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Saturday, July 03, 2004

brighter than sunshine...

last night i walked past Merlin in the street, and had every urge to tap on the window of the venue he'd just entered and blow him a kiss and say 'thankyou' and walk along my way... however I didn't. And I don't know why. I was so looking forward to talking to him some day, just for interests sake... hmm. Big fat loser=me.

My doctor prescribed a new drug for me today to help me try and lose some of this weight that seems to be staying in the same spot, and has for 4 years, even when I was riding my bike every day or every second day through summer.

Unfortunately it stems from my relationship with my ex and how miserable I got with him... and I haven't been able to shake all of the weight I put on. This is not to say I want to be exactly like I used to be (I was very skinny and almost very sick from it I think).

Anyhoo, it's like... erm, still a rollercoaster here over in quarter life crisis land, but I know it will eventually pass, I just have to kick through this. *KICK, BASH, SLAP*

I went to some comedy this week which was great, I need to go to comedy more often. Average were the feature act and got us all giggling, also saw a few newer local comics that I'd seen not at all or maybe once or twice. Yeh, so comedy is alive and rockin' in this city and stop ignoring it!

Tuesdays: PJ O'Briens (East Terrace)
Wednesdays: Rhino Room (Frome Road)
Thursdays: Jive (Hindley St West)

Cool stuff I've noted recently...

** Adelaide Band LAZARO'S DOG - their track HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM being featured on the new (and super cool) JVC TV Commercial. ROCK ON LADS.
** The fact that a small advisory/action group can change a document... that will hopefully help entertainment venues and punters.
** Peter Garrett finally running for politics. Go you big red fire engine.
** Mike Rann looking to abolish plastic bags in a few years. Woohoo!

I can't wait for my holiday!
I may not be posting as much soon as I'm probably likely to cancel my internet at home to assist my saving efforts.


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