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Saturday, October 30, 2004

My friday update (on a saturday)

I did something that has made me smile today... i shall explain;

on my lunch break after coming out of the post office, a (strikingly handsome) Australian Conservation Society worker stopped me, thanked me for stopping... I told him how I'd been in Canberra when a bunch of Wilderness Society members were stopped out the front of Parliament House, for holding up a sign that said 'save the forests'... because they weren't in the 'designated protesting area' (apparently, FYI, this 'designated protesting area' is around the SIDE of Parliament House, far away from anywhere that a Politician might need to walk to get to his/her post... hmph!)

He told me about the kinds of campaigns they do, and was well read on the subject; being a German traveller and all.

May I insert the words "BARRIER REEF" and "MURRAY RIVER" here.

It occurs to me that in this past year or so, there has been only 'ME'... I've been so caught up with the fight going on in my head, I forgot about the bigger picture.

In short, I am now a supporter of the Aust Conservation Foundation.... and yes, it makes me smile.


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