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Sunday, August 01, 2004

'turn around and shake your ass'

Lawnmower Music: Three D Radio, 93.7FM; Sundays 2-4pm

Evan Dando: Excuse me mister
The Bees: A Minha Menina
The 5, 6, 7, 8's: Bomb the Twist
Salsa Celtica: Cumbia Celtica
Jamiroquai: When you gonna learn (Cante Hondo Mix)
Gotan Project: Epoca
Frankie Vaughan: Green Door
LOVE SONG DEDICATION: Big Brother and the Holding Company: Piece of my heart
The Hollies: What's wrong with the way I live
Wolf + Cub: The Death-Rattle Shake
Swayback: Deceive Me
Tortoise: Eden 1
Koolism: Self Portrait
Ella Fitzgerald + Louis Armstrong: Cheek to Cheek
Louisville Sluggers: Number of Love (NB. and apparently it's number 7!)
Macromantics: Conspiracy
Black Dice: Schwip Schwap
Casio Brothers: Reebok Jam
Belittle League: Doin' the Robot
Luke Ashby: Amber on the downbeat
The Easybeats: I"ll make you happy
The Master's Apprentices: John St Blues (trivia: did you know these guys were from Adelaide?)
Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds: Loverman
The Beastie Boys: An Open Letter to NYC
Mike Ladd: How electricity really works
Blue States: For a lifetime
Dean Martin: By the time I get to Phoenix
Harry Belafonte: Jump in the line
XTC: Sgt Rock
Disco Doom: Pamela

splendaro!! *clap, clap*

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