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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

dropping like flies..


my readership is dropping off pretty rapidly, I must be very boring!
Yes that's it!

I know, I know, I am not writing nearly as much as I should, but hey... I don't have my computer up here yet.... hopefully next week.

Anyhoo, last weekend we saw Lano + Woodley's "The Island"... tres bon. This was the first time I'd seen Lano + Woodley and by god they're a bunch of cuties!

Thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Watched "Always", "Gremlins", "The Money Pit" and "Centre Stage" in the last week.

Special Features on DVD's are COOL.

Vote in the SAMIA awards, or someone is going to hurt me.

benjammmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn....!! OWWWW!


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