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Saturday, July 10, 2004

okay so here's an update...

i've been a slack old bloggy mc-blog-blog of late... and for that I apologise... however I've been mainly chilling on my own in front of the box wondering if i actually got up and *did* something... what that thing would be.

And the actual thing that I've been planning is my trip to the US. That's right kids, you heard me, I'm outta here... for a month or thereabouts.

Pending final flight bookings and the selling of the car etc etc etc and more discussions with El Mike-o, I will be leaving the week beginning Sun 8th Aug, a few days after one of my cousins ties the knot.

Which means, much to Benjamimearghs delight I'm sure, that I will be a car-less woman. Which I'm not so unhappy about. I catch the bus to work every day and walk to shopping etc etc so I might use it on a Sunday when I'm lazy and want to go to radio. This said, I do have a bicycle that could get me there, or if it's bad weather, there's still a bus.

It's costing me dead money... because I'm still paying the dregs of a loan, and I don't see what the point in spending about $60 a week is, to have a car I don't drive. It's a pity, I love my car, but I just don't use it... I'd rather go to Vegas to find Ben Affleck and congratulate him on dumping J-Lo's ass. (now a long-running gag)

But yeh so it hopefully goes like this... firstly to Phoenix to annoy Mikey, force him to take me to an American Football game or maybe some Ice Hockey... drive to Vegas for a few days, be norty, not marry each other whilst drunk, back to Phoenix... it occurs to me I'll be there when there's a blog meetup on, so I might just rock along to that. Back to LA for a week of frivolity and exploring on my own... back through Melbourne for a week to annoy Fiona + Fiona and cause trouble... back home, collapse and die.

I am off to the Latin Part-ay tonight which should be ace, need to get some shaking in and hopefully learn a little more about salsa dancing!

I can't believe how cold it is. I can't wait to be in the Nevada desert!!


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