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Friday, September 30, 2005

so what's REALLY wrong with me??

they call it hypermobility... it's not recognised by everyone as being a condition, but it's certainly of note.

it basically means your bones are more supple / flexible than a regular person and therefore if you fall down staircases like i did, you're more prone to having a serious injury.

you can read about it here: http://www.hypermobility.org and here: www.arc.org.uk/about_arth/booklets/6019/6019.htm

so i'll probably get some form of arthritis but there are preventative ways or... erm, something... to help control it. The most important being an excuse for me to get buff and build up as much muscle tissue around mainly affected areas (neck / arms) so as to protect my little bones in there.

which, if you ask me, is a much better option than 6 months of getting cracked by a chiropractor. i'll still be able to see my osteopath because it's a combination of deep tissue massage and some manipulation. but basically too much crunching and cracking could actually be much worse for bones like mine.

so yeh, that's all from me.
and it's all from him.

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