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Saturday, June 12, 2004


Today I found out that one of the drivers from where I used to work was killed in a motorbike accident on Monday night. Someone ran a red light and knocked him off. I don't know how I feel about it. I didn't know him particularly well as I only worked there for 9 months before me and my boss cracked the shits and quit (she had been there 7 years). I do feel sorrow. What a horrible way to die.

Everything that's been happening lately makes me wish I was born into a forest somewhere and never had to deal with some of the technologies we have... (and I'm posting this to the web, ha!)

I've had 3 close friends in hospital in the past month, all for relatively life changing surgery. And I've also had 3 female friends contract the same disease in the past year or so. Just makes me wonder how much of this stuff relates to how we live...

I mean I guess the most obvious 'disease' being obesity in Western countries. Like if we all didn't get pissed and do a drive-through junk food on the way home, we'd be less huge. hehe. Kids eating fast food is fully wrong. Anyway...

I think I look particularly frumpy today, old school Fergie-style. More retail therapy shall ensue. I find it really hard to exercise in winter... YOGA! Must must must start it again. Oh, and dancing (some of that last night at red monika - ed AKA me)

Still compiling info on the business I'm looiking into. Looking kind of ho-hum at the moment, but it's early days yet. If it doesn't happen I think Brisneyland is the answer.

I broke my goldfish tank lid the other day by stepping on it because I'm a nerd.

I'm off to see the Bar at Buena Vista on Saturday (today, huzzah - ed) with Maman + Daddio. Can't wait!! I'm trying to get maman to dress up a bit with me, but neither of them are particularly into fancy events/dressing up blah blah. I'm gonna jazz it up a bit with my feather boa probably. Kool Kat Klub anyone?


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