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Thursday, September 02, 2004

24 days and counting...

that's kind of interesting indeed.... time is slowly ticking away.

i have this rash on my neck that is not that noticable to the naked eye, but i notice it because there are little bumps everywhere. I don't know what it is... and I guess if it's still there when I go to the doctor next Monday, she'll be able to tell me!

Had another Amnesty planning meeting last night. I seriously think this show is going to KICK! I hope some of y'all reading that are in Adelaide will be able to make it!!

I just scoffed down a packet of Red Rock Deli chips. God I love those chips! But I'm still hungry.

My friends in Brisneyland are taking me out for Indian Food when I get there because it will be my biFday. *waves to DiP + Erin* You guys rock! I hope we can go bowling too!!

I love bowling. I have been twice recently, and I love it!!

Ella + Dave went back to Melby this week. I will miss them, but I will also see them soon! And I also hope I can convince them to move to Brisneyland as well. It'll be a pilgrimage.

I've discovered my road trip will be over 2600km's... which is a long way, but I'm pretty sure I can deal with it!! I will have company for at least part of the way anyway, which is nice.

Got to get back to it, if I ever want to get home that is!


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