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Friday, July 29, 2005

Breckenridge, CO + Sing Sing

Yesterday Mike and I trekked up to Breckenridge, about 11000 ft up into the Rocky Mountains. The original purpose of this trek was to make me take this toboggan thing down the hillside, but when i saw how bit it was, and that I would be controlling the brakes, i kind of poosed on it!!
So we took the 'super chair' up the mountain side to look at the view, and for me to take some happy snaps. We were practically on the Continental Divide, if that means anything to anyone...

Last night we met Amanda at SING SING and had a great time heckling and being heckled. With $2 beers, handsome bartenders and some hilarious renditions of different tunes, we had a ball. The basic idea is that these two guys sit opposite each other on stage, both with pianos and take requests from the audience... which they'll rock out or ham up depending how they feel about the song of course.

The piano players names were John and Ron, and I liked them. They didn't know my Smokey Robinson song though. bum to them! But they were very sweet so I gave them a squeeze when we left.

Oh, found a better link.... SING SING

Bye for now.

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