took me 3 1/2 hours to get home from the Gold Coast Airport last night, because public transport on a Sunday is pretty much pants... be warned.

Though, I did make a new friend, who wants to take me out... so not all bad. Bit old for me I reckon but.


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